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New Museum Tells Gripping Story Of Liberation Of Paris 75 Years On
Basement used by resistance as control centre transformed ahead of anniversary of Nazis surrender
The Guardian3 min read
What Happens When A Festival Gets Cancelled?
Several events have had to be pulled this summer, causing disappointment all round. But disgruntled punters wanting their money back are far from the only problem for organisers
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'I Don't Have Much Hope': Koreans Search For Loved Ones Who Died Fighting For Japan
As Tokyo marks the end of war in Pacific, conscripts’ families search for information on where their forebears fell
The Guardian8 min readPolitics
Point Comfort: Where Slavery In America Began 400 Years Ago
In 1619, a ship with 20 captives landed at Virginia, ushering in the era of slavery in what would become the United States
The Guardian3 min readTech
The Fashion Line Designed To Trick Surveillance Cameras
Adversarial Fashion garments are covered in license plates, aimed at bamboozling a device’s databases
The Guardian3 min read
How Wonderful To Watch Simone Biles' Defiant Joy In Our Dark Times | Candice Frederick
Amid depressing news these days such as abortion bans, mass shootings and rampant Hollywood sexual assault cases, it can be easy to overlook an event so uplifting that it almost sounds like science fiction. Just a few days ago the gymnast Simone Bile
The Guardian8 min readPolitics
Ibram X Kendi On Why Not Being Racist Is Not Enough
The historian on how he confronted his own racism and the lessons he learned along the way, the far right’s abuse of free speech, and why the rise of the Squad gives him hope
The Guardian4 min read
Ex-porn Star Mia Khalifa Wants To Move On With Her Life. Why Won't We Let Her? | Michael Segalov
Most people watch X-rated internet content, so it’s pure hypocrisy to judge those who have worked in the industry
The Guardian3 min readTech
Invisibility Cloaks And 3D Masks: How To Thwart The Facial Recognition Cameras | Stuart Jeffries
In the brave new world of proliferating surveillance technology, human ingenuity is rising to the challenge
The Guardian4 min read
The 'Escorts' Who Ward Off Anti-abortion Protesters At Mississippi's Lone Clinic
‘Clinic escorts’ create a buffer between protesters and women arriving at the clinic as its role becomes ever more important
The Guardian3 min readPsychology
How Do You Know Whether You Can Trust Poll Results? Here’s What To Watch Out For | Rob Vance
The industry adage is that if it looks too good to be true it’s probably wrong. But the data reveals what’s really going on
The Guardian4 min readPolitics
'A Brutal Dinner': Celebrities Talk About Meeting Donald Trump
Woody Harrelson is the latest person to share his embarrassing story of meeting the reality TV star before he became president
The Guardian3 min readSociety
Ebola Now Curable After Trials Of Drugs In DRC, Say Scientists
Ebola can no longer be called an incurable disease, scientists have said, after two of four drugs being trialled in the major outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo were found to have significantly reduced the death rate. ZMapp, used during
The Guardian2 min read
British Explorer Is First Person To Complete 4,000-mile Yangtze Trek
Ash Dykes, 28, had to overcome a landslide, blizzards and being followed by a pack of wolves
The Guardian4 min read
Martin Freeman: ‘The Detective’s Moral Dilemma Drew Me In’
The Sherlock actor on his new role as a real life police officer who broke the law to bring a double murderer to justice in A Confession
The Guardian3 min read
Toni Morrison’s Gift Was To Make Black People Feel Seen | Irenosen Okojie
It is impossible to fully encapsulate the magnitude and influence of Toni Morrison, a writer of such power, gravitas and ingenuity, the rhapsodic praise almost seems inadequate, anti-climactic. But we must do so. We must celebrate her. If the act of
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Ireland’s Call: How A Derided Rugby Dirge Became A Song For Irish Unity
Composed as a blander alternative to the national anthem, it has taken on new popularity and political meaning
The Guardian4 min readSociety
‘Finally! A Sport For Us Gay People!’: How Drag Went Mainstream
With events in conference centres and RuPaul bringing Drag Race to the UK, can the artform survive its own success?
The Guardian5 min read
I’m A Journalist. Monsanto Built A Step-by-step Strategy To Destroy My Reputation | Carey Gillam
Company records show an action plan that includes promoting certain search results and targeting book reviews
The Guardian3 min read
Unapologetically Black: The Vision Of Toni Morrison | Valerie Babb
Morrison reshaped our literature, making it more reflective of the nation that generated it
The Guardian6 min read
Our Forever War: How A White Male Hegemony Clings To Power | Rebecca Solnit
Mass shootings enforce the oppression built into America’s economic and legal systems and our history
The Guardian6 min read
The Sustainable Surfer: Meet The Team Behind The World's First Fully Recyclable Wetsuit
It is estimated that 380 tonnes of wetsuit waste is dumped every year. But one company has come up with a radical solution
The Guardian3 min readSociety
It’s Last Orders For Sexist Beer Names. We Can All Drink To That | Nell Frizzell
Cheers to Camra’s ban on sleazy, misogynistic names – now more of us will be able to order a pint without flinching
The Guardian4 min read
'I Am Really Shy': Introducing Phoenix, The World’s First Hijab-wearing Champion Wrestler
Malaysia’s Nor Diana, 19, says she becomes transformed in the ring, ready to take on her opponent – and conservative Islamic critics
The Guardian4 min read
Toni Morrison’s Stories Shaped Me, And Made Me Tell My Own | Afua Hirsch
As a mixed-race girl battling self-loathing, I was inspired by her fiction. Later, her activism would drive me to write
The Guardian9 min read
Tired Of Hiding: Five Doctors Who Provide Abortions Come Out
They’re fearless, defiant, and increasingly angry at the mounting threats in the US to reproductive rights. Here, they reveal why the reasons why they choose to go public
The Guardian4 min read
The Secret To Being A Good Stepmother? Here’s My Handy Guide … | Tiff Stevenson
It’s a notoriously tricky relationship, but love, boundaries – and the occasional financial incentive – can work wonders
The Guardian2 min read
Drunk Riding Fuels Call For Oktoberfest Curbs On E-scooters
Over 400 riders caught under influence of alcohol in Munich since vehicles legalised in June
The Guardian2 min read
Germans Kept Up At Night By Noisy Igelsex (that’s Hedgehog Coupling)
German emergency services called out to attend to nighttime disturbances are increasingly finding themselves confronted with copulating hedgehogs. People are calling 110 (the German equivalent of 999) to complain about noises they typically put down
The Guardian5 min read
Feminist Warriors: Why Wrestling For Women Is Taking Hold
The thrill of being thrown around a dusty wrestling ring, flipped over, then sat on isn’t one I’ve ever longed for. But Mercedez Blaze and Rebel Kinney, part-time warriors and full-time powerhouses, are determined to show me why wrestling isn’t just
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