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Siri, Did I Ace the Interview?
IN HIS AMSTERDAM OFFICES, about an hour’s drive from his company’s largest non-American ketchup factory, Pieter Schalkwijk spends his days crunching data about his colleagues. And trying to recruit more: As head of Kraft Heinz’s talent acquisition fo
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When GPS Gets Lost
THE CALL CAME in by radio one evening last September, at around 9 p.m. On the line was the master of a tanker, approaching the end of a monthlong journey from the Port of South Louisiana and carrying more than 5,000 metric tons of ethanol. The messag
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A Race for the Elusive Chinese Coffee Drinker
THE CHINESE CHAIN Luckin Coffee is staking its future on two bold ideas. First, that a tech-driven retail model can satisfy customers, and second, and more important, that Chinese consumers will actually drink coffee. Last summer, the company listed
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A Suit of One’s Own
LUXURY IS NOT ONE SIZE FITS ALL. One person’s lifetime dream of an Antarctic cruise is another’s frozen nightmare. Your storybook 18th-century villa is my creaky old dump. So while some fashionistas thrill to personal shoppers’ ferrying flutes of Veu
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Mission Possible
A DAY BEFORE THIS ISSUE of the magazine went to press in mid-January, I went to a hipster workspace in Manhattan to hear Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella talk about the future. Naturally, he began by talking about the past. When Nadella joined the company
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The Ascent of Dive Watches
AFTER WORLD WAR II, men’s daily fashion began to evolve toward the casual look we enjoy today. Denim jeans, leather jackets, and rugged boots all derive from either military garb or workwear that, before the 1960s, men rarely sported outside the work
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Sundar Pichai
When did Larry Page and Sergey Brin tell you about the change? PICHAI It was a series of conversations over time. As Google turned 20 last year [in 2018], that was the first time I think they probably started having longer-term conversations. Particu
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Fertility Inc.
SPERM AND EGGS have invaded the Pennsylvania Convention Center. At one end of the hall, a giant sperm poised to fertilize an ovum the size of a small weather balloon rotates above a booth marketing egg banking services. Nearby, an enormous mobile com
Fortune3 min readPolitics
Understanding the Election as Brand Marketing
BUSINESS. DISTILLED. WHY DID VIRTUALLY every top pollster and pundit get the 2016 election screamingly wrong? On election eve, the New York Times analytical unit and the PredictWise prediction market aggregator showed Hillary Clinton winning by wide
Fortune2 min readFood & Wine
Beyond the Cheesesteak
IN M. NIGHT SHYAMALAN’S Apple TV+ horror series, Servant, Dorothy Turner, a Philadelphia newscaster on the precipice of a psychotic break, laments from her posh Rittenhouse Square brownstone: “Every time I visit South Philly, I realize how blessed we
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Investors vs. CEOs: The Optimism Divide
TROUBLE IS BREWING when the owners of a business and the managers who run that business see the world in fundamentally different ways. That’s the uncomfortable situation right now at America’s publicly traded corporations. The owners—investors—see a
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The World's Most Admired Companies
THESE COMPANIES WON ADMIRING VOTES FROM INSIDE AND OUTSIDE THEIR INDUSTRIES. AS RANKED BY THEIR PEERS THE SCORING SYSTEM for Fortune’s Most Admired Companies survey favors companies whose peers recognize that they do many different things well. (See
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Hollywood’s Community Action Hero
WHEN DAN LIN started as a creative executive at Warner Bros. in the late ’90s, diversity was not a priority at most studios. Back then, Lin was one of three minorities in the film production group at the junior executive level, developing movies that
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Placing the Right Bet on Sports Gambling
A SUPREME COURT decision that wins bipartisan praise is about as rare as a backdoor cover on a seven-team parlay. And if you know what a backdoor cover on a seven-team parlay is, you may know which decision we’re referring to. In Murphy v. NCAA, in M
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Getting 5G Up to Speed
AFTER YEARS OF HYPE, most Americans will finally be able to use new, superfast 5G mobile networks in 2020—at least if they buy a new phone. Last year, the four major wireless carriers—AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint—started introducing 5G, but mo
Fortune2 min readFood & Wine
How Idaho Became Caviar Country
IN DECEMBER, CHEF Eric Wuppermann decided to offer caviar as part of a seafood night at his restaurant in Leadville, Colo. He considered procuring the naturally salty sturgeon eggs from up-and-coming suppliers in Italy and Belgium, before opting for
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It Is Time for a Futures Market in Health Care
FINANCIAL FUTURES were created in the 1970s at a time of very high interest rates and inflation. Those economic ills were cured by the mid-1980s. Oil futures were created in the early 1980s at a time of shortages and volatile prices. The oil market s
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Boeing’s Long Descent
FOR NEARLY A YEAR, the world’s largest aerospace company has been engulfed by a scandal of its own making. The 737 Max crisis, which unfolded after 346 people died in two crashes linked to software malfunctions in Boeing’s newest jetliner, has put th
Fortune19 min readTech
The Quest for Human-Level A.I.
LAST JULY, SATYA NADELLA, THE CEO of Microsoft, one of the world’s most valuable companies, with a market capitalization hovering above $1 trillion, filmed a short video with Sam Altman, the 34-year-old entrepreneur best known for his stint running S
Fortune9 min readTech
TikTok: China Starts the Clock
ANDY WARHOL WAS WRONG. The pop artist famously asserted that in the future everyone would be famous for 15 minutes. But what Warhol failed to imagine back in the 1960s was TikTok, the dangerously addictive video-sharing app that today doles out globa
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Medicine by Machine
WHEN A CANADIAN company called Deep Genomics announced in September that it had used artificial intelligence to solve a long-standing mystery about a genetic disorder called Wilson’s disease—and, what’s more, had used another deep-learning platform t
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The Year of the CEO Exodus
CEO DEPARTURES through November rose 12% year-on-year to 1,480, according to executive outplacement firm Challenger Gray & Christmas. That was only four exits shy of the record set in 2008, during the turmoil of the global financial crisis. Since Nov
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Coping With a Bad Trip at Airbnb
Inside the company’s San Francisco headquarters on the morning of Oct. 31, employees wore costumes and smiles. Cofounder and CEO Brian Chesky was grinning in chef’s whites, handing out “Chesky’s Chips” cookies to staffers. One of tech’s best-known CE
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California Sets Off Privacy Scramble
THIS YEAR, many Americans will get a powerful tool to protect their online privacy. A sweeping new law will require millions of businesses to tell consumers what data they have collected about them and, if asked, to delete it. The law, known as the C
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Stand and Deliver
EVERYONE KNOWS THE UPS delivery service, with its ubiquitous brown trucks that ramble through every neighborhood in America. But to really understand what makes UPS tick, you must check out the massive facility in western Atlanta known as the UPS Sou
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Africa Gets Its Tech Buzz On
WHEN A FACTORY in Rwanda’s capital of Kigali debuted Africa’s first made-in-Africa mobile phones in October, their provenance wasn’t the only surprise: The devices also came loaded with higher-end features like fingerprint sensors for unlocking the s
Fortune5 min readPolitics
Bike Bust: An A.I. Preview?
IN 2014, FIVE STUDENTS from the cycling club at Peking University had an idea to build new, technologically savvy bicycles. The bikes would allow customers to scan a code with their smartphone, pay a small fee for a short ride, and then park basicall
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Bridging the Gap Between Human and Machine
THE PARTIAL MELTDOWN of a reactor at the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania in 1979 is typically explained as the product of mechanical malfunction and human error. The precipitating cause of the catastrophe, the worst nuclear disa
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Silicon Valley: The Exit Interview
THERE’S A REASON Silicon Valley worked from the moment it premiered on HBO in 2014: It was only about the pursuit of tech greatness and never ever about icky stuff like office romances or boring backstories. The critically acclaimed comedy, which air
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Success Through Being Pushy
When people tell Charlotte Jorst she can’t do something, she gallops right past them. When told she couldn’t sell beer in America, she did just that, and founded her own watch company to boot. When skin cancer threatened her equestrian career, she st
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