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Build Your Own Drawer Organizer
Think about your kitchen drawers. They’re probably a mess. Even if you purchased some drawer organizers, they weren’t built for your particular drawers or all the stuff you’ve managed to shove in them. To truly maximize your storage space and keep yo
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These Octopuses Are So Warty, They Almost Got Mistaken For A New Species
A new study released this week (on World Octopus day, of course) in the Bulletin of Marine Science shows how even two octopuses that look very, very different could still fall into the same species.
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Top-notch Coffee Pod Machines To Get Your Morning Started Right
We’re a society that expects things to be delivered to us quickly, and we get impatient when we have to wait or, worse yet, gather up a bunch of devices and ingredients in order to get what we want. All of this is magnified when that thing is your fi
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You Can Expect More Blackouts As The Country Heats Up
Electricity shut-offs in Northern California and the San Francisco Bay Area have affected more than a million people and killed at least one.
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Meet The Flat-Earthers Of The Modern Era
From YouTube videos to live-streamed conferences, the movement is using technology to plant its message.
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The Government's Plan To Collect Migrant DNA Could Send Us Down A Slippery Slope For Surveillance
As the U.S. looks to expand its criminal justice database, experts are getting wafts of age-old immigration laws.
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5 Quick Fixes For Your Connectivity Problems
Connectivity woes are among some of the most common and frustrating tech problems. If your gadgets are going to be useful, then they need to be talking to each other properly, and all too often that isn’t the case.
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Last Week In Tech: Google’s Gaming Controller, Facebook’s Crypto Troubles, And The PlayStation 5
When you use a product or service every day, even a small change to it can make a huge difference. This week, Apple introduced the latest version of its macOS operating system, and it brought some considerable changes. Even more jarring, however, is
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Super Rodents, Atomic Math, And Marilyn Monroe: Everything You Need To Know About Moles
A tale of two moles, from the National Institute of Standards and Technology to a super rodent’s lair.
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Why We're Still Obsessed With The Watches Astronauts Wore To The Moon
This year marked the fiftieth anniversary of the first time people set foot on Earth's moon. Half a century later, we're still captivated by the details of that event, from the mysteries that still remain since we've landed, to the equipment and gear
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These Interactive Maps Show Exactly How Nature Helps Us
Nature benefits us in many ways. Apart from the hard-to-measure qualities of providing us with awe, well-being, and places to play, natural systems also generate crucial functions— ecosystem services—like plants that clean our drinking water, homes f
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Old-school Alarm Clocks For A Charming Start To Your Morning
Many of us live by the sounds and screens of our cell phones, but our tech habits could be impacting our sleep. Turns out that blue light may interfere with the production of melatonin, the hormone that regulates sleep-wake cycles. And waking up to y
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That Groundbreaking Photo Of A Black Hole Has Raised Some Mighty Big Questions
Scientists recently snapped humanity's first-ever picture of a black hole. Here's what that could teach us.
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Tea-drinking Accessories For A More Perfect Cup
Coffee drinkers rule this nation, and as such tea is often relegated to sad bags of Lipton with, perhaps, a slice of lemon. If you're somebody who appreciates richer, more flavorful leaves, there is a whole world of accessories to make your cup even
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Here’s The Skinny On What Actually Flavors A Pumpkin Spice Latte
What actually goes into a pumpkin spice latte? The Starbucks website provides only a vague list of the current ingredients, which include espresso, whipped cream, milk, “pumpkin spice sauce,” and a blend of pumpkin pie spices.
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Nine Stress Relief Products For People Who Are Always Tense
Climate change. Your annoying boss. Taking the subway. Traffic jams. Instagram. You never know which are going to trigger stress. Luckily there are also a variety of stress relievers to help us relax. Here are nine products that may help. If you have
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NASA’s Plan To Save Its Stuck Mars Drill Involves A Robot With A Shovel
A miniature jackhammer was supposed to be safely buried 15 feet below the Martian surface by now. Instead, it continues to languish near the surface, its nose nestled a foot underground while its tail pokes out two inches above the alien soil. Hundre
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An Inside Look At The 2020 Corvette Stingray's Innovative Chassis Design
Earlier this year, Chevrolet announced that—after decades of teasing—the Corvette was finally moving the engine behind the driver. Even more surprising, however, was the fact that the mid-engine “C8” 2020 Corvette Stingray will start at just $59,995.
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There Are No Shortcuts When You Build A Drone Destined For Mars
When the Mars Helicopter arrives on the Red Planet in 2021, it will make five increasingly difficult flights and perhaps take some pictures. NASA hopes to prove the technology works well enough to develop larger choppers that could collect samples, p
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What Shape Is The Universe?
It's hard to imagine the vast nothingness of outer space having a shape, and even harder to sketch what a four-dimensional object looks like in two dimensions—but we tried.
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How To Start Cooking More Indian Food
Learn how to stock a pantry of Indian staples, master a few basic techniques, and start cooking more Indian food with “Indian-ish” author Priya Krishna
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If We Want To Get Rid Of Rats, We Must First Embrace Them
Rats! They eat our food, chew through our property and spread all sorts of nasty diseases. And with those naked tails and quick, unpredictable movements, they're gross, right? They invade our homes, the one place where we should be safe and in contro
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Viagra Might Help Make Stem Cell Transplants Easier
In a new study in mice, researchers found that a combination of Viagra and a stem cell mobilizer called Plerixafor were able to pull stem cells out of the bone marrow and into the bloodstream, where they could be easily harvested. It worked quickly,
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LEGO Movie Sets That Go Above And Beyond Product Tie-ins
Two things used to be true: movie toys were relegated to action figures and LEGO sets were generic. Over the years, these two entities have joined forces and we’re all the better for it. Licensed LEGO sets have opened up worlds of new possibilities,
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America’s Sexually Transmitted Disease Rates Are Out Of Control
This represents the fifth year in a row that sexually transmitted infections have hit all-time highs. What's happening, and how can we stop it?
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Rainy Day Games To Banish Boredom
Kids aren’t the only ones who get stir-crazy when the weather causes outdoor plans to be canceled. So what to do when you’re home unexpectedly, you’ve already binge-watched your favorite shows, or you’d like to get away from screens for a few hours?
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Level-up Your Bed With These Mattress Toppers And Protectors
A cloud-like bed topper can be the key to sound night of sleep, particularly for mattresses that are harder or more uneven than you prefer. They're especially useful if you're subletting an apartment or moving into a dorm room, though you can also us
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Headlamps For Camping, Walking The Dog, Or Reading Under The Covers
These handy lights strap-on across your forehead, meaning you won’t need to struggle to hold a flashlight, which is key for if you're walking a few dogs or peeing in the woods. Savvy travelers know that they’re ideal for camping trips, long bike ride
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The Nobel Prize For Chemistry Just Honored Something You Actually Care About—your Phone’s Battery
You owe most, if not all, of your digital life to lithium-ion batteries. They power your smartphone, your laptop—pretty much anything that recharges except your car battery is powered by lithium. And you have three newly minted Nobel laureates to tha
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Stain Removal Tips From A Buckingham Palace-trained Butler
Stains—the evidence of our sloppy crimes, the righteous whistleblowers, Hansel and Gretel marking the way to a gingerbread house filled with guilty pleasures, and secret rendezvous. How many garments ruined, how many reputations soiled, all by a stup
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