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Giant Worm's Undersea Lair Discovered By Fossil Hunters In Taiwan
The undersea lair of a giant worm that ambushed passing marine creatures 20m years ago has been uncovered by fossil hunters in Taiwan. Researchers believe the 2-metre-long burrow found in ancient marine sediment once housed a prehistoric predator tha
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Wear Medical-grade Masks If You Can't Socially Distance, Britons Told
Scientists have urged Britons to wear medical-grade masks when they cannot physically distance, amid growing concerns of faster-spreading Covid-19 variants – but said that any face covering is better than none at all. This week French health official
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A Day Of Firsts: Five Key Takeaways From Biden's Historic Inauguration
With her hand on two Bibles – one from the late Thurgood Marshall, the first Black supreme court justice, and one from family friend Regina Shelton – Kamala Harris became the first woman, and the first Black and south Asian American woman, to become
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This Is What It's Like To Be An Intensive Care Unit Nurse Right Now
It’s hard to know how many patients we’ve lost. On a regular ward, if there’s a death, you know about it. In our intensive care unit, we’re supposed to have around 30 beds, but coronavirus has forced us to increase our capacity to more than 80, so I
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Teenagers Can 'Catch' Moods From Friends, Study Finds
Teenagers can “catch” moods from their friends and negative moods appear to be more contagious than positive, a study has found. The study by Oxford and Birmingham universities investigates “emotional contagion” among teenagers, to see the impact of
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'This Is Not Freedom': Militarized US Capitol A Sign Of Forever Wars Coming Home
In early 2003, as government buildings across Iraq were being looted, Donald Rumsfeld told reporters, “Freedom’s untidy.” Iraq was “being liberated”, he said. “Free people are free to make mistakes and commit crimes and do bad things. They’re also fr
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Donald Trump Pardons Steve Bannon Amid Last Acts Of Presidency
Donald Trump has pardoned former senior adviser Steve Bannon, among scores of others including rappers, financiers and former members of Congress in the final hours of his presidency. Among the 74 people pardoned was Elliott Broidy, a leading former
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Trump's Presidency: A Lesson In The True Meaning Of 'American Carnage'
In a cold, sombre, damp Washington four years ago this Wednesday, Donald Trump took the oath of office as the 45th president of the United States and delivered an inaugural address now remembered for two words: American carnage. He delivered, but not
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Russia: The Spectre That Loomed Over Trump's Presidency
When historians look back at Donald Trump’s presidency they are likely to pick out two defining themes. One is the coronavirus pandemic. It dominated his last year in office, and saw the president become the virus’s most celebrated victim cum White H
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‘The Capitol Riot Was Our Chernobyl’: James Comey On Trump, The ‘Pee Tape’ And Clinton’s Emails
As an investigator turned author, James Comey has developed a forensic eye for detail. The colour of the curtains in the Oval Office. The length of Donald Trump’s tie. Something about the US president that the camera often misses. “Donald Trump conve
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Emicida, A Rapper On A Mission To Recover Brazil's Black History
When the black Brazilian rapper Emicida imagines his country’s whitewashed history, he sees a textbook missing a succession of key pages. In his songs and on stage, the São Paulo-born musician tries to correct that skewed telling, remembering the liv
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'I Had No Qualms': The People Turning In Loved Ones For The Capitol Attack
When Alison Lopez discovered her uncle’s sister had been part of the mob that breached the Capitol doors on 6 January, she immediately reported her to the FBI. “I had no second thoughts,” she said. Lopez found out about her in-law’s participation whe
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Patricia Highsmith: The ‘Jew-hater’ Who Took Jewish Women As Lovers
She espoused vile antisemitic views, telling people she was a “Jew hater” and calling the deaths of six million Jews “the semicaust” because she was disappointed more had not been murdered in the camps. Yet Patricia Highsmith, born 100 years ago on 1
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How Stephen King’s Gun Essay Found New Life In ‘Gomorrah’
A non-fiction essay about gun violence by the American horror writer Stephen King will be produced by a tiny publishing house in Scampia, on the outskirts of Naples, known as one of the biggest drug-dealing and arms hotspots in Europe and the setting
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Kamala’s Way Review: Harris As Symbol Of Hope – And Hard Politics
The president of the United States spent weeks recruiting then inciting a mob to invade Congress and prevent the certification of his opponent’s victory. The intruders killed one police officer and injured more than a dozen, pummeling them with every
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'It's Not Their Party Any More': Trump Leaves Republicans Deeply Fractured
The rancorous four-year administration of Donald Trump will reach its denouement on Wednesday with the twice-impeached president committing one final act of enmity: dropping a match to ignite a civil war inside his Republican party. Trump heads for t
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'Kids Can Handle Hard Truths': Teachers And Their Students Reckon With Capitol Attack
Fifteen-year-old Sevan Minassian-Godner’s brain struggled to process the images of violent, pro-Trump insurrectionists defacing the Capitol. The scene reminded the Berkeley high school sophomore of a movie, maybe the Hunger Games. Not the unbreakable
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How To Care For People With Covid At Home
With roughly one in 30 Londoners testing positive for coronavirus, and other areas of the country experiencing rapid rises in cases, there’s a fair chance that someone in your household may become infected at some point. The growing burden on hospita
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Footprints Of Crocodile-like Prehistoric Reptile Found In Italian Alps
Footprints believed to have belonged to a crocodile-like prehistoric reptile have been found in the Italian Alps in an extraordinary discovery that scientists say proves there were survivors of a mass extinction 252m years ago. The well-preserved fos
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How Everyday Objects Can Improve Quality Of Life For People With Dementia
“When you woke this morning the clothes you planned to wear were gone. The shower gel smelt weird – it wasn’t your usual. There was no hairdryer to dry your hair. You wanted to make a hot drink but you had no access to a kettle … How is your day goin
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'I Came Up A Black Staircase': How Dapper Dan Went From Fashion Industry Pariah To Gucci God
It was a mentor on the gambling circuit in Harlem, New York, who gave Daniel Day the moniker that would make him famous. Day was just 13, but had revealed himself to be not only a better craps player than his guide, who was the original Dapper Dan, b
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The 10 Republicans Who Voted To Impeach Donald Trump
Ten Republican members of the US House of Representatives voted to impeach Donald Trump over the deadly insurrection at the Capitol, making it the most bipartisan presidential impeachment in US history. The break with the president stood in sharp con
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Life Of Indian Princess Who Fought Nazis To Be Told In TV Series
The story of the daughter of an Indian Sufi mystic, who was killed while a British secret agent fighting with the French resistance in the second world war, is to be told in a TV drama series. Noor Inayat Khan, who was captured by the Gestapo and exe
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Sorry, Try Obama's House: Secret Service Barred From Using Ivanka Trump's Bathrooms
The dying days of the Trump administration have been plagued by yet more scandal in the form of riots, Twitter bans and impeachment. Now the Washington Post has added another: water closet gate. In a multi-bylined article one of America’s top investi
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Master Brewer: The Woman Excelling In Japan's Male World Of Sake
As a child, Miho Imada promised herself she would never perform “women’s work” to support her family’s sake brewery. She saw how her mother juggled looking after five children with cooking three meals a day for groups of visiting seasonal workers, an
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The Truth Is Out There … Perhaps: CIA Releases Thousands Of UFO Files
The truth is out there. Well, maybe. Thousands of documents from the CIA on unidentified flying objects were released this week in a document dump that the agency says includes all their records on UFOs. The documents are currently available on the B
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Donald Trump Impeached A Second Time Over Mob Attack On US Capitol
The House of Representatives on Wednesday impeached Donald Trump for inciting a violent insurrection against the government of the United States a week after he encouraged a mob of his supporters to storm the US Capitol, a historic condemnation that
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‘He Is A Clear And Present Danger’: The Remarks That Led To Impeachment
As Democrats impeached Donald Trump for the second time by accusing him of inciting a violent mob to attack the United States capitol last week, a day of drama played out in Washington DC. It was a day of emotional speeches, appeals for peace, warnin
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Anywhere But Washington: An Eye-opening Journey In A Deeply Divided Nation
Oliver Laughland, US southern bureau chief: It was somewhere along the 700-mile night-time drive from Tampa, Florida, to my home in New Orleans that I realized filming the Anywhere But Washington series was becoming one of the hardest assignments in
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Kamala Harris And Why Politicians Can’t Resist Vogue (though It Always Ends In Tears)
When Theresa May appeared in US Vogue in 2017, even her deliberately anodyne choice of a posh-end-of-the-high-street dress by British label LK Bennett did not prevent this newspaper calling the Annie Leibovitz shoot a “defining moment” which, “like M
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