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America’s New Trade Doctrine: Lighthizerism
The diorama in the corner of Robert Lighthizer’s office looks like any other Revolutionary War scene until you learn the story behind it. Portrayed crossing the Delaware ahead of the 1776 Battle of Trenton is George Lighthizer, the Bavarian-born ance
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There She Is
On the first night of this year’s Miss America competition in Atlantic City, Nina Davuluri, who held the title in 2014 and now owns a skin care company, took the stage to introduce a brand-new event. Gone was the old-fashioned evening gown segment, i
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Charlotte Empties Its Flood Plain
Florence’s record rains highlight an innovative buyout program that removed the risk to hundreds of flood-prone homes
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The Scooter That Communism Built
An electric version of a long-forgotten Czech bike aims to recapture the mood of 1960s Prague.
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The European Union’s Dirty Money Problem
Leaving national supervisors in charge of going after money laundering is a mistake. It’s time for a common cross-border agency
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A Plan to Mend Deutsche Bank
CEO Sewing knows how to cut costs, but some say he lacks a grand plan for the troubled company
Bloomberg Businessweek10 min read
Al Gore Co-founder, Generation Investment Management
At the Global Action Climate Summit, the former U.S. vice president talks to Bloomberg Businessweek Editor Joel Weber about profiting from sustainability—and his optimism in the battle to save the planet
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Toyota’s Driverless (ish) Future
Financial commitment? CHECK. Talent and expertise? CHECK. Belief in self-driving cars? Well…
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The Fed’s Man About Town
Jay Powell works the halls of Congress to protect the central bank against a mercurial president
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The Chinese Company Reshaping the World
CCCC, Belt and Road’s biggest builder, is besieged by allegations of corruption and environmental damage
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Keeping A Level Head
How does the occupant of the White House sleep at night? That was the question at a recent talk among chief executive officers and Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Doris Kearns Goodwin. Abraham Lincoln, prone to depression, read Shakespeare’s comedi
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• Meetings Within Meetings The United Nations begins its annual General Assembly on Sept. 25. During the nine-day session, South Korea’s Moon Jae-in will hold private conversations to try to salvage denuclearization talks, and parties to the Iran de
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Helping Driverless Cars Handle Snow, Sleet, and Fog
Startup WaveSense says its radar system can solve one of the more serious—and mundane—self-driving problems
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Half as Many Options
The young woman was excited to get an offer at Lyft Inc., one of Silicon Valley’s biggest venture-backed private companies—until she compared notes with one of her friends. He’d received about the same salary for the same software engineering job she
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Kleiner Perkins In Crisis
As star partner Mary Meeker departs, the Silicon Valley VC pioneer ponders a smaller-is-better future
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Spain’s Main Squeeze
Sobrasada faces one major roadblock on its way to world domination: its name. The soft, brick-red-colored sausage from Mallorca is frequently confused with its better-known, distant Italian cousin soppressata, the dry salami familiar to anyone who’s
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Deck Your Wall
Avant-garde artist Yayoi Kusama lends her signature dots to the $150 million global skateboard market.
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In Brief
• The Trump administration levied tariffs on an additional $200 billion of Chinese goods. A day later, China retaliated with duties on $60 billion of U.S. exports. Chinese officials had previously signaled that they’d reject further trade talks if t
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Why the Fed Is Scared Of This Very Safe Bank
The Federal Reserve is, among other things, a bank for banks: They keep deposits there and earn interest at a rate currently set at 1.95 percent. Big institutional investors that aren’t banks can also deposit money at the Fed, but they use a differen
Bloomberg Businessweek4 min read
IBM’s Retirement Plan
Edvin Rusis spent more than 15 years at IBM before the head-choppers found him. During that time, the technical specialist had seen lots of co-workers disappear in one restructuring or another, but his work training sales reps for field duty always s
Bloomberg Businessweek8 min read
You Can Sleep Here or Here or Here or Here
Remote villages near extinction are becoming hotels, wooing travelers with one-of-a-kind rooms and intimate restaurants.
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Diversity Stops Here
With the departure of three prominent chief executives, C-suites are more white—and male—than ever
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Macron’s Monumental Challenge
Jupiter is finding out how hard it is to make lightning strike twice. Emmanuel Macron’s victory in last year’s French presidential race reverberated around the world, as he defied the rising tide of nationalism to strike a blow for Europe. In the aft
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An Army Of Macgyvers
AT A DESK IN A TRAILER ALONG a fence behind a garage, America’s future war fighters are squinting at widgets. If not for the camouflage uniforms, they could be watchmakers, these eight Marines, age 20 to 25, all grasping digital calipers and taking p
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How an American Indian Tribe Got Into Mortgages
Richard Ferguson considers himself the friend of struggling homebuyers everywhere. The Utah mortgage man will make families’ down payments for them. That way they can qualify for loans backed by the Federal Housing Administration. And they are—in dro
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China’s Hard Choices
Targeted measures have averted a more severe slowdown, but a protracted trade war could imperil progress on reducing debt
Bloomberg Businessweek2 min read
This Pricey Aerospace Deal Is Leaking Fuel
United Technologies Corp. aims to close its purchase of avionics maker Rockwell Collins Inc. this month, pending approval from Chinese antitrust regulators. The $30 billion deal will bundle Rockwell’s information-management and navigation systems wit
Bloomberg Businessweek5 min read
What Will Save Puerto Rico’s Economy? (A) Crypto (B) Cannabis (C) Nicolas Cage
Governor Ricardo Rosselló is placing bets on small but potentially transformational businesses
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CytoSorb, a filter attached to a hospital’s existing blood-pumping equipment, uses a cylindrical cartridge of tiny polymer beads to remove toxins from a patient’s circulatory system. Removing such toxins can reduce inflammation, which if left uncheck
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Fighting the Next Big One
Ten years after the fall of Lehman Brothers, trouble is brewing again, though this time the U.S. hasn’t slid into a recession. In fact, growth is so strong in America that the Federal Reserve is trying to preempt inflation by raising interest rates,
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