Global Voices3 min readPolitics
Hong Kong Protests Through The Eyes Of A Filipino Migrant Worker
How have the rallies in Hong Kong affected the lives of Filipino migrant workers? What are their thoughts about the protests?
Global Voices4 min read
Reducing Carbon Footprint And Waste Generation Is The Need Of The Hour, Says Indian Environmentalist
Global Voices talked with lawyer and environmentalist Afroz Shah, prominently known for launching the world's largest beach clean-up drive in India's financial capital, Mumbai.
Global Voices6 min readPolitics
Netizen Report: The Shutdown In Kashmir Continues
Kashmir's communications blackout continues, Russia goes after 'illegal' protest videos online, and Google re-opens its office in Egypt.
Global Voices5 min readPolitics
Remembering The 1968 Soviet Invasion Of Czechoslovakia
Over a third of young Czechs are unable to make a link between the date of August 21, 1968 and the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia.
Global Voices3 min readSociety
As A Top Government Official Is Arrested In Trinidad & Tobago, The Corruption Debate Rages
Why was McDonald fired and reappointed so many times? Does Trinidad and Tobago have a culture of enabling corruption? The minister's arrest has prompted a wider debate.
Global Voices5 min readPolitics
Mozambique Pushes For SIM Card Registration, Raising Privacy Concerns
The measure would make it easier for the authorities to identify the owners of registered SIM cards.
Global Voices3 min readPolitics
Tonga Threatens To Ban Facebook Over Anti-monarchy Posts
"By trying to impose a ban the government will simply make itself look foolish or ineffective."
Global Voices4 min readTech
Twitter Reveals China's Information Operations On Hong Kong Protests
A network of 200,000 accounts operated in conjunction to undermine the legitimacy of the Hong Kong movement, Twitter said in a statement.
Global Voices4 min read
Here Are Some Of Moldovan Pop Music's Contributions To Global Meme Culture
Few people remember this, but two popular memes known around the world are actually Moldovan in origin.
Global Voices4 min readPolitics
Mainland Chinese Netizens Face ‘Pink Terror’ Of Patriotic Trolls Amid Hong Kong Protests
The state media network CCTV launched the “1.4 billion national flag protectors” campaign on August 4, 2019. Screen capture from CCTV The propaganda machine of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has shifted from censoring most content on the Hong Kong
Global Voices3 min readPolitics
Pakistan's Government Suspends Relations With India In Show Of Solidarity With Kashmiris
After Narendra Modi's government in India scrapped Article 370, many Pakistanis asked the ruling party to take action.
Global Voices5 min read
Will Zimbabwe Succeed In Overturning A Ban On The Ivory Trade?
Photo by Pawan Sharma on Unsplash. Zimbabwe, along with three other Southern African nations, has submitted a proposal for the Convention of International Trade in Endangered Specials of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) to be amended to allow trade in iv
Global Voices5 min readSociety
Cinema And New Laws Bring Greater Acceptance And Visibility For Vietnamese Transgenders
LGBTQ+ identities are gaining legal and social recognition in Vietnam, as a documentary illustrates.
Global Voices3 min readPolitics
China Inspects Hongkongers’ Mobile Phones For Protest Photos And Chats At Border Checkpoints
In the face of border searches, Hong Kong protesters are picking up new technology tactics to mitigate their risk.
Global Voices4 min readSociety
In Pakistan, It's An Uphill Battle For Women Who Report Sexual Harassment
In the past few years, Pakistan saw an increasing number of harassing women on the street by means of indecent exposure or exhibition. Police already arrested three men.
Global Voices3 min readPolitics
Indian Government Asks Twitter To Remove Accounts ‘Spreading Rumours’ About Kashmir
With the communication blackout inside Kashmir, netizens elsewhere resorted to Twitter to speak out against India's revocation of the region's autonomous status.
Global Voices4 min readPolitics
Apprehension Rises Over The Abduction Of A Nigerian Government Critic
Dadiyata, a fierce critic of Kano State Governor Umar Ganduje, was abducted on August 1 and nothing has been heard of him since.
Global Voices4 min readPolitics
Indian-administered Kashmir Is Like An ‘Open Prison’, Says Observers
"What is happening in Kashmir is 'normal' in the sense that state-backed violence, deceit and lies, gag on civilian voices, and govt propaganda have always been a 'normal' in Kashmir."
Global Voices3 min readPolitics
Refugees In West Java, Indonesia Have No Access To Education So They Established Their Own School
Teachers and management team of the Refugee Learning Center (RLC). Source: Facebook page of RLC, used with permission. In West Java, a group of volunteer refugees established the Refugee Learning Center (RLC) to provide education and empower fellow r
Global Voices4 min readPolitics
Vitriolic Response To Art Exhibit Tests The Limits Of Freedom Of Speech In Japan
A controversial art exhibition at an arts festival in Japan has led to government criticism, threats, at least one arrest, protests by artists and questions about freedom of expression.
Global Voices4 min readPolitics
How Hungary-funded News Sites Helped A False Story Travel All The Way From Slovenia Through Greece To North Macedonia
Fact-checkers in North Macedonia have traced the original source of the bribe article and uncovered a complex trail of disinformation spanning at least four countries.
Global Voices4 min readPolitics
On Activism And The Self
"Behind the instagrammable image of the fierce-looking individual with a clenched fist is a person who is constantly rationalizing and reaffirming their fidelity to radical politics."
Global Voices3 min read
Nepal’s Only Folk Musical Instrument Museum Is Struggling To Save Rare Instruments
Nepal's only museum on musical instruments is facing eviction amidst lack of support from researchers and general visitors. Global Voices talks to Ram Prasad Kadel, the founder, and curator.
Global Voices4 min read
‘The External World Doesn't Know How Rich Nepali Literature Is': An Interview With Author Dr. Sangita Swechcha
"Not only is [the number of] Nepali writers who write in English slowly growing but the translation of literary works from Nepali to other languages is gaining momentum too."
Global Voices5 min read
Oral Historians And Archivists Fill In The Record Of The 1947 Partition Of India
Historians are working on getting the remaining survivors of the Partition to recall the events so their stories can be preserved.
Global Voices4 min readPolitics
Beijing Says Hong Kong Anti-extradition Protests Show Signs Of ‘Terrorism’
"The bloody crackdown is extending and you cannot see the border or a definitive sign in Hong Kong’s version of June 4..."
Global Voices4 min readWellness
Malaria Has Affected Over 5 Million People In Burundi So Far This Year
In Burundi, so far this year, malaria has affected 5,738,661 million people — that's about half its population. Yet, the government hesitates to declare an epidemic.
Global Voices2 min readPolitics
Who Are The Presidential Candidates In Mozambique's October Elections?
On July 31, Mozambique's Constitutional Council approved four candidates: Filipe Nyusi, Ossufo Momade, Daviz Simango and Mário Albino.
Global Voices6 min read
A Brazilian Journalist Uses Deepfake To Make Political Satire
"They are not made to forge a reality, but a certain situation, with humour and in a critical way."
Global Voices6 min readPolitics
Withheld In Turkey: How The Government Exploits Removal Requests To Silence Critical And Independent Voices
For years, Turkey has been exploiting tools offered by social media platforms to restrict illegal content in a particular jurisdiction, to silence critical voices.
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