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Product Spotlights
NOW Elderberry Liquid for Kids NOW Elderberry Liquid for Kids is a great-tasting, sugar-free, low-calorie supplement that combines elderberry concentrate with zinc and astragalus to promote seasonal wellness. Elderberry has been used traditionally to
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In the Spotlight: Living Cancer-Free
When Kate Thorp was diagnosed with metastatic HER2-Positive breast cancer weeks after undergoing a double mastectomy in late 2016, the survivor of late-stage Hodgkin’s Lymphoma knew she had to blaze an unconventional path. Radical chemo as a teenager
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Breaking New Ground
Essential to whole-body wellness, the endocannabinoid system helps restore and maintain balance. Supplementing with omega fats, among other nutrients, can help nourish your endocannabinoid system. Emerald Health Bioceuticals Endo Omega Vegan is desig
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Don’t Overlook Amla
A prized herb in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years, amla—the Indian gooseberry—is now the darling of celebrities. Cindy Crawford, Kim Kardashian West, and Sofia Vergara are among the famous fans of amla supplements and skincare products for t
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Ease Your Aches with CBD
After spending 25 years in the army, Nichole Taveres-Gibbs was medically retired with a disabling brain condition. It all started with severe migraines, and then an MRI revealed that she was suffering from Chiari malformation, a structural brain defe
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7 Herbs Everyone Should Consider Taking
Since ancient times, herbal medicine has been used worldwide by many diverse cultures to treat illness and to assist bodily functions. Herbal remedies in the form of teas, extracts, tinctures, capsules, and tablets may be recommended by healthcare pr
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Aromatherapy for Kids & Teens
For kids, aromatherapy just makes sense. Essential oils are a fast, gentle, and effective way to combat colds and flu, improve mental focus and selfconfidence, relieve stress, and promote sleep. Though they’re generally very safe, essential oils shou
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Fermented Beauty
Originally a Korean beauty trend, fermented skin care can reduce the signs of aging while treating skin gently. Just as yogurt, kimchi, and kombucha promote healthy gut bacteria, fermented fruit, plants, and tea in skincare products can promote a hea
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Hacks for Healthy Immunity
Q: I’m a teacher and I get sick at the beginning of every school year! It makes for a rough start. What can I do to break this cycle? —Katie M., Twin Falls, Idaho a: It can be hard to reel in the summer schedule, which often includes late nights, gar
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In different ways, these 10 nutrients address changes that occur as we live longer. In some cases, our need for the nutrient simply increases with age. In others, a supplement can help our bodies counteract situations that are more likely to develop
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Summer Sizzle
When temperatures rise, it’s no time to stand over a hot stove sweating and swearing about the heat. Chill out and move your feast outside with these better-for-you grilling recipes. Serves 4 Italian meets Mexican in this traditional Mediterranean co
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Aging Well, Inside & Out
You know those people, the ones who look “young” for their age. They still get carded when buying wine at 45. They’re met with disbelief when they request a senior discount. Even with gray hair and fine lines, some people just exude youthfulness. May
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Eating to Beat Skin Inflammation
Inflammatory skin conditions are generally characterized as either acute or chronic. Acute skin inflammation can be caused by allergens such as poison ivy, exposure to irritants (think fragrances or household cleaners), infections, and even sun expos
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Can You Cleanse Your Blood?
Your circulatory system is like the network of canals in Venice, Italy, which enable passengers to travel to various destinations, according to Gene Bruno, coauthor of What’s in Your Blood & Why You Should Care: How to Cleanse & Detoxify Your Blood f
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Blueberry Mango Pie
Serves 10 This summery fruit pie is loaded with skin-protective blueberries and mangoes. The almond-flour crust is flaky, tender and free from gluten and dairy, which can exacerbate skin inflammation. Make sure the shortening is very cold for the bes
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On-the-Go Snacks That Will Sustain You
Q: My husband and I regularly eat nutrient-dense, low-carb meals, but we sometimes blow our diet when we’re traveling. What kinds of emergency snacks should we have on hand to help sustain us when we’re on the go—or when we’re time-pressured and unde
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Postbiotics: A Newly Recognized Key For Healthier Aging
You’re probably already using a probiotic—maybe even a prebiotic— if you’re determined to defy the aging odds by optimizing your “microbiome” (internal balance of good and bad bacteria). But have you heard of postbiotics? Well, just like many powerfu
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Sweet Surprise
I don’t know about you, but when I go to the local ice cream parlor I’m immediately drawn to the weird—sorry, artisan— flavors. (My wife gets chocolate, I get goat milk cherry. Go figure.) So when I see a flavor like “Ginger Tahini,” my taste buds im
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How a Low-Glycemic High-Protein Diet Changed My Life
Wendy had tried everything. Name a diet, she’s tried it. Individually measuring out all her food, 21-day resets, points-based dieting. Nothing worked. Nothing was ever successful. “I didn’t care what I was eating,” she says. “Of course, I tried to ea
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Summertime, & the Living Is Easy
Relish the lazy days of summer—and feel your best while you’re at it—with the help of this issue. It’s jam-packed with summer health tips, fresh recipes, and absorbing articles for beach reading. The article “Make Your Summer Sun-Safe” on p. 30 is on
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Essential oils are used in one of three ways: inhaled, applied directly to the skin, or ingested. In general, inhalation is best for mood effects, such as stress relief or energy boosting. For skin conditions, topical applications are most effective.
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Herbs that Protect Against Lyme Disease
Our population of ticks that carry Lyme disease and other illnesses is rapidly increasing. But even if you’re bitten, the right herbs can help to prevent debilitating consequences, such as fever, pain, fatigue, and memory loss—which sometimes become
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Five Days to Fabulous
So, the big event is coming. The reunion. The wedding. The presentation. What if I told you that strategic nutrition could have you looking noticeably healthier, sexier, and, yes, younger—in a matter of days. Read on for the most powerful nonsurgical
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Fody Foods
When I was growing up, we didn’t talk about “bathroom issues” in polite company, if at all. Unfortunately, that reluctance persists today, and makes life even more difficult for people with IBS, or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Current estimates say that
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In the Spotlight: Cooking with CBD
When wellness expert and recipe developer Leah Vanderveldt sought out CBD oil to manage her anxiety and severe period pain, she found calming, anti-inflammatory relief—and culinary inspiration. The cookbook author devised dozens of ways to make the h
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