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The Ceasefire in Syria Worked (More or Less)
Was it was a cease-fire, a pause, or something else? Whatever the agreement was between the United States and Turkey—each described it differently, and the Syrian Kurdish leadership said they only recognized the American version—it expired yesterday
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Vaping Faces a Crackdown. Cigarettes Are Still Legal.
Politicians who ban flavors should brace for a surge in smoking and the use of questionable bootlegged vaping products.
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Baseball Is a Civics Education
Two dramas are the focus of the nation at this moment: the constitutional crisis in Washington, and the World Series—less of a crisis, but still in Washington. These may seem totally unrelated, and yet, there is a striking symmetry between the worlds
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Mitt Romney Alone Can Fix It
Donald Trump has never feared another elected Republican. Over the course of five years, he has bullied and insulted, mocked and complained about nearly every GOP officeholder past and present, including George W. Bush and Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and J
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The Worst Day in Earth’s History Contains an Ominous Warning
One of the planet’s most dramatic extinctions was caused in part by ocean acidification, which has become a problem in our own era.
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Don’t Play the Goose Game
Like games, geese are notoriously annoying. They’re brusque, clumsy, and territorial. If you are a person and one appears on your country estate, the advice recommends avoiding engagement and then standing your ground if it charges. Show the goose wh
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Unpredictability Returns To The NBA
Back in 2012, the basketball writer Zach Lowe advanced what he called “The 5 Percent Theory.” It addressed the question of whether NBA teams, during the peak of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade’s Miami Heat squad, should wait out the superteam to acquire
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Democrats Are Already Arguing Over Trump’s Impeachment Articles
Lawmakers haven’t decided yet whether they should focus solely on Ukraine—or write a broader indictment of the president.
The Atlantic5 min readPolitics
This Is Just the Beginning of Brexit
Even if Britain leaves the EU at the end of the month, the issue will not go away—much still needs to be resolved.
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Where Did Rudy Go?
On September 22, 2001, 11 days after the worst terrorist attack on American soil, then–New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani looked squarely into the Saturday Night Live camera and told a shaken nation, “We will not let our decisions be made out of fear.
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The Brave New World of HBO’s Watchmen
Damon Lindelof’s new show advances the clock on Alan Moore’s original series but retains the comic’s skepticism of heroes in masks.
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Whistle-Blowers Are the Last Defense Against Global Corruption
Crime that transcends borders cannot be fought by a single country. A new EU law protecting those who speak up will have benefits worldwide.
The Atlantic5 min read
The People Who Really, Really Love Mark Zuckerberg
The Facebook CEO’s recent speech was met with thousands of adoring, over-the-top comments. Who would write them?
The Atlantic9 min readSociety
The Common Misconception About ‘High Crimes and Misdemeanors’
The constitutional standard for impeachment is different from what’s at play in a regular criminal trial.
The Atlantic8 min readPolitics
This Election Brought Out Canada’s Worst
Almost alone among the advanced democracies, the country has been bypassed by reactionary populism.
The Atlantic6 min read
What Frank Ocean’s PrEP+ Party Understood
When people refer to the AIDS crisis, they’re often referring to a specific period in history. But HIV/AIDS is no mere memory to the more than 37 million people worldwide, most of them black or brown, living with the disease. It is no memory to the 2
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William Taylor Delivers the Smoking Gun
Diplomats are known for their ability to phrase things delicately, but testimony today from William Taylor, the top American diplomat in Ukraine, is notable for its bluntness. Although the Trump administration has denied that it was trying to extract
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Nothing Changed on Impeachment, and Everything Changed
On October 13, President Donald Trump’s average approval sat at 42.2 percent, according to FiveThirtyEight’s average. Then came an astonishing week, even by the standards of the Trump administration. A procession of diplomats trekked to Capitol Hill,
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The Atlantic Politics Daily: Democrats Can’t Agree on the Reasons for Impeachment
Some moderate Democrats want the party to zoom in as closely as possible on Trump’s Ukraine-related offense. Others want to consider more. Plus: AOC makes another endorsement.
The Atlantic9 min readPolitics
An Attempt to Resegregate Little Rock, of All Places
A battle over local control in a city that was the face of integration shows the extent of the new segregation problem in the U.S.
The Atlantic3 min readScience
The Chickens That Are Surrogates for Rare Breeds
In his lab at the University of Edinburgh, Mike McGrew is turning commercial egg-laying hens into surrogates for rare chicken breeds revived from frozen cells—a technique that he hopes one day might also be used to revive endangered bird species. The
The Atlantic7 min readPsychology
The Therapeutic Potential of Stanning
“Superhero therapy” encourages people to think like their favorite movie characters. It seems to work.
The Atlantic6 min readPsychology
Pregnant and Depressed
For many people, pregnancy can be one of the most emotionally taxing experiences of their life.
The Atlantic5 min readPolitics
Parasite And The Curse Of Closeness
Bong Joon-ho’s film depicts a class system in which the most profound harms result from the relationships of interdependence between rich and poor.
The Atlantic6 min readWellness
All the Pregnancies I Couldn’t Talk About
The first time I felt the sharp twinge in my belly was during an important client meeting. Seated around the table were senior executives from a multinational information-technology company. We were developing the company’s long-term strategy when th
The Atlantic5 min read
Watchmen Is a Blistering Modern Allegory
HBO’s Watchmen is the strangest show to come to TV in a minute: the kind of fictional world where FBI agents carry locked briefcases that contain giant blue dildos, police interrogations incorporate Grant Wood’s American Gothic, and a brazen set piec
The Atlantic3 min readPolitics
Trump’s Journey From Double Down to Flip-Flop
A president who has long ignored criticism is suddenly giving in, reversing course on the G7 summit and withdrawal from Syria.
The Atlantic5 min read
A Textbook Evolutionary Story About Moths and Bats Is Wrong
For 50 years, researchers have thought that moths evolved ears to detect the ultrasonic calls of attacking bats—but a new study shows that ears came first.
The Atlantic3 min readPolitics
The Atlantic Politics Daily: Who Supports Impeachment?
“What was Hillary Clinton thinking?” our contributing writer Tom Nichols asks. Plus, the Americans solidly opposed to impeachment (hint: more than just Republicans)
The Atlantic7 min readPolitics
The ‘Messy and Angry’ Prospect of Ireland Reunifying
Changing demographics and sentiment signal that the possibility of a reunion is increasing. Yet few are prepared for what that means.
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