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Diabetes Drug May Also Treat Aging Blood Vessels
An FDA-approved drug that lowers blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes may also decrease blood vessel dysfunction associated with aging, according to a new study. Researchers initially examined the role aging plays in human blood vessel function
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Wristband Tracks Firefighters’ Chemical Exposure
A new silicone wristband can track firefighters’ exposure to cancer-causing chemicals and determine where and when the risks might be greatest. “It turns out that ordinary silicone wristbands, like the ones sold in stores, absorb the semi-volatile or
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Binge Drinking Harms Teen Rat Brains
Binge drinking has a powerful effect on teenage brains, according to study with rats. The study also indicates that even low and moderate amounts of alcohol can significantly affect brain function. Binge drinking is the most common, costly, and deadl
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Gel Grabs Drinking Water Right Out Of Dry Air
A new low-cost gel film made of abundant materials can pull water from the air in even the driest climates, report researchers. More than a third of the world’s population lives in drylands, areas that experience significant water shortages. The new
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Method Gets Hydrogen Gas Out Of Liquid Carriers Faster
A new technique for extracting hydrogen gas from liquid carriers is faster, less expensive, and more energy efficient than previous approaches, say researchers. “Hydrogen is widely viewed as a sustainable energy source for transportation, but there a
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Noodle Bot Gets Through Mazes On Its Own
New soft robots can navigate complex environments like mazes without input from humans or computer software, new research shows. “These soft robots demonstrate a concept called ‘physical intelligence,’ meaning that structural design and smart materia
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Sustained Weight Loss May Improve Semen Quality
Men with obesity can improve their semen quality if they lose weight and maintain the weight loss, a new study shows. Men all over the world are suffering from deteriorating semen quality—often referred to as an outright fertility crisis. The new stu
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Team Takes A Step Toward Nanoparticle Drugs
A new machine learning model that predicts interactions between nanoparticles and proteins is a step toward engineered nanoparticles that fight infection. The rise of antibiotic resistance motivates the researchers. “We have reimagined nanoparticles
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Finding May Explain Variation In Similar Painkillers
New research identifies a previously unknown process that clarifies why similar painkillers such as ibuprofen and aspirin produce a range of clinical outcomes. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are widely used to treat pain and inflammat
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Greener Cities Could Prevent Thousands Of Deaths
Increasing green space in United States cities may substantially reduce mortality from all causes, according to a new study. The nationwide study found that increasing green vegetation in large, metropolitan areas could have prevented between 34,000-
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How To Keep Your Kids Safer At Summer Camp
The top concern for parents choosing a summer camp for their kids is logistics, poll results indicate. And while families consider health and safety information, such as camp supervision and first aid training, less than half of parents rate general
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These Birds Are Key Spreaders Of Avian Flu
A new study clarifies which bird species are super spreaders of avian influenza, more commonly known as bird flu. “The scientific community has become accustomed to speaking about influenza viruses in birds as a group, but birds are an incredibly div
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Roads And Railway Would Threaten Tiger Survival In Nepal Park
Expanding roads and completion of a planned railway in Nepal’s Chitwan National Park could increase deaths of endangered tigers, disrupt habitats, and exacerbate other threats to biodiversity, a new study shows. Using an advanced simulation model, re
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Dolphins Seem To Treat Skin Trouble By Rubbing On Coral
Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins appear to line up to treat skin conditions by rubbing against corals, researchers report. In the journal iScience, researchers show that these corals have medicinal properties, suggesting that the dolphins are using t
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To Invade Land, Plants Had To Fend Off Fungus
New findings clarify how plant life established itself on the surface of our planet. Specifically, the researchers demonstrate that two genes are indispensable for allowing terrestrial plants to defend themselves against fungal attack—a defense mecha
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8 Tips To Get You Through The Baby Formula Shortage
An expert has tips to help you navigate the national shortage of baby formula, which has many parents worried they won’t be able to feed their babies. More than 40% of top-selling formula brands are reportedly out of stock at stores around the countr
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Traumatic Events May Blunt Benefits Of Positive Interventions At School
In the midst of traumatic events, such as a neighborhood shooting, positive classroom behavior management interventions may not work as well for all kids, a new study shows. In general, offering students positive encouragement rather than negative re
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Why You Should Worry About Plastic And Your Health
Recent studies have found evidence of microplastics in the human body, including the bloodstream and lungs. But that’s not the only way plastic can affect human health. While studying mosquito-borne viral infections (arboviruses) in Kenya, Desiree La
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Team Measures Microbes In American Diets
New research aims to measure the friendly microbes in raw and fermented foods. “Ultimately we want to understand if there should be a recommended daily intake of these microbes to keep us healthy, either through the foods or from probiotic supplement
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Profitable Franchises Need Growth And Termination
Termination is a necessarily element of successful franchises, say researchers. Franchises are the dominant retail model in the United States, and underpinning their success are franchisors who grow a network of franchisees who use their own resource
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Combo Immunotherapy Slows Down Liver Cancer In Mice
Researchers have discovered a specific combination immunotherapy that shows promise in the fight against liver cancer. The therapy involves a tumor-suppressing lipid molecule called nanoliposome C6-ceramide (LipC6) and an antibody for cytotoxic T-lym
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0.3% Of Mid-Atlantic Ocean Off The US Coast Is Protected
Many important ocean regions off the coasts of the mainland United States are significantly unprotected, according to a new analysis of marine protected areas. The study finds that large portions of the coast have only 5% or less of its area conserve
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When Smokers Switch To E-cigs, Other Healthier Choices May Follow
Adult smokers who shift to using to e-cigarettes may have more chances to improve health and well-being, according to a new study. Researchers monitored changes in health and social functioning among smokers at two stages in adulthood, age 30 and aga
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‘Polypharmacy’ Puts Older Cancer Patients At Risk
“Polypharmacy,” the concurrent use of multiple medications, can lead to harmful drug interactions, which is especially dangerous for cancer patients about to undergo therapy, a new study shows. Even for individuals who don’t have cancer, multiple med
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Buffalo Shooting Adds To Rise Of Hate Crimes In The US
The recent mass shooting in Buffalo, New York on May 14 is set apart from the many mass shootings that happen yearly in the US by white nationalism. Rather than indiscriminately shooting, the 18-year-old suspect targeted a supermarket in a predominan
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Hunga Volcano Generated Incredible Atmospheric Waves
Researchers report the first comprehensive account of the Hunga volcano eruption’s atmospheric waves. The Hunga volcano ushered in 2022 with a bang, devastating the island nation of Tonga and sending aid agencies, and Earth scientists, into a flurry
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This Crafty Tool Can Eavesdrop On 6G Wireless Signals
Hackers could make a tool to eavesdrop on some 6G wireless signals with just office paper, an inkjet printer, a metallic foil transfer, and a laminator. The researchers who discovered the wireless security hack will present their findings and demonst
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How Antisemitism Spreads Online And What You Can Do
A new book digs into how Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and other platforms may be fueling the rise of antisemitism in the United States and globally. According to the Anti-Defamation League, 2021 was a low point in the history of American antisemitism.
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Protein’s Role In Fragile X Is More Complex Than Thought
Researchers have identified a previously unknown function for the fragile X protein, the loss of which is the leading inherited cause of intellectual disability. The researchers showed that the protein modulates how neurons in the brain’s memory cent
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DNA Offers Link To Ancient Indigenous People Of Uruguay
The first whole genome sequences of the ancient people of Uruguay provide a genetic snapshot of Indigenous populations of the region before European military campaigns decimated them. “Our work shows that the Indigenous people of ancient Uruguay exhi
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