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Breathe Better to Run Longer and Faster—Here’s How
Sure, your quads, hamstrings, and calves work hard to propel you forward. But there’s another muscle that’s a power player in your running: your diaphragm. With each forceful contraction, this key breathing muscle helps expand your lungs to bring in
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Guys: These Shorts Solve Your Worst Chafing Nightmare
THE SWAMPY DAYS of summer mean one thing for many of us runners: Body Glide gets applied liberally to everything below the shoulders. But one place I don’t worry about chafing anymore is where the sun doesn’t shine, thanks to Saxx Kinetic Run shorts.
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Brooks Launch 6
PRICE: $100 | TYPE: Road WEIGHT: 9.4 oz (m), 7.7 oz (w) DROP: 10 mm THE LAUNCH IS somewhat of an underdog in the Brooks family of neutral trainers, outshined by two more expensive models—the luxuriously plush Glycerin and ever-enduring Ghost. But don
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Running Again!
Running has always been my passion; more than that – my life. Since I was 15 years old, I’ve competed in 30 half marathons, ten marathons, and one ironman. With each race, I set and achieved several goals that included placing first several times in
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I Wore My Race Medal For A Month, And It Gave Me New Faith In Humanity
HOW LONG IS too long to wear your finisher’s medal? Anything after two days—but only if you care what other people think. After running this spring’s Boston Marathon, I donned my medal like every other salt-caked finisher and was celebrated as the he
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Topo Athletic Hydroventure 2
PRICE: $140 | TYPE: Trail WEIGHT: 10.8 oz (m), 8.3 oz (w) DROP: 3 mm IF YOU REGULARLY run trails that are wet, you know not to dodge puddles—it just contributes to trail erosion and, eventually, you get wet anyway. Instead, splash through them with t
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Your Local Shop Is Way Better Than Online
In any given race around Minneapolis, MN, runners wear the Mill City Running singlet among the various pace groups. All of these Mill City runners range in age and ability, but they share a common understanding. “The back supports the front, and the
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The Lab-proven Bra That’s Serious About Support
KYLEENA HARPER WANTED to join her friends. They looked so happy on their runs. And she wanted to feel that way. “I don’t know a single person who runs that’s like, ‘I’m miserable’,” says the 29-year-old marketing writer. Inspired, she download the Co
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La Sportiva Bushido II
PRICE: $130 | TYPE: Trail WEIGHT: 10.5 oz (m), 8.8 oz (w) DROP: 6 mm THE ANCIENT SAMURAI battled by a code of honor called the Bushido, and this aptly named trail shoe is made for sole-to-singletrack combat. A reinforced TPU web shields the upper fro
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The Good And The Bad Of Online Shopping
If the Shop Doesn’t Have Your Size or Color / “I would hope that they’d try to get their stuff from us, but if we don’t have the color they want or the size they want, or we can’t get it in a timely manner, then that’s on us,” Fitzgerald says. If You
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Clup Notes
Reuben Ingber, 31, of Rego Park, NY, thought of the perfect name for his first baby while on a recent run along the West Side Highway in New York City. The baby is due in August; until then, he is keeping the name a secret so you won’t steal it. Five
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Why I Can’t KonMari My Race Medals
I have a deserved reputation among friends and family as a borderline-infamous purger. I’ve gotten rid of a vintage Gucci handbag, a beautiful copper pot, and my wedding gown. But I still have all my race medals. One is for Hood to Coast, a 199-mile
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The Tights That Made Me Forsake All Others
I DID IT. I found the perfect tights. There they are to the left, lighting up a page to announce their brilliance to the world. I’ve raved about them so much that my coworkers have started sporting them, too. One of them even started referring to the
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Lean Up For Speed
Being a health and nutrition correspondent means that companies frequently send me their products, and ask for my stamp of approval. Most of the time I dive into research, give the product a try, and send the company honest feedback about what they’l
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Training With Power Will Transform The Way You Run
WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY IS shrinking in size but growing in popularity, giving us more data than we knew existed about the way our bodies move. Today’s smart-watches, foot pods, and fitness trackers use tiny sensors to tell us how long we spend on the gr
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Easy Runs Make Hard Running Easier
I didn’t plan for the run to suck. But it did. I was low on motivation—a common side effect of winter in Oregon, where it pretty much drizzles for seven months straight. And this late afternoon 5-miler was looking to be yet another chilly, puddle-jum
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I Tried It
John Tyler Allen saw his racing suffer because he wasn’t effectively managing his effort, so we sent him a Polar Vantage V watch with running power to try. Here, he tells us what happened. My usual training approach lacked nuance. I ran every mile li
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Running Didn’t Save My Life, But Here’s Why It’s Still a Miracle
People think depression is just feeling sad, but that’s not it at all. Depression makes you feel nothing. And in late 2018, after years of battling the disease, feeling nothing replaced my love for running. So my brand new pair of silver and blue Asi
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All Hail The Queen Of Athleisure!
IN TODAY’S WORLD, athleisure is life—and I am here for it. I love the fact that I can look good AND feel comfortable while running, shopping, going to work, and doing pretty much anything, really. But don’t take my humble word for it—even badass Sere
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I Waited My Whole Running Life For A Hat Like Ciele
HEADWEAR HAS LONG been an arbitrary and overlooked running accessory. We can list iconic shoes—Cortez, Jazz, Kayano—or appreciate the rich history behind a Tracksmith top, but where has a running hat imprinted itself on our world? Yes, there were the
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Inside Knowledge
Denali Tietjen “Queen of Athleisure” p.76 Run right when you wake up. When I do, it makes me feel like I’ve prioritized myself, which gives me more of a capacity to be present throughout the day. ALSO: Every now and then—like once a week or once a mo
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The Ultimate Race-day Tank
FIVE YEARS AGO, before Tracksmith founder and CEO Matt Taylor launched the brand’s best-selling Van Cortlandt, the market for singlets was woefully limited. “You were either a professional runner getting free ones, or you got these very cheap freebie
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The Case For Spikes
I HATE ADMITTING it, but the plague is undeniable: With each turn of the calendar, I lose a little speed. I haul a little less ass. And I lose a few fractions—or in a bad year, seconds—when I hammer four laps and nine meters for a true mile. The mile
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What We’re Running
VIDEO PRODUCER ANY THING THAT’S BEEN SAID ABOUT JOHN WICK CAN ALSO BE SAID ABOUT ME 1 / New Balance Performance Waist Pack $20 On days when I’m not lugging around my Camelbak, this is my go-to accessory. After my iPod Classic bit the dust, my phone b
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Running Shades Are District Vision’s Jam
THE 2020 TOKYO Olympics will deliver on an eight-year mission for District Vision, arguably the first truly cool eyewear brand made for runners. Marathoners will dart down the streets of the city, and several will be wearing sunglasses specifically d
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