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How To Prep For (and Recover From) Natural Disasters
In the wake of Hurricane Dorian, which the National Weather Service called one of the most powerful to make landfall in modern history, two experts discuss how to prepare for—and recover from—a storm. The hurricane’s 185 mph winds and rampant floodin
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We’ve Been Transforming Earth For At Least 10,000 Years
Thousands of years before humans began burning fossil fuels, human activity had indelibly altered the natural world through foraging, herding animals, and farming, according to a new study. The study synthesizes data from 255 archaeologists to provid
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Some People Have Better Genetic Protection From MRSA
An inherited genetic mutation appears to increase the likelihood that a person can successfully fight off MRSA infections, according to a new study. The finding adds important insights into the genetic factors that predispose some people to persisten
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Method Treats Chronic Neuropathic Pain Without Surgery
Researchers have come up with an effective, minimally invasive way to treat the intractable and growing problem of chronic neuropathic pain. “Our preclinical research findings suggest an entirely new procedure and novel target in the brain to allevia
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1-minute Video: How To Choose A Toothbrush
Here’s how to choose a toothbrush, one that won’t cause gum recession or other oral health hazards. “One of the most important things about choosing a toothbrush is to make sure that your toothbrush has soft bristles,” says Deborah Foyle, clinical as
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Flu Vaccine Patch Ditches Needles And Side Effects
A new needle-free flu vaccine patch revs up the immune system much like a traditional flu shot without any negative side effects, a study with mice shows. While the patch is in the early stages and researchers have not yet tested it in humans, it’s a
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Are The Vaping Risks Real? 3 Questions For An Expert
Young people face special health risks when vaping, according to a tobacco dependence expert. Federal health officials have so far identified 450 possible cases of severe respiratory illnesses reported after use of e-cigarette products in 33 states,
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Minty Vape Flavors Have High Levels Of Banned Carcinogen
Pulegone, a potential carcinogen banned as a food additive, is present in high levels in some e-cigarette liquids and smokeless tobacco products, according to a new study. Pulegone (pronounced pju-leh-goan) is in menthol and mint flavored e-cigarette
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Robotic Fish Predator Strikes Fear Into Invasive Species
Robotic fish can be a valuable tool in the fight against one of the world’s most problematic invasive species, the mosquitofish, researchers report. Invasive species control is notoriously challenging, especially in lakes and rivers where native fish
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Doctors Are Prescribing Kids More ‘Off Label’ Meds
US physicians are increasingly ordering medications for children “off label,” research finds. Many drugs prescribed for children have not been rigorously tested in children, according to the Food and Drug Administration. “Off-label medications—meanin
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Cats Mark Territory With Microbe-made Stink
Cats may owe their stinky way of marking territory to resident bacteria, research shows. Domestic cats, like many other mammals, use smelly secretions from anal sacs to mark territory and communicate with other animals. The new study shows that many
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When The Norse Settled Iceland, Its Walrus Disappeared
A unique population of Icelandic walrus went extinct shortly after Norse settlement about 1,100 years ago, research finds. Walrus hunting for the ivory trade was probably the cause of extinction. It’s one of the earliest examples of commercially driv
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Working Memory May Play Role In Teen Car Crash Risk
Brain development may play a critical role in whether teenagers are more likely to get into a car crash, a new study suggests. Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of injury and death among 16- to 19-year-olds in the United States. While previ
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Alpha Brain Waves Are Even More Complex Than We Thought
Alpha brain waves related to selective attention and working memory may stem from two different processes in the brain, according to new research. Imagine you need to dial a phone number you just looked up. You might jot it down on a piece of paper s
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Prescription Drug Misuse Can Predict This Trajectory
The frequency and age at which older teens and young adults misuse prescription drugs can predict substance use disorders later in life, especially alcohol misuse, according to a new study. In the past year, more than 17 million Americans misused pre
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Free BotSlayer Tool Fights Bad Info Online
There’s a new tool in the fight against online disinformation called BotSlayer. The software, which is free and open to the public, scans social media in real time to detect evidence of automated Twitter accounts—or “bots”—pushing messages in a coord
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Tiny Bubbles Could Deliver Cancer-killing Drugs
The nano-sized bubbles that healthy cells release to transfer genetic material could carry cancer treatments that target and kill tumor cells, researchers report. “What we’ve done is improve a therapeutic approach to delivering enzyme-producing genes
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Options Don’t Boost Rates Of Colorectal Cancer Screening
Offering people the choice between home tests or a colonoscopy doesn’t increase rates of colorectal cancer screening participation, research finds. The findings, published in JAMA Network Open, show the proportion of colonoscopies—the gold standard f
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Why Mountains Are Such Biodiversity Hotspots
Mountain regions—especially those in the tropics—are hotspots of extraordinary and baffling biodiversity, according to new research. Life on Earth is amazingly diverse, and exhibits striking geographical global patterns in biodiversity. Although moun
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Quick Test Measures Parent Perceptions Of School
A new tool can measure parent perceptions of how they engage with their children’s education, researchers report. The tool also offers school administrators a quick, economical, and efficient alternative to the often expensive and cumbersome measures
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Better Device Tracking With Wifi Could Help Indoor Navigation
A new technique uses a novel combination of WiFi signals and accelerometer technology to track devices in near-real time, researchers report. The technique, which can measure speed and distance in indoor environments, could help improve navigation te
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Menthol Cigarette Restrictions Could Hike Cost, Cut Use
Restricting the sale of menthol cigarettes to tobacco specialty shops may reduce the number of retailers and increase the cost of smoking, a new study suggests. “Targeting the tobacco retail environment is rapidly emerging as the next frontier in tob
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A.I. Could Help Predict When Blood Tests Aren’t Necessary
An algorithm that can predict whether a given blood test will come back “normal” could help cut needless medical tests, researchers report. Being thorough in medicine is a must—but doctors concerned about over-testing are raising a new question: Is i
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Why Acute Kidney Injury Strikes Marathon Runners
Fluid volume and sweat sodium losses, rather than a rise in core body temperature, are the key contributors to post-race acute kidney injury, according to a new study of marathon runners. Legend states that after the Greek army defeated the invading
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Boney Armor Protects Komodo Dragons In Battle
The boney armor that Komodo dragons have just beneath their scales helps protect the dominant predator from other Komodo dragons, researchers report. Tiny bones cover the dragons from head to tail, creating a “chain mail” that protects them, but rese
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Polymer Kills 99.9% Of MRSA In Just 5 Minutes
Researchers report that a new self-sterilizing polymer can kill a range of viruses and drug-resistant bacteria in just minutes—including methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). “We were exploring a different approach for creating antimicr
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Survey Gauges Support For Using ‘Gene Drives’ To Fight Pests
A survey of more than 1,000 American adults indicates more support for using specific genetic modification techniques called “gene drives” against insect pests if they’re limited in scope and aimed at non-native insects. The survey inquires about att
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Food Can Help Or Hurt Mouse Gut Bacteria After Antibiotics
Antibiotics change the composition and metabolism of gut bacteria in mice, and food can make things better or worse, according to new research. Antibiotics save countless lives each year from harmful bacterial infections—but the community of benefici
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Teens Who Spend Hours On Social Media Report These Behaviors
Teenagers who spend more than three hours a day on social media are more likely to report high levels of behaviors that may indicate mental health problems compared to adolescents who do not use social media at all, according to a new study. The stud
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Black Hole ‘Ringing’ Confirms Einstein’s Theory Of Relativity
A new method allows researchers to detect multiple tones from a black hole ringing like a bell—something that most astrophysicists thought would not be possible for a decade or more. The finding confirms Einstein’s theory of general relativity and ma
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