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The Tao Of Yin
Photography by Jeff Nelson WHEN I FIRST STEPPED ONTO the yogic path 20 years ago, Here’s I was quickly hooked by the rigorous discipline and self-control that Iyengar Yoga inspired in me. For two hours a day, I practiced asana sequences as scripted b
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A Sequence To Help Kids Feel Brave
AS YOGIS, WE KNOW ASANA and meditation can help us feel powerfully grounded and embodied, which in turn shapes how we show up in the world. These practices are important for everyone—and they are particularly crucial for kids, who are discovering who
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The Art Of The Pivot
MAYBE YOU’RE ITCHING TO SHAKE THINGS UP by simply changing your eating habits or traveling more. Or maybe your need for reinvention runs deeper, and you’re considering quitting your day job to become a full-time yoga teacher or launch a new business.
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Should We Cue Muscular Engagement?
WHEN I PRACTICE YOGA IN A PUBLIC CLASS, I love the combination of a good flow and longer holds. The opportunity to explore the movement of my breath and body while experiencing stillness helps me leave class feeling great. In a recent vinyasa flow cl
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How To Move From Marichyasana I To Akarna Dhanurasana I
Marichi = Named after the Sage Marichi, son of the Creator, Brahma · Asana = Pose Great Sage Pose I BENEFITS Stretches your hamstrings and glutes; awakens your torso; promotes circulation in your abdominal organs; develops introspection INSTRUCTION 1
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Embodying The Sutra
“Concentration is the fixing of the mind in one place.” (Desa bandha cittasya dharana)SUTRA 3.1|TRANSLATION BY EDWIN BRYANT FIXING YOUR MIND in one place can provide steadiness during times of turmoil and deep sadness. This type of concentration, cal
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Dial In Your Diet
Photography by Jennifer Olson You know that your food choices inherently affect ho you feel, but with influencers your from famous doctors and celebrities to your favorite yoga teacher touting healthy-eating fads, it can be difficult to separate the
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Soul Asylum
WHEN MY STUDENTS TELL ME they feel frazzled or overwhelmed, I often ask, “Is there a place you go to in order to take refuge? A safe space to sort yourself out?” Some people look at me blankly. Occasionally, one bursts into tears. Others admit that t
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On-the-go Eats
These chewy fruit-and-veggie leathers have a sweet, tangy taste and help cut down on food waste: They’re made from ugly produce, like lumpy pomegranates, that are perfectly edible but not perfect enough for most supermarket shelves ($10 for 6 bars, g
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The Joy Of Eating
LAST FALL I LANDED ON SALINA—one of seven inhabited Aeolian Islands off the southwestern coast of Italy—ready for an eight-day yoga retreat to reset my health, calm my nervous system, and help me get perspective on my relationship with work. I was ge
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This Is My Practice
I get up naturally at 4 or 4:30 in the morning for my sadhana (practice). I’ll use headphones to listen to a spiritual teacher on audio for 15 to 20 minutes. Right now, it’s Eckhart Tolle’s lecture “Touching the Eternal.” I’ve also listened to Osho,
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Unapologetically, Kathyrn Budig
Photography by Andrew Cebulka ICE CREAM QUEEN Sugary sweet Kathryn poses with one of her major obsessions: The soft serve with rainbow sprinkles from Leon’s Oyster Shop. "That’s me," Kathryn Budig says, almost in a whisper, nodding at a merch display
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Green Goodness
SERVES 3 “When I follow an alkaline diet, it makes me feel lighter and brighter. This means that I taper off ingredients that raise acid levels in my body (like grains, sugar, dairy, and processed foods) and add more alkaline-producing foods (like lo
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High-vibration Foods
Photography by Cara Brostrom In Ayurveda, eating a sattvic diet is a way to promote, and keep, sattva—a clear head space of truth, contentment, and stability. You can get there by eating more fresh, local foods; being thoughtful about how you prepare
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Is Headstand Safe? What The Research Says
OFTEN REFERRED TO AS THE KING of yoga postures, Sirsasana I (Headstand) can be a refreshing and energizing inversion that, when practiced consistently, builds strength in the upper body and core. For years, the posture has been praised for providing
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The Science Of Self-care (and Yoga)
AS OUR LIVES BECOME MORE HECTIC AND FRENETIC—with jammed-full calendars and a seemingly constant stream of messages pinging our phones and computers—self-care practices become paramount. “When people can use simple tools to relax, they feel better ab
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Find Your Groove
Photography by Chris Fanning AS YOGIS, most of us continually strive to move through life more mindfully. Yet sometimes, despite our best efforts, we run into obstacles and react in ways that don’t serve us. We vow to cut back on sugar, then cave at
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A Sequence To Open Your Heart Again After Grief
WHEN MY HUSBAND DIED 15 years ago, my yoga practice became a way for me to process my grief—one breath, one transition, and one asana at a time. As a result, I was better able to move through my grieving process, rather than getting stuck in it. My f
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How To Move From Padmasana To Urdhva Kukkutasana
Padma = Lotus · Asana = Pose Lotus Pose BENEFITS opens your hips; helps redirect apana (downward energy) through the lower half of your body, moving it back toward the center of your pelvis and up your spine; has a centering effect on consciousness.
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Embodying The Sutra
“Dispassion, when perfected, is conscious mastery of desire for things seen and unseen.”SUTRA 1.15 | BASED ON A TRANSLATION BY I.K. TAIMNI IN THE YOGA SUTRA, Patanjali names abhyasa (practice) and vairagya (dispassion) as the two essential elements o
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The Must List
Willka T’ika Meditate in vibrant chakra gardens (shapes and plants coincide with the seven energy centers), soak in outdoor herbal baths, and participate in sacred rituals with local healers at this wellness retreat ($3,100–$3,800 for an eight-day pa
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This Is My Practice
Every day, I do something I call morning pages. I do them first thing in the morning. In fact, I drink cold coffee from the night before so that I’m not delayed by making my coffee. I write three pages, longhand, about anything and everything—from th
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How To Lighten Up
BEING ABLE TO LIGHTEN UP is the key to feeling at home with your body, mind, and emotions, to feeling worthy to live on this planet. For example, you can hear the slogan, “Always maintain only a joyful mind,” and start beating yourself up for not bei
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Chrissy Carter
I trained with Alan Finger before his studio, Be Yoga, was bought by YogaWorks. Then I learned the YogaWorks method in a weeklong training with Lisa Walford. The smart blend of precision and flow was so logical; it instantly made sense to me. This ap
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Erika Halweil
I started practicing vinyasa yoga as a teenager. The style at that time, in the early to mid-90s, was a vigorous, breath-oriented form of vinyasa. Most classes varied in their approach and offered a wide range of asana. You never knew what was coming
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The Art Of Discipline
THE GENERALLY EFFORTLESS RHYTHM of my life—and my yoga practice—began to shift in my late 20s. When I was 29 years old, going through a painful divorce, I was forced to make a new home for myself and my 18-month-old daughter (our home was in foreclos
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The Dark Side Of Meditation
Photography by Jeff Nelson For many months after the ordeal ended in 2014, Jane Miller * was haunted by her stalker, a man she had initially befriended, but who then tormented her and threatened her life. The nightmare was tumultuous for Miller and h
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The Ultimate Guide To Adjustments
Photography by Jeff Nelson YOGA TEACHER CORAL BROWN says she’s probably performed thousands of hands-on assists on students over the past 20 years. When she traveled with her teacher, Shiva Rea, her role was to provide energetic alignment-based assis
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A Home Practice To Boost Your Confidence
I WAS 18—AND COMPLETELY unsure of myself—when I first started practicing yoga. I was insecure about who I was and where my life was going, and I never felt like I was enough. This manifested as poor posture: rounded shoulders and a downward gaze—a st
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