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FactChecking Ron DeSantis’ Presidential Announcement
We fact-check Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' claims in two public appearances announcing his 2024 presidential candidacy. The post FactChecking Ron DeSantis’ Presidential Announcement appeared first on FactCheck.org.
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mRNA Vaccines Protect Against COVID-19 Mortality, Contrary to Misleading Posts
Numerous studies have shown the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective in preventing severe disease and death from COVID-19. But some social media posts are citing a criticized study that focuses on overall mortality to falsely imply the vacci
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CNN Says Future Town Halls Will Include Live Audiences, Contrary to Online Posts
CNN was criticized by some for hosting a town hall with Donald Trump and a live audience that expressed strong support for the former president. Online posts now wrongly claim CNN will have "no more live audiences at town halls." CNN said the claim i
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FactChecking Tim Scott’s Presidential Campaign Announcement
Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina announced on May 22 that he will seek the Republican nomination for president in 2024. We reviewed his speech -- and an exclusive NBC News interview he did shortly after -- and found that he made a few claims that wer
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Young Children Do Not Receive Medical Gender Transition Treatment
Families seeking information from a health care provider about a young child's gender identity may have their questions answered or receive counseling. Some posts share a misleading claim that toddlers are being “transitioned.” To be clear, prepubesc
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Debt Ceiling Talks Go Down to the Wire — Again
The U.S. government will likely run out of money in early June unless Congress passes a bill to raise the debt limit. Here we look at the current state of negotiations and review how the past 10 debt limit disputes were resolved. The post Debt Cei
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DeSantis’ Law Requiring Online Vendors to Charge Sales Tax Wasn’t a New Tax
A TV ad misleadingly accuses Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis of increasing taxes. But the law in question didn't create a new tax. Instead, it implemented a more effective way of collecting an existing tax. The post DeSantis’ Law Requiring Online Vendors t
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Post Mischaracterizes GOP Opposition to Oregon Bill on Reproductive Health Care for Minors
An Oregon bill that would eliminate parental consent for minors to access reproductive health care, including abortion, has been criticized by conservatives. But a liberal social media post mischaracterizes their opposition by claiming Republicans sa
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Viral Video Makes False Claim About Global Oil Supply
Oil is formed in a process that takes millions of years, and there is a finite amount on the planet, scientists say. But a TikTok video shared on Instagram falsely claims that there is an "unlimited" supply of oil, and people are being “taught” other
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Michelle Obama Not a 2024 Presidential Candidate, Contrary to Online Posts
President Joe Biden has said he will seek a second term, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Marianne Williamson have said they will challenge him for the 2024 Democratic nomination. But social media posts falsely claim that the party "just confirmed Miche
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FactChecking Trump’s CNN Town Hall
Former President Donald Trump's town hall event felt like a lightning round of false and misleading claims -- most of which we've heard before -- on voter fraud, immigration, classified documents and more. The post FactChecking Trump’s CNN Town Hall
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Posts Share Fake Chelsea Clinton Quote About Global Childhood Vaccination Effort
An international initiative called the Big Catch-Up aims to increase vaccination among children who have missed routine vaccines during the COVID-19 pandemic. In describing the project, Chelsea Clinton did not say it was time to “force-jab every unva
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Q&A On The End Of The COVID-19 Public Health Emergency
May 11 will mark the end of the federal public health emergency for COVID-19, bringing changes to health care and public benefits.  The post Q&A on the End of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency appeared first on FactCheck.org.
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COVID-19 Vaccine Benefits Outweigh Small Risks, Contrary to Flawed Claim From U.K. Cardiologist
Dozens of studies support the use of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, which have a good safety profile and work well in preventing severe disease and death. Yet, citing a single, flawed paper, a British cardiologist known for peddling misinformation has m
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The Political Disagreement Over a Health Exception for Later Abortions
In recent years, Democrats in Congress have introduced a bill that would bar states from prohibiting abortion after a fetus is viable outside the womb in cases where the patient’s life or health is at risk. Republicans claim that the bill would allow
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Fox News and Dominion Voting Not Owned By Same Company, Contrary to Online Posts
Dominion Voting Systems sued Fox News for defamation, alleging the news organization spread lies about the company after the 2020 election. After the suit was settled, social media posts falsely claimed that Fox and Dominion Voting Systems were owned
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Unpacking The Claim That Blinken ‘Lied’ To Congress
Republican Sen. Ron Johnson says Secretary of State Antony Blinken lied to Congress about communicating with Hunter Biden via email. But there is less to the accusation than Johnson suggests. The post Unpacking the Claim that Blinken ‘Lied’ to Congre
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Khanna Voted For — and Against — Raising Debt Limit During Trump Era
Rep. Ro Khanna voted against a budget bill in 2018 that raised the federal debt limit. Yet, Khanna claimed he set aside his partisan differences with then-President Donald Trump and "voted to pay our bills." The post Khanna Voted For — and Against —
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Online Claims Misrepresent Washington Bill Aimed at Runaway Transgender Youth
Q: Does a proposed law in Washington state say that the government can take children away from parents who don’t agree to gender transition surgery? A: No. Under the bill, licensed youth shelters no longer have to report the location of a runaway chi
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Republicans Push Back on Democratic Claims of Veterans’ Health Care Cuts in GOP Debt Limit Bill
Here we'll explain why Democrats claim that the GOP legislation is a threat to veterans, as well as why Republicans claim that those opposing the bill are simply using fear tactics. The post Republicans Push Back on Democratic Claims of Veterans’ Hea
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Kansas School Sports Act Doesn’t Require ‘Genital Inspections,’ Contrary to Online Posts
Kansas passed a bill allowing only "biologically female" students to play on girls' and women's athletic teams from elementary through college. Social media posts misleadingly claim the bill will allow "forced genital inspections" of students. The bi
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Posts Misrepresent U.N. Panel’s Guidance on Consensual Sex Between Adolescents
An international judicial panel working with the United Nations' AIDS agency issued recommendations in March on laws related to sexual conduct, including consensual sex between adolescents. Social media posts misrepresented the recommendations, with
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Biden’s Numbers, April Update
A quarterly update of statistical measures of the president's time in office. The post Biden’s Numbers, April Update appeared first on FactCheck.org.
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Warming Beyond 1.5 C Harmful, But Not a Point of No Return, as Biden Claims
It's increasingly likely that the planet will reach 1.5 degrees Celsius, or 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit, of warming, probably within the next two decades. But while that level of warming comes with a variety of dangerous effects, it's not a point of no re
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We’re a Webby People’s Voice Winner
Thanks to our loyal readers who voted, FactCheck.org has won the 2023 Webby People's Voice Award in the category for Websites and Mobile Sites: News & Politics. The post We’re a Webby People’s Voice Winner appeared first on FactCheck.org.
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Masking Has Minimal Effects on Respiratory System, Does Not Cause Long COVID
Long COVID is a collection of health problems caused by COVID-19 that remain or appear following the initial infection. It is implausible that face masks cause long COVID, contrary to claims made online. Mask use can temporarily cause discomfort, but
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FactChecking Biden’s Reelection Remarks
President Joe Biden announced on April 25 that he would run for reelection in the 2024 campaign. In his video announcement and a speech later that day to a union group, Biden repeated several claims we've fact-checked before. The post FactChecking Bi
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Posts Mislead on Rules for Guns at NRA Convention, Utah GOP Event
The three-day National Rifle Association convention in Indianapolis allowed attendees to carry firearms, except for a two-hour period when former President Donald Trump and other leaders spoke in a hall secured by the Secret Service. Yet, social medi
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Dueling Ads: Trump and DeSantis on Social Security and Medicare
Former President Donald Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis both say they do not support cuts to Social Security. But dueling ads from super PACs supporting their presidential bids say past statements or actions suggest they once did, and therefore s
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FBI Access Request Is Not Evidence White House ‘Lied’ About Not Being ‘Involved’ in ‘Mar-a-Lago Raid’
There's no evidence the White House aided or had prior knowledge of the FBI’s search of Mar-a-Lago in August 2022. By law, the White House requested access for the FBI to review the classified documents that former President Donald Trump turned over
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