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Meet The Menagerie Of Parasites That Can Live In Human Eyes
The cattle eyeworm, Thelazia gulosa CDC / DPDx When Abby Beckley started work on a salmon fishing boat in Alaska, worms were not high on her list of concerns. But it wasn’t long before the 26-year-old woman became aware of something irritating her le
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Why You Should Get A Burner Phone Number, Even If You Aren't A Spy
You can manage one or more burner numbers from a phone app. William Iven via Unsplash The first time you heard of a burner phone—a cheap prepaid mobile intended for temporary use—was probably while watching a crime drama. But an extra cell phone come
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What Is 'Trancing' And Why Does It Make My Dog Act So Weird Around Plants?
A Spanish greyhound trances under a curtain and plant, much to the confusion of a fellow greyhound. Caroline Coile’s dog was behaving strangely. Her Saluki, a slender sighthound named Bibi, kept sneaking into the closet. Inside the dark, enclosed spa
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Your Efforts To Save Water Are Actually Making A Difference
Usage is down. DepositPhotos Water is essential for life, but we’re not always the best at keeping our water supply safe. However, a new study from the United States Geological Survey shows water use across the country dropped between 2010 and 2015,
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Our Brains Can't Quit Our Gadgets—that Didn't Happen By Accident
Approximately 81 percent of Americans admit to looking at their smartphones during dinner. Deposit Photos Google and Apple are two of the biggest technology companies in the world. They’ve made their fortunes—and gained global dominance in the proces
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Your Risk Of Cancer Likely Increases With Each Additional Drink Of Alcohol
Epidemiologists are still trying to figure out how alcohol and mortality mix. Deposit Photos There’s a lot of lifestyle practices that are clear cut: Eat fruits and vegetables, exercise, and reduce stress to stay healthy. Do more indulgent things, li
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The Proposed Space Force Isn’t The First Time The United States Has Tried To Militarize Space
An artist's illustration of what the Manned Orbiting Laboratory, a military space station would have looked like. NRO If President Donald Trump’s Space Force idea actually comes to fruition, it won’t be the first military force aiming for space. Not
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The Best Vacuums For Any Kind Of Mess
Keep your floors dust-mite and crumb free. Nolan Issac via Unsplash There are a lot of powerful and brilliantly engineered vacuums available now, though not every good dust-sucker is going to be the right fit for your pad. A construction zone require
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The Weirdest Things We Learned This Week: Biblical Rhabdo, Corpse Adventures, And Socks From The World’s Loneliest Island
Did Samson get rhabdo? Only if he ate quail. DepositPhotos What’s the weirdest thing you learned this week? Well, whatever it is, we promise you’ll have an even weirder answer if you listen to PopSci’s newest podcast. The Weirdest Thing I Learned Thi
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A Smartphone Camera Is The Most Boring Device For Documenting Your Life
Lives, camera, action. Brian Klutch Flip through the photos you’ve taken over the course of your life, and you can watch yourself (and your waistline) grow. For most of us, it’s a tale spun through strings of same-looking selfies on smartphone camera
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Everything You Think You Know About Bald Eagles Is Wrong
Up close you can definitely see the dinosaur heritage Dennis Church/Flickr Bald eagles look awesome. Heck, all eagles look awesome. It’s why they’re a good national symbol—they seem so fearsome and regal. But despite their image being absolutely frea
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Carbon Dioxide Injections Might Seem Better Than Liposuction—but There's A Catch
A new study explores a treatment known as "carboxytherapy" as a less invasive alternative treatment to reduce belly fat. DepositPhotos Humans will try just about anything in pursuit of “true” beauty. Chin jobs, eyelash transplants, artificial dimples
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If You're Scared Of Artificial Intelligence, You Should Know It's Already Everywhere
Artificial intelligence looks delicious. Yelp In March, the dating app Bumble banned guns. Daters swiping left or right on each other’s alluring poses now aren’t allowed to use a photo of themselves holding a firearm on their profile. The ban came ov
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Meet The Yogis Who Hang Out In Cadaver Labs
Corpse pose. Zohar Lazar Beverly Boyer knows bodies—the registered massage therapist soothes living muscles every day. But when Boyer describes the first time she peered inside a corpse, her voice lowers as if she’s recalling the start of a great rom
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Trump's Space Force Could Be One Giant Leap Into A Tricky Situation
Trump addresses the National Space Council at the White House on June 18, 2018. YouTube/White House This post has been updated. At a meeting of the National Space Council at the White House on Monday, President Trump announced that he was directing t
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How I Reconstruct The Faces Of Early Human Ancestors
Serving face Science Eye for the Neanderthal Guy Julia Rothman ↑ Élisabeth Daynès, sculptor and founder of Atelier Daynès, Paris Thirty years ago, I was sculpting hyperrealistic masks for theatrical productions. Then I met these scientists who asked
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This Giant Demon Plant Gives You Burns If You Touch It, And It's Spreading
Giant hogweed is truly giant and truly a weed, but not truly a hog. Pixabay “Giant hogweed” already sounds like a thing you should avoid. You’ll definitely want to steer clear once you see the burns the plant can give you—yes, you read that right, bu
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Facebook Is Working On AI Tools To Fix Photos Ruined By Blinking
Facebook's AI tool for fixing blinks Facebook used various data sets to train its AI, including some populated with celebrities around the world. Facebook Taking a good picture of a person is surprisingly difficult. Lots of mistakes can ruin the phot
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Why Your Brain Loves Mac And Cheese More Than Macaroni Or Cheese Alone
The best mash up of fat and carbs. Deposit Photos Who doesn’t love macaroni and cheese? Or ice cream, or french fries for that matter. A big reason for that? All of them have one important thing in common: They contain a mixture of carbohydrates and
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How To Improve Your Posture
A case of the office cramps. Deposit Photos There’s no such thing as perfect posture. That’s according to Eric Robertson, a physical therapist and spokesperson for the American Physical Therapy Association. He says that posture is a popular boogeyman
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How The New World Cup Ball Was Designed To Not Influence The Games
The design of the Telstar 18 is supposed to invoke the first ball that Adidas made for the World Cup in 1970, just with some serious technological upgrades. Courtesy of Adidas Every four years there’s a new ball for the World Cup—and every four years
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A Pack Of Wolves Is About To Save This National Park
Only two wolves remain on Isle Royale. They’ll soon get company. National Park Service/ Rolf Peterson When a Chicago man brought his sick dog on a fishing trip to Isle Royale National Park, he set off the outbreak of a virus that would devastate the
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The World Health Organization May Soon Recognize Video Game Addiction
Is your gaming habit a mental health problem? I learned it from watching you!!! DepositPhotos Most of us understand how diseases like alcoholism and drug addiction can cause pain and suffering. Craving a cigarette or a stiff drink on occasion is one
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Last Week In Tech: Look At All These New Video Games
The tech world can be a serious place full of security issues, privacy violations, and artificial intelligence that may or may not someday murder us. Last week, however, was a fun time in the tech world as we got to watch the E3 video game conference
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Inside The Controversial New Surgery To Transplant Human Wombs
On September 4, 2014, in Gothenburg, Sweden, his 36-year-old expectant mother lay on an operating table, suffering from preeclampsia—a pregnancy complication associated with high blood pressure. The baby’s heartbeat showed signs of stress. Normally t
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Yes, A Tax Bill Can—and Likely Will—spoil America’s Most Pristine Wildlife Refuge
Late afternoon sky over the Kongakut River in ANWR. Nathaniel Wilder The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is the largest swath of undeveloped land in the United States—a pristine frontier boasting unparalleled biodiversity and natural beauty. Protecte
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Where To Find The Best Free Stuff Online
Instead of hunting for yard sales, just visit one of these websites. MoneyforCoffee via Pixabay The internet is brimming with freebies—you just need to know where to look for them. There are a lot of sites that offer free items—but there are also a l
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Russia Floats New Nuclear Power Station—and New Risks
The beginning of towing of FPU ‘Academik Lomonosov’ to Pevek. rosatom.ru The world’s first floating nuclear power station—a 21,500-metric-ton Russian vessel called the Akademik Lomonosov—is slowly making its way across the Arctic Ocean, on a multi-st
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How To Create A Perfectly Imperfect Lawn
Americans use 29 billion gallons of water every day—and 30 percent of that goes to landscaping. Pixabay Have you ever walked past one of those lawns that looks like a movie set? At your feet lies a Stepford-esque sea of emerald, not a bug or weed in
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Five Things You Might Not Know About The Plague (not Including The Fact That It Still Exists)
A building in New Orleans gets rat-proofed during a plague outbreak sometime between 1914 and 1920 Centers for Disease Control The plague—yes, that plague—is alive and well in the modern world. If this comes as a shock, you probably don’t live in one
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