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you’ve been killing it in the gym and have mastered meal prep. You’re happy with your new, fit body and are ready to put the brakes on your quest to downsize. But then — fear sets in. What happens when you go off your diet or stray from your routine?
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Why You Should Try Tahini
Tahini is peanut butter’s Middle Eastern kissing cousin, and this sesame seed paste is fast becoming a pantry staple. Here are five ways to use this nutritional overachiever that go well beyond humble hummus. 1. AS A MOOD-BOOSTING BREAKFAST BOWL Tahi
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Super Food Super P#ony?
SCROLLING THROUGH YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA FEED MIGHT TEMPT YOU to run out and drop some serious cash on mushroom coffee or an acai bowl, but what among the food porn is just eye candy and what is truly good for you? The trend cycle of healthy, wholesome fo
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Ask the Nutritionist
Q+A I severely restricted my calories in the past with an extreme diet. Is my metabolism broken forever? During yo-yo or restrictive dieting practices, your body’s physiological survival response is to slow your metabolism. That being said, your meta
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Raising The Salad Bar
few kitchen creations provide more health-boosting benefits than a salad. But usually, salads are about as exciting as folding laundry, and a mound of spinach bathed in gloppy bottled dressing is hardly an #epicmeal. These salad recipes are a far cry
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LIVE LOW-CARB-for life
Life is cyclical. So, too, are diets, and once again, the low-carb trend is making a comeback — this time under the moniker ketogenic, or keto. And though keto converts are quick to pitch their lifestyle to anyone who will listen, it’s not always a v
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Magic Mushrooms
at first glance, mushrooms might seem unimpressive, but apparently they are the new “it” food and are good for more than just mealtime. “Mushrooms have been used for medicinal purposes for centuries,” says Bart Wolbers, MS, researcher at Nature Build
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Hiit Your Hormones
Oh, hormones — they peak and dip at the most inconvenient times, affecting every aspect of your life, from mood and sex drive to fertility and metabolism. But what affects your hormones? As it turns out — exercise. “Hormones are like tiny traffic cop
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The Power Of Solitude
in today’s overly connected 24/7 society, it can be difficult to find quality time with your spouse, kids and friends — let alone yourself. But carving out some quiet “me” time should be on everyone’s priority list, and even a few minutes flying solo
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A To Z About Your V
The vagina — a wonderland and a mystery all at once. But metaphors aside, you probably don’t give your vagina much thought when you’re about to get your workout on. But vaginal care is more than just a few Kegels now and again and a little tidying up
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Plastic By The Numbers
1▸ PET or PETE Polyethylene terephthalate is benign unless heated or scratched, in which case it could leach chemicals into food and beverages. It is used in many water and juice bottles and is recyclable. 2▸ HDPE High-density polyethylene is used to
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Not For The Faint Of Heart
her whole life, Karen Hill Meyer struggled to keep up. Physical activities left her exhausted and breathless, and she got winded simply from walking up a flight of stairs. And her diet of fried foods and latenight carbs certainly wasn’t helping. When
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Use these powerful song selections from Oxygen cover girl and coach Chady Dunmore and stay on top of your game. Avoid overheating this summer with this comprehensive cool-down circuit from physical therapist and CrossFit coach Genevieve Gyulavary. Th
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Wise Beyond Her Years
indulging in a steady diet of pasta, frozen pizza, and mac and cheese wasn’t necessarily about enjoyment or taste for Margaret Koukos — it represented one of the few things in her own life over which she felt she had authority. Her parents were split
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Wear Sunscreen
dear Millennials and Gen Z girls (and pretty much anyone younger than I) — In the 90s, a song came out by Baz Luhrmann called Everybody’s Free to Wear Sunscreen based on an essay by Chicago Tribune columnist Mary Schmich. The song offered several wor
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Fast-track Fitness
TRY THIS SUMMERTIME FAT-BLASTING WORKOUT BY FOUR-TIME OXYGEN COVER MODEL AND NEW OXYGEN COACH CHADY DUNMORE. While on set shooting her upcoming Oxygen course Fast-Track Fitness, Dunmore caught a glimpse of her upcoming cover and all but broke down in
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Meet 5 Women Who’ve Got The Fit Factor
Think you have what it takes? Send your story to futureottitness@oxygenmag.com. Oakville, Ontario, Canada Stats: 34 • 122 lb • 5’6” Gig: Business owner ▸ From Fit to Fatigued. Karrie-Ann Lowry was a hip-hop dancer and athlete throughout high school a
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Thank you for including the article “Busting the Bro-Science” by Erin Calderone in the Spring 2019 issue. I really appreciate the approach of the answers, especially the truth about heavy lifting — no, it won’t make you look like a man! It was also r
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Your Summer Burn
We spend more than half the year waiting for sweet summer to arrive. Then when it does, we persist in trudging to the the stale, dank confines of the gym to do cardio on the same old machines we labored on over the endless frigid months. Nothing agai
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The Real Wonder Woman
on April 19, 2009, competitive cyclist and nutrition and kinesiology student Ashley Nelson began her day in the San Francisco Bay Area like any other — going on a bike ride with her now-husband Dave. But typical quickly turned to tragic when Nelson w
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Integrative Nutrition Coach, Holistic Nutritionist, Founder of BuiltforLife.com Author of “Live Low-Carb — for Life,” Page 94 Andrew Riposta’s fascination with nutrition developed after he did a 90-day challenge with a collegiate strength coach at ag
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They may have a classic aviator style, but this performance titanium frame is all business. They’re ultralight — but seriously resilient — and feature proprietary nose and temple pads that are comfortable and make the rose-gold lenses virtually budge
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Joint Liability
here are few things more annoying than the sound of a creaky door, and the groaning of the hinges serves as an audible reminder that they need to be replaced. This tragic devolution is a metaphorical match to the life cycle of your joints, which also
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The Plug ‘N’ Play FITNESS PLAN
EVERYWHERE YOU TURN, YOU’RE BOMBARDED BY OPTIONS cars in every make, model and color imaginable; toothpaste that fights tartar, bad breath and gingivitis; and Nikes that you can design yourself, right down to the placement of the Swoosh. It’s enough
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Preworkout Protocol
most people schedule their daily workouts ahead of time, and some even have a carefully planned recovery regimen. But not many have a solid preworkout routine. But what you do before your sweat sesh has a definitive impact on your workout. Here is a
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Train To Maintain
When it comes to weight-loss maintenance, exercise takes the prize over diet, according to research published in Obesity. Successful maintenance relies more on physical activity to prevent regain and stay in energy balance rather than chronically res
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