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Garden Therapy: A Story of Triumph
Estimated reading time: 7 minutes — When my wife slipped on a tablecloth she was folding and fell on her knee, it was frightening as well as painful. A trip to the emergency room confirmed that she had broken her kneecap and that it would be two to
Best Self Magazine4 min read
What Is A “Real” Relationship In The Age Of Social Media?
Estimated reading time: 6 minutes — How many people can you actively be in real relationship with? While that seems like a simple, straight-forward question the reality is more complex. First, how do you define the realin real relationships? Are the
Best Self Magazine3 min read
It’s Been Pouring: The Dark Secret of the First Year of Motherhood
Estimated reading time: 9 minutes — Postpartum depression is in many ways no longer taboo; it’s an affliction on the lips of most pregnant women as something they fear, and which they’ve been told counseling and medications can help. And yet — when
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Divorcing Differently: An Intuitive Path from Untethered to Empowered
Estimated reading time: 10 minutes — Divorcing differently…is it really possible? “Look, the last thing I could imagine doing when my life was spiraling out of control during my divorce — was get ZEN and centered and make grounded decisions. That so
Best Self Magazine4 min read
Power Play: Redefining Your Relationship to Power
Estimated reading time: 5 minutes — When we fail to define and claim our power, we unknowingly place our worth in the wrong hands and ultimately pay a significant price for it, losing ourselves as a result. After having launched my startup media pla
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Persian Delicacies: Preserving Family Legacy (+ 3 Delicious Recipes)
Estimated reading time: 6 minutes — When my daughter graduated from college and moved back home a few years ago, she started cooking and experimenting with Persian dishes. She asked me about traditional Persian recipes such as Ghormeh Sabzi (Herbed
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Solo Performance: Releasing Fear from the Inside Out
Estimated reading time: 7 minutes — In response to the crazy world of change that ours has become, I am thrilled to share that once we begin to invest in self, we begin to blossom and transcend being ruled by fear I doubt there is anyone who hasn’t
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School Challenges: 6 Ways to Keep Your Kids Motivated and Engaged
Estimated reading time: 7 minutes — The teenager who falls asleep once a textbook is placed in front of them. The child who won’t stop yelling each time they’re asked to do their homework. All around us, it’s easy to find children that struggle to s
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Let Her Eat (Gluten-Free) Cake: A Lesson in Paying it Forward
Estimated reading time: 4 minutes — When I was in my thirties, I was diagnosed with celiac disease. Basically, in the blink of an eye, the world of food as I knew it was altered forever. Imagine that all the foods you love, pizza, pasta and bread, a
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Projecting Emotions: Are Those Your Feelings or Theirs?
Estimated reading time: 5 minutes — Before having children, I have to admit I scoffed at the “you’ll understand when you become a mother” phrase that was often thrown my way, especially by my own parents. Of course, everything changed when the kids
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Unclaimed: Finding My Unique Identity…Finally
Estimated reading time: 10 minutes — I never wanted to be alone, ever, but that is precisely what I did. I got vastly lonely first before confronting the nervous energy coursing through me that engaged a need for relentless mobility. It is how I hid
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What Do You Hear? Listening as a Pathway to Peace and Happiness
Estimated reading time: 7 minutes — We all find peace in different ways. I meditate, and when I do, I try to remove myself completely from all of my senses. For me, it is beautiful. But I also find that it brings me happiness to pay attention to my
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Dear Lola: Modern Letterpress with Love
Estimated reading time: 8 minutes — We conducted a Q&A with Sabrena Burnett, owner of Dear Lola Letterpress. Using a decades-old hand-crafted method, Sabrena creates beautiful printed works of art that facilitate deeper connection between the partie
Best Self Magazine10 min read
Beyond Medicine: A Physician’s Revolutionary Prescription for Absolute Health
— It’s the one story that I never wanted to tell. I was scared to, because I felt a lot of shame around it all. And from time to time, I still do. When I was beginning to think about writing a book, someone in the publishing business told me that I s
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One Chakra at a Time: Shifting into Your Best Self with the ChinTwins
Estimated reading time: 11 minutes — Lions, tigers and chakras…oh my! Balance has become a buzz word. In this world of constant hustle and bustle, gadgets and gurus—attaining this notion of “being balanced” is enough to make one dizzy. And when we a
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Mature Optimism: Balancing Beauty, Tragedy and Hope in a Complicated World
— As we think about the transition into a new year, I have to ask myself: will this one be better? One of my Facebook friends is always posting about how we should be positive and always have a good attitude. He says that “we create our own reality”
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Thank you, Father (a Love Story, of Sorts)
— My father and I had many disagreements. He was a wonderful father, but sometimes, to assert my independence, I would disagree with him for no good reason. We always had a good relationship, but there were tensions. Tonight, for reasons I cannot fat
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7 Ways to Release Grief from Your Body
— After a sudden and traumatic loss a few years ago, my grief and shock first expressed themselves through my body: I couldn’t stop shuddering. This shaking was so bad that even once I could sleep again, it woke me at night. So I didn’t need bestsell
Best Self Magazine5 min readGender Studies
HLGBTQ+: When Will the Discussion End?
— Once upon time there was a planet in which the inhabitants were either blue or white. Blues were either inclined toward whites or blues. And whites were inclined toward whites or blues. And then there were the blues who liked both blues and whites
Best Self Magazine4 min read
Breath, Your Brain And The Power To Change
— Breathing, we do it every moment of every day and yet most of us just take it for granted. We see breathing as a binary process, either I’m breathing (and therefore alive) or I’m not breathing (and therefore in danger or already dead). But a little
Best Self Magazine3 min read
No Man Left Behind: Growing from vs. Separating from Our Past
Estimated reading time: 4 minutes — I was talking with a new friend yesterday, we talked about all the things I love talking about. Yoga, health, philosophy, wellbeing, love, sex, god, relationships, trauma, drama, psychology and recreating one’s se
Best Self Magazine6 min read
Releasing The Mind: A Journey From Overthinking and Projection…to Peace
Estimated reading time: 9 minutes — I’ve always been someone who feels very deeply. A few years ago, I would have rephrased that statement with, “I’m someone who feels too deeply.” Most of my life I’ve tried to feel less in order to fit in with othe
Best Self Magazine7 min read
The Creative Hero’s Journey: 5 Reasons You Should Write Your Book, Paint Your Picture, Sing Your Song
Estimated reading time: 10 minutes — I used to be a professional disease hunter, a board-certified surgical pathologist. I was the M.D. in a white coat who stared at your skin (or breast, brain or bone, etc.) biopsy under the microscope and let your
Best Self Magazine6 min read
Making Sense and Finding Meaning in Broken Relationships
— Endlessly searching for love with all its nuances has been the story of my life. From a very young age into much of my adult life, I was driven by a seemingly insatiable need to understand and to find love, believing and hoping that true love that
Best Self Magazine2 min read
Moving Past Old Patterns Allows Us to Boldly Step into the Future
— Afraid of one’s self, one’s mind, one’s past and one’s patterns… aren’t we all a bit afraid of lapsing back into the persons we used to be? We work and learn and grow and change and then fall back into our old and outworn patterns of being… What is
Best Self Magazine3 min read
We Feel Only as Much Love as We Allow Ourselves to
— I never let myself receive love. Throughout all my life, with my own parents, my siblings, my friends and my lovers… there have been so many people who have loved me and yet I barely felt any of it. I never let myself receive love because I didn’t
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A Yoga Practice for Forgiveness
— Whether we need to forgive ourselves or others, it’s important that we process our healing not just in our minds, but in our bodies. So much of our past trauma and lived experience is held in the physical body. In the yoga tradition it is believed
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It’s Personal: A Reflection on Grief
— Sitting on the sturdy plastic church chair on the end of one of several rectangular tables, I watched — or, rather, allowed my eyeballs to take in — a slideshow of pictures, most of which were from his childhood. Small Danny, often wearing a tie an
Best Self Magazine7 min read
Saying Goodbye to Sara
— We never really know when it will be the last time we talk to someone, the last time we see them, the last hug. The time was 2:23pm. Or there about. It’s hard to pinpoint the precise time when you’re in that deep sleep state where time seems not to
Best Self Magazine8 min read
Lost And Found: Bewilderment As An Invitation To Transformation
— When I get lost while driving in the Hudson Valley — which is often — I usually welcome seeing a new place. When one of my two young daughters asks me a thought-stopping question (“Papa, are we indigenous people anywhere on the planet?” “Papa, do o
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