Global Voices4 min read
A Hip-hop Band Plays Exclusively On Traditional Instruments To Forge A New Kazakhstani Identity
An experimental musical project is trying to reverse the widespread disregard for rural traditions by taking contemporary music and performing it on traditional instruments.
Global Voices4 min readCrime & Violence
Russian Protesters Rally In Support Of Jailed Opposition Leader Alexey Navalny
Unusually large numbers of Russian citizens are protesting against the imprisonment of opposition leader Alexey Navalny - on the street and on TikTok.
Global Voices5 min readMedical
Protests Mount Over Israeli Medical Apartheid During Pandemic
Israel completely leaves out Palestinians under its occupation in its highly successful COVID-19 vaccination drive, already covering over a quarter of its population since mid-December.
Global Voices3 min read
Hong Kong protesters’ ‘Brick Arches’ wins Beazley Designs’ People’s Choice Award
Made from ordinary bricks, these small structures were used by Hong Kong protestors as roadblocks to slow down police vehicles.
Global Voices5 min readWorld
Chinese-Australian Cartoonist Badiucao Walks A Fine Line To Avoid Being Politically Hijacked
For Badiucao, the best way to spread the message of universal human rights is through his art, but even within Australia's Chinese communities, the narratives are both complex and nuanced.
Global Voices4 min readWorld
Hong Kong’s Kim Jong-un Impersonator Reveals He Was Arrested In October
Hong Kong’s Kim Jong-un impersonator has revealed he was arrested in October for possessing a firearm without a licence, which he denies; he says his political performances are to blame.
Global Voices4 min read
Which Colonial Statues Are Being Torn Down In Latina America?
For many, destroying statues is another way to demolish, symbolically, the ideas of oppression, slavery and colonialism.
Global Voices2 min readPolitics
Join Us LIVE On January 29 For ‘The Milk Tea Alliance: Thailand, Taiwan And Hong Kong's Unified Fight For Democracy’
Join us for a lively discussion about the impact of the transnational youth protest movement which united countries in Asia in the fight for democracy.
Global Voices4 min readPolitics
Dutch Climate Activists Block Climate Ministry Entrance To Demand Release Of “Shell Papers”
The protest was a call for government transparency regarding the use of public funds and the state's connections to Shell
Global Voices3 min readMedical
UK Strain Of COVID-19 Arrives In Trinidad & Tobago
The variant was detected via genome sequencing testing being done by the University of the West Indies.
Global Voices4 min readInternational Relations
Sudan-Ethiopia Border Tensions Mount In Conflicted Al-Fashqa Region
Continual clashes between Ethiopian militia groups and Sudanese farmers in Sudan’s al-Fashqa region have put the Sudanese Army on the defense.
Global Voices4 min read
First Nations Artist Explores ‘Indigenous Futurisms’ In His Woodland-style Work
"I was given a key that had unlocked the door to exploring futuristic indigenous concepts within my own mind, and more imaginative concepts as a whole."
Global Voices5 min readMedical
Unmarried Women And Sexual Health: Battling Stigma In India
"If you are not married, and having sexual relationships, you are considered impure and the doctor will not treat you."
Global Voices4 min readCrime & Violence
What awaits Hong Kong in 2021?
Mass arrests, blocking of websites, end of judicial independence, among other issues, seem to be in store for Hong Kong this year.
Global Voices4 min readSocial Science
Nepali Times, A Leading English-language Weekly, Starts 2021 By Reviving Its Print Edition
Publisher Kunda Dixit says the print edition has brought in revenue and positive feedback from readers.
Global Voices3 min readAmerican Government
Caribbean Denounces Trump’s Decision To Put Cuba Back On Terrorism List; Hopes For A Reversal With Biden
Some expect the Biden/Harris administration to re-establish a working relationship with the island; other Cuban commentators find that unlikely. Either way, CARICOM wants Cuba taken off the US' terrorism list.
Global Voices5 min readCrime & Violence
Tunisia’s Fight Against COVID-19 Unmasks Shaky Ground For Digital Rights
In Tunisia, local authorities have, throughout the pandemic, resorted to historical tricks by using vague, existing laws to curb freedom of expression and limit citizens’ rights to information.  
Global Voices5 min read
Guyanese-American Author Celebrates Caribbean Identity In New Alphabet Book
'I noticed how scarce and inaccessible Black children's literature was, compared to other fictional children's books.'
Global Voices5 min readCrime & Violence
COVID-19, Digital Rights And Nigeria's Emerging Surveillance State
In Nigeria, contact-tracing apps raise valid concerns about the government's attempts to leverage this for future clampdowns on citizens' digital rights — long after the pandemic is long gone. 
Global Voices6 min read
In Mozambique, A Tug Of War Between Public Health And Digital Rights During The Pandemic
Under an extended state of emergency in Mozambique, several new digital platforms emerged to disseminate COVID-19 information. But these initiatives lack clarity in terms of data privacy and personal security.
Global Voices1 min readPopular Culture & Media Studies
Webinar: How To Use Automation To Improve Social Reach And Increase Reader Engagement
Aimed at social media editors in newsrooms, this 75-minute webinar will focus on how automating publishing on social media can increase reader engagement while freeing up resources for other tasks.
Global Voices3 min readMedical
Caribbean Calls For Global Summit To Address Fair COVID-19 Vaccine Roll-out
CARICOM is 'deeply concerned at the current prospect of inequitable access to vaccines,' noting that smaller countries would inevitably find it difficult to compete.
Global Voices2 min read
Online Football Clinic Helps Indonesian Children Improve Skills During The Pandemic
"We hope to provide easy access for all Indonesian children to continue to develop their potential during difficult times like today."
Global Voices5 min readPopular Culture & Media Studies
Kenya Must Implement Data Protection Law Before 2022 Presidential Election
Kenya must act quickly to enforce its new data protection law. If not prepared, the ghosts of Kenya’s political past may once again come back to haunt its citizens.
Global Voices3 min readPsychology
Want To Learn To Curse Like A Russian? There's An Instagram Account For That
A Russian journalist and a Canadian comics artist have teamed up to create an online Russian-English dictionary celebrating the richness of Russian profanity on Instagram.
Global Voices6 min readPolitical Ideologies
In Guinea, President Alpha Condé Takes His Third Term Despite Long-running Controversy
Guinean president Alpha Condé succeeded in getting reelected for a third time by imposing a constitutional reform obtained in poll criticized by opposition and organizations.
Global Voices3 min read
Malaysia’s Internet Regulator Deactivates Twitter Account After Offensive Tweets Exposed
"It is shocking that they violated Twitter's terms by acquiring an account of a person that had no shame with their racism, misogyny, anti-baldness."
Global Voices5 min read
Reviving L’bokator, Cambodia's Ancient Martial Arts
The sport is now recognized by the World Martial Arts Association and will be included in the 2023 Southeast Asia Games,
Global Voices4 min read
Remembering The Mexican Parody Songs Of The Former Yugoslavia
Cover art for the albums ‘Celovečernji the Kid’ (1983), ‘Pozitivna geografija’ (1984) and ‘Mi imamos mnogo problemos’ (1987). Fair use. Most people wouldn't associate Balkan pop culture with Latin America. However, Mexican music was massively popular
Global Voices5 min readPolitics
What drives ‘J-Anon’, QAnon's Japanese counterpart?
“US President Donald Trump Re-election Support” rally (「トランプ米大統領再選支持」デモの様子) in Osaka on December 20, 2020. Screencap from Kasahara Yoshihisa YouTube channel. Video “free to use.” Highly-organized pro-Trump demonstrations have been taking place in som
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