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How To Get America On The Mediterranean Diet
COUNTLESS STUDIES SHOW IT’S THE HEALTHIEST WAY TO EAT. BUT TOO FEW PEOPLE ACTUALLY FOLLOW IT. In 1953, not long before President Dwight Eisenhower suffered a heart attack in office, the social scientist Leland Allbaugh published “Crete: A Case Study
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Ever Wanted to Get Revenge? Try This Instead
So you’ve been wronged. A friend casually dismissed a goal you set for yourself, or a colleague threw you under the bus, and you feel hurt and angry — maybe you even want payback. Sometimes those negative feelings dissipate over time, but other times
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I Was a White House Stenographer. Trump Wasn't a Fan.
IF THE PRESIDENT IS THE VICTIM OF SO MUCH INACCURATE REPORTING, AS HE CLAIMS, WHY IS HE SO AVERSE TO HAVING THE FACTS RECORDED AND TRANSCRIBED? On July 13, at a news conference with Prime Minister Theresa May of Britain a reporter asked President Don
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How to Meet Autistic People Halfway
PRESUMING THAT THEY ARE NOT SOCIABLE EFFECTIVELY DEHUMANIZES THEM. One of the most widely held beliefs about autistic people — that they are not interested in other people — is almost certainly wrong. Our understanding of autism has changed quite a b
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Tickets From Here to There for Less
(The Getaway) Summer is perennially peak season in air travel, and this summer appears to be an especially good time to fly as airline competition, the increased deployment of fuel-efficient planes, and expanding route maps offer travelers more choic
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How to Enjoy Brooklyn's Prospect Park
NEW YORK — As most people know, space is a prized commodity in New York City, and that includes green space. When people think about places in the city to relax, Central Park often comes to mind. But where does Prospect Park, the 585-acre recreationa
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36 Hours in Seattle
(36 Hours) Every Seattle resident has a ready statistic about how rapidly the city is growing — 75 people move here each day, you will hear, or maybe it is a thousand new arrivals a week. Whatever the actual figure, the impact on residents is real: r
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Once Colombia's 'Deadliest City,' Buenaventura Is Coming Back
At Stall 06 in the dilapidated temporary quarters of the Pueblo Nuevo market, Rosana Angulo was getting frustrated with my persistent queries about that day’s lunch options. “Come here, come here,” she shouted in the staccato Spanish of Buenaventura
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Taking Away the Phone Won't Solve Your Teenager's Problems
BEING HOOKED ON DEVICES IS AS LIKELY A SYMPTOM OF STRESS AND ANXIETY AS A CAUSE. Apple has introduced new software designed to help users restrict the time they spend on their phones — just change your settings and your favorite app will lock you out
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What Adults Can Learn From Dutch Children's Books
THE BUSY URBAN WORLDS OF “ZOEKBOEKS” AND “WIMMELBOOKS” HAVE A LOT TO SAY ABOUT EVERYDAY EUROPEAN LIFE. NIJMEGEN, the Netherlands — It is an often overlooked fact that one of the easiest ways to learn about a foreign culture is through the books it pr
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Get Yourself a Giant Dog
THE GENTLENESS AND NORMALCY OF A PUPPY WHO GREW TO BE A GIANT. When I got a puppy, I didn’t put her photo on social media for weeks because I was afraid she’d die or I’d have to give her back. I told hardly anybody I got a dog. I just cleared my sche
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The Gig Economy Can Be a Housekeeper's Nightmare
NEW PLATFORMS ARE DISRUPTING THE WORK OF NANNIES AND HOUSECLEANERS, LEAVING THE MOST VULNERABLE BEHIND. Domestic workers are, in a sense, the original gig workers. Before smartphones and the internet, nannies, housecleaners and elder care workers hav
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Hip-Hop Is Evolving. Just Ask Its Superstars.
Hip-hop has long been about superheroes, and there are few things more jarring than watching a superhero’s powers begin to fade. The superstars of earlier hip-hop generations typically lived their post-peak careers just out of the limelight. If they
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How to Start Knitting (and Learn to Love It)
When people find out I am a knitter, they have one of several reactions: “Hey, so am I!” “Cool, will you make me a sweater?” or, by far the most frequent, “Oh, yeah, I learned once but was terrible and stopped.” I’ve been knitting for over 20 years,
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Trump's Ancestral Village Abounds With His Relatives. Few Will Admit It.
KALLSTADT, Germany — Herbert Trump did not want to talk about it. Neither did Ilse Trump. Ursula Trump, who runs the Trump bakery in the next village, eventually relented, palms upturned, and sighed: “You can’t choose your relatives, can you?” The r
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In the Middle Class, and Barely Getting By
“Squeezed: Why Our Families Can’t Afford America” By Alissa Quart 320 pages. Ecco/HarperCollins Publishers. $27.99. Over the months that I was pregnant, my overriding fear was that I would not be able to afford a child. How much do diapers cost? I as
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By the Book: Michiko Kakutani
The New York Times5 min read
A French Novelist Imagined Sexual Dystopia. Now It’s Arrived.
French novelist Michel Houellebecq predicted the incel phenomenon long before it emerged.
The New York Times5 min readSociety
Sometimes Patients Simply Need Other Patients
(The Upshot: The New Health Care) When Jodie Ofosuhene learned she had breast cancer at age 29 in 2016, she got more than standard medical care. She was connected with Noel Peters, a former patient who serves as a mentor to new ones. “Noel helped me
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36 Hours in Buffalo
(36 Hours) Is it the influx of immigrants from countries like Myanmar and Bhutan or the uptick in cultural investments? The transformation of the waterfront or the revitalization of local institutions? Or is it simply the food? Like many small U.S. c
The New York Times4 min readPsychology
Why Your Brain Tricks You Into Doing Less Important Tasks
Here’s a list of things I did before starting this newsletter: I filled out the documents to renew my passport; clipped my cat’s nails; bought some household items; responded to a few Instagram DMs; and ate a snack because I was hungry. Sound famili
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Mandela's Words Cut Through Prison Walls
THE SOUTH AFRICAN FREEDOM FIGHTER’S LETTERS FROM PRISON REMIND US THAT THE SEPARATION OF FAMILIES IS THE ULTIMATE EXPRESSION OF STATE POWER. Some time ago, the writer Nikki Giovanni offered me guidance on writing about the life of a public person. Mo
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Seriously, Juice Is Not Healthy
ONE 12-OUNCE GLASS OF ORANGE JUICE CONTAINS 10 TEASPOONS OF SUGAR, ROUGHLY WHAT’S IN A CAN OF COKE. Obesity affects 40 percent of adults and 19 percent of children in the United States and accounts for more than $168 billion in health care spending e
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Hollywood's Booming Comic Book Age
COMPUTER IMAGERY CAN NOW BRING EVEN THE MOST OUTLANDISH FANTASY IMAGES TO LIFE. BUT WHAT ARE THESE MOVIES REALLY ABOUT? Seven of the 11 top-grossing films of 2017 were superhero movies, based on characters first introduced in comic books. The top two
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The Rise of the Millennial Prenup
First comes love, then comes … prenup? If you’re a millennial, maybe. Prenuptial agreements, commonly known as prenups, are legal documents that outline how engaged couples will divide their assets if they divorce. And, in recent years, more millenn
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The Terms On A Food Label To Ignore, And The Ones To Watch For
If your head starts spinning when trying to make healthy and budget-friendly food choices, you’re not alone. Take a look around your local grocery store and you’ll find a slew of confusing terms. Organic. Non-G.M.O. Low-sugar. Superfood. What does i
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What Travel Insurance Does and Doesn't Cover
Planning for vacation is fun. We make lists of clothes to pack and museums to visit, anticipating the relaxation and fun to come. It is considerably less fun to think about everything that could go terribly, horribly wrong. Your flight to Londoncould
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36 Hours in Napa Valley
(36 Hours) Napa Valley, a delightful landscape of wildflowers and grapevines spread across miles of rolling hills, has been immortalized in film, literature and European wine competitions. As the first and only Agricultural Preserve in the United Sta
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By The Book: Hanan Al-Shaykh
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Finally, Some Answers on the Effects of Medicaid Expansion
(The Upshot: The New Health Care) The Medicaid logjam appears to be breaking. When the Affordable Care Act first invited states to make more low-income people eligible for Medicaid, pretty much all the blue states said yes, but many red ones said no.
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