Mother Jones4 min readRelationships & Parenting
Love, Contractually
FOR SEVERAL YEARS, friends Megan Hessenthaler and Sully Ross lived on a boat in Brooklyn’s Gowanus Canal, played in a punk rock marching band, and joked about having a baby together. They’re queer, so they would crack up thinking about Ross providing
Mother Jones2 min readTech
Down For The Count
IN 2016, Australia tried to run a more efficient national census by conducting it online. Things went badly from the start. On the day the survey was posted, hackers launched a denial-of-service attack that brought down the system for 40 hours. The c
Mother Jones3 min read
Oats And Dreams
IN LATE 2016, the Swedish company Oatly set up production in North America and began shopping its oat-derived “milk” to New York City’s latte cognoscenti. By the next autumn, oat milk had conquered the city’s “most esteemed coffee bars” at a “practic
Mother Jones18 min readPolitics
Hidden Figures
The 2020 census will shape the future of our democracy. The Trump administration is working to make that future whiter and more conservative.
Mother Jones5 min readPolitics
A Remote Chance
As more immigration hearings are held via teleconference, thousands of detainees never get their day in court.
Mother Jones4 min readBiography & Memoir
Native Son
IN 1935, WHEN GERTRUDE STEIN returned to Oakland, California, for the first time in decades, she stopped by her childhood home to find the big house and the eucalyptus trees and the rose hedge she remembered all gone. “There is no there there,” she l
Mother Jones6 min read
Holding Court
FOR ALL THE CLICHÉS about sudden death and there being no tomorrow, sports were always supposed to be a substitute for reality, a place where Americans could fight for three hours and hug it out afterward. The newspapers used to call the sports pages
Mother Jones17 min read
The Best Viral News You’ll Ever Read
Antibiotic resistance is one of the scariest threats today—but a forgotten remedy may save us yet.
Mother Jones3 min read
The Ghost Writer
BACK IN 2012, Princeton professor Tracy K. Smith won a Pulitzer Prize for the poetry collection Life on Mars. But her highest distinction came last year, when Smith, 46, was named US poet laureate. Wade in the Water, her latest book, deftly covers 25
Mother Jones6 min readPolitics
Out Of The Blue
This year, a surge of Democratic candidates is challenging Republicans in places—and races—where progressives usually fear to tread.
Mother Jones27 min readSociety
Bottled Up
I THOUGHT I’D DONE everything right: breastfeeding my children, a careful diet, plenty of exercise. I wasn’t overweight and didn’t have a family history. I bought BPA-free bottles for my filtered water. But on a visit to the radiology department last
Mother Jones27 min readPolitics
Cloak And Data
Inside the rise and fall of Cambridge Analytica.
Mother Jones6 min readPolitics
Georgia On Her Mind
Stacey Abrams wants to be America’s first black woman governor. First, she has to build a delicate coalition.
Mother Jones5 min readTech
Weapons Of Mass Disruption
OLEH DEREVIANKO was on the road to his parents’ village in Ukraine on a bright June day in 2017 when he got a call from the CEO of a telecommunications company. Computer systems were failing at Oschadbank, one of the largest banks in Ukraine, and the
Mother Jones11 min readPolitics
From Russia, With Love For The NRA
Are Alexander Torshin and Maria Butina just a couple of Russian activists who love guns and Donald Trump—or something shadier?
Mother Jones3 min readPolitics
You’ve Been Hacked
We’re only beginning to understand how our democracy was rigged—and what we can do about it.
Mother Jones1 min read
STEPHANIE MENCIMER has covered the courts and domestic policy for Mother Jones for the last 10 years. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2017 and soon set out to learn why she never knew alcohol was such a risk factor. Her story on how the
Mother Jones1 min read
Back To The Future
Scott Pruitt isn’t the first EPA administrator famously hostile to the agency. That distinction goes to Anne Gorsuch. Appointed by President Ronald Reagan, the agency’s first female head was known for her jet-black hair, fur coats, proclivity for Mar
Mother Jones15 min read
The New Abortion Underground
Code names, top-secret training, and a movement of activists determined to avoid the medical establishment
Mother Jones23 min readPolitics
Least Likely To Succeed
This company led the Republican charter school revolution. Now, Ohio is out millions of dollars and 12,000 kids are screwed.
Mother Jones20 min readPolitics
Toxic Avenger
Scott Pruitt’s job is to protect the environment. Unfortunately, God has other plans for him.
Mother Jones6 min read
Inside Edition
Lockdowns, surveillance, and prison politics are all part of a day’s work for the producers of Ear Hustle.
Mother Jones5 min readPolitics
How The GOP Pulled Me Into Its War On The FBI
IT WAS A GOOGLE ALERT that notified me I was part of the latest Republican conspiracy theory. The message, in mid-January, pointed me to a column by Rep. Jim Jordan, a very conservative Republican from a very Republican district in Ohio, posted on t
Mother Jones2 min readPolitics
Emission Accomplished
Greenhouse Gas Limits: Declaring “the war against coal is over,” Pruitt announced the EPA would repeal President Barack Obama’s Clean Power Plan, which would have placed limits on carbon pollution from power plants—a major cause of global warming. C
Mother Jones5 min read
Angels In America
BIG ANGEL—PATRIARCH of the De La Cruz clan, “El Jefe” emblazoned on his coffee mug, a man who once “could make the walls crack with his voice”—is dying of cancer. Relegated to a wheelchair, he realizes that “somebody was going to have to put his shoe
Mother Jones3 min read
Raw Deal
MY FIRST THANKSGIVING in the Bay Area, a new friend invited me to share the holiday with her family. Before the potluck meal kicked off, my friend’s Hawaiian grandmother unveiled a bowl of treasure: cubes of succulent raw ahi, or tuna, lightly season
Mother Jones1 min read
REBECCA LEBER has broken so much news about Scott Pruitt’s EPA that the agency no longer sends her all its press releases. Leber, who has spent a year tracking environmental deregulation under President Donald Trump for Mother Jones, compiles her enc
Mother Jones4 min readPolitics
Art Of The Steal
President Trump touts the Republican tax cut as a great deal for everyone but himself and his wealthy friends. That’s rich.
Mother Jones3 min read
Is There A Vaccine For Propaganda?
YOU’VE PROBABLY HAD this experience: You’re talking to someone you love and suddenly a gulf opens up between your reality and theirs. Say, you discover that they are a vaccine skeptic. Not an active denier perhaps—just someone who, in the words of a
Mother Jones7 min read
Retake The House
CHRISTINE HERNANDEZ, a mother of four, slender in stature and bold in manner, knows how to scout for abandoned homes—the bleak dwellings with the boarded-up windows and ripped-out drywall, their innards packed with leftover syringes, rotting debris,
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