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82 For Designing For The Apocalypse
Ane Crabtree Costume designer Tony Soprano’s bathrobe. Dolores Abernathy’s prairie dress. Offred’s red cloak. Veteran costume designer Ane Crabtree has created the iconic looks for numerous shows that have helped define the modern golden age of tel
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44 For Turning Commercials Into Stories
Nazanin Rafsanjani Vice president of new show development, Gimlet Media Chompers is a program aimed at the toddler set and available via Amazon’s Echo. Each episode is just a couple of podcast-like minutes of content, but Chompers manages to squeez
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32 For Lyft-ing The Bar
Melissa Waters Vice president of marketing, Lyft Last year, ride-hailing company Lyft differentiated itself from bad-publicity magnet Uber by playing up its social responsibility. Melissa Waters, who joined Lyft in 2016 from Pandora, oversaw a quir
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100 For Harvesting A Sustainable New Snack
Courtney Boyd Myers Cofounder and co-CEO, Akua Kelp keeps oceans clean (by absorbing nitrogen), offsets climate change (by exchanging carbon dioxide for lots of oxygen), and grows quickly. A staple of Japanese diets, it’s increasingly featured in r
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67 For Investing In Overlooked Entrepreneurs
Kesha Cash Founder and general partner, Impact America Fund A former M&A analyst who grew up economically disadvantaged, Kesha Cash founded the Impact America Fund to make strategic early bets on companies that provide services to minority communit
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Sharing Her Tools
Pat McGrath Makeup artist and founder, Pat McGrath Labs Known simply as “Mother” in the makeup community, Pat McGrath probably taught your favorite YouTube beauty bloggers everything they know. She has crafted iconic runway looks for Prada and Give
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94-95 For Giving African Tech A Global Stage
Haweya Mohamed and Ammin Youssouf Cofounder and managing director / cofounder and CEO, Afrobytes In addition to the usual hurdles of fundraising and scaling, African tech founders face the fundamental misperception that they’re working in an innova
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78 For Amplifying Smartphone Volume
Larry Guterman Cofounder and chief customer officer, SonicCloud The Problem: Starting in college, through his career as a Hollywood director (2001’s Cats & Dogs) and executive producer (2015’s Holocaust drama Remember), Larry Guterman struggled wit
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73 For Offering New Badges Of Honor
Sylvia Acevedo CEO, Girl Scouts of the USA When Sylvia Acevedo was a girl in Las Cruces, New Mexico, a Girl Scout troop leader encouraged her to build a model rocket for a science badge. That experience “was an inflection point in my life,” says Ac
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65 For Fattening The Apple Pay Wallet
Jennifer Bailey VP of internet services and Apple Pay, Apple Apple veteran Jennifer Bailey took over Apple Pay in 2014 with the goal of making it possible for iPhone users to leave their wallets at home. She has quickly turned the service into a co
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27 For Getting People To The Polls
Kat Calvin Founder, Spread the Vote More than 21 million Americans lack government-issued photo identification, yet an increasing number of states—including Texas, Wisconsin, and Georgia—have passed measures requiring IDs to vote, effectively suppr
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01-05 For Leading Americans Beyond Thoughts And Prayers
Jaclyn Corin, Emma González, David Hogg, Cameron Kasky, and Alex Wind Cofounders, March for Our Lives Cameron Kasky recalls the eerie realization that descended upon the kids huddled in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School classroom where he an
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18 For Placing DNA Sequencing In The Palm Of Your Hand
Gordon Sanghera Cofounder and CEO, Oxford Nanopore Technologies Scientists around the world have been using the MinION—a handheld device that can sequence DNA and RNA in real time and costs just $1,000—since Oxford Nanopore Technologies first relea
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42 For Teaching Us How To Cope With Tech Overload
Manoush Zomorodi Author and host, Note to Self As the host of WNYC’s six-year-old podcast Note to Self, Manoush Zomorodi helps listeners address some tricky contemporary issues: social media addiction, information overload, diminished privacy. “We
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21 For Making Large-scale Healthcare Personal
Stephen Klasko President and CEO, Jefferson Health and Jefferson University “With AI on the horizon, training humans to be better robots doesn’t make sense,” says Stephen Klasko, CEO of Philadelphia’s Jefferson Health. “The doctor of the future nee
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49 For Putting A Bow On E-commerce
Jesse Genet Cofounder and CEO, Lumi “Packaging is the new storefront,” says Jesse Genet, who founded Lumi with fellow industrial designer Stephan Ango in 2015 to sell bespoke packing materials—colorful cardboard boxes, eye-catching mailers, logo-pr
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90 For Helping Women Call The Shots
Alma Har’el Founder, Free the Bid Alma Har’el was tired of hearing the same old excuses for why brands and ad agencies weren’t hiring female directors, so at the end of 2016 she launched Free the Bid to get more women behind the camera. After commi
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28 For Connecting Us When The Grid Is Down
Daniela Perdomo Cofounder and CEO, goTenna The Problem: Entrepreneur Daniela Perdomo was living in Brooklyn in October 2012 when Hurricane Sandy struck, and large swaths of New York lost power and internet service. “It was like a Don DeLillo–type a
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06 For Redefining Tesla’s Electric Cars—repeatedly
Franz von Holzhausen Chief designer, Tesla When Franz von Holzhausen joined Tesla in 2008, the electric-car startup was so inexperienced at vehicle design that it had to outsource most of the work on its original Roadster to the sports-car manufact
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52 For Incubating Walmart’s Future
Katie Finnegan VP of incubation, Walmart Global eCommerce Katie Finnegan grew up immersed in retail. Her father helped Mickey Drexler reinvent the Gap in the ’90s, and Finnegan remembers spending her adolescence going to store openings, listening t
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Making Fashion Sizzle
Telfar Clemens Designer, Telfar Liberian-American designer Telfar Clemens’s approach to fashion is summarized in his current collection’s tagline: “Not for you—for everyone.” Inclusivity has been the organizing principle of his runway collections s
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Finding Poetry In Adolescence
With clear language and bracing honesty, Jason Reynolds’s young-adult novels grapple with thorny issues (alcohol abuse, gun violence, police brutality) in contemporary urban settings.
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48 For Revitalizing Vacant Storefronts
Ross Bailey Founder and CEO, Appear Here Appear Here is an online marketplace for pop-up spaces that entrepreneur and designer Ross Bailey created five years ago in the U.K. It has since been used by more than 150,000 brands—including Apple and Nik
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74 For Ringing The Alarm On Harmful Tech
Tristan Harris Cofounder, Center for Humane Technology Tristan Harris was obsessed with magic as a kid and once earned $20 to perform tricks for his fourth-grade class. The experience taught him not only that misdirection could be profitable but al
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Seeing Business From 100 New Angles
One of the many insights Mary Kaye Schilling gleaned from spending time with Reese Witherspoon is that the award-winning actress and producer likes to play a parlor game with her family: They’ll watch television, and Witherspoon will pause the progra
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07 For Taking The Pain Out Of Security Checks
Caryn Seidman Becker Chairman and CEO, Clear “I love a good turnaround story,” says Caryn Seidman Becker, a former hedge-fund manager who bought the airport-focused biometric-identity company Clear out of bankruptcy in 2010. At the time, Clear’s ex
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12-13 For Translating Amazon Checkout To Real Life
Dilip Kumar and Gianna Puerini VP of technology, Amazon Go and Amazon Books / VP, Amazon Go Amazon earned its e-commerce bona fides more than 20 years ago by reducing the checkout process to a single click. The company’s new Amazon Go store, in dow
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51 For Reforesting The Amazon
M. Sanjayan CEO, Conservation International Deforestation is responsible for one-tenth of global warming emissions. Conservation scientist M. Sanjayan has responded by recruiting a diverse coalition of technical and funding partners (from the World
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It’s Time to Burst Silicon Valley’s Tech Bubble
Silicon Valley showrunner Alec Berg just wanted to let viewers in on the joke. When he started writing the satirical HBO series five years ago, the Valley seemed to him like a caricature, rife with overhyped tech products and self-aggrandizing corpor
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71 For Featuring Tech In A Leading Role
Rodrigo Bellott Playwright and filmmaker “I come from a place of no. It’s not like the U.S. where you’re taught you can do anything,” says Bolivia-born Rodrigo Bellott, who took his country’s conservatism as a challenge. He went on to direct Bolivi
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