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How Secrets Keep Us Sick
I have always had the urge to lie. As a child, I told classmates that I had a new puppy at home. I was afraid of dogs and had never even asked my parents for one, but I understood that pets were attractive to other 6-year-olds. When Julie, a French g
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The Dangerous Quest for Identity
All humans ask themselves who they are, where they came from, and what is their identity. This quest for identity is important and fascinating, but it can also be dangerous. In attempting to define a clear identity for myself, I might close myself of
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Writing The Future
Last month, I was in Boston for the presentation of the Earthshot Prize, the annual awards started by Prince William designed to help accelerate creative solutions to the climate crisis. The roughly $6 million in grants—supported by donors including
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TIME at Davos
At the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland—the first winter meeting since 2020—TIME and Sompo Holdings hosted a dinner and conversation on how to foster greater cooperation to solve the world’s most pressing problems. Onstage,
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Four days before her death at age 54, Lisa Marie Presley gave a speech at Graceland. Jan. 8 was her father’s birthday. “Today, he would’ve been 88 years old,” she told fans gathered at the Memphis estate. “It’s hard to believe. And I think that he wo
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The Attack On Brazil’s Democracy Is Not Over
When supporters of former President Jair Bolsonaro charged into the presidential palace, Congress, and the Supreme Court in Brasília on Jan. 8, they ignited a firestorm that continues to inflame passions. The insurrection was condemned across the pol
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5 Ways To Squeeze In More Steps Every Day
Logging more steps comes with dozens of benefits. “Walking is probably the most basic, most fundamental thing that nearly everybody has the ability to do,” says Dr. Tamanna Singh, co-director of the Sports Cardiology Center at Cleveland Clinic. It lo
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Prince Harry’s Memoir Deepens An Age-old Rift
The Media Blitz following the Jan. 10 publication of Prince Harry’s memoir Spare has one major theme: he has grown apart from his father King Charles III and his brother William, the Prince of Wales. Family tensions boiled over in public when, in Jan
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Hello (again), Wisconsin!
That ’70s Show, the teen comedy that launched Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, ran for a now inconceivable eight seasons thanks to its charismatic cast, stoner humor, and disco-decade nostalgia. It wasn’t great, but it made for benign background noise
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Biden’s Paper Trail
The discovery of classified documents at Joe Biden’s Delaware home and former D.C. office tarnishes the President politically at a moment when he was hoping voters would credit him for a resilient job market and signs that inflation is easing. Parall
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WEF’s Klaus Schwab on What’s Ahead
The World Economic Forum may be returning to its long-standing ritual of meeting in Davos, Switzerland, in January, but—even as the pandemic ebbs—this is still a time of remarkable upheaval. WEF founder Klaus Schwab sat down in New York City with TIM
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A Mother And Son, Out Of Tune With One Another
Nobody uses the term Generation gap anymore, but the problems it refers to are eternal—and they’re the core of When You Finish Saving the World, Jesse Eisenberg’s debut as a writer-director. Finn Wolfhard is Ziggy Katz, a teenage singer-songwriter wh
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Health Matters
In the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic, it may be time to rethink booster recommendations, says one vaccine expert who serves on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s vaccine advisory committee. In a Perspective published in the New England Jou
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China’s Lunar New Year Threatens A Grim COVID-19 Toll
Harry Li wants to spend the Lunar New Year holiday in his home village in northern China’s Hebei province, but he is afraid of spending more than 12 hours on crowded trains and buses lest he bring COVID-19 to his elderly parents, who have not been va
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The D.C. Brief
When Gallup asked Americans for the first time about their trust in government, a mind-blowing 73% answered positively. Fast-forward from 1958 to the present; a measly 20% now express trust in government, a near historic low. No single tidy explanati
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Nurses In The Streets
Nurses at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx join in strikes on Jan. 10 at two New York City hospitals. Some 7,000 nurses walked off the job to protest labor shortages and working conditions following the COVID-19 pandemic. The union said it reac
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Social Media’s Perspective Pitfall
Cooperation, the thing we need most to solve big problems in the world, is being collapsed by the thing that promised to connect us and bring us closer together: social media. The problem is that social connection isn’t actually the business model—“e
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The Best Of Times And The Worst Of Times, All At The Same Time
Soon enough, most adults must reckon with their parents’ physical and mental vulnerabilities, and it’s always a blow. Writer-director Mia Hansen-Løve’s delicately shaded One Fine Morning deals with the wrenchingly mundane nature of caring for those w
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Two Literary Giants Duke It Out
It’s hard to make a good movie about the act of writing; it’s even harder to make a movie about the work of editors, whose main job is to read—and read—with empathy and acumen. Yet Lizzie Gottlieb has made a splendid documentary that captures the qui
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Condemning Coal
A pair of muddied protesters huddle in the rain on Jan. 14 near Luetzerath in western Germany, where they joined thousands demonstrating against the demolition of the village as part of utility company RWE’s expansion of a coal mine. Climate activist
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A Fictional History Of An Imaginary Empire
Salman Rushdie’s last novel, 2019’s Booker Prize–short-listed Quichotte, blended elements of Don Quixote with a contemporary narrative to tell a modern parable about “junk culture” and the opioid crisis in America. His new, much different novel, Vict
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Russia’s War Costs The Whole World
A year ago, Ukraine’s economy was on a strong footing, with a debt-to-GDP of less than 50% and a budget deficit of 3.5%. Then came Feb. 24, and with it a full-scale war. We were in a new reality, with very different financial needs. Funds that should
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Beating Hearts Among The Undead
Adaptations of books serve an obvious purpose: They make substantial something you’d previously only imagined. The joy of watching Game of Thrones as a reader was seeing the dragons rendered, or hearing the “The Rains of Castamere” for the first time
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On Mute
THE WORLD IS FILLED WITH OVERTALKERS. YOU RUN INTO THEM ALL THE TIME. They’re that pest at the office who destroys every Monday by recounting each unremarkable thing they did over the weekend. They’re that jerk who talks over everyone else at a dinne
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India’s Path
The drive from Ranchi to Hazaribagh in the eastern Indian state of Jharkhand is only 65 miles, but it takes nearly three hours. We swerve to avoid schoolchildren chatting with friends and meandering down the highway, honk at cows to get out of the wa
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We Hold the Pen of History
More than at any other time in the history of human presence on this planet, we are now deciding what our own future will be. Since the last ice age, some 12,000 years ago, humans have been able to develop civilization as we know it thanks to the sta
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What Humans Owe Animals
Wherever you look, animals are in trouble. Our world is dominated by humans everywhere: on land, in the seas, and in the air. No nonhuman animal escapes our domination, which inflicts wrongful injury on animals through the barbarous cruelties of the
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Natasha Lyonne
Poker Face, premiering on Peacock on Jan. 26, is a collaboration with Glass Onion filmmaker Rian Johnson that casts you as a scruffy detective in the mold of Peter Falk’s Columbo. What appealed to the two of you about that kind of protagonist? We hav
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Why Is The U.S. Considering Banning Gas Stoves?
Federal Regulators are considering a ban on gas stoves—present in roughly one-third of U.S. homes—amid rising concern about increased risk of asthma in children and other respiratory-health risks linked to indoor air pollution from the appliances. Th
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Machine Warning
Demis Hassabis stands halfway up a spiral staircase, surveying the cathedral he built. Behind him, light glints off the rungs of a golden helix rising up through the staircase’s airy well. The DNA sculpture, spanning three floors, is the centerpiece
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