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Finding a Modern Financial Adviser: 3 Questions to Ask
Whether it’s political unrest, a Black Swan event, a housing crisis or a global pandemic, there are very few “normal” years in the world of finance anymore. In the “post normal economy,” as Barry Ritholtz frames it, financial advisers need to be diff
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5 Critical Steps to Help Women Financially Prepare for Divorce
As we move through the latter stages of the pandemic, many couples are resuming their plans to end their marriages. These plans were placed on pause during the pandemic, which explains why there was a decline in divorces in the year 2020. When a hete
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4 Steps to Build a Resilient Financial Life
Life can throw you curveballs, bringing unexpected events and expenses. That’s why building financial resilience in your life can be so powerful — and it starts with learning to have a basic sense of how your finances work and what you can do to make
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Stock Market Today: Stocks Close Out Worst April in Years With Another Slide
U.S. stocks finished both the day and the month on a down note as a fresh round of earnings forecasts from companies only added to investors' laundry list of concerns.  Last night, (AMZN, -14.1%) said first-quarter revenue rose 7% on a yea
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BlackRock Event Driven Equity Profits from Corporate Change
Coloring outside the lines isn’t just for kids in school—adding some color to the edges of your core portfolio can brighten returns. Investors adopted that strategy in 2021, pouring a record of nearly $4 billion in new money into so-called event-driv
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Keeping Property In The Family With LLCs And Partnerships
Land is unique; there is no more of it being made. It’s for this reason families will hold tight to farms, ranches and coastal property for continued lifetime income, appreciation and, of course, sentimental value. Estate planning professionals commo
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An Urgent Need for Cybersecurity Stocks
In June 2017, Russian hackers launched a malware attack on Ukraine called NotPetya. The attack, which locked users out of their own files unless they paid a ransom in bitcoin, was just one more tactic in the conflict between the two nations that had
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How People with Pandemic-Induced Financial Fatigue Can Get Back on Track
People are worn out. They are trying to make it through the stress of the pandemic, a continually volatile market and record inflation. And, for many who are years from retirement, they have decades of work ahead of them. These younger Americans are
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Stock Market Today: Big Tech Carries Wall Street on Its Back
Technology and tech-esque stocks were the vanguard for a wild (and broad) stock-market rally Thursday that largely ignored an unexpected contraction in U.S. economic activity. This morning, the Commerce Department reported that U.S. gross domestic pr
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Pricey Gas Derails This Uber Driver
I moved here about eight years ago from eastern Russia—Irkutsk, almost by Mongolia. I started working for Uber in September 2017. I have a law and computer science degree in my country, but it’s really hard to find a job here because the legal indust
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How to Get Your Grown Children to Move Out
If your adult children are still living in your home past when you thought you’d have the place to yourself, well at least you’re not alone. Nearly a third of Americans between the ages of 18 and 34 (and more than half of those 18-24) live with their
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How Your Retirement Savings and Income Are Taxed
There is one commonality that everyone shares in retirement – a price tag. Your price tag may be different from your neighbors’ or your friends’, but we all have one. That price tag or cost will depend on your goals and the lifestyle you desire to ha
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37 Ways to Earn Up to 9% Yields on Your Money
Early 2022 was a period most investors would prefer to forget. Stocks slumped, and the bond market suffered its worst rout in more than 40 years. There was no shortage of culprits: soaring energy prices, rising inflation, higher interest rates and ne
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The Motion and Emotion of Investing
One of the realities of investing that we know all too well is that markets and the value of our investment portfolios never stay the same.  Seems pretty obvious to many, but somehow no matter how much or little experience we have as investors there
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T. Rowe Price Small-Cap Value (PRSVX) Stands Out
A jumble of worries, including Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the risk of recession, have weighed on small-company stocks in recent months. But shares in value-priced, high-quality small companies – the sweet spot of T. Rowe Price Small-Cap Value (
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Stock Market Today: Microsoft Delivers, Alphabet Disappoints in Flat Day for Stocks
The major indexes managed to mostly stop the bleeding after yesterday’s rout, but they didn’t gain much ground, either, amid mixed earnings reports from a range of blue-chip stocks. Microsoft (MSFT, +4.8%) shares were jolted higher Wednesday followin
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Ukraine War Takes Toll on Vanguard FTSE Europe ETF (VGK)
As Robert Burns wrote in his poem To a Mouse, "The best laid schemes o' Mice an' Men" often go awry. Last year, we added Vanguard FTSE Europe ETF (VGK) to the Kiplinger ETF 20, our list of the best cheap exchange-traded funds (ETFs) you can buy, beca
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Space Stocks: How Russia Is Changing the Game
The Russian invasion of Ukraine has taken the battlefront to space in unprecedented ways. From demonstrating the value of satellite imagery in tracking an opponent's attack to satellites being held hostage when one of the biggest space players throws
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5 Stock Picks With Bulletproof Profit Margins
Making good stock picks is challenging at any time. But these days, investors must be wary of companies that are vulnerable to higher-for-longer inflation, as well as lingering supply-chain disruptions, rising interest rates and the scary geopolitica
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Up Your Retirement Planning Game
When I was 12, I attended a weekend church camp for young men. I was brand new to the group, and as the youngest attendee, I was, as to be expected, mostly ignored by the older boys. But this rebuffing turned out to be a blessing, as it allowed me to
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Should I Buy Bonds?
I insist it is folly to quit sound investments because of a bad quarter, but the bond market swoon of early 2022 tests my resolve. When superb stuff such as tax-exempt toll-road bonds, taxable infrastructure municipals and BBB corporates suffer losse
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How Our Family Fights Inflation
Whether you’re 28 or 68, you’re staring down a surge in consumer prices. But for many millennials, the precipitous rise in inflation—which reached an overall rate of 8.5% in March—has been especially steep. Consumers ages 35 to 44 recently experience
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ABLE Accounts Give Disabled More Financial Freedom
In 2014, federal legislation paved the way for states to offer ABLE accounts—tax-advantaged plans that allow individuals with disabilities to save for ongoing expenses without threatening their eligibility for crucial government support, such as Supp
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Caregivers Share Their Stories
My column on caregiving generated a number of responses from readers who offered their own perspectives. “People not in this situation don’t have a clue, and that includes ‘experts,’ ” writes Ken Jarosch, sole caregiver for his wife, Kathy, who suffe
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Two Updates to Credit Reports
Credit reports are getting a couple of significant tweaks. Information from buy now, pay later (BNPL) firms will now be added to consumer credit reports from the three major credit bureaus—Equifax, Experian and TransUnion—and some medical debt inform
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7 Best Biotech Stocks to Build Your Portfolio
Biotech stocks were some of the best performers at the start of the pandemic. More recently, though, they've vastly underperformed the broader market. Case in point: In 2021, the SPDR S&P Biotech (XBI) lost 20.5%, compared to the S&P 500's 26.9% gain
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Now You Can Own Bitcoin in 401(k)s. Should You?
Fidelity Investments just made a major splash by announcing they will allow trading in Bitcoin in the 401(k) plans they administer starting midyear. This makes Fidelity the first major plan provider – though almost certainly not the last – to allow t
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Stock Market Today: Dow Surrenders 809 Points as Q1 Earnings Roll In
U.S. stocks opened the day in negative territory and losses accelerated as the session wore on.  Earnings remained in focus, and several of today's reactions were negative. General Electric (GE), for instance, spiraled downward 10.3% after its result
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Net Unrealized Appreciation: A Hidden Tax Strategy
Most people are familiar with the idea of saving as much as possible during their working years and investing savings wisely to maximize returns once they retire. But it is just as important to consider tax strategy. After all, if you pay more taxes
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How to Navigate the Amusement Park of Rising Interest Rates
It is a time-honored tradition that having bonds as part of a diversified portfolio is important, particularly as we age. Young investors can eschew bonds if they are willing to ride out the ebbs and flows of the stock market, but as we get into our
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