STAT6 min readSociety
Opinion: Ease Financial Toxicity By Putting Electronic Medical Records To Work
Clicking away on an electronic health record in the digital darkness of my exam room, I epitomize the moral injury of modern medicine as I systematically dispense doses of financial…
STAT3 min readScience
Lasker Award Recipient Had Retracted Some Of His Work — a Sign Of Strength, Not Sloppiness
While retractions are usually seen as black marks on a career, a signal of sloppy or dishonest research, sometimes the opposite is true.
STAT6 min readWellness
Health Officials Are Hunting For The Culprit Behind Vaping-related Illnesses. Here Are Five Questions About The Outbreak
What’s causing it? And do all the cases represent the same illness? Those and other big, looming questions about the recent spate of vaping-related illnesses and deaths.
STAT4 min readPolitics
Purdue Pharma Filed For Bankruptcy. What Does It Mean For Lawsuits Against The Opioid Manufacturer?
Purdue Pharma filed for bankruptcy. What does it mean for lawsuits against the opioid manufacturer?
STAT7 min readScience
Could Editing The DNA Of Embryos With CRISPR Help Save People Who Are Already Alive?
There is a little-discussed potential application of CRISPR: tweaking its DNA of embryos to help save someone who is already alive.
STAT2 min read
Purdue Pharma, Maker Of OxyContin And Other Drugs, Files For Bankruptcy
Facing thousands of lawsuits alleging that it helped spark the opioid addiction crisis, privately held Purdue Pharma announced it had filed for bankruptcy,
STAT4 min read
An FDA Advisory Panel Is Reviewing Aimmune’s Peanut Allergy Therapy. Here’s What’s Happening
STAT's @adamfeuerstein will be watching watching a live feed of today’s FDA advisory panel to discuss a peanut allergy treatment. Follow along for updates.
STAT5 min readSociety
Opinion: Wider Use Of Assisted Outpatient Treatment Could Help Individuals With Mental Illness
Many states still rely on laws that require individuals to become dangerous to themselves or others before they can be treated without their consent. We need laws that that prevent…
STAT4 min readSociety
Opinion: 5 Things Hospitals Can Do Today To Keep Women From Dying During Childbirth
Based on the national average, 32 women in our hospital system should have died during or after childbirth in the last three years. Only one did.
STAT9 min readSociety
‘The Switch’ Was Supposed To Be A Major Step Toward Eradicating Polio. Now It’s A Quandary
A change in polio vaccination policies was supposed to put the world on a better footing to finally eliminate a global scourge. It's gotten complicated.
STAT3 min read
FDA And EMA Are Now Probing Carcinogen In Zantac And Other Heartburn Meds
At issue is NDMA, an organic chemical that was once used to make rocket fuel and is an unintended by-product of certain chemical reactions.
STAT1 min readScience
Listen: Pelosi’s Drug Pricing Plan, Moderna’s MRNA Drug Factories, And A DIY Disease Cure
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s drug pricing plan is aggressive, but is it viable? What’s it like to cure your own rare disease? All that and more on the new episode…
STAT4 min read
Historians Push To Create Public Archive Of Documents From Massive Opioid Litigation
A group of historians is asking that any settlement in the massive opioid litigation require all collected documents be preserved and made public.
STAT4 min readSociety
Opinion: Presidential Candidates Weigh In On Our Country’s Mental Health And Addiction Crises
As 10 Democrats take to the debate stage tonight, one issue that isn't getting the attention it deserves is the mental health crisis that is claiming more than 150,000 lives…
STAT4 min readSociety
Opinion: Cancer Researchers’ Failure To Disclose Industry Payments Damages Patient Trust — And Care
Financial ties with pharmaceutical and device companies can complicate relationships between physicians, researchers, and patients. These ties shouldn't be severed, but openly disclosed.
STAT3 min readSociety
Opinion: Don’t Let The Opioid Settlement Fritter Away Funds Like The Tobacco Settlement Did
Money from any forthcoming opioid settlement must be applied to help victims of opioid and other substance use disorders through access to evidence-based care, research, and training.
STAT4 min readSociety
It’s Not Just Bosses Who Harass Health Workers: Hospitals Start Addressing Patients’ ‘Egregious’ Behavior
There's growing awareness that it’s not just bosses and colleagues who sexually harass health care workers. Often, it’s the patients who are doing the harassing.
STAT5 min read
After Nearly Dying Five Times, A Young Doctor Learned To Treat Himself. Now He Wants To Help Others With Rare Disease
Dr. David Fajgenbaum has nearly died five times from a rare disease, but a treatment he proposed is now keeping him healthy.
STAT2 min readSociety
Trump Administration Prepares To Ban Flavored E-cigarettes
The Trump administration is preparing to ban flavored e-cigarettes, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said Wednesday.
STAT6 min readSociety
Opinion: Ignoring Millennials Will Worsen The Coming Crisis In Health Care Leadership
It's important to recognize generational differences between clinical leaders and more junior clinicians because differences in and diversity of perspectives provide value and opportunities for mutual benefit and learning.
STAT4 min readSociety
Opinion: New Public Charge Rule Amounts To Child Abuse
If physicians can report parents who withhold food or medicine or housing from their children for committing child abuse, we should be able to charge the Trump administration with the…
STAT5 min readSociety
New Evidence Shows Why The HPV Vaccine Is As Important For Boys As Girls
A public health message fails to sink in, but new data show why it should: The HPV vaccine is as important for boys as girls.
STAT8 min read
‘There’s No Such Thing As Anonymity’: With Consumer DNA Tests, Sperm Banks Reconsider Long-held Promises To Donors
For generations, it was a basic tenet of donating sperm: Clinics could forever protect their clients’ identities. But, increasingly, donor anonymity is dead.
STAT6 min read
In A CRISPR First, Therapy Intended To Cure HIV Patient Appears Safe — Though Ineffective
The patient's survival for 19 months, apparently without side effects, provides some assurance that CRISPR-based therapies might be safe.
STAT4 min read
Opinion: Insulin: A Case Study For Why We Need A Public Option In The Pharmaceutical Industry
Essential medicines like insulin, antibiotics, and the like should be developed and sold by public institutions in the public interest. Sweden, Brazil, Thailand, and Cuba are already doing this.
STAT3 min readSociety
Opinion: What The U.S. Can Learn From Rwandan Refugee Camps: Treat Public Health Seriously
The Trump administration's dangerous and short-sighted shift to longer-term detention of refugees will jeopardize the health and well-being of migrant children in our care and likely result in more deaths.
STAT8 min readPolitics
Frontrunner To Lead FDA, Dogged By Controversies, Has Developed Knack For Confronting Them
Stephen Hahn, Trump’s rumored pick to lead the FDA, has avoided Washington for decades — but he hasn’t sidestepped controversy.
STAT3 min readSociety
Apple Launching Studies Testing Whether Apple Watch Can Monitor Hearing, Mobility, And Women’s Health
The announcement is the latest sign of Apple’s rising profile and ambition as a player in medical research.
STAT7 min read
Opinion: Fundraising In Academia And The Epstein Problem
Philanthropy can provide enormous benefits, and should be encouraged, but it can also create terrible reputational damage when a donor turns out to be toxic, especially if the response to…
STAT3 min readTech
Google, Mayo Clinic Strike Sweeping Partnership On Patient Data
Mayo Clinic, one of medicine’s most prestigious brands, has struck a sweeping partnership with Google to store patient data in the cloud and build health products using artificial intelligence.
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