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Dos Años Después De La Catástrofe Climática, Puerto Rico Aparece En El Mapamundi
Durante los últimos dos años, Puerto Rico ha vivido el episodio más tumultuoso de su historia moderna. En 2017, el Huracán María pasó factura climática a una isla que ya no tenía recursos políticos, económicos ni de infraestructura (urbana, energétic
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Fellow Parents, Why Supporting the Climate Strike is What It’s All About
Friends, If you are weighing whether to support your child in striking this Friday during the global climate strike, can I have a minute? First, let’s put this on the table: it’s not easy being a parent, and in the era of climate change, it’s unnervi
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The Climate Strike Is On. We Will Be There.
The Union of Concerned Scientists supports the youth climate strike because we believe in this movement and its power and potential to make a meaningful difference in the climate fight. We believe in the inspiring youth who rise and demand action at
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Striking for Global Climate Justice
The global climate strike on September 20th is likely to be the biggest global climate action to date. My kids and I will be joining the strike in New York City and we’ve been talking a lot about what this moment means. It’s incredibly powerful to se
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A Timeline of Recent Attacks on the EPA’s Science-based Ambient Air Pollution Standards
Trump administration officials at the US Environmental Protection Agency have made several moves that undermine the longstanding process that the agency uses to ensure that independent science informs ambient air pollution standards. For decades, und
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SOS Congress: Nation’s Flood Policy Is Not Keeping Up with Climate Change Reality
September is preparedness month and for good reason. It is a time when the Atlantic Basin Hurricane season is at its peak. The National Hurricane Center is now tracking three storms, Hurricane Humberto, tropical depression Imelda, and tropical storm
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What Do Brexit and Energy Markets Have in Common? A lot.
To an observer of both, there are some irresistible parallels between the fiasco called Brexit and the stumbling of the US Mid-Atlantic/Midwest grid operator PJM over climate policy. The deadline is fast approaching for the UK’s long-awaited decision
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Here Is Why State Regulators Are Rejecting Utility Resource Plans
Utility resource plans, which often take the form of “Integrated Resource Plans” (IRP), are a business plan, of sorts, for utilities. It lays out what utilities plan on doing to meet customer’s demands. In California, the process tends to look like t
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The Courage of Youth Repudiates New Yorker Article on Climate Change
Jonathan Franzen authored a New Yorker article on climate change that stirred up the twitterverse with a fundamental question: Can we, as a society, really change course in time to avoid the climate catastrophe? The power and courage of the youth-led
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Trump’s Witch Hunt Against California and Carmakers
For years, President Trump has decried the Mueller investigation as a “witch hunt.” Putting aside whether that characterization was fair, the Trump justice department has now initiated a witch hunt of its own—an investigation into whether four car co
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The Climate Strike Inspires. So Do These 5 Signs of Clean Energy Progress
Climate change is serious. So are the tools we have for addressing it. Here are 5 images of clean energy progress to keep in mind.
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SharpieGate In The Broader Context Of The Trump Administration’s Attacks On Science
Last week, we all learned more about President Trump mis-stating a hurricane forecast then forcing his administration to cover for his obvious error, now widely know as SharpieGate. It is now clear that orders came from the White House that NOAA scie
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The Biggest Casualty of Trump’s Dorian Deceit: Our Common Bonds
President Trump’s lies to corroborate his false claim that Hurricane Dorian would hit Alabama caused a destructive gale of its own. With this attack on science, Trump ripped at a thread of our nation’s social fabric—the weather. At a time when it fee
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How the Honda CR-V Can Get Back on Top in 2025
Utility vehicles are all the rage these days, outselling cars nearly 2:1. So it only makes sense in our second blog in a series on how automakers can meet the 2025 standards to focus on one of the best-selling utility vehicles on the market, the Hond
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Former NOAA Officials File Scientific Integrity Complaint over Trump Attacks on Weather Forecasters
Three former high-ranking NOAA officials filed an official complaint yesterday asking for a comprehensive investigation into multiple violations of the NOAA Scientific Integrity Policy. “Recent actions to censor NWS scientists put public safety at ri
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Giving a Voice to Students & Early Career Researchers in International Science Policy and Diplomacy in the Post-Truth Era
Science increasingly underpins many of the global challenges the world is facing today. In turn, the ever-changing global political landscape also has a significant influence on our ability to pursue science needed to tackle these challenges. And in
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Ask a Scientist: Should Scientists Shy Away from Politics?
Scientists have traditionally been uncomfortable discussing or even acknowledging that science is political, but truth be told, science has long played a vital role in politics. The scientific method is commonly viewed as a process of making observa
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That Tasty Chicken Sandwich Is Brought to You by a Stomach-Turning Industry
This was the summer of chicken. America’s favorite fowl made frequent headlines, though one story claimed much of the public’s attention. I’m talking, of course, about the Great Chicken Sandwich War of 2019, in which giant fast-food companies battled
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How Science Watchdogs Can Protect the Gray Wolf
Sadly, we have grown accustomed to seeing political candidates denying the reality of established scientific facts, such as those that underpin our understanding of evolution and climate change. Science denial is even more disturbing, however, when i
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Here’s What Congress Should Ask When Industry Tries to Spread PFAS Disinformation Today
At a hearing tomorrow in the House Oversight and Reform Committee, the primary makers and users of PFOA and PFOS, 3M, DuPont, and Chemours, will be testifying about their roles in the PFAS contamination fiasco. This follows a July hearing featuring t
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United Nations Panel Says Farmers are a Key to Managing Climate Change
The IPCC’s Special Report on Climate Change on Land paints a harrowing picture of ways in which climate change is already affecting land across the globe, threatening livelihoods, food, energy, water, and other critical resources. Fortunately, in add
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The World Is in a Water Crisis and Climate Change Is Making it Worse
The World Resources Institute (WRI) updated its Global Water Risk Atlas revealing that 17 countries–home of a quarter of the world’s population–will face “extremely high” water stress within 20 years. Water stress is defined as the ratio between wate
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What Is the Climate Strike? An Adult’s Guide to What, Why, and How to Help
On Friday, September 20, a a youth-led, global demonstration of power, solidarity, and determination will take place across the US and around the world. Here's what you need to know to about the upcoming climate strike how you can support it.
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NOAA Officials Threatened with Firing After Dorian Trump Tweet Fiasco
Senior NOAA political staff objected to orders to “fix” weather forecasts to conform with the president’s claim that Hurricane Dorian would impact Alabama, the New York Times reports. Then Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross threatened to fire them. This
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Scientists Ordered to Keep Quiet During Hurricane Dorian to Help President Save Face
NOAA leadership prioritized the president’s precious feelings and fragile ego over the health and welfare of the people who were in Dorian’s path.
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NOAA Leadership Trades Scientific Integrity for Political Appeasement
The mission of the National Weather Service is to provide “weather, water, and climate data, forecasts and warnings for the protection of life and property and enhancement of the national economy.” And its hard-working employees work around the clock
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Three Possible Solutions to Uneconomic Coal Generation
 This year, utility regulators in Missouri and Minnesota are looking into a practice known as self-committing, which research from UCS shows is costing customers a billion dollars a year in unnecessary costs. Now that this uneconomic and inefficient
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What’s a Coal State to Do?
As we collectively work to minimize the impacts of climate change, which we are already seeing today, we will transition to a clean energy economy—and we must ensure fairness to the workers in fossil fuel industries and the communities that depend on
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Trump Administration Goes After States for Protecting the Environment
The Trump administration has been on a collision course with California, and it appears that collision is imminent. An administrative action to undermine the authority granted to the state by the Clean Air Act to protect its citizens from vehicle pol
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Today’s Vehicles, Tomorrow: How Automakers Can Meet Strong 2025 Efficiency Standards
Four years ago, we noted that auto manufacturers were well on their way to meeting the 2025 vehicle efficiency standards set under the previous administration, with a number of vehicles  overachieving on their targets. Since then, manufacturers have
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