Manhattan Institute3 min readPolitics
From Tiananmen Square to Hong Kong
As pro-democracy protests continue in the former British colony, we should keep in mind that China’s Communist leaders have changed little since 1989.
Manhattan Institute3 min readSociety
Thoughts On The Death Of Jeffrey Epstein
It’s not implausible that a man facing life in prison would find the means to kill himself.
Manhattan Institute1 min read
America’s Outdated Power Grid
James B. Meigs joins Seth Barron to discuss last month’s power blackout in Manhattan, California’s self-inflicted energy crisis, and potential energy sources for the future. “As power outages go,” Meigs writes, “the Broadway Blackout of 2019 was pret
Manhattan Institute2 min readPsychology
We Can’t Imagine What Cops Go Through
Recent NYPD suicides should remind us to appreciate the trauma associated with police work.
Manhattan Institute4 min readSociety
“Affirmative Consent” as a Legal Standard?
An effort to bring campus procedures rigged against defendants into criminal law has stalled—but advocates will try again.
Manhattan Institute4 min readPolitics
China Strikes Back—Sort Of
China has upped the ante in its trade dispute with the United States. By allowing the yuan to fall on foreign exchange markets, Beijing has shown how far it will go in response to existing U.S. tariffs on Chinese goods, as well as additional ones now
Manhattan Institute11 min read
Expanding the Educational Pie
Controversy surrounds New York City’s selective-admission high schools and Mayor Bill de Blasio’s plan to change the time-honored path by which students gain entry to them; the dispute largely concerns how to ration the limited supply of a valued com
Manhattan Institute3 min read
In Government Property We Trust
Burdened with sky-high and still-rising government-pension costs, states have sought creative ways to come up with new revenue. Some ideas, like an Illinois proposal to borrow more than $100 billion and invest the money in the stock market, have been
Manhattan Institute7 min readPolitics
Europe’s Fading Cosmopolitan Dream
In headier days, Europe’s leaders dreamed of a multicultural continent, its aging cities saved by millions of new migrants eager to join a stable, prosperous urbanity. This was the promise behind former U.K. prime minister Tony Blair’s Cool Britannia
Manhattan Institute5 min readSociety
The Mysterious, Outrageous Death of Jeffrey Epstein
Here are a few things I know firsthand about being in jail. First and foremost, you have virtually no control over your life and surroundings. You can’t get so much as an aspirin without authorization. In most jails, you can’t wear a belt, or shoelac
Manhattan Institute4 min read
America’s Identity Crisis
The road to sanity, and away from political violence, starts with an appreciation of a shared national character.
Manhattan Institute3 min read
Community Dies in Darkness
Statistics confirm bleak prospects for local print newspapers, an irreplaceable cultural foundation for cities and towns.
Manhattan Institute1 min readPolitics
The U.S.–China Trade War Heats Up
Milton Ezrati joins Paul Beston to discuss escalating trade tensions between the United States and China. The Trump administration announced new tariffs on $300 billion worth of Chinese goods last week, prompting China to order its state-owned busine
Manhattan Institute3 min read
Re-sinking CUNY
The City University of New York moves to eliminate objective testing—reversing the very reforms that had pulled it out of a long decline.
Manhattan Institute4 min read
Darker Days Ahead?
The El Paso and Dayton shootings brought the 2020 presidential election, and America’s future, into sharp and disturbing focus.
Manhattan Institute3 min read
Again, and Again
Most people, said La Rochefoucauld, would never fall in love if they’d never heard of it. Whether or not it is true of love, it might be true of mass shootings—that is, one mass shooting encourages another, so that they seem to come in clusters, pili
Manhattan Institute3 min read
Naked, Angry, and Alone
Early last month, 29-year-old Christopher Morisette rampaged through the streets of Seattle, stabbing three pedestrians with a steel folding knife, then stripped off his clothes and ran naked across a freeway interchange, where he was arrested. In th
Manhattan Institute1 min read
The New Disorder: Urban Dysfunction Returns
Steven Malanga and Rafael Mangual join Seth Barron to discuss concerns that lawlessness is returning to American cities, a theme that Malanga and Mangual explore in separate feature stories in the Summer 2019 Issue of City Journal. Memories of the ur
Manhattan Institute3 min read
Citizenship and American Identity
Civis Romanus sum: “I am a Roman citizen!” Two thousand years ago, those words protected one throughout the Roman Empire, imposing strict limits on the punishments that public authorities might inflict. Today, we’re seeing a powerful conflict between
Manhattan Institute4 min read
In Defense of Hometowns
A Federal Reserve report warns about Americans’ declining mobility—but should remaining committed to one’s community be regarded as a fault?
Manhattan Institute3 min readPolitics
Britain’s Uncertain Future
As new prime minister Boris Johnson prepares to take Great Britain out of the EU, his political opponents remain out of touch with the country they represent.
Manhattan Institute3 min read
Madness and Society
At six o’clock each morning, the alcoholics, addicts, and mentally ill residents of San Donato Val di Comino, Italy, emerge from their homes and congregate—sometimes together, but mostly alone—in the cafés around the town’s main square. Some of the h
Manhattan Institute3 min readPolitics
Our Vulnerable Democracy
Robert Mueller’s testimony may not lead to President Trump’s impeachment, but the former FBI director was adamant that our electoral system is under attack.
Manhattan Institute4 min read
Boris, Meet Brexit
Making good on the 2016 referendum result by taking Britain out of the EU is the new prime minister’s top priority—and most difficult challenge.
Manhattan Institute2 min read
Homeless On The Subway
If the MTA wants to get serious about the problem, it should consult experts on serious mental illness.
Manhattan Institute3 min readSociety
Is This What Fear Looks Like?
Aggressive contempt for police officers undermines the Left’s argument that minority communities are terrified of law enforcement.
Manhattan Institute4 min read
Sometimes a Lien Is Just a Lien
New York City’s Third-Party Transfer program has its flaws, but it’s not a government conspiracy to strip minority residents of wealth.
Manhattan Institute1 min read
The YIMBY Answer to America’s Housing Crunch
In an extended version of 10 Blocks, Brandon Fuller and Nolan Gray join Michael Hendrix to discuss the state of housing in America and the political coalition driving pro-development policies at the local level, known as YIMBY (“Yes In My Backyard”).
Manhattan Institute5 min read
Provocateur or Politician?
Boris Johnson is as famous for his self-criticism as his self-aggrandizement, and he’s quicker to make a joke at his own expense than anybody else’s. This can be an attractive quality, particularly when it comes intermingled with memorized verses of
Manhattan Institute6 min readSociety
How Robert Morgenthau Cleaned Up New York
As U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Manhattan in the 1960s, Robert Morgenthau cast his eye on mob influence in key New York industries, including the city’s garment businesses. He approached David Dubinsky, legendary head of the Internation
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