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He Said He Faked Mental Illness to Avoid Prison. Now, Accused in 2 Killings, He’s Sent Back to a State Hospital.
by Jayme Fraser, The Malheur Enterprise VALE, Ore. — In 2016, Oregon officials freed Anthony Montwheeler from the Oregon State Hospital, accepting his argument that he had faked mental illness for nearl
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Bipartisan Furor as North Carolina Election Law Shrinks Early Voting Locations by Almost 20 Percent
by Blake Paterson In June, the North Carolina General Assembly passed legislation mandating that all early voting sites in the state remain open for uniform hours on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., a mo
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Trump Administration Proposes Weakening Rules Governing Organ Transplant Centers
by Mike Hixenbaugh, Houston Chronicle, and Charles Ornstein, ProPublica The Trump administration this week proposed eliminating a decade-old regulation that puts hospitals at risk of losing their Medica
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Inspector General Del Departamento De Justicia Investigará Un Programa De La DEA Vinculado Con Masacres En México
por Ginger Thompson El pasado martes, el inspector general del Departamento de Justicia anunció que su oficina investigaría un programa de la Administración para el Control de las Drogas vinculado con a
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What’s in a Resume? A Lot, When It Comes to Trump Staffers
by Derek Kravitz It’s no surprise that hundreds of staffers on 2016 presidential and congressional campaigns parlayed their work into political jobs in the Trump administration. But you wouldn’t always
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What More Can We Learn From Chicago Ticket Data?
by David Eads Get Email Updates from ProPublica Illinois Discover what makes Illinoi
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New in Trump Town: Staffer Resumes
by Derek Kravitz, Al Shaw and Claire Perlman See the database.
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“Humanitarian Crisis” Looms as Arizona Threatens to Revoke Immigrant Children Shelter Licenses
by Topher Sanders and Michael Grabell Arizona health officials threatened on Wednesday to revoke the licenses of 13 federally funded immigrant children shelters, accusing the facilities’ operator, South
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Sloan Kettering’s Cozy Deal With Start-Up Ignites a New Uproar
by Charles Ornstein, ProPublica, and Katie Thomas, The New York Times An artificial intelligence start-up founded by three insiders at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center debuted with great fanfare i
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Voting in America Is WILD. Here’s How to Plan Ahead.
by Cynthia Gordy Giwa Hi, welcome back! Since last time, you’ve learned how online political advertising gets targeted to you, and you had a peek at ads aimed at other people (or ads that campaigns don
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The Disappeared
by Hannah Dreier The string of text messages that would come to haunt Carlota Moran seemed like just an annoyance at first — an interruption to what was supposed to be a special outing for her and
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Congress Passes Measure to Protect Board that Monitors Nuclear Safety
by Rebecca Moss, Santa Fe New Mexican Congress has moved to block an effort to weaken a federal board that oversees worker and public safety at nuclear facilities, adding language to an appropriations b
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Justice Department Inspector General to Investigate DEA Program Linked to Massacres in Mexico
by Ginger Thompson The Justice Department’s inspector general announced on Tuesday that his office would investigate a Drug Enforcement Administration program linked to violent drug cartel attacks in Me
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Amid Accusations of Age Bias, IBM Winds Down a Push for Millennial Workers
by Peter Gosselin and Ariana Tobin Faced with a mounting pile of lawsuits accusing it of age discrimination — the latest, a class action, was filed this week in federal district court in New York — tech
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Private Trash Haulers Resist New Safety Measures
by Kiera Feldman On its face, the agenda for the Business Integrity Commission’s public hearing on Monday seemed uncontroversial enough: The agency that oversees New York City’s private garbage industry
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A Cancer Patient’s Guide to Clinical Trials
by Caroline Chen Clinical trials are a crucial step in getting new treatments to market. Before a drug can be approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and released widely, manufacturers are req
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How We Compared Clinical Trial and Cancer Incidence Data
by Riley Wong Introduction For our story, Black Patients Miss Out On Promising Cancer Drugs, ProPublica compared participant pools for clinical trials of new cancer treatments to the populations most at
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Facebook Is Letting Job Advertisers Target Only Men
by Ariana Tobin and Jeremy B. Merrill Hundreds of thousands of Americans drive for Uber. And the company is looking for many more. It runs ads on Facebook that say, for example: “Driving toward somethin
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The Election DataBot: Now Even Easier
by Derek Willis and Gabrielle LaMarr LeMee We launched the Election DataBot in 2016 with the idea that it would help reporters, researchers and concerned citizens more easily find and tell some of the t
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Blood-Spatter Expert in Joe Bryan Case Says “My Conclusions Were Wrong”
by Pamela Colloff A hearing to determine whether Joe Bryan should be granted a new trial came to a dramatic conclusion on Monday with a surprise, eleventh-hour admission from the expert witness whose te
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ProPublica Wins Four Online Journalism Awards
by ProPublica ProPublica was honored with four Online Journalism Awards, the most of any news organization, at the Online News Association Conference on Saturday. ProPublica won its fourth Online Journ
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Hurricane Florence’s Surge Is Expected to Hit Homes That Already Cost the Government Millions
by Lisa Song and Al Shaw Though the flooding from Hurricane Florence is predicted to be unprecedented, residents of the coastal North Carolina towns threatened by the storm surge know what it’s like to
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Potential Insurance Bill From Hurricane Florence Could Take Toll on Wallets Far From North Carolina’s Coast
by Abrahm Lustgarten and Talia Buford For years, North Carolina has bet against a storm like Hurricane Florence. Even as nationally known insurance companies pulled out of the state’s coastal communiti
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Crossing the Divide: The Challenges and Rewards of Working in Spanish-Language Media
by Melissa Sanchez and Helga Salinas Melissa Sanchez A few weeks ago, I was catching up on my Facebook and Twitter feeds when I noticed a story from a reporter at Hoy, the Spanish-language sister publi
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The Overlooked Weak Link in Election Security
by Jack Gillum and Jessica Huseman More than one-third of counties that are overseeing elections in some of the most contested congressional races this November run email systems that could make it easy
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Top Official at Memorial Sloan Kettering Resigns After Failing to Disclose Industry Ties
by Charles Ornstein, ProPublica, and Katie Thomas, The New York Times Dr. José Baselga, the chief medical officer of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, resigned on Thursday amid reports that he had
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New York City Primary Voters Find Their Names Missing From Voter Rolls
Some state primary voters — including the mayor’s son — arrived at polling places in New York City only to discover that their registration had been changed or dropped, forcing them to vote via affidavit ballot. Read more at WNYC’s Gothamist.
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Agency Takes Back Instructions to Residents in Brooklyn Housing Project to Stay Home on Primary Day
by Blake Paterson Hundreds of residents of the Marlboro Houses near Coney Island in Brooklyn received notices from the New York City Housing Authority telling them to remain home on Thursday from 8 a.m.
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Video: Dayton and the America Left Behind
by ProPublica The many woes of the Rust Belt and the industrial heartland have been frequently dissected since the election of
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ProPublica’s User’s Guide to Democracy: Political Advertising
by Cynthia Gordy Giwa Who’s ready to become a smarter, more engaged, more empowered voter?! Hopefully your answer is … Over the next several weeks, I’ll be your guide through the midt
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