Global Voices4 min read
Young Jamaican Senator Makes ‘Inappropriate’ Comments In Parliament About Breast Cancer
"How is [discussing] part of a woman's body either appropriate or relevant in a Parliamentary (or any other public/formal discourse)?"
Global Voices5 min read
Algerian Government Cracks Down As Demonstrators Protest Presidential Elections
The Algerian government has tried to stop peaceful marches, but failed. Protesters stop at nothing to reach their stated goal of ending the post-independence political system.
Global Voices4 min read
India's Apex Court Halts Tree Felling in Mumbai Amid Protests
The Court stay on tree-cutting in Aarey may be a temporary victory to activists fighting for preserving Mumbai forest, but India is losing the larger battle on protecting the environment.
Global Voices4 min read
Police Raid On Rehab Centre In Trinidad Reveals Inhumane Conditions
Scores of people were found caged and mistreated in a rehabilitation centre that at one time received millions of dollars in government assistance.
Global Voices5 min readTech
Netizen Report: Iraq And Ecuador Face Network Shutdowns Amid Public Protests
Networks are down in Turkey, Iraq and Ecuador; US tech companies are cutting off Venezuelans; and gatekeepers continue holding back content related to Hong Kong protests.
Global Voices3 min read
Google Removes Hong Kong Protester Role-playing Game From Its Play Store
The mobile game, entitled "The Revolution of Our Times", provides details on the political context leading up to the protests with a map on key protest sites in Hong Kong.
Global Voices4 min read
Nigerian Journalist Omoyele Sowore Remains In Jail On Trumped-up Charges Of Treason And Insulting The President
Rights groups see Omoyele Sowore's continued detention and the charges filed against him as merely a criminalisation of political dissent in Nigeria. 
Global Voices4 min read
Thai Twitter Users Face Threats Over Comments On Royal Motorcade
The hashtag #royalmotorcade trended in Thailand after netizens reported traffic problems caused by a royal motorcade.
Global Voices3 min read
Trinidad's First Peoples Say The Indigenous Name Of Airport Should Not Be Changed
The Trinidad prime minister's announcement about a possible airport name change from Piarco International Airport to the Eric Williams Airport has left the public divided.
Global Voices4 min readPolitics
‘I And We': The Rallying Cry Of Russian Protests
As the product of no particular political grouping or ideology, Я/Мы has become a relatively neutral rallying cry around which citizens of all political persuasions can unite.
Global Voices4 min read
Bangladesh Regulator Blocks Engineering University Webpage Containing Reports Of Student Abuse
The Telecommunication Regulatory Commission blocked an online page where over 175 complaints were anonymously made by current and former students of the top engineering university of the country.
Global Voices7 min read
The Hungarian Journalists Who Wouldn't Keep Quiet
Interview with Csaba Lukács, journalist and managing director of the independent weekly Magyar Hang, on the trials and tribulations of running a critical, conservative newspaper in Viktor Orbán's Hungary.
Global Voices4 min read
#SexForGrades: A New Documentary Exposes Sexual Harassment At West African Universities
Professors who harass female students and pressure them for sex in return for grades or school admission has become the norm in many universities in Nigeria and Ghana.
Global Voices6 min readPolitics
The Oligarchs Are The Main Disinformation Proxies In Bulgaria, Says Local Expert
"Patterns of ownership, economic dependency and (in)formal political links of media outlets in the countries under investigation to pro-Russian groups are reflected into corresponding trends of employing Russia-originating propaganda narratives."
Global Voices3 min read
US Gaming Company Blizzard Bans Hong Kong E-sport Player From Tournament For Shouting Pro-democracy Slogan
The e-sport player will be removed from the tournament without receiving any prize money and banned from Hearthstone contests until 2020. Chinese tech giant Tencent owns about 5% of Blizzard’s parent company.
Global Voices5 min read
Forum On Internet Freedom In Africa: Global Voices Represents At Addis Ababa Digital Rights Conference
The forum represented a huge step forward for digital rights in Ethiopia, where, just five years ago, press freedom and digital rights were at an all-time low.
Global Voices4 min read
A Burqa Controversy In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
The government needs to come out of the thinking covering women in an abaya or chadar will protect them from harassers.
Global Voices3 min readSociety
Trinidad And Tobago President's Stance On Unmarried Partners Faces Backlash
Not legally married? Don't expect your partner to receive an invitation to an event at President's House — unless President Weekes reconsiders her "Victorian era" decision.
Global Voices4 min readPolitics
After Xinjiang, The Long Road To Recovery
A crowdsourcing project in Kazakhstan is offering medical treatment to victims of Chinese detention camps, but psychological scars will take longer to heal.
Global Voices4 min readPolitics
South Park Creators Mock The NBA With A Sarcastic Apology To China
One single tweet about Hong Kong demonstrations is able to set a war of words between China and the US and to end NBA's business prospects in mainland China.
Global Voices3 min read
Filipino Teachers Hold Protest As Presidential Promise Of Salary Increase Remains Unfulfilled
"It is now more than three years that Duterte is the President and still the promise of salary increase for teachers is illusive."
Global Voices2 min read
Video: Two Months Of Lockdown In Kashmir
It has been 60 days since public transportation was suspended, mobile services blocked, schools and colleges shut in Kashmir. Community correspondent for Video Volunteers Basharat Amin reports from Shopian.
Global Voices5 min read
Climate Activists In The Netherlands: “We Need Hope Through Action”
“I asked myself, how can we make sure that there is a just and healthy planet in the end for us to live our liberated lives?”
Global Voices5 min read
From Syria To The World: Notes On Tyranny, War And Despair
Based on actual events and stories, these Notes send the message that Syrians deserve to live in peace, dignity and freedom—just like everyone else in the world.
Global Voices5 min read
An Exiled Nation: Saharawi Advocates Call On The World To Support Self-determination For Western Sahara
The Saharawi people have lived in exile since 1975, when, following Spain’s withdrawal from Africa, the Moroccan and Mauritanian armies occupied the resource-rich territory in Western Sahara where the Saharawi lived.
Global Voices5 min read
As Sudan Transitions To Democracy, Urgent Reforms Must Tackle Disinformation
To help counter mis-and disinformation, Sudan's transitional government needs to provide better conditions to support press freedom, freedom of expression and access to information.
Global Voices5 min read
Netizen Report: Human Rights Groups Demand Justice For Jamal Khashoggi, One Year After His Murder
The journalist's killing sparked widespread condemnation of the Saudi government and brought increased international scrutiny to the treatment of journalists and rights activists by the regime.
Global Voices4 min read
NGOs Slam Hong Kong's Enacting Of Emergency Law Banning Masks At Protests As Draconian
Last invoked in 1967, the Emergency Regulations Ordinance is a colonial-era law that gives the chief executive unlimited power in the event of an “emergency or public danger.”
Global Voices4 min read
Can The 2019 Presidential Election Alleviate Rampant Poverty In Afghanistan?
Manual laborer Mohammad Jan Hussaini came to cast his vote in the Afghan presidential election, but was told he could not, as the voting machine was unable to read his fingerprint. Photo by Ezzatullah Mehrdad, used with permission. Mohammad Jan Hussa
Global Voices3 min readScience
Lilly Satidtanasarn, The 12-year-old Taking On Plastic Pollution In Thailand
"Adults think I’m doing homework or a school project. They didn’t take me seriously but I kept emailing them and now they take me seriously."
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