ESPN The Magazine15 min readSociety
They Are the Champions
In the face of fear and anger, two young transgender athletes fight to compete in the sports they love.
ESPN The Magazine2 min read
Quick, Dodge Challenger!
Forget his no-hitter—Mariners starter James Paxton’s most memorable moment of 2018 might actually be that time a confused eagle tried to land on his shoulder.
ESPN The Magazine14 min read
Hey, Let’s Cheer For France
After a hellish club season, Paul Pogba is determined to reclaim his joy in Russia. And if he happens to disprove his critics—and his coach—in the process? Even better.
ESPN The Magazine16 min readPolitics
The New Hooligans Of Russia
They battle in the forest, soccer gang against soccer gang. They are the underground fighters the host country doesn’t want you to see.
ESPN The Magazine2 min read
Down the Stretch
When Justify goes for the Triple Crown in the 150th running of the Belmont Stakes on June 9, history could be his biggest foe. ESPN horse racing expert Chris Fallica weighs the favorite’s pluses and minuses.
ESPN The Magazine2 min read
Getting Up To Speed
Fleet-footed outfielder A.J. Andrews will be the first to tell you she doesn’t love running, but conditioning is everything for the softball star.
ESPN The Magazine10 min read
Hey, Let’s Cheer For Iceland
Tiny Iceland shocked the world by qualifying for its first World Cup. In Russia, the goal is simple: Shock the world again.
ESPN The Magazine14 min readSports & Recreation
The Beauty of Devotion
One father’s ode to rooting for the Orioles, a blessing and a curse that ties together four generations of baseball fans from Mexico to Maryland.
ESPN The Magazine9 min read
Hey, Let’s Cheer For Egypt
When Mohamed Salah was taken down in the Champions League final, 100 million people felt his pain. Now an anguished Egypt awaits its star’s return.
ESPN The Magazine1 min readFood & Wine
Take a Bao
ADOBO BAO YANKEE STADIUM COST: $7.30 ESTIMATED CALORIES: 480 The 2018 version of Murderers’ Row is thrilling fans with its prodigious displays of power. But Yankee Stadium senior executive chef Matt Gibson has launched a moonshot of his own with t
ESPN The Magazine5 min read
Hey, Let’s Cheer For Mexico
With the U.S. out, here’s why rooting for our compadres to the south is the most American thing you’ll do all year. All together now: ¡Viva México!
ESPN The Magazine3 min read
It’s a World Cup Shocker!
Defensive gambles pay off big-time in soccer. Here are the counterstriking artists who have legit shots at pulling upsets in Russia.
ESPN The Magazine2 min read
Pogba United
Photographer Miko Lim on getting footloose with footballer Paul Pogba: Prior to this cover shoot, I had shot Pogba three times for commercial shoots. And honestly, I’ve never seen him more free and easygoing than when we got time with him at his hom
ESPN The Magazine15 min readTech
Stay Messi, My Friend
Lionel Messi only seems like the least interesting man in the world. Listen closely and his silence speaks louder than most athletes’ shouts.
ESPN The Magazine12 min read
No. 66 When No. 1 Isn’t Enough
Caroline Wozniacki says she’s never chased fame, only tennis excellence. But her search for fulfillment? That’s been a longer, tougher journey.
ESPN The Magazine15 min read
No. 11 Keeping Up With Kohli
To be India’s best cricketer is to live with the suffocating, infuriating, frightening trappings of fame. But for Virat Kohli, it’s seductive all the same.
ESPN The Magazine4 min read
Improv Comedians in IndyCars
Defending IndyCar champion Josef Newgarden knows how to pick a line on the track. But can he do it live on a comedy stage?
ESPN The Magazine2 min read
A Pair of Aces
Senior writer Allison Glock on Caroline Wozniacki’s iconic friendship: “I had a lot of friends when I was young,” Wozniacki told me as we rode around Fisher Island in her golf cart. As her visibility and rank climbed, her social life contracted, and
ESPN The Magazine32 min readSports & Recreation
Secrets Within the Game
What happens when you go searching for the soul of sports in a college softball team and find it unraveling from scandal instead?
ESPN The Magazine5 min read
70 The Crush of the Crowd
Why does Japanese gold medal skater Yuzuru Hanyu inspire such a devoted following? We attended a parade in his honor in search of the answer. (Don’t worry: We’ll explain the Winnie the Pooh thing too.)
ESPN The Magazine2 min read
Repatriate Games
After 52 years of guerrilla warfare, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) surrendered its weapons to the United Nations in June 2017, ending a conflict that killed 220,000 Colombians and displaced more than 7 million. A year later, lasti
ESPN The Magazine5 min readTech
No. 7 Hitting the Big One
Kevin Durant? Good ballplayer: MVP, NBA champion. Now that he’s posted up in Silicon Valley, he’s rapidly approaching a new title: tycoon.
ESPN The Magazine3 min read
What’s In A Name?
With the founder of Bikram yoga facing assault allegations, it seems simple: Studios should distance themselves from his name. But it’s not so easy.
ESPN The Magazine2 min read
Fame by Frames
Who are these athletes drawing the blinds on the windows to their souls? And what are they hiding from? Paparazzi? Autograph hounds? Their exes? To help you ID these 25 members of our World Fame 100, obscured by the fashion choice of the famous, we o
ESPN The Magazine2 min read
One Formula for Change
To inject excitement back into its races, Formula One needs more than a tweak or new twist—it needs to correct its course.
ESPN The Magazine4 min read
A Quest For Pitch Perfection
Kelly Barnhill has logged a perfect game and a handful of no-hitters this season. So what’s the NCAA’s best pitcher still out to prove?
ESPN The Magazine14 min read
Pratima’s Dream
Raised in a maintenance shed on a golf course in Nepal, Pratima Sherpa aspires to become her country’s first woman professional golfer.
ESPN The Magazine5 min read
Do You Smell What The Rocket Is Cooking?
We joined Houston’s big man and resident Francophile Clint Capela for a test of his culinary skills and to find out what he’s stirring up for the playoffs.
ESPN The Magazine2 min read
On Her Wavelength
In her 10th year as a pro, Hawaiian surfing royalty Coco Ho shares how she’s perfected her stance on training, breathing and body confidence.
ESPN The Magazine7 min readSports & Recreation
House Money
All it took for the Vegas Golden Knights to beat the odds—and 50 years’ worth of expansion-franchise failure—was a little luck, a lot of rotation and a few aces up their sleeves.
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