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Walk on Water
There’s no better sign that spring has arrived than a pond-skimming contest. Every April and May, the masses pull out their neon onesies, bunny suits, and superhero costumes, and participate in what amounts to a Slip ‘N Slide meets the Polar Bear Plu
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The Thirstiest Little State
'The beer-cation is a real phenomenon in Vermont.'
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Blurring the Lines
If you’re like most skiers, you’re not just a skier. As much as we dread doing so, when it’s time to rack our skis for the season, dusting off the mountain bike, running shoes, and hiking pack becomes our silver lining. Which is why it makes sense th
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Fade Into Green
Photos by Jason Hummel Skiing here is nearly impossible until early June, when the weather stabilizes and the corn comes out to play. In this shot, Ritchie finds his line down Mount Rahm. The Chilliwack Valley is barely even in the United States. Par
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Alaska For All
In late March, at mile marker 29.5 on Alaska’s Thompson Pass, you’ll find an old muddy airstrip filled with RVs, snow caves, tents, and trailers. The inhabitants are backcountry enthusiasts—skiers and snowboarders, young and old, Alaska vets and Alas
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May the Slush Be With You
The most beautiful things in this world are always the most ephemeral. Which explains why museums are filled with portraits of pears. Artists found them exquisite because their perfection is so fleeting—just one day transforms them into a squishy, br
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Rocking the ’Boat
Photos by Corey Kopischke The afternoon sun droops toward the roofs surrounding Steamboat’s Gondola Square, where hundreds of skiers are milling around on the bricks. Some are churning to the blasts of brass and bass issued by The Motet, which occupi
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Trip Planning
Stay Lodging in the mountain village is still evolving. For now, our favorites are Trailhead Lodge with its own gondola that connects visitors to the main village; and One Steamboat Place, right in the heart of the base village with easy access to th
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A Brew With a View
It may be the ultimate springtime après scene—in the U.S., at least. When the party kicks off at Cloud Nine, at 11,000 feet at Aspen Highlands, there’s nowhere else you’ll want to be. Make a coveted reservation for the 2 p.m. seating then claim a spo
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Bear Country
In the winter, there’s one road in to Cooke City, Mont. It winds through the wilds of Yellowstone National Park from the north, and you have to drive slowly to avoid hitting bison, or the tourists who are Snapchatting selfies with them. As you get cl
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Spoiler Alert
During the final week of November, we editors shake off our Thanksgiving turkey comas with a week of skiing on the iconic slopes of Vail, Colo. Several well-known brands show up with their “future tech,” or the products that won’t be released to cons
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Chef’s Table
Celebrated Sun Valley restaurateur Cristina Ceccatelli’s third cookbook is an homage to her Tuscan roots, with easy-to-follow recipes accompanied by exquisite photos. Feel good, eat good. Ceccatelli’s delicious Salmon Cakes recipe is definitely one y
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Hop To It
Photos by Keri Bascetta The hop turn has become somewhat of a lost art in the new age of skiing. Blame it on the popularity of aerial maneuvers or the evolution in ski design, but the hop turn has been thrown overboard like Captain Jack Sparrow dumpi
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South For The Summer
Considering the altitude, the fish was incredibly fresh. Ready to eat on a plate at the base of Valle Nevado Ski Resort, the albacora—swordfish, not tuna—was likely caught within 48 hours of hitting the grill in the restaurant’s kitchen, roughly 10,0
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Urban Delights
Santiago’s 6 million people live in a city that is full of life, with mountains to the east and the ocean to the west. While the beaches of nearby Valparaiso are nice, it’s the Andes, rising 15,000 feet above sea level, that demand your attention. Th
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Viva Vino
Almost every morning in the Casablanca Valley, a chilly fog envelopes the landscape until it’s burnt off by the mid-morning sun or blown away by the winds of the nearby Pacific Ocean. This geographically induced weather doesn’t always reach the stree
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Behind the Lines
As the newest addition to the SKI staff, Digital Content Editor JON JAY didn’t quite know what he was getting into when he accepted the position last June. “During the interview process, there was an emphasis that I wouldn’t get to ski as much in thi
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Going Down
Do you want to race?” Marcus Caston asked, his eyes sparkling in the candlelight, giddy with the thought of ski-hill mischief. “Yeah!” replied fellow pro skier Lynsey Dyer, her smile electric after a day with Valle Nevado Heli Ski. “I’d love to ski t
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With the fog-shrouded Alps as his backdrop, Italian pro freeskier Christof Schenk catches big air off a kicker built for the Fabian Bösch Invitational late last spring on the Titlis Glacier near Engelberg, Switzerland. The FBI was conceived by Engelb
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Backcountry Experiences
Valle Nevado and its neighboring ski areas are pretty similar to European ski stations: Leave the groomed terrain, and anything goes. Because of that, ski with a beacon, shovel, and probe at all times. For those looking to ski beyond the ropes, you’l
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Community Minded
The idea of crowdsourcing real-time info about snow conditions, terrain hazards, and other pertinent info via smartphones is going mainstream, and trickling into other outdoor sports as well. The company Avatech, originally founded in 2012, started a
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Get Around
One of the sweetest deals in South American skiing is the Interconnect Pass. If you book a seven-day hotel package at Tres Puntas, Puerta del Sol, or the Valle Nevado Hotel, you will receive two Interconnect Passes that provide access to the ski area
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Swiss Cheers
As our group approaches the century-old stone hut at the end of a splitter spring day, we can’t help but be awestruck. The building is perfectly cobbled out of the same rock protruding from the glacial alpine around us, pock-marked with Swiss-red win
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Gate Crashers
While much of the world turns on the Winter Olympics this season, very few will understand why Mikaela Shiffrin’s skis need to be so much stiffer than your relatively floppy noodles, or why Ted Ligety’s boots don’t have more than five degrees of flex
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Stay Tuned
Freeride Vises and 110x50cm Workbench The Toko Freeride Vises are extra wide, keeping powder skis, carvers and everything in between locked down when scraping wax. Skis can be angled at 90 degrees or 60 degrees to accommodate edging preferences. The
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Asian Infusion
The Bokwang Phoenix Snowpark sits in the Taebaek Mountains about 80 miles east of Seoul, and though many South Koreans feel the drive from the capital is far, the 2.5 hours go by fast. You zip past colorful rest stops selling noodles, cappuccinos, an
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Olympic Timeline
First Winter Games are held in Chamonix. The five original sports are bobsled, ice hockey, Nordic skiing, skating, and curling. The third Winter Olympics brings the Games to the States. The U.S. would top the medal count, but would not do so again un
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Crafted to Perform: The Makings of an Olympic Kit
WHEN IT COMES TO inventing better ski gear, the Olympics are like a mission to space. Just as airplane de-icers and those anti-slip grooves cut in highways all came about thanks to NASA-inspired innovations, the Games force gear companies to come up
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How Not to Teach Your Kids to Ski
It was the coldest month of the year in the coldest place in Colorado. We’d pulled into the parking lot at Ski Cooper on that February morning and dashed into the lodge, vicious wind whipping any exposed skin. I briefly wondered if maybe this wasn’t
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Halfpipe & Moguls
HOMETOWN Crested Butte, Colo.HEIGHT / WEIGHT 5'8" / 150 YEARS ON TEAM 5 Blunck represented in Sochi at 17, finishing 7th in halfpipe. The years since have seen both injuries and wins, including a top finish at the U.S. Grand Prix in Park City in 2016
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