The Guardian3 min read
Repeat After Me: Vagina Is Not A Dirty Word | Nicola Heath
Our collective reluctance to say ‘vagina’ shrouds women’s bodies – and their sexuality – in shame
The Guardian3 min read
Economists Calculate Monetary Value Of 'Thoughts And Prayers'
US study finds Christians are willing to pay for prayers – but atheists will pay to avoid them
The Guardian4 min read
The Con Artist And Her Mark – The Very Modern Morality Tale Of Caroline Galloway | Sarah Ditum
Natalie Beach’s exposé of her friendship with Instagram star Caroline Calloway – what a story!
The Guardian3 min read
Hollywood’s Gender Pay Gap Revealed: Male Stars Earn $1m More Per Film Than Women
Disparity is almost the same in 2015 as in 1980, say researchers who call for contracts to be made public
The Guardian4 min read
The Prodigy, The Dictator’s Daughter, The Author: Spain’s Lost Feminists Find A Voice
An online film project aims to bring the thoughts of Spanish and Latin American female visionaries to a new generation
The Guardian5 min read
'I'll Take The Blow For Them': The Volunteers Protecting Hong Kong Protesters
Informal group including social workers, pastors, lawyers and medics have banded together to support demonstrators
The Guardian4 min readPolitics
Captured By North Korea: Former Abductee Puts Faith In Trump’s Nuclear Talks
Kaoru Hasuike spent 24 years in the north before he was released. He hopes diplomacy can shed light on the fate of eight Japanese citizens still missing
The Guardian4 min readSociety
'Everyone Gets Paid': Mexico’s Migration Networks Are Thriving Despite Crackdown
President López Obrador says new immigration plan is working, but huge numbers of people still travel north – aided by smugglers’ bribes
The Guardian6 min readSociety
Margaret Atwood’s New Work Is Full Of Feminist Hope. But Don’t Dumb It Down | Natasha Walter
The Testaments gives a vivid portrait of female resistance. But we should beware seeing women as merely angels or victims
The Guardian5 min read
She Said: An Inside Look At The Story That Brought Down Harvey Weinstein
Journalists Megan Twohey and Jodi Kantor spoke to the Guardian about their sprawling investigation into Weinstein’s alleged sexual predation as detailed in their new book
The Guardian4 min read
'We Need To Hear It': Families' 51-year Wait For Truth About French Plane Crash
Air France flight 1611 plunged into sea off Nice – and relatives blame French navy exercise gone wrong
The Guardian23 min readPolitics
Inside The Bizarre, Bungled Raid On North Korea's Madrid Embassy
In February, a gang of armed men took a North Korean official hostage and demanded that he defect. When he refused, their plan fell apart, and they fled. Who were they, and why did they risk everything on this wild plot? By Giles Tremlett
The Guardian2 min readSociety
Do We Need LGBTQ Banks?
The first credit union specifically tailored to LGBTQ customers has opened in the US. Would more of them help end financial discrimination?
The Guardian4 min readPolitics
Russia Investigated Disappearance Of Suspected US Spy As Possible Murder
Oleg Smolenkov hadn’t been seen after he went on holiday in 2017, but Russian authorities concluded he had fled abroad
The Guardian3 min readPolitics
US Removed Covert Source In Russia Due To Safety Concerns Under Trump – Report
CNN says decision made shortly after 2017 Oval Office meetingUS officials alarmed by Trump’s private meeting with Putin
The Guardian2 min read
British Woman, 77, Becomes Oldest Person To Sail Around The World Alone
A 77-year-old British woman has become the oldest person to sail around the world alone, non-stop, and unassisted. Jeanne Socrates, from Lymington, Hampshire, completed her 320-day voyage in Victoria, Canada. She was accompanied by a flotilla of boat
The Guardian3 min read
Robert Mugabe Left Millions Of Us In Poverty And Despair
The man who brought freedom to Zimbabwe was once a hero to many – but he died a tyrant who will not be mourned
The Guardian10 min read
Gillian Anderson: ‘I Fall In Love With My Characters’
She’s played a host of strong female leads, from Miss Havisham to Blanche DuBois – and now Margaret Thatcher. Gillian Anderson talks about living in Britain, obsessive fans – and dating Chewbacca
The Guardian4 min readSociety
Racism Is Spreading Beyond The Football Stands. It’s Time To Kick It Out For Good
Taunts against black players are symptomatic of a rising tide of prejudice in society, fostered across Europe by the far right
The Guardian3 min read
How William Blake’s Wife Brought Colour To His Works Of Genius
Catherine Blake’s unacknowledged contribution to the artist’s work is celebrated in a new show at Tate Britain
The Guardian2 min read
Indian Woman, 73, Gives Birth To Twin Girls
A 73-year-old woman in southern India who has given birth to healthy twin girls described motherhood as “the happiest time of my life”. The babies were delivered through caesarean section on Thursday. Uma Shankar, the woman’s doctor, told the Guardia
The Guardian4 min read
Show Me The Mummy: The Undying Allure Of Ancient Egypt
Paris’s Tutankhamun exhibition is a record-breaking hit – but scarabs, pharaohs and man-eating monsters have been thrilling us for centuries
The Guardian4 min read
The Cheeky Girls: how we made Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum)
‘It has been voted the worst song ever. I think that’s just people’s way of saying it’s the best’
The Guardian5 min readSociety
'A Critical Point In History': How Trump's Attack On LGBT Rights Is Escalating
The Trump justice department is pushing to make it legal to fire people for being gay or transgender
The Guardian17 min readSociety
The Myth Of The Free Speech Crisis
How overblown fears of censorship have normalised hate speech and silenced minorities. By Nesrine Malik
The Guardian4 min read
How Much Destruction Is Needed For Us To Take Climate Change Seriously?
Whether human civilization stays intact amid this worsening weather depends on recognizing our shared humanity – and designing policy accordingly
The Guardian2 min read
The lonely tragedy of Tiffany Trump | Arwa Mahdawi
I hope Tiffany Trump has a good therapist. I never thought I could feel sympathy for a Trump, but the president’s fourth child has had a dreadful few days. On Thursday, President Trump’s personal assistant, Madeleine Westerhout, was abruptly ousted f
The Guardian5 min read
Why Are All The Motherhood Memoirs So White? | Huma Qureshi
It’s a naturally inclusive experience, yet books on the subject by women of colour are hard to find
The Guardian2 min read
Four Kilos Of Gum And A Rowing Machine: How The Most Popular Mountains Became A Mess
The world’s busiest peaks are now rubbish dumps, littered with tents and human waste. The latest publicity stunt on Mont Blanc is the last straw
The Guardian3 min read
How A Formidable Female Army Assisted The Biggest Mass Evacuation In The UK
Women’s Voluntary Services helped move 1.5 million people in three days after outbreak of WW2
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