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Google Partners With Major U.S. Health System, Gaining Access To Vast Patient Data In The Process
Google has quietly launched a project with one of the nation’s largest nonprofit health systems in which it has gained access to millions of patient records.
STAT4 min readScience
Ebola Vaccine Approved In Europe In Landmark Moment In Fight Against A Deadly Disease
After more than two decades of research, the world finally has an approved Ebola vaccine. The European Commission granted marketing authorization to Merck’s vaccine, known as Ervebo, on Monday, less than a month after the European Medicines Agency re
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Opinion: Confidentiality Orders In Drug, Device Lawsuits Harm Patients And The Public
Court secrecy poses a substantial risk to public health. Information that is important to public health and patient care should not be kept hidden by confidentiality orders.
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Opinion: Diabetic Foot Ulcers: A Silent Killer Of Veterans
The VA is a pioneer when it comes to detecting and treating diabetic foot ulcers and their complications. But it, and the NIH, need to invest more in research on…
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More Than Ever, Democratic Presidential Hopefuls Want To Take On Pharma. Here’s How They’d Do It
Democratic candidates' policies focus on three distinct areas: allowing direct Medicare negotiation, allowing importation, and fostering generic drug competition. 
STAT3 min readSociety
Opinion: My Life Depends On Medicine Made From Plasma. The Plasma Shortage Worries Me
Just out of college, a rare disease diagnosis wasn't in my plan. Two decades later, I still feel mentally and physically strong and full of hope for my future, thanks…
STAT8 min readSociety
Opinion: Not So Conscientious Objection: When Can Doctors Refuse To Treat?
There is nothing conscientious about doctors objecting to caring for patients when they simply disagree with how their patients live their lives.
STAT6 min readPsychology
Ignored, Threatened, Berated: After Difficult Childbirth Experiences, New Parents Seek Healing By Speaking Up
Ignored, threatened, berated: New parents seek healing by providing feedback after difficult childbirth experiences.
STAT6 min readSociety
This Booth Can Virtually Connect Patients With Clinicians And Dispense Medications. Will Patients Use It?
This all-in-one telehealth clinic is about the size of a phone booth and offers screening, diagnosis, and even prescription delivery.
STAT2 min readSociety
In A Breakthrough, Health Officials Identify Possible Culprit Behind Vaping Illnesses: Vitamin E Acetate
Health officials have identified a possible culprit behind the spate of vaping-related illnesses that have sickened thousands: vitamin E acetate.
STAT3 min readSociety
Top Trump Official Suggests Tobacco Regulation Distracts From FDA Mission
President Trump’s domestic policy chief, Joe Grogan, suggested the Food and Drug Administration was wasting its time regulating tobacco and vape products.
STAT2 min read
Sarepta Therapeutics CEO Playing Nice With FDA Over Rejection Of Duchenne Drug
“We were treated fairly by the division of neurology,” Sarepta's CEO said, referring to reviewers within the FDA who turned Vyondys 53 away in August.
STAT1 min readSociety
Listen: An Uncertain Alzheimer’s Idea, Blockbuster Fish Oil, & A Little Self-indulgence
Is the latest Alzheimer's drug for real? Is three a crowd in CAR-T? Answers to those questions and more on the latest episode of "The Readout LOUD." Listen now:
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HHS Sues Gilead For Refusing To Reach A Licensing Deal Over Patents For HIV Prevention Pills
The government lawsuit says Gilead unfairly reaped hundreds of millions of dollars from research funded by taxpayers.
STAT3 min readTech
Opinion: The FDA Needs To Set Standards For Using Artificial Intelligence In Drug Development
Poorly constructed AI algorithms for drug discovery and testing have the potential to cause harm. The FDA should play an important role in ensuring that AI-based drug development tools meet…
STAT4 min readSociety
Mental Health Studies Lump Transgender Teens Under One Umbrella — And Miss Clues To Help Them In The Process
Many mental health studies don't ask about gender identity. Researchers say adding those questions is critical to unraveling heath disparities among transgender and non-binary teens.
STAT4 min read
A Takeda Vaccine For Dengue Appears Effective, But The Story Is Nuanced
In the wake of controversy over a Sanofi dengue vaccine, Takeda Pharmaceuticals is betting its own effort will meet a largely unmet medical need and, in the process, become a best-selling product. But preliminary results released on Wednesday suggest
STAT3 min readSociety
When It Comes To Health Care, Nothing Is Nonpartisan. Melania Trump’s Visit To A Boston Hospital Harms Patients And Providers
The first lady’s visit to Boston Medical Center today falls in line with the lack of care and consideration the Trump administration has given to the health and well-being of…
STAT5 min read
Opinion: Digital Endpoints Library Can Aid Clinical Trials For New Medicines
The library of digital endpoints collected by @_DiMeSociety was crowdsourced from pharma companies that have publicly disclosed that they've collected digital endpoints in clinical trials.
STAT3 min read
Opinion: Seema Verma: CMS’s ‘Expanded Pathway’ For New Antibiotics Can Help Fight Antimicrobial Resistance
Antimicrobial resistance is like a hydra — cut off the head of one infection using a drug and another microbe emerges in its place with newly acquired defenses, writes @SeemaCMS.
STAT17 min read
You Had Questions For David Liu About CRISPR, Prime Editing, And Advice To Young Scientists. He Has Answers
You had questions for David Liu about CRISPR, prime editing, and advice to young scientists. He has answers.
STAT5 min readSociety
Opinion: The Emergence Of Laboratory Benefits Managers: PBM Déjà Vu?
If left to develop unmonitored, as happened with PBMs, laboratory benefits managers could worsen rather than ease issues related to health care costs and utilization without improving outcomes.
STAT7 min read
From Assisted Hatching To Embryo Glue, Most IVF ‘Add-ons’ Rest On Shaky Science, Studies Find
Women going through IVF are charged for "add-on" procedures such as endometrial scratching and assisted hatching "before they have been shown to improve the live birth rate,” said one expert.
STAT3 min readSociety
Rise In Religious Vaccine Exemptions Suggests Some Parents Are Making False Claims, Study Suggests
The percentage of children starting kindergarten whose parents claim that vaccination conflicts with their religious beliefs has ticked up, even while the portion of Americans who profess to be part…
STAT3 min read
Opinion: Some Kids In Pain Need Opioids. For Doctors, That Means Walking A Tightrope
When I begin treating a child in severe pain, I gear up for the conversation with parents about pain control, knowing I might get a response like, "Are you trying…
STAT4 min read
A New Alzheimer’s Therapy Is Approved In China, Delivering A Surprise For The Field But Also Questions
The surprise approval of a new Alzheimer's therapy in China has been met with caution as well as an eagerness from clinicians and others to see full data.
STAT4 min readScience
She Was Destined To Get Early Alzheimer’s, But Didn’t. Did A Rare Mutation Protect Her?
A woman with a genetic mutation thought to inevitably cause Alzheimer’s disease in people's 50s escaped that fate, living into her 70s before she developed mild dementia.
STAT3 min read
Watch: For Millennial Caregivers, Becoming The ‘Parent For A Parent’ With Alzheimer’s Comes With Agonizing Challenges
Millennial caregivers face the same ups and downs as their older peers — but they take on the role at a point in their lives that can compound the challenges…
STAT3 min readPolitics
Trump nominates MD Anderson’s Stephen Hahn to lead FDA
Later today, President Trump will nominate Dr. Stephen Hahn, an oncologist and chief medical executive at MD Anderson, to lead the FDA, sources tell STAT.
STAT3 min read
Google To Acquire Fitbit For $2.1 Billion In Major Health Tech Deal
Google parent company Alphabet announced on Friday it will buy Fitbit for $2.1 billion — a massive deal that will pit Google squarely against Apple in the market for health…
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