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Air Mattresses That Don't Hate Your Back
If you’re hosting guests or hitting the road yourself, don't waste your time with those lesser air mattresses. Spines everywhere will thank you.
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7 Essential Google Alerts You Need To Set Up Now
Among all the Google products, Google Alerts is perhaps one of the least known, but definitely one of the most powerful. It taps into Google's endless crawling of the web—done to power its search engine—but flags up terms as they're indexed, not when
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Jewelry Storage Options To Keep Your Treasures Safe And Organized
The moment you need your simple gold chain with the peridot at the center—the one that would go perfectly with your interview outfit—is when you realize you need to organize your jewelry. You don't have 15 minutes to spend with a pair of Tweezers, ca
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Uninsured Children Are Still Less Likely To Get Vaccinated
Vaccines for Children has not created universal access to these medications, and a vaccination gap remains between children who are insured and those who don’t have any healthcare, Centers for Disease Control (CDC) data shows.
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Baseball’s Black Magic: How Psychology, Math, And Culture Created A Curse-ridden Sport
It was raining on the April morning in 2013 when a truck pulled up to 1060 West Addison Street on Chicago’s north side to deliver a severed goat head. Building security didn’t realize what the cake box contained until the deliverer—whose identity is
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This $200 Handheld Gaming System Doubles As A Lo-fi Music-making Machine
The original Game Boy was huge. It felt like cutting-edge tech when it debuted in 1989. It did so much with so little. There were only two buttons to mash, and the green dot-matrix screen didn’t even have its own backlight. You needed to sneak a flas
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The Best Hot Pot Machines For Cool Weather
For those who have never had the incredible experience of eating Asian hot pot, in a nutshell, it involves dipping raw, thinly sliced meats, chopped vegetables, uncooked noodles, dumplings, and more into boiling broth. After your food item is cooked,
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High-protein Alternatives To Meat
Cutting out meat and replacing it with plants could have a huge carbon-cutting effect. In fact, according to a report recently covered by Popular Science, "the most effective regimens [for cutting climate changing-causing emissions] were veganism, wh
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The Forest Service Wants To Open 9.2 Million Acres To Potential Logging. Here’s Your Chance To Say Something About It.
The Tongass National Forest in southeast Alaska is the largest temperate rainforest in the world and the largest national forest in the US. At almost 17 million acres, it’s a wonderland for hunting and fishing. The U.S. Forest Service announced plans
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How To Stay Safe Around Moose
Moose: They’re easily among the top three of nearly every hiker’s must-see list in places like Canada and Alaska. They are massive (weighing up to 1,600 pounds and standing over six-and-a-half feet tall), hairy animals that appear to be so awkward an
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Stigma Against Polyamory Could Put Families’ Health At Risk
A new study in the Canadian Medical Association Journal breaks down how polyamorous families dealt with stigma and challenges associated with giving birth to a child with more than two parents.
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WiFi Routers That Will Smarten Up Your Entire Home
WiFi has become just as much of a household necessity as electricity, and it only ingrains itself further as more “smart” products and devices enter your domicile. Forget trying to work or do homework without WiFi; soon you won’t even be able to cook
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K-cup Coffee Flavors That Don’t Trade Taste For Convenience
When pod coffee makers first started gaining in popularity, the focus was clearly on the convenience and flexibility they offered and not on, well, the flavor of the actual coffee. But as the devices have taken more of a foothold, brands have started
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Four Stylish Leather Cases For The IPhone 11
It can cost a few hundred dollars to repair the newer iPhone screens, so unless you’re absolutely sure you’ll never drop your phone, it’s worth figuring out which case works best for you. Leather cases tend to be thinner, so they won’t make your phon
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How Microgrids Could Protect California From Blackouts During Fire Season
California’s electric utilities will only have more to worry about, as the state’s climate becomes hotter and drier, leading to more frequent and powerful fires. Fortunately, there are ways to make electric power more resilient to disasters like ragi
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Google Pixel 4 Smartphone Reviews As Written By IPhones
Last week, Google announced the latest version of its Pixel smartphone. It includes fancy new features like a telephoto camera lens backed up by improved AI, a built-in radar sensor for gesture controls, and a 90 Hz screen for super smooth scrolling.
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The Artist Responsible For Those Gold-leafed Nobel Portraits Would Like To Paint Something Other Than Old White Men, Please
For two weeks every October since 2012, Niklas Elmehed’s paintings appear in thumbnails, tweets, and articles in outlets all over the world. Elmehed is the official portrait artist for the Nobel Prizes.
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Ohio Opioid Trials End Quickly With A $260-million Settlement—but The National Lawsuit Rolls On
Today was meant to mark the beginning of the heavily-anticipated federal opioid trials taking place in Cleveland, Ohio. Instead, both parties reached a last minute settlement. The 11th-hour deal was negotiated between two Ohio counties and three of t
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Lionel Train Sets For Every Kind Of Locomotive Enthusiast
When you’re in the world of model trains, you are living in Lionel’s world. The company was founded in 1900, and its miniature locomotive is one of the first playthings inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame (alongside the Easy-Bake Oven). Wheth
Popular Science4 min read
A Key Tool To Fighting The Opioid Crisis Is In Short Supply
Opioid overdoses killed 47,000 Americans in 2017. Many fewer would have died if they'd been treated with the life saving drug naloxone, also called Narcan.
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Essential Repair Kits To Save You Money And Make Your Favorite Products Last
When you fix what you have instead of buying a replacement, it can be enormously satisfying. Whether a screw falls off your glasses and disappears into a parallel universe filled with solo socks and car keys, or you notice a hole in your couch just b
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Collapsible Water Bottles To Toss In Your Bag
When you’re going on a long hike, through TSA security, or even just to work, you don't want a big, empty water bottle rattling around in your bag. Opt for one of these collapsible water bottles instead. These high-capacity vessels fold or squeeze do
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These Ancient Trilobites Are Forever Frozen In A Conga Line
Next time you’re stuck behind someone slow at the grocery store, chill out. You’re taking part in an ancient ritual—one older than humanity itself.
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Gadgets For Keeping Your Phone Charged While Driving
On average, Americans spend just under an hour driving every day. For many, a phone is key to avoiding traffic, catching up on podcasts, listening to playlists, and keeping in touch with family. For all that, your cell needs to stay charged. And, rea
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Great Fans To Help You Keep Your Cool
Air conditioners can be luxurious, but they also drive up your energy bill and require a tedious cycle of installation and storage. If you’re opting for a lower-impact, more direct cooling device, the fan is your friend. And we’re not talking dollar
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Want Extra Elegance? Want To Reduce Waste? Consider A Pepper Mill.
If you’re still using pre-ground black pepper for dinner: the time to change is now. Peppercorns lose a lot of their flavor and aromatics when they’re pre-ground, and disposable plastic grinders you can buy at the grocery store aren’t nearly as susta
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High-quality Cutting Boards For Every Cook
Next to the chef's knife, a cook's other best friend is a reliable cutting board. Use it for spatchcocking chickens, dicing onions, mincing garlic, and every other form of prep imaginable. Cutting boards come in a variety of materials—durable, heavy
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An Immersion Blender Could Change The Way You Eat Fruits And Veggies. Here Are The Best.
Handheld immersion blenders are great for whipping up a creamy soup or homemade mayonnaise.
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Electric Face Cleaners To Get The Oil And Dead Skin Out Of Your Pores
Whether you’re looking for a gentle cleanse, deep exfoliation, or a face cleaner that can also clean your feet, one of these three options is for you.
Popular Science2 min readFood & Wine
Smokeless Grills That Don’t Require Backyards
Just because you can’t go outside doesn’t mean grilling season has to be over. A good smokeless grill ensures that the weather or your living space doesn't get a say in your grillmaster efforts. From versatile, multi-use devices to single-minded hard
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