Global Voices5 min read
Meet The African Women Athletes Making An Impact In International Basketball Leagues
Odada joins a bevy of other African basketball players who are making an impact in the American-based professional league for women.
Global Voices4 min readWorld
Undertones: What’s Behind Bangladesh’s Neutrality About Russia’s Invasion?
Through deep observation, explore how there's more to neutrality in Bangladesh's relationship with Russia.
Global Voices1 min read
Podcast: Australia's Election Result, And A Mexican State Looks For A Way To Deal With Drought
Originally published on Global Voices Image Courtesy Ameya Nagarajan This week, our Latin America Editor Melissa Vida explains the debate over water distribution in the drought-hit state of Querétero in Mexico, after which GV contributor Kevin Rennie
Global Voices4 min read
Illegal Wildlife Poisoning Depletes Balkan Biodiversity, Yet Only 1% Of Cases Reach Court
A recent study shows that the illegal use of poisoning to target "undesirable" animals continues to go unnoticed and unpunished in the Balkans, even though it depletes biodiversity and threatens public health.
Global Voices4 min readWorld
What Overseas Chinese Citizens Make Of Xi Jinping's Resignation Rumours
Rumours of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s potential resignation have swirled on Chinese social media in the past two weeks and prompted a lot of speculations among overseas Chinese dissidents.
Global Voices5 min readInternational Relations
Armenian And Azerbaijani Leaders Take Tentative Steps Toward Peace
The EU's Charles Michel said the leaders focused on "the situation in the South Caucasus and the development of EU relations with both countries as well as the broader region.” 
Global Voices5 min readWorld
The Ukrainian Marshall Plan: Norman Foster, Central Banks, And Russian Yachts
Much of Ukraine’s vital infrastructure has been destroyed, costing an estimated $500 billion. Plans from using seized Russian assets to relying on international architecture firms like Foster + Partners have been suggested.
Global Voices4 min readWorld
Do Russian Classics Need A New Interpretation After Russia's Invasion Of Ukraine? Interview With Scholar Ani Kokobobo
Should Tolstoy and Dostoevsky be approached and read differently in light of Russia's invasion of Ukraine? While some weaponize them, other would like to see them cancelled.
Global Voices3 min read
Africans Are Changing How They Consume Music And Even Taking On International Streaming Giants
Following global trends, compact disc (CDs) sales on the continent have been on a steady decline as music lovers ditch the discs for digital downloads.
Global Voices4 min read
Africa's Music Scene Rebounds After A Devastating Pandemic
Live performances and music festivals, key revenue sources for African musicians, were annihilated during the COVID-19 pandemic. But things seem to be gradually returning to normal.
Global Voices4 min readPopular Culture & Media Studies
Five Latin American Media That Refuse To Be Silenced
Journalism in Latin America is facing many forms of silencing. These independent outlets break through censorship with innovative ideas.
Global Voices5 min read
TIME Magazine Chooses Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley As One Of ‘The World's Most Influential People’
Mottley's advocacy for the Caribbean at COP 26 cemented her place in the global consciousness as a forward-thinking leader and change maker.
Global Voices5 min readWorld
The Propagandist Dugin And The Justification Of Russian Imperialism
Following Dugin's "logic," imperialist Putin shelled and bombed Ukrainians to "liberate" them from Western demons and to "convince" them that they were brothers and not enemies.
Global Voices4 min read
Bosnia And Herzegovina Diaspora: A Vague Perception Of Home And Homeland
Balkan Diskurs survey indicates that Bosnians living abroad express conflicting feelings, from an idealized picture of positive aspects of the old homeland, to repeated disappointment with the reality of political and economic status quo.
Global Voices3 min readWorld
How Russians Are Protesting The War In Ukraine From A Totalitarian State
Russian citizens have drawn graffiti, left objects on the streets, and found creative ways to voice their dissent under the constant threat of punishment.  
Global Voices5 min read
The Elephant Whisperer Of Nepal
Each year, human–elephant conflict results in the destruction of crops and dwellings, human injury and death, and the retaliatory killing of elephants. Conservationists like Shankar Chettri Luitel are changing the scenario.
Global Voices5 min readGender Studies
Activists Rally For Marriage Equality In Thailand
A petition was launched proposing amendments to the Civil and Commercial Code to allow marriage registration between two people of any gender.
Global Voices3 min read
8 Photos To Revel In The Beauty Of Nature In Central America And Peru
Originally published on Global Voices Photos courtesy of Daniel Núñez. To celebrate International Day for Biological Diversity, I am sharing with you my favorite wildlife photos from Guatemala and Peru. As a biologist, wildlife photography has become
Global Voices6 min readCrime & Violence
Trinidad & Tobago's Failure To Act On Decades Of Abuse Allegations Has Done Unspeakable Damage To Children In State Care
The findings of a recent task force charged with investigating allegations of child abuse at children's homes has raised the ghost of a decades-old task force report that lay buried.
Global Voices6 min read
In Their Own Words: Facilitated Conversation As A Way To Report On Latin America
The day-to-day lives of Latinas with disabilities are rarely reported in the media. That’s why we wanted to uplift their voices and allow them to dignify their experiences.
Global Voices4 min read
Myanmar Journalists Face Grave Risks At Every Turn
"Many journalists have gone into hiding or fled abroad with no legal or financial support and only pro-military publications can now work openly in the country."
Global Voices5 min readCrime & Violence
A Uyghur Journalist's Demand: Bring An End To My Family’s Decades Of Suffering
"I urge UN staff to help get information on whether my 11 relatives are alive and, if so, where are they and why and how they were punished?"
Global Voices2 min readCrime & Violence
In Georgia, Veteran Journalist Sentenced To 3.5 Years In Jail
Gvaramia was first charged in 2020 with abuse of power, embezzling property at Rustavi 2, commercial bribery, and forging documents. He was found not guilty on the last three counts.
Global Voices7 min read
In Their Own Words: Latinas With Disabilities Turn Their Homes Into Pandemic Battlegrounds
“COVID created barriers for us that we had overcome before the pandemic. Now, we try to be as autonomous as possible, but we’re obligated to ask for help from other people.”
Global Voices5 min read
Ylli Morina: The 13 Year-old Mathematical Genius From Skopje Who Is Tutoring University Students
Because his primary school lacks  adequate classes and textbooks that will suit his needs and talent, Ylli has broadened his knowledge on the internet, listening to professors from abroad.
Global Voices3 min read
Amid Drought And Climate Crisis, The Mexican State Querétaro Faces Possible Privatization Of Its Water
Residents and activists in Querétaro, a Mexican state facing a drought crisis, have raised the alarm over two proposed pieces of legislation that could result in privatizing water services.
Global Voices5 min readInternational Relations
Central Asia’s Fears Of Rising Militancy In Afghanistan As Moscow Invades Ukraine
Since the Taliban takeover in August 2021, the three Central Asian states that border Afghanistan intended to defend their borders through security reinforcement and diplomacy, primarily relying on Russian initiatives.
Global Voices5 min readPopular Culture & Media Studies
Covering The Economic Crisis In Sri Lanka: The Cost Of Pursuing Journalism
Journalists and media houses in Sri Lanka are facing many challenges covering the ongoing economic crisis and growing public protests; some newspapers have suspended publication and many journalists were injured.
Global Voices3 min readWorld
The Most Desperate Response To The COVID-19 Lockdown In China: ‘We Are The Last Generation.’
Some interpreted the “we are the last generation declaration” as the most desperate resistance against tyranny.
Global Voices5 min readSecurity
India Pushes For Storage Of Private Data Using Technology Built For Anonymity
As VPNs and blockchain-based services are often designed to assure user anonymity and privacy, this direction might force many service providers to shut down operations in India.
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