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Pelosi: Democrats Will Name Marquee Drug Pricing Bill For Late Rep. Cummings
Rep. Elijah Cummings, a longtime advocate for lower drug prices, passed away Thursday. Now Nancy Pelosi is naming Democrats’ drug pricing bill in his honor.
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Opinion: Pelosi’s Drug Pricing Plan Puts Medical Innovation At Risk
The Pelosi bill opens the door for bureaucrats in the U.S. and beyond to determine the type of research biopharma companies should pursue and how and when patients can access…
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Opinion: As The Need For Organ Transplants Grows, The Number Of Transplant Physicians Dwindles
Medical training has been long been characterized as a "grand bargain" in which trainees make personal sacrifices with the expectation of a better life later. But that's a deal many…
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Doctors Argue For Term Limits To Diversify Medical School Leadership
In a new paper, a group of doctors argues that medical schools should impose term limits on department chairs and deans to bring in more diverse perspectives.
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Opinion: It’s Time To Eliminate All Flavored Cigarettes, Not Just The Electronic Kind
In considering a ban on flavored e-cigarettes, government and public health leaders must not repeat the same mistake they made a decade ago when they allowed combustible menthol cigarettes to…
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Calling Embryo Editing ‘Premature,’ Russian Authorities Seek To Ease Fears Of A Scientist Going Rogue
The Russian health ministry’s stance puts at least a temporary hurdle in front of Denis Rebrikov's plan to edit the genome of a human embryo.
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Here’s A Brain Teaser: Surprising Study Shows Reduced Neuronal Activity Extends Life
Aging, of course, affects the brain. But the brain seems to affect aging, too: Lower levels of neuronal firing increase longevity, a new study found.
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Opinion: CBO Estimate On Pelosi Drug Bill Misses Its Long-term Impact On Health
The CBO estimate on Speaker Nancy Pelosi's drug pricing bill misses its long-term impact on health.
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An ‘Unprecedented’ Analysis Underlines Profound Failure To Study African Genomes
It has become the geneticist’s version of, “What, me not inclusive? But I have a black friend!” In the case of modern studies of DNA, researchers called to task for studying mainly European populations often defend themselves by pointing out that the
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Archived Chat: A Discussion With 2019 Nobel Laureate Dr. William Kaelin
Dana-Farber's Dr. William Kaelin, who shared the 2019 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine, chatted with STAT readers about his discovery of cells' oxygen-sensing machinery and its role in cancer.
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Alexion Acquiring Achillion To Expand Reach Into Rare, Immune-related Disease
Alexion Pharmaceuticals said that it will acquire Achillion Pharmaceuticals to expand its pipeline of experimental drugs targeting rare diseases of the immune system.
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Ancestry Launches Consumer Genetics Tests For Health, Intensifying Rivalry With 23andMe
Ancestry, the consumer genetics company that has focused on helping people understand their family history, is moving into health tests.
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Opinion: Wanted: Better Policies And Incentives To Revitalize R&D For New Antimicrobial Drugs
Avoiding an antimicrobial Armageddon means developing new antimicrobial drugs and empowering physicians and pharmacists — not spreadsheets — to choose the right medicines for their patients.
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Opinion: Using CRISPR To Edit Eggs, Sperm, Or Embryos Does Not Save Lives
The real value of using CRISPR on eggs, sperm, or embryos accrues not to the individual who is created but to the people who choose to use it to create…
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Opinion: FDA Is Smashing The Status Quo For Regulatory Science
The FDA can enable innovation by being a partner in advancing new approaches to drug development and regulatory science. Its recent reorganization signals a revolutionary shift in regulatory velocity.
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Opinion: Accounting For Hope: Using ‘Mean Survival Gain’ To Price New Cancer Drugs
Just as price per square foot won't tell you if a house has amenities like a mountaintop view, median survival gain is blind to longer-term gains in survival offered by…
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An Updated Guide To The Changing Science Of Flu Shots
Flu shot season is upon us. Three years ago, STAT laid out some of the questions surrounding flu vaccination in an article you can find here. Lots of flu vaccine studies have been published in the interval — clearing up some of the questions we raise
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Vaping-related Illness Has A New Name: EVALI
The vaping-related condition that has sickened hundreds of people has a new name: EVALI, or e-cigarette or vaping product use-associated lung injury.
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Sun Pharma Is Accused Of Distributing Medicines In Washington State Without A License
The Washington Department of Health is reviewing a complaint that Sun Pharmaceuticals has been distributing samples of medicines without the necessary license.
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Opinion: A Road Map For Including Latinos And African Americans In Alzheimer’s Research
Small gains are being made across the country to narrow disparities in the diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer's disease among African Americans and Latinos. But much more needs to be…
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Men Account For A Small Fraction Of Breast Cancer Cases. Their Fatality Rate Has Soared Compared With Women’s
Men account for about 1% or less of all breast cancer diagnoses in the U.S., yet male breast cancer patients have a 19% higher mortality rate than their diagnosed female counterparts, according to a recent study in JAMA Oncology. Scientists from Vand
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Opinion: PhRMA’s Talking Points Shouldn’t Derail The Pelosi Drug Pricing Bill
We need serious reform of both pricing and insurance coverage of prescription drugs. There will be tradeoffs, but if you want to know what they are, don't read PhRMA's talking…
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With A New Guide To Tapering Opioids, Federal Health Officials Seek A Balanced Approach To Prescribing
The new guide from federal health officials casts the decision to taper a patient’s opioids as an individualized one that prescribers and patients should reach together.
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What A Koala Virus Tells Us About The Human Genome — And How It Defends Itself Against Viral Invasions
What a koala virus tells us about the human genome — and how it defends itself against viral invasions.
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‘Sesame Street’ Launches New Initiative To Help Explain Parental Addiction To Kids
In a new initiative, “Sesame Street” is addressing parental addiction and how to explain it to kids and help them cope.
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Opinion: Silicosis Outbreak Highlights The ‘Malignant Neglect’ Of OSHA That Is Killing American Workers
Fourteen U.S. workers are killed on the job every day, and up to 5 million are injured every year. The hollowing out of OSHA is making this problem worse.
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Not Only Who But What: NIH Funding Disparity Between Black And White Scientists Partly Driven By Research Topic
Not only who but what: NIH funding disparity between black and white scientists partly driven by research topic.
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There’s An Urgent Need For New Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Treatments. Could Bright Light Be An Antidote?
Experts say there's an urgent need for new treatments for carbon monoxide poisoning. One idea? Combining bright lights and an artificial lung to clean the blood of the toxin.
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Opinion: ICER’s Concern For Patients: Where’s The Beef?
ICER describes itself as the "nation's drug pricing watchdog." If it truly wants to be that, it needs to include the people who use health care in its assessments.
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The Return Of Vioxx: Can A Drug Once Deemed Deadly Be Relaunched To Treat Rare Disease?
Fifteen years after a public health disaster, a pharmaceutical company is developing a generic version of Vioxx.
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