Popular Science3 min readWellness
The CDC Is Investigating The Link Between Vaping And A Mysterious Lung Disease In Teens
A serious illness has stricken mostly young adults and adolescents, and health officials don’t know yet what’s making them sick. Could it be vaping?
Popular Science3 min readPsychology
New Research Links Air Pollution To Increased Risk Of Depression And Bipolar Disorder
Over the last decade, researchers have identified dozens of genes that are associated with risk for conditions like bipolar disorder and depression. But genetics can only explain a small portion of a person’s risk of developing a disease, sending res
Popular Science3 min readTime Management
Six Planners To Help You Stay On Task And Accomplish Your Goals
These planners will help you stay on top of your appointments, assignments, and daily tasks.
Popular Science2 min readTech
The FCC Created An Online Index For Known Phone Scams
Phone scams are still shockingly common, but this list outlines some of the most popular offenders.
Popular Science3 min read
Just Seven Really Excellent Pens
Whether you need some extra office supplies or are heading back to school, here are some great pen options to check out.
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Laptop Backpacks For Your Office On-the-go
There are as many different types of backpacks as there are uses for them. Yet, when it comes to objects that help carry other objects, form so often compromises function. For example, design elements like thin straps may be fashionable but will be u
Popular Science4 min readSociety
Legionnaires' Disease Is Totally Preventable, But Surprisingly Deadly
A woman recently died from Legionnaires disease at an Atlanta hotel. The cause is known and the disease is largely preventable. Yet the number of cases in the US continue to rise.
Popular Science10 min readPsychology
Why The Smartest People Can Make The Dumbest Mistakes
In this edited excerpt from his new book, The Intelligence Trap, David Robson explains why a high IQ and education won’t necessarily protect you from highly irrational behavior — and may sometimes amplify your errors.
Popular Science2 min readPsychology
Why Strawberries Look Red, Even When They Aren't
There are no red pixels in this image of strawberries, but mostly people still see a rosy hue, thanks to a phenomenon called color constancy.
Popular Science4 min readTech
Make Sure Your Lost Devices Can Always Be Found
We all do it. The tap-tap-panic thing. You’re walking down the street on your way home after a long week, thinking how great it is you won’t have to come back until Monday, and suddenly, it hits you. You tap your front pockets, you tap your back pock
Popular Science2 min read
Six Well-made Notebooks For Any Occasion
Even if you use your phone for everything, occasionally it's refreshing to take notes with a simple pen and paper. Whether you keep a journal, are going back to school this fall, or find writing things down helps you remember them, a well-made notebo
Popular Science2 min read
4 Features To Look For In Your Next Multitool
Since their inception, multi tools have found favor with anglers and hunters worldwide, and for good reason. They're assortment of tools and features makes them amazingly handy in any number of situations. But no two multi tools are alike. Here are a
Popular Science3 min readWellness
The UK Just Lost Its Measles Elimination Status. We Could Be Next.
Public Health England confirmed on Monday that the UK has lost its “measles-free” status. What does that mean? And could we be next?
Popular Science2 min readTech
Techathlon Podcast: Body Hacks, Tech Trivia, And Smart Fridge Spies
It’s fun to imagine what life would be like if humans decided to use tech exclusively for good. We wouldn’t have to remember insane passwords to try and keep bad guys out of our accounts, and we could yell belligerently in our own homes without fear
Popular Science2 min read
5 Things That Get Kids Excited About Camping
Some of the greatest memories a child makes stem from trips made to the great outdoors, and there's few trips that are better than a camping trip. Whether you're pitching a tent far off the grid, or setting up next to the tailgate of your truck, camp
Popular Science4 min read
The Best Instant Cameras
Instant film is unpredictable and fun, these are some of our favorite cameras currently available.
Popular Science5 min readScience
We're Barreling Towards Another Dust Bowl
Bone-dry fields, dark skies, and death-by-dust-pneumonia: remembering the horrors of the Dust Bowl can help us fight climate change.
Popular Science4 min readTech
Get A Second Phone Number Without Buying A Whole New Line
Most of us only have one phone number, and we probably don’t want to share that one number with everyone. A disposable second number is awfully useful for one-time Craigslist conversations, or the early stages of online dating. Or perhaps you’re star
Popular Science4 min read
10 Rules For Picking The Perfect Campsite
Finding the perfect spot to pitch your tent and set up your basecamp can make or break any camping trip.
Popular Science3 min readTech
Last Week In Tech: Snap’s New Spectacles, Sega’s Genesis Mini, And The Clickiest New Keyboards Around
Back in 2016, Snap released the original Spectacles. The quirky-looking sunglasses had a built-in camera that shot round video, which no one really wanted. As a tech product, Spectacles weren’t all that impressive, but they excelled at generating hyp
Popular Science4 min readTech
How To Teach Kids About Electronics Through Sewing
If you’re looking for a child-friendly introduction to electronics, consider sewing. Yes, you read that correctly. Many teachers take this approach—whether it’s stitching circuits on a plush toy or weaving LEDs into a bookmark. As a DIY project, it’s
Popular Science4 min readScience
Dwarf Star Planets Could Glow With Life
Though our cosmic backyard brims with planets, few seem fit for life as we know it. Some do orbit at just the right distance for water to stay liquid, but their hothead young stars tend to douse them with radiation that would quickly snuff out most E
Popular Science4 min read
For Picky Eaters Like The Parrotfish, Climate Change Is Bad News
Climate change is disrupting ocean habitats, and destroying food sources that many fish ecosystems—and humans—depend upon. This poses a serious threat to the many specialist fish who count on an abundance of certain prey as sustenance, and to those w
Popular Science2 min readTech
Three Top-notch Tablets For Artists And Graphic Designers
Like ebook readers or digital magazines, the trick for any device or new piece of technology aiming to replace or enhance a more traditional mode of consumption and production is overcoming the skepticism of those who can’t let go of the old ways. Dr
Popular Science4 min read
The Best Affordable Used Motorcycles Any Beginner Can Buy
Used bikes offer unadulterated moto-goodness for new riders. Scratch that, for all motorcycle riders.
Popular Science3 min readTech
How Mercedes-AMG’s Formula One Hybrid Tech Trickles Down To Road Cars
Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport scored its first victory of the Formula One hybrid-electric era at the 2009 Hungarian Grand Prix, with driver Lewis Hamilton. That early system relied on discrete battery pack and power electronics modules that sent e
Popular Science3 min readSociety
Your Annual Checkup Could Soon Include Screening For Illicit Drug Use
In a draft document released this week, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF), which develops guidelines for health screening tests, is recommending that physicians also screen for illicit drug use in patients over the age of 18.
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New Graphic FDA Warnings Aim To Scare Smokers With The Consequences Of Their Habit
An image of bloody urine isn’t exactly cool. It’s not the kind of thing you’d want to see on your smoke break, right when you’re supposed to be doing something you enjoy. And that’s exactly why the Food and Drug Administration wants to put pictures o
Popular Science4 min readScience
This Newly Discovered Leech Lurked In Plain Sight For Decades
Recoil or rejoice: Scientists discovered a new medicinal leech in North America. The about three-inch-long species, Macrobdella mimicus, had lurked in freshwater bodies and natural history collections for decades—until scientists gave it a closer exa
Popular Science3 min read
Cute Pool Floats That Make Every Day A Party
Very few things combine practicality, entertainment, and self-expression quite like a pool float. Stripped to their essence, they’re a distant cousin of the foam life preserver that used to adorn the side of ships. You don’t need a giant flamingo to
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