Fortune4 min readBiography & Memoir
Sean Parker
In the wake of Spotify’s public debut, Fortune sits down with one of its earliest boosters, who shares what he loves—and regrets—about the online music giant.
Fortune15 min read
What The Hell Happened?
Few corporate meltdowns have been as swift and dramatic as General Electric’s over the past 18 months—but the problems started long before that. Today, with rumors of a breakup swirling, the question is whether this great company can come back.
Fortune6 min readPolitics
Man In The Middle
Meet Ro Khanna, a little-known congressman who represents some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley.
Fortune14 min readBusiness Biography & History
Amazon Gets Fresh
What does the e-commerce titan want from its surprise purchase of Whole Foods? Not much—just total retail domination.
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Extreme Measures
EVERY YEAR, FORTUNE PRESIDENT Alan Murray sends out a CEO survey to the leaders of the Fortune 500 on where they think the economy is headed, where they see the biggest risks in the coming months, and more. (You can see the results on page 17.) But t
Fortune1 min readPolitics
The Space Race By The Numbers
NASA’s pivot to the private sector has opened the final frontier to a number of new companies—and well-heeled tourists. Here’s a look at how all that activity stacks up on the launchpad (and beyond).
Fortune10 min readTech
Inside Nordstrom’s Laboratory
No department store chain has been more aggressive than Nordstrom in embracing and experimenting with technology. But will all the tinkering entice fickle customers to keep coming back?
Fortune3 min read
Solving a Wireless Merger Mystery
T-Mobile and Sprint have been trying to make it fit together since 2014, but regulators haven’t been convinced. Could 5G be the key piece of the puzzle?
Fortune3 min readSociety
The Last Gasp Of The Boys’ Club
Believe it or not, there are still a dozen Fortune 500 company boards that lack a single female director. What will it take to bring the final holdouts into the age of equality?
Fortune2 min read
Nevermind Profits
Spotify enters the public markets at the mercy of its partners. Can the Swedish music-streaming leader find equal footing?
Fortune11 min readTech
Facebook’s Fix-it Team
To purge hate speech and criminal activity and restore user trust, the giant social network is hiring thousands of moderators and deploying leading-edge A.I. That means it’s going to be studying its billions of users a lot more closely.
Fortune1 min read
Ford’s Car Escape
The humble sedan will soon be an afterthought to the company that built the American car industry.
Fortune1 min readPop Culture
Barbie’s Diversity Dance
A DOLL OF FRIDA KAHLO, released this spring as part of Barbie’s Inspiring Women line, should have been an occasion to celebrate for fans of the 20th-century Mexican artist. Instead the doll’s maker, Mattel, received scorn for depicting Kahlo with lig
Fortune12 min read
How JPMorgan Chase Learned To Love The Blockchain
To take advantage of finance’s buzziest innovations, America’s biggest bank had to figure out how to collaborate with hacker types like Amber Baldet and Patrick Mylund Nielsen. It hasn’t always been a comfortable fit—but the cultural collision could
Fortune5 min readTech
The Long Game
Every FORTUNE 500 company CEO knows he or she should be managing for the long term. Why do so many of them get stuck on the next quarter?
Fortune16 min readPolitics
Teflon’s River Of Fear
For decades, chemical giant Chemours—and its predecessor, DuPont—have been releasing a potentially harmful compound used for making nonstick pans into the air and the water supply around Wilmington, N.C. As the company prepares to defend itself in th
Fortune2 min readTravel
Vacation, G7-Style
WHEN THE LEADERS of the G7 gather east of Quebec City in mid-June, it will be Canada’s seventh time hosting the annual confab. And though you may not lead a huge industrialized nation, you can still vacation like you do. The venue for the 2018 summi
Fortune17 min read
Lone Star Rising
In a dusty swath of West Texas known as the Permian Basin, a historic oil boom is pushing U.S. production to record levels and bringing sudden wealth to local landowners—along with some thorny challenges. As they rush to invest, oil majors like Exxon
Fortune16 min readBusiness Biography & History
GM Changes Lanes
Under CEO Mary Barra, General Motors is racing to adjust to a radically different—and rapidly approaching—future of shared, electric, autonomous vehicles. Can the automaker transform its culture fast enough to win in the new world?
Fortune5 min readPolitics
Summertime Blues For Vacation-home Owners
What do rising interest rates, climate change, and Trump’s tax reforms have in common? They’re all bad for the second-home market.
Fortune3 min readScience
Beauty Sleep
HERE’S A DISCONCERTING FACT: The developed world’s severe sleep deficiency is officially a public health epidemic, according to the World Health Organization. You may roll your eyes at the gospel of eight hours of shut-eye as a good, restorative nigh
Fortune2 min read
America’s Scooter Showdown
WOULD YOU LIKE to get to work on a fancy toy? Companies like Bird are betting you will. The Santa Monica–based startup raised $100 million in Series B funding earlier this year with the hopes of bringing fleets of rental electric scooters to 50 U.S.
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Largest U.s. Corporations
WALMART claimed the top spot in the 500 for a sixth straight year and became the first company in history to generate $500 billion in annual sales. APPLE took a small step back, from No.3 to No.4, despite a 6% gain in annual sales, but it led the wa
Fortune15 min read
Critical Condition
How a botched acquisition by Pfizer helped turn America’s chronic drug shortage into a full-blown crisis.
Fortune21 min read
Paper Jam!
Printer giant Xerox planned to sell itself to Carl Icahn teamed up with a Texas billionaire the craziest, nastiest, most unpredictable Fujifilm of Japan. But that was before activist titan named Darwin Deason to block the deal. An inside look at show
Fortune4 min read
Stock Buybacks: Party Now, Regret It Later
Tax cuts are fueling a record-setting boom in company share repurchases. But recent buybacks have left some investors feeling burned. Here’s why.
Fortune3 min read
Aston Martin’s Next Century
James Bond may have put it on the map, but the British marque is determined to stir, not be shaken.
Fortune3 min read
Facebook Can’t Solve This Problem Alone
Even Mark Zuckerberg says more social media regulation is inevitable—and desirable. But will new rules shore up today’s giants, or tear them apart?
Fortune3 min read
A New Code Of Conduct
What are the legal ramifications of a self-driving car at fault? A look into what happens legally after robots go awry.
Fortune14 min readBiography & Memoir
The Surprising Redemption Of Bitcoin’s Biggest Villain
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