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Just OK Is Not Good Enough for a Financial Plan
Don't get me wrong. I'm 100% in favor of the idea of financial planning. And I have nothing but respect for the fee-only fiduciary advisers who do it right. It's just that some people view going through a traditional financial planning session with
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Avoid These Mistakes with Your Retirement Income Plan
Retirees can no longer rely on outdated rules to generate sufficient retirement income. According to the American Academy of Actuaries, a couple who both attain age 65 will have a 50% chance of having one spouse living into their 90s. That means reti
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Income Annuities Take Risk Out of Retirement
Few adults would go without auto, home, life or health insurance. But the kind of insurance that protects against the risk of running out of money in old age is still greatly underutilized. It's called a deferred income annuity or a longevity annuit
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What is WRONG with Your Financial Planning 'Picture'?
Remember back to your elementary school days when your teacher passed out the "What's Wrong with the Picture" test. Your job was to scan the page to, find those items that were either missing from or not supposed to be in the picture. It looked so
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Life Insurance: Beyond Just Estate Planning
If you've never said, "I do," or live on your own and don't have any children, you probably think you don't need life insurance. Most people may not realize that life insurance can provide benefits well beyond paying for funeral expenses. You'll wan
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14 Stocks Already Hurt by President Donald Trump's Tariffs
America's nearly two-year-old trade war with China, as well as salvos with Europe and Mexico, has battered a wide swath of stocks. President Donald Trump's tariffs (and retaliatory duties) have weighed on companies in various forms, such as higher in
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A Tenant's Advice on How to Be a Better Landlord
If you've been thinking about buying a rental house, then today's story will be of special interest as it is advice from a tenant on how to be a better landlord. Motion Graphics Artist Andrew Benninghoff, 34, and his two roommates live in North Holl
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How to Calculate the Break-Even Age for Taking Social Security
"When should I take Social Security?" I may hear that question more than any other. It's often followed by a related question: "If I start taking Social Security at 62, I'll collect earlier but I'll receive a smaller amount. If I wait, I'll collect
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10 Worst Things to Keep in Your Wallet
One of the worst feelings is reaching for your wallet and finding it's not there. Panic ensues: Did you leave it at home? Drop it? Were you the victim of a pickpocket? Following our advice won't salve that panic, but it may lessen it. If your wallet
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30 Cheapest Places Where You'll Really Want to Retire
When you're trying to balance a fixed income with an enjoyable retirement, cost of living is a crucial factor to consider. After all, if your daily expenses eat up too much of your budget, you won't be left with much extra for anything fun, to leave
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Retirees: Don't Make the Same Mistakes Before a Market Correction
There's no doubt that earlier this year, many retirees I met with were in panic after the government shutdown. Even worse, economists have been warning the country could sink into a full-on recession before too long. With the recent swings in the Dow
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4 Important Tax Items Every Retiree Should Know About
Retirement may mean that you've stopped working, but it doesn't mean that you're finished with worrying about taxes. Many people think that when they get to retirement, they'll be in a lower tax bracket. But the reality is that taxes in retirement c
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25 Dividend Stocks That Analysts Love the Most
The longest bull market in history keeps charging. Stocks are near record highs, which sounds good, but it does create a problem for income investors. Specifically, where can they find dividend stocks poised for outperformance that still sport decent
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7 Cheap Stocks to Buy in a Pricey Market
After a bull market that's now the longest on record, you might think that nothing is cheap anymore. How one precisely defines "cheap" can vary from person to person. But for many, cheap stocks are simply those with solid fundamentals that have eithe
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Investors Win with New SEC 'Best Interest' Rules on Brokers
The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently approved a consumer-friendly package of Best Interest Rules that require brokerage firms to disclose potential conflicts of interest when giving financial guidance to consumers. The new requireme
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To Gift or Not to Gift
In estate planning, giving away assets during your lifetime has traditionally been used to help lower estate taxes when you die. However, the federal estate tax exemption amount (the amount under which federal estate taxes do not apply) is currently
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Millennials Want to Retire Too. Here's How.
Millennials, such as myself, seem to be known the world over for our poor choices, efforts to alter certain cultural norms, or collusion to shutter industries single-handedly. Another bad reputation we receive involves our seemingly perpetual proble
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5 REITs You Can Buy and Hold for Decades
When it comes to your investments, a decade is a long time. Ten years ago, we were just recovering from the 2008 meltdown and the worst recession since the Great Depression. Investors were nursing catastrophic losses. For some, it felt like the world
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12 Great Small Towns for Retirement
Don't overlook the big benefits of retiring to a small town. On top of the peace and quiet you'd expect, smaller places to live can also offer tight-knit communities, active senior groups and lower crime rates. Plus, many small towns come with relati
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5 Strategies for Managing Your Changing Risk Tolerance
Saving and investing for short, medium or long-term goals involves a series of trade-offs to design an appropriate asset allocation. Important to creating that asset allocation is understanding your risk tolerance and how it can evolve over time. Ri
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When It Comes to Investing, Diversification Is Not All the Same
When the stock market took a dive in 2008, plenty of people thought their portfolios were well protected against anything too dire. After all, they had carefully made sure they had a diversified lineup of investments, as nearly everyone recommended.
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What Your Grandchildren Really Want to Know
My grandmother used to teach us crazy songs. I have this memory of sitting in the back of her Subaru with my brother when I was just 7 or 8 years old belting out, "Nobody likes me. Everybody hates me. Guess I'll go eat worms!" Of course, crazy songs
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The Pros Say No: 7 Large-Cap Stocks to Sell or Avoid
Volatile markets can sometimes drive investors into the assumed safety of large-cap stocks. But a warning: Not every big company can help you weather the storm. September is a notoriously difficult month for the stock market. That's without consideri
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The Surprising Benefits of Gardening in Retirement
Each autumn, the fruits of the harvest fill the shelves of local groceries and farmers markets, a colorful reminder of the many nutritional benefits of fresh produce. But growing produce offers equally sustaining, though perhaps less visible, benefit
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Tax Relief for Hurricane Dorian Victims
While Hurricane Dorian continues to batter the U.S., staying safe and finding food, water, shelter and other necessities will be the top priorities for those directly affected by the storm. Eventually, however, many hurricane victims will also have t
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Should a Widow Pay Off Her Mortgage?
Susan, a referral from a colleague, is a recent widow. She called and wanted to know my thoughts on using her late husband's life insurance proceeds to pay off their mortgage. On the surface this seems like a reasonable idea, however, I didn't want
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Are You Making One of the Top 3 Investing Mistakes?
Those who have been investing long-term know that the market can challenge even the most seasoned professional. Volatility, coupled with the uncertainty of what's next, can lead many to question why they invest in the market at all. Oftentimes, in
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6 Best Health Care Funds for a Volatile Market
Let's face it: The stock market is infuriating. Valuations are high, global growth is slow, and President Donald Trump's trade war with China has brought elevated volatility to stocks. Meanwhile, bonds, the only sensible alternative, are at near-reco
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10 Emerging-Markets Stocks That Will Survive the Trade War
The old saying goes: When America sneezes, the world catches a cold. As the world's largest importer - and holder of its largest trade deficit by a country mile - the United States is the planet's indispensable economy. And emerging-markets stocks, w
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