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The Videogame Industry Tries to Get Ahead in the Cloud
How streaming could provide a boost to the profits of game makers like Electronic Arts and challenge console manufacturers.
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Sorting The Hope From The Hype Over Blockchain.
The blockchain revolution is here. The technology long associated with Bitcoin is now being used to make businesses as varied as trade finance, videogaming, travel insurance, and diamond mining more efficient and more secure. The blockchain revolutio
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Doublevision CEO: How Jack Dorsey Has Led Twitter and Square to Gains
Twitter and Square may be a world apart when it comes to their businesses, but there is an important reason the two companies are across the street from each other in the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco. It makes it possible for their shared
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Wall Street Rushes Into a New Asset Class
Goldman Sachs, GSO Capital Partners, and KKR: It’s hard to imagine better credentials in finance for the founders of Owl Rock Capital Partners. The 2½-year-old firm is led by Craig Packer, who ran Goldman’s leveraged loan desk; Doug Ostrover, the “O”
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Does Your Proxy Vote Count? Maybe, Maybe Not
Late last year, Procter & Gamble and activist investor Trian Fund Management—combatants in the most expensive and contentious proxy battle in U.S. history—took their fight to the “snake pit,” a rarely used venue where close proxy votes are resolved.
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How to Know When to Call In a Financial Pro.
Some people have no pressing need for a financial advisor. If you’re 26 and single, have no debt, earn more than you spend, and are diligently stashing money away in a tax-advantaged retirement plan while saving money on the side, congratulations. B
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Beyond Warren Buffett: What Berkshire Should Do
Dear Warren: Can we talk? First, you should know that I am a huge fan of Berkshire Hathaway and have been bullish on the Class A shares, now around $290,000, since 1999. One of the high points of my 26-year career here was interviewing you in Omah
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So You Want to Be a Hedge Fund Star?
To succeed, hedge funds search for an edge, a bit of information or insight that gives them an advantage over everyone else in the market. As a hedge fund manager for nearly 19 years, Whitney Tilson searched for one, too. But in his new business of
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John Doerr’s Measure What Matters Helps To Explain His Silicon Valley Success.
John Doerr’s name is synonymous with venture-capital investing, due to his critical early backing of Google,,Twitter, and other storied Silicon Valley start-ups. Doerr, 66, has worked his magic, financial and otherwise, for 38 years from K
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Facebook and Apple Embody New Tech Divide
Apple became the largest public company in the world the old-fashioned way: charging lots of consumers lots of money. So it’s not surprising that its CEO, Tim Cook, would chafe as Facebook grew to challenge Apple’s supremacy without charging its user
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AI: Coming to a Portfolio Near You
Imagine calling an 800 number and not getting frustrated. Trains run on time. Waiting rooms are considered archaic. People and corporations are taxed at the perfect rate. And everyone will have enough money to retire, because, in the future, artifici
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The Stockpicker’s Burden, and Other Lessons
In 1962, the young writer Tom Wolfe wrote a sympathetic profile in the Washington Post about a 30-year-old mathematician who had learned how to beat the house in blackjack. The mathematician, Edward Thorp, described how to figure out the sequence of
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How To Curb The High Cost Of Caregiving
Caregiving is often so easy at the start, you don’t even think of it as caregiving. It’s a few days off from work to accompany Dad for medical tests, or a couple of hundred dollars a month for someone to check in on Auntie, or a few extra flights hom
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We’re All Gun Owners, and Here’s Why
For many Florida teachers, it’s an indignity on top of tragedy. Inside their retirement plans, they hold stock in the companies that make the AR-15 rifle, the weapon used to kill 17 of their students and colleagues at Stoneman Douglas High School thi
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Most Mini-IPOs Fail the Market Test
For years economists and others have complained that the U.S. suffers from a lack of dynamic young businesses. In 2012, a solution called The JOBS Act promised to cure this malaise by easing the rules for small stock offerings. We were supposed to ge
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The Internet of Things: What Could Go Wrong
Some of tech’s most influential companies may be engaged in internecine digital warfare, but they shared an eerily common vision at the Consumer Electronics Show. With lockstep precision, each company explained how it was uniquely positioned to stitc
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How to Get the Most Out of New Tax Law
On December 22, President Donald Trump signed into law the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. This legislation will have sweeping implications for both individual and business taxpayers. One of the first points to recognize is that the majority of the new provis
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Secret Watches Offer Timeless Wearable Art
Secret watches — whimsical tiny clocks hidden in haute jewelry — show ingenuity and style.
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New Technology and Newer Money: A Look at Apps That Make Trading Easy
Millennials often get the blame, or credit, for a number of trends. Investing is just the latest thing the generation born between 1980 and 2000 may be doing differently. Robo-advisors grab the headlines—Morgan Stanley just last week announced they w
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Machine Learning
From medical diagnoses to driving, machine learning has the potential to revolutionize a multitude of fields. Machine learning describes a process by which computer scientists feed large sets of curated data to a computer in order to train it to dea
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Unicorns: What Are They Really Worth?
When a venture capitalist coined the concept “unicorn club” in 2013, it referred to software start-ups valued at $1 billion or more—just 39 at that time. “We like the term because, to us, it means something extremely rare, and magical,” Cowboy Ventur
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Why You Should Think Twice Before Signing Up for a Retailer’s Credit Card
Retailers tend to be aggressive in pushing their own credit cards, but it’s always been a good idea to read the fine print before signing on the dotted line. New data from gives even more reason to be cautious. The firm surveyed 64 s
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Black Monday 2.0: The Next Machine-Driven Meltdown
Related stories: Tears, Fears, Relief: Memories of Black Monday How to Reduce Risk in Your Portfolio—Now The Selloffs That Transformed Wall Street Alan Abelson on the Crash of 1987 Black
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A Tech Guru and His Blank-Check Promises
“I pick the jockeys, the jockeys pick the horse” is a famous saying by billionaire Ross Perot about his approach to investing. The notion that you can find a guru, who in turn has perfect horse sense about turning a profit from securities, is a pere
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How to Profit From the Rise of the Drones
After Hurricane Harvey inundated Houston, claiming the lives of at least 70 people and causing an estimated $100 billion or more in damage along the Texas coastline, the Federal Aviation Authority granted more than 100 permits for drones to work in s
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New Space Race Could Produce Good Investments Here on Earth. Just Ask Elon Musk.
Sixty years ago this October, while Elvis Presley’s “All Shook Up” was topping charts, a simpler tune picked up by a BBC monitoring station shook the world. A short, repeating string of boops and beeps turned out to be the broadcast of a distant meta
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Amazon, Facebook, and Google Could Soon Challenge the Networks For Big-Time Sports.
Are you ready for some football? is. A few months ago, it agreed to pay the National Football League $50 million for streaming rights to 10 Thursday Night Football games starting on Sep. 28. That’s five times what Twitter paid for a simila
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5 Ways Women Have Smashed Glass Ceilings
When Peggy Olson of Mad Men started out as a secretary, few would’ve expected she’d become an advertising hotshot seven seasons later. And even though Peggy’s world is a far cry from the modern workplace, there’s plenty to take away from women who ma
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6 (Legal) Ways To Earn Extra Money
It’s easier than ever to earn money on the side without having to do soul-sucking work. Gone are the days of completing surveys for money or groveling in front of your friends to get them to buy Amway vitamins. By searching online, you can find ways
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Four Unexpected Businesses Amazon Could Soon Dominate
With Amazon’s stock at all-time highs, analysts are engaging in thought exercises to justify the company’s valuation.Maxim Group analyst Tom Forte envisions a future in which a network of Amazon gas stations serve Amazon Prime members -- similar to w
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