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Watching and Its Implications
In the 35 years that I have followed boxing, I’ve witnessed perhaps a dozen fighters killed or catastrophically injured. Indeed, most fights are in part spectacles of risk and are marketed as such. I once left an arena with the blood of the great Ame
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Government Help Will Never Be Enough
Transforming the lives of struggling people requires personal commitment and willingness to change one’s perspective—not more “free stuff.”
Manhattan Institute3 min readSociety
Fewer Jails Won’t Make Fewer Criminals
New York City has approved a plan to close the incarceration facilities on Rikers Island and replace them with four new borough-based jails. When first put forth in 2017, the plan was conditioned on a reduction of the city’s total jail population ove
Manhattan Institute1 min readPolitics
Infrastructure Spending, Reconsidered
Beth Osborne, director of Transportation for America, joins City Journal contributing editor Nicole Gelinas to discuss the state of U.S. infrastructure and how federal spending could be used more effectively to improve safety and reduce fiscal waste.
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The Most Revealing Screen
Standardized tests have their problems, but they remain the best way of assessing students’ academic merits.
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The Unaffordable Candidate
It’s been a difficult time for Senator Bernie Sanders, who was hospitalized two weeks ago after suffering a heart attack and whose 46-year-old daughter-in-law has recently died of cancer. Given Sanders’s age (78) and health and familial challenges, h
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Brexit’s Opportunity Cost
Preoccupation with leaving the E.U. overshadows a bigger threat—that of a socialist Britain.
Manhattan Institute3 min readSociety
Deniable Dishonesty
A paradigm shift is a sudden change in fundamental assumptions about, or way of looking at, the world. Senator Elizabeth Warren illustrated one of the most startling ones of recent years with the answer that she gave to a question put to her recently
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The Age of Mutual Assured Cancellation
A modest proposal for my fellow journalists: Could we declare a bipartisan amnesty for the stupid things people did in high school and college—or at least stop pretending that these things have any relevance in judging a middle-aged adult’s professio
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California Goes Dark
When California’s largest power utility announced that it was about to cut off electricity to as many as 800,000 customers in order to reduce wildfire risks, everyone—from individual consumers to the state’s governor—seemed shocked and angry. “I’m ou
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National Back-Down Association
The National Basketball Association found itself fighting public relations wars on multiple fronts this week, and across the political spectrum, as an uproar over an NBA executive’s statement that ran afoul of Chinese sensibilities revealed hypocrisy
Manhattan Institute4 min read
Battery Derangement
Electric vehicles stand at the center of every “green energy” initiative. Multiple jurisdictions mandate and subsidize the inevitable transition to “clean” transportation. Some policymakers have gone further, setting deadlines for outright bans on th
Manhattan Institute4 min read
San Francisco’s False Solution
By doubling its homeless-services budget, the city is treating the symptom, not the problem.
Manhattan Institute1 min read
San Francisco’s Homeless Crisis
Heather Mac Donald joins Seth Barron to discuss homelessness on the streets of San Francisco and the city’s wrongheaded attempts to solve the problem. “San Francisco has conducted a real-life experiment in what happens when a society stops enforcing
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Silence Of The Chinese
Mandating a dysfunctional status quo, the Chinese Communist Party marks its 70th anniversary.
Manhattan Institute4 min read
The “Miserable” State
Pervasive corruption helps explain why New Jersey scores heavily on a recent survey of states with the bleakest cities.
Manhattan Institute3 min read
Are Cities Going to the Dogs?
Millennials favor pet ownership over children in America’s increasingly unaffordable cities.
Manhattan Institute3 min readPolitics
Asian-Americans for Equal Opportunity
Asian-Americans in Washington State are beginning to rebel against progressive orthodoxy on “diversity, equity, and inclusion.” Earlier this year, Democratic lawmakers passed a law repealing the ban on affirmative action that Washington voters approv
Manhattan Institute4 min readSociety
“Compassion” Comes to Chinatown
Until progressives reconsider their support for decriminalization and aversion to committing mentally unstable people, massacres like this weekend’s are inevitable.
Manhattan Institute3 min read
The Silent Sufferers
Many seriously mentally ill people never seek out treatment—so a new city proposal to expand voluntary services won’t help them.
Manhattan Institute2 min read
European Gloom
Negative interest-bearing bonds—now a quarter of the world’s bond market—hardly represent a resounding vote of confidence in the economic future, though as ever, some people may eventually make money from them. But overall, they are like an umbrella
Manhattan Institute7 min readSociety
Elites Against Western Civilization
Teaching youth that there is nothing good about our democratic cultural inheritance, the intellectual class is working to discredit our past and demolish our future.
Manhattan Institute1 min read
Who Killed Civil Society?
Howard Husock joins City Journal editor Brian Anderson to discuss Husock’s new book, Who Killed Civil Society? The Rise of Big Government and Decline of Bourgeois Norms. Government-run social programs funded with tax dollars are thought to be the “so
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California’s Labor of Love
When the Supreme Court ruled in June 2018 that government workers couldn’t be forced to join a union or pay dues, politicians in pro-labor states vowed to help their union allies maintain their membership. California, whose government has long had a
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Impeachment And The American Grain
More than a century passed between the impeachment of Andrew Johnson in 1868 and the almost-impeachment of Richard Nixon in 1974. Since then, the intervals have been getting shorter—a sort of Doppler effect. It was only 24 years after Nixon’s resigna
Manhattan Institute3 min readPsychology
The Atavism of Cancel Culture
“Cancel culture” has become a reliable way to achieve upward mobility, establish social connection, and identify allies and enemies by isolating people who have violated ideological rules about race or gender. The phrase itself is suggestive: we can
Manhattan Institute3 min read
And You, New York?
California and New York, in dealing with serious housing shortages affecting their largest metropolitan regions, offer a surprising study in contrasts. In New York, the ostensibly progressive state legislature pursues punitive rent regulations and pu
Manhattan Institute2 min read
Rule Of The Right-Thinking
Britain’s political establishment regards democracy as the legitimation of decisions already taken.
Manhattan Institute11 min readSociety
False Testimony
Sworn testimony at a recent congressional hearing on policing veered sharply from the truth: here are the facts.
Manhattan Institute1 min read
Pittsburgh’s Latest Comeback
John Tierney joins City Journal assistant editor Charles McElwee to discuss Pittsburgh’s recent resurgence. “If you want to see how to revive a city—and how not to,” John Tierney writes, “go to Pittsburgh.” Pittsburgh has transformed itself from the
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