The Atlantic6 min readPolitics
Is Boris Johnson Actually Winning?
At least politically, if not diplomatically, the British prime minister appears to be making some progress.
The Atlantic5 min read
The Millennial Urban Lifestyle Is About to Get More Expensive
As WeWork crashes and Uber bleeds cash, the consumer-tech gold rush may be coming to an end.
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The Conversation
The Atlantic5 min readPolitics
Trump Betrayed the Kurds. He Couldn’t Help Himself.
Humiliating his own Cabinet secretaries was bad. Putting faithful American allies in harm’s way is far worse.
The Atlantic6 min readScience
The Mystery of Moon Water
The Atlantic3 min readPolitics
Trump’s Middle East Policy Is a Fraud
The Atlantic3 min read
Why Readers Resented Harold Bloom
The Atlantic7 min read
Every Child Can Become a Lover of Books
Michelle Martin, a professor at the University of Washington, helps librarians create spaces that are welcoming to kids of all backgrounds.
The Atlantic5 min read
Philip Pullman’s Problem With God
In His Dark Materials, now an HBO series, the author takes on organized religion. It’s not a fair fight.
The Atlantic8 min readPolitics
The Best Campaign Money Can Buy
The Atlantic9 min read
How Bong Joon-ho Invented the Weird World of Parasite
The Atlantic9 min readPolitics
Are China's Tantrums Signs of Strength or Weakness?
China is supposed to be savvy. So why is it throwing a fit about a tweet, an app, and a gamer in a mask in the absence of any real threat?
The Atlantic5 min read
One More Thought on Succession’s Ridiculous Banter
“I’m saying this, but I don’t believe it.” Kendall Roy, in the Season 2 finale, summed up what makes the show such brilliant satire.
The Atlantic3 min readPolitics
The Atlantic Politics Daily: A Self-Funding Chaos Factor Joins the Debates
Tom Steyer—whose platform centers on climate change and impeachment—has spent his way onto the debate stage. Plus: the search for the next AOC
The Atlantic2 min read
Democrats: We’re the Real American Patriots
Tonight, candidates spoke passionately about protecting America’s troops and defending the Constitution. Are voters actually looking for a message of statesmanship?
The Atlantic3 min read
The Democrats’ New War on Warren
A volley of attacks from her rivals at tonight’s debate confirmed what polls have started to show: The senator from Massachusetts is the new leader of the primary pack.
The Atlantic2 min readPolitics
If You Could Go Back in Time and Change One Thing, What Would It Be?
William “Sandy” Darity Jr., economist and professor, Duke University I wish that Radical Reconstruction had been made a reality after the end of the Civil War. This would have entailed the promised 40-acre land grants to the formerly enslaved, their
The Atlantic11 min readPolitics
The Blue Wave Faces Its First Test After 2018
Eight months after scandals rocked their party, Democrats are on the cusp of turning Virginia into an all-blue state.
The Atlantic7 min readPolitics
Trump’s Defiance Is Destroying Congress’s Power
Congress and the White House have a tense relationship, and future administrations might well choose to build on rather than repudiate the Trump example of how to respond to a hostile Congress.
The Atlantic4 min readPolitics
The NCAA Will Never Fix Itself
The presidential candidate Cory Booker, a former Stanford athlete, thinks big-name college sports have gone awry—and he wants Congress to step in.
The Atlantic4 min readPolitics
ISIS Is Gloating
The best one could say about America’s abandonment of the Kurds is that they should have known we would sell them out eventually.
The Atlantic4 min readPolitics
The Traditional Apex of Britain’s Untraditional Moment
The State Opening of Parliament and the accompanying Queen’s Speech are steeped in ritual and custom, something that feels incongruous as the country grapples with chaos.
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After Poland, No Democracy Is Safe
The Atlantic7 min readSociety
The Poland Model—Promoting ‘Family Values’ With Cash Handouts
The country’s governing party, which just won another election, has married right-wing social policy with left-wing economic policy.
The Atlantic5 min readPsychology
Dear Therapist: My Fiancé Believes Spanking Is Good Parenting
His parents spanked him as a child, and he insists the punishment has shaped him positively.
The Atlantic6 min read
Why Season 2 of Succession Was So Extraordinary
The HBO show had teased a “blood sacrifice” in its thrilling season finale, and it didn’t disappoint.
The Atlantic6 min read
The Best Athlete Americans Have Never Heard Of
American pro athletes face pressure to stick to sports. Australia’s David Pocock has a different idea.
The Atlantic8 min read
The Bodily Horrors of Succession
Infestation. Insects. Ointment. This is not the stuff you might expect from a work of prestige TV that takes extreme wealth as its subject.
The Atlantic5 min readPolitics
Your Neighbor’s Christian Education, Courtesy of Your Tax Dollars
The Atlantic6 min read
Monocles Were Never Cool
Unlike other trappings of the aristocracy, the monocle has mostly been a joke since its invention. An Object Lesson.
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