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On Your Mark
I MOVED TO Philly about four years ago, and I was riding my bike over the bridge when I saw massive amounts of high-school and college teams walking around Franklin Field and University of Pennsylvania. I was curious about what was going on, so I did
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The Inside Lane
RAISE YOUR HAND if you got your start in running by joining the high school track or cross-country team. Some of us ended up trying the sport after being cut from another team because we couldn’t hit a fastball or sink a three-pointer. But for many o
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This Summer’s Best Shades
2018 EDITORS’ CHOICE WINNER THE AEROLITE IS an exceptional pair of sunglasses for long runs on the road or trail. The frameless design weighs less than an ounce and flexible rubber pieces on the arms make them more comfortable than most. A bonus for
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Into the Wind
ILLUSTRATIONS BY ZANSKY BEFORE I HEAD OUT the door on any run, I check the weather. Not to see how hot or cold it is, but to find out how hard the wind is blowing. Outside my home on the high plains of western Nebraska, it regularly hits over 20 mph.
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SHOES + stuff
PRICE: $140 | TYPE: Trail WEIGHT: 10.6 oz (m), 8.6 oz (w) DROP: −.3 mm (m), −.5 mm (w) IF YOUR WEEKENDS include muddy trail runs or tactical OCRs, this is the shoe for you. The burly King MT 1.5 is loaded with ultra-deep, 6mm lugs for awesome tractio
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Muddy Legs A History
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Where Running Takes Them
PHOTOGRAPH BY DOROTHY HONG PHOTOGRAPHY BY FIRST LAST Tommy Des Brisay competes at the 2017 World Para Athletics Championships in London. When Tommy Des Brisay became stressed or upset, he would bolt away, running at full speed without any regard for
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Running Programs For People With Autism
The Long Island, New York–based Rolling Thunder Special Needs Program began in 1998, and has produced a number of success stories, including Mikey Brannigan, and Alex and Jamie Schneider. Rolling Thunder was founded by Steve Cuomo, an outspoken paren
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What Fuels Shalane Flanagan
PHOTOGRAPHY BY ALAN WEINER This is one of my favorite recipes of all time. It’s one of the first we tested together in Elyse’s kitchen in Bend, Oregon. I had just been diagnosed with a fracture in my back—I had to pull out of the 2017 Boston Marathon
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Charlie Rocket Is For Real
PHOTOGRAPHY BY JENNIFER ROCHOLL If Charlie Jabaley, 30, comes off strong, it’s because the self-made hip-hop mogul only knows unequivocal commitment to every challenge. When he fails, he fails hard. But his dauntless, wide-smiling spirit rebounds a s
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11 Foods That Disrupt Your Sleep
ILLUSTRATION BY JEAN-LUC BONIFAY MY RUNNING PARTNER, Audra Boyle, 32, of Massapequa, New York, always looks like a bleary-eyed zombie when she arrives at the starting line of a race. While sucking down a caffeinated GU energy gel, she recounts her sl
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Run With Your Heart
ILLUSTRATION BY JEAN-LUC BONIFAY BECCA COTUGNO, 31, has always been a fast runner. In high school, she scored points for her track and cross country teams, and now as an adult, she regularly wins her age group or finishes in the top five of the women
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When Running Stresses You Out
ILLUSTRATION BY JEAN-LUC BONIFAY I’M STANDING IN the tiny kitchen of my New York City apartment, staring at the refrigerator. I’m not rummaging for the food that’s in it; I’m looking at what’s pinned on it: a marathon training calendar. The plan is t
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Turn Your Sock Game Inside Out
ILLUSTRATION BY JEAN-LUC BONIFAY ONE OF MY SOCKS is inside out. No, this is not a mistake. I always slip my socks on last when I dress in the morning—not because they’re the least important part of my ensemble; it’s actually quite the opposite. I gra
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Lean In for Speed
ILLUSTRATION BY JEAN-LUC BONIFAY BEFORE I STARTED RUNNING a few years ago, the farthest I ever really ran was precisely 13 steps down a vault runway. I was a gymnast for 17 years, and all I cared about was generating enough speed and power to flip ov
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The Inside Lane
A YEAR AGO, my wife took me to New Orleans for my 40th birthday. Fresh off the plane, we dropped our bags at a friend’s apartment on Royal Street in the French Quarter and headed for Café Du Monde. We hadn’t even ordered beignets before a man approac
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Leo Bonetti, FitAndTuff, 242nd place (23:05) Thai Richards, BridgeRunners, 55th place (18:42) THE RED HOOK Crit 5K has been described as “one of the most intimidating races in the urban running scene” by New York’s Orchard Street Runners’ blog, and i
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How to Hone Your Hydration
ILLUSTRATION BY JEAN-LUC BONIFAY SHALANE FLANAGAN CAN’T remember much about finishing the 2016 Olympic Marathon Trials in Los Angeles. She had led much of the race with teammate Amy Cragg, but temperatures reached 73 degrees on the unshaded course in
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Run, Baby!
$180; 28.8 LB THIS BUDGET STROLLER costs half as much as any other model here, but has features that make it a solid value. The 16-inch rear wheels roll smoothly, and the cargo basket underneath is large enough to hold a bag of groceries or a menager
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A Dead Body On My Morning Run
AT FIRST, I DIDN’T REALIZE WHAT I WAS looking at, or what was looking at me. It was just after sunrise on a Saturday morning in Prospect Park and I had been away from home for two weeks in Europe. Thanks to jet lag, I woke up early, Brooklyn time. Ho
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SHOES + stuff
REVIEWS & RECOMMENDATIONS FROM THE EXPERTS IN THE RW TEST ZONE PRICE: $140 | TYPE: Trail WEIGHT: 9.7 oz (m), 8.0 oz (w) DROP: 5.3 mm (m), 5.7 mm (w) THE MAZAMA 2 is Brooks’s lightest trail shoe, geared for runners who aren’t afraid to take their spee
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I WOULDN’T SAY I HATE snakes like Indiana Jones hates snakes, but I would say I enjoy encountering them on the trail about as much as I like running into someone blasting music from their iPhone speaker. The snake scenario has only happened to me a h
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The Gates Of Hell
PHOTOGRAPHY BY ALEXIS BERG A man is begging on the side of a Tennessee mountain. He’s crumpled on the ground, soaking wet and breathing hard. His wife weeps as she huddles over him, her hands resting softly on his arm. Above them stands a bearded fig
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The Everyday Hero
All through the night, River Valladares pinwheeled between the TV and his phone, channel-surfing and texting, filtering the news and rumors, exchanging information with his teammates on the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School cross-country team, fra
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The First Shoe I Really Loved
Photography by Trevor Raab “WHAT’S THE ‘Z’ FOR?” I ASKED MY BUBBIE, LOOKING AT THE LARGE WHITE LETTER SEWN ONTO THE WIDE GRAY SNEAKER. “It’s an ‘N’—for New Balance,” my grandmother responded. My Bubbie, or Bub, as I affectionately called her, wore no
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The Geek Out
New Balance’s 1400 v3 was different from the v1 because of the last it was built on: The sleek racing last has lower sidewall heights to the midsole, a streamlined topline to the upper, and a shape that looks “fast,” but is also generous through the
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The Gross Side of Running
ILLUSTRATION BY JEAN-LUC BONIFAY THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT running that turns even the classiest among us into shameless beasts who’ll do whatever it takes to be comfortable and competitive. While blowing snot rockets and relieving yourself outdoors ma
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Can Smiling Make You a Better Runner?
ILLUSTRATION BY JEAN-LUC BONIFAY LAST YEAR, TOP-RANKED marathon runner Eliud Kipchoge ran 26.2 miles in just two hours and 25 seconds in Monza, Italy, as part of Nike’s Breaking2 project. His time, although not record-eligible, is the fastest maratho
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Hype or Hero?
CLAIM TO FAME: Boosts weight loss Some research has suggested that the oil’s medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) may be easier to burn off than to store as body fat. Not so fast: “Coconut oil contains much lower MCT levels than what has been used in re
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The Sensory Run
WHEN I THINK of the summer I spent on Nantucket, I think about my six-mile runs to the ocean. What I remember most is taking in the sights of still ponds, the buzz of open-air jeeps, and the feel of uneven cobblestones beneath my sneakers as I cut th
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