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10 Rules For Picking The Perfect Campsite
Finding the perfect spot to pitch your tent and set up your basecamp can make or break any camping trip.
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Last Week In Tech: Snap’s New Spectacles, Sega’s Genesis Mini, And The Clickiest New Keyboards Around
Back in 2016, Snap released the original Spectacles. The quirky-looking sunglasses had a built-in camera that shot round video, which no one really wanted. As a tech product, Spectacles weren’t all that impressive, but they excelled at generating hyp
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Cute Pool Floats That Make Every Day A Party
Very few things combine practicality, entertainment, and self-expression quite like a pool float. Stripped to their essence, they’re a distant cousin of the foam life preserver that used to adorn the side of ships. You don’t need a giant flamingo to
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Dwarf Star Planets Could Glow With Life
Though our cosmic backyard brims with planets, few seem fit for life as we know it. Some do orbit at just the right distance for water to stay liquid, but their hothead young stars tend to douse them with radiation that would quickly snuff out most E
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For Picky Eaters Like The Parrotfish, Climate Change Is Bad News
Climate change is disrupting ocean habitats, and destroying food sources that many fish ecosystems—and humans—depend upon. This poses a serious threat to the many specialist fish who count on an abundance of certain prey as sustenance, and to those w
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Three Top-notch Tablets For Artists And Graphic Designers
Like ebook readers or digital magazines, the trick for any device or new piece of technology aiming to replace or enhance a more traditional mode of consumption and production is overcoming the skepticism of those who can’t let go of the old ways. Dr
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The Best Affordable Used Motorcycles Any Beginner Can Buy
Used bikes offer unadulterated moto-goodness for new riders. Scratch that, for all motorcycle riders.
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How Mercedes-AMG’s Formula One Hybrid Tech Trickles Down To Road Cars
Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport scored its first victory of the Formula One hybrid-electric era at the 2009 Hungarian Grand Prix, with driver Lewis Hamilton. That early system relied on discrete battery pack and power electronics modules that sent e
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Your Annual Checkup Could Soon Include Screening For Illicit Drug Use
In a draft document released this week, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF), which develops guidelines for health screening tests, is recommending that physicians also screen for illicit drug use in patients over the age of 18.
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New Graphic FDA Warnings Aim To Scare Smokers With The Consequences Of Their Habit
An image of bloody urine isn’t exactly cool. It’s not the kind of thing you’d want to see on your smoke break, right when you’re supposed to be doing something you enjoy. And that’s exactly why the Food and Drug Administration wants to put pictures o
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This Newly Discovered Leech Lurked In Plain Sight For Decades
Recoil or rejoice: Scientists discovered a new medicinal leech in North America. The about three-inch-long species, Macrobdella mimicus, had lurked in freshwater bodies and natural history collections for decades—until scientists gave it a closer exa
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Five CBD-infused Products For Cannabidiol Newbies
Although most of them contain no THC—the hallucinogenic compound in marijuana that produces the “high”—CBD products have benefited enormously from the widespread acceptance and legalization of weed. More and more people are being introduced to the an
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A Great Climate Comes From Happy Soil. Could Happy Soil Come From California?
The way we're using our land isn't helping our chances of limiting global warming. As last week's IPCC report on land use and climate points out, agriculture, forestry, and other land uses are responsible for 22 percent of annual greenhouse gas emiss
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The Inside Scoop On Charmin’s Fake Poop (and How It Helps Keep Your Butt Clean)
When Charmin offered PopSci an exclusive look at their toilet-paper-testing facilities—including unprecedented access to fake poop—we couldn't say no.
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Melting Ice Probably Isn’t Causing Extreme Winter Weather, But There Is A Connection
Climate change skeptics often point to recent, record-breaking winters as evidence against global warming. But in reality, greenhouse gases may be just as responsible for extreme winters as they are for heat waves.
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You Might Be Withholding Life-threatening Information From Your Doctor Without Knowing It
Many people don’t tell their doctors about events and circumstances that can have a huge effect on their health.
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Essential Gear For Your Motorcycle Camping Trip
Camping on your motorcycle is a great way to explore the country. We select a few pieces of must-have gear for any overnight bike trip.
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The Best Ways To Wind Down Using Tech
Whether it's endlessly scrolling through Twitter or binge-watching Netflix, technology is often to blame for keeping us up way too late. But our gadgets don't have to be the culprits behind a bad night’s sleep—they can also help us wind down and rest
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Yoga Mats To Support Your Mind And Body
Yoga is good for you. It can increase core strength, bolster flexibility, and encourage mindfulness if done correctly. But, if you’re tired of using your studio’s (questionable, smelly) yoga mats, it's time to get one of your own.
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NASCAR May Be The Fastest Road To Learning About Physics
High speeds, the threat of dangerous crashes, the excitement of the crowd—and the laws of physics on full display. A physicist explains the science of NASCAR.
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Eating Less Gluten Could Lower A Child's Risk Of Celiac, But At What Cost?
Eating as little as one slice of bread per day (that’s about two grams of gluten) elevated a child's risk.
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Three Tiny Houses You Can Buy Online
Prefab homes give you a relatively inexpensive, quick option when purchasing a home. If you aren’t ready to permanently set down roots, here are some you can purchase today.
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Bugatti 3D Printed Titanium Brakes To Stop Its $3 Million Chiron Supercar
Stopping the $3 million, 1,500-horsepower, 16-cylinder, 4,500-lb. Bugatti Chiron from its mind-boggling 261-mph top speed requires locomotive-scale brakes. But big, heavy calipers hinder crucial performance characteristics like ride and handling, so
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Aliens Used To Keep Our Fear Of Extinction At Bay—then We Realized How Alone We Are
Realizing the silence of outer space was what made us appreciate our precarious position down on this pale blue dot—so beginning our obsession with extinction.
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These Toilets Use Worms To Compost Your Poop, And They Are Our Future
Increasingly, land managers are looking to new ways to solve the problem of human waste in the backcountry, where the convenience of modern plumbing is unavailable. There are more people enjoying public lands than ever before, and that means there’s
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Ebola Hasn't Been Cured Yet, But Two Experimental Drugs Are Showing Significant Progress
Two experimental treatments significantly improve survival rates from Ebola, according to preliminary data reported this week from a clinical trial testing the drug in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where an Ebola outbreak is ongoing.
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Survive The Great Outdoors By Making Your Own Drinkable Water
In the wilderness, fighting dehydration by collecting water from streams or springs is often necessary. But a single sip from that crystal clear, ice-cold flow could mean uncomfortable gastrointestinal distress that will have you running to dig a cat
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A Flashing Mystery Is Unfolding At The Center Of The Milky Way
The Milky Way's resident black hole seems to be acting up—perhaps because it just ate something huge.
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The Best Water Bottles For Staying Hydrated
We all know how staying hydrated, especially during the summer, is important. Carrying a water bottle with you is probably the easiest way to make sure to drink more water. It makes refilling your water on a long day easy, and you’ll never have to sp
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