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A Room of (Almost) My Own
WHEN I was single, I never needed a room of my own. I wrote whenever I wanted, day or night, in my tiny studio apartment, where I lived alone. Drafts of poems and stories and books would be strewn about for days, undisturbed. My clerical job didn’t r
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Pandemic Writing Group
AT THE beginning of the pandemic, like many people in New York City, I was adjusting to a sudden lockdown and constant sirens, plus news that all of my cousin’s family members in Los Angeles were sick with COVID—one person on a ventilator. Partly to
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Write In Paris
The M.F.A. Writers Workshop in Paris invites students to work under the guidance of internationally acclaimed faculty in one of the world’s most inspiring cities. Paris—with its rich literary history and cultural attractions—provides an ideal setting
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Small Press Points
The titles of Clash Books (www.clashbooks.com) are by turns Gothic and playful and nervy, but they all share one quality: They must be spellbinding. Based in Troy, New York, and founded as a media website that evolved into a book publisher in 2017, C
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Diversity Efforts Lead to Salary Hikes
Big Five publishers Hachette Book Group, HarperCollins, Macmillan, Penguin Random House, and Simon & Schuster, as well as several independent presses, recently committed to raising entry-level salaries to between $40,000 and $45,000 at the end of 202
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Page One
“It was her idea to tie up the nun.” Infinite Country (Avid Reader Press, March 2021) by Patricia Engel. Fourth book, third novel. Agent: Ayesha Pande. Editor: Lauren Wein. Publicist: Alexandra Primiani. “The hour of our birth had been carefully fore
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Resources For Writers In Need Of Connection
While in-person gatherings can be difficult if not impossible to arrange during a pandemic, there are still plenty of ways for writers to get together. The following are some different approaches, outside of major social media platforms and websites,
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LENORE MARSHALL POETRY PRIZE A prize of $25,000 is given annually for a poetry collection by a living poet published in the United States during the previous year. The winner also receives an all-expenses paid 10-day residency at Glen Hollow in Naple
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The Time Is Now Writing Prompts and Exercises
Suggested Reading: Who Says? Mastering Point of View in Fiction (Norton, February 2021) by Lisa Zeidner An in-depth examination of one of the most critical choices fac ing writers of fict ion, novelist Lisa Zeidner’s craft manual includes hundreds of
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CRAFT Therapy
HOME. It is an appropriate place to start a conversation with Melissa Febos about her writing. Much of her work, whether in the form of memoir or essays—or some altogether different, hybrid form of creative nonfiction distinctly her own—begins and en
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IF YOU WERE EMBOLDENED BY WITNESSING THE POWER of words reaffirmed on the world stage in January—thanks to a stunning recitation of “The Hill We Climb” by inaugural poet Amanda Gorman—it was likely not because you had forgotten the simple truth that
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Girmay Edits BOA Selections
In October 2020, BOA Editions, an indie press located in Rochester, New York, named poet Aracelis Girmay the first editor-at-large of its Blessing the Boats Selections, a line of poetry books written by women of color. As the editor of the selections
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Conferences & Residencies
The 2021 Atlanta Writers Conference, sponsored by the Atlanta Writers Club, will be held online and by phone from May 7 to May 9. The conference features presentations on publishing, including a workshop offering critiques of book titles, book jacket
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Poets & Writers Magazine
Editor in Chief KEVIN LARIMER Senior Editor DANA ISOKAWA Managing Editor ARIEL DAVIS Associate Editor EMMA KOMLOS-HROBSKY Assistant Editor SPENCER QUONG Art Director MURRAY GREENFIELD Copy Editor ANTOINE DOZOIS Contributing Editors MICHAEL BOURNE JER
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Helping Writers Connect
Since 1970 the Readings & Workshops program of Poets & Writers has offered mini-grants to cover writers fees so that reading series coordinators and workshop organizers can pay writers for their work. In a typical year the program supports as many as
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New Ways of Surviving
while in the midst of horror we fed on beauty—and that, my love, is what sustained us. —from “Transit” by Rita Dove IT IS hard to pinpoint time. The nadir of the pandemic seems to keep descending lower and lower with new outbreaks and mutated strains
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The Road Ahead
SINCE 2003 the Under the Volcano writers conference has drawn people from around the world to the small town of Tepoztlán, an hour’s drive south of Mexico City, for nine days of workshops and literary events. But this year, with the COVID-19 pandemic
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IN THE FIRST pages of How Beautiful We Were, published by Random House in March, Imbolo Mbue writes about a “sickness that had arrived like a thief in the night,” an illness that brought fevers and “raspy coughs” until soon “death had grown more ruth
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Literary MagNet
Neither muscle nor mouth / devoted to one way of speaking. Every language // I borrow from somewhere else,” writes Threa Almontaser in The Wild Fox of Yemen (Graywolf Press, April 2021), winner of the Walt Whitman Award. In her debut Almontaser summo
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Sharing Space, Writing Together
FOR many, a writers conference or retreat offers various enticements: a new locale to jolt oneself out of old habits, the opportunity to meet fellow writers and network with editors and publishing professionals, and the chance to take classes and enc
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Write In New York
For over thirty years, NYU has distinguished itself as a national center for the study of writing and literature. The Creative Writing Program enables students to develop their craft while working closely with some of today’s most distinguished write
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Revising the Dream
PUBLISHING A DEBUT NOVEL IN AN UNCERTAIN WORLD BACK in 2019, when I signed the publishing contract for my debut novel, Body of Stars, launch party ideas were already springing to mind. Perhaps I’d host the launch at a planetarium, which would complem
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Writers Confront Climate Crisis
Author and activist Toni Cade Bambara has said the role of the artist is “to make revolution irresistible.” So when Jenny Offill, author of the novels Dept. of Speculation (Knopf, 2014) and Weather (Knopf, 2020), heard about the work of Writers Rebel
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Feedback from readers Well, here I am again, inspired to write a few choice words about your fabulous magazine. Two things: I love how you put faces on the Features section of the Contents pages. It is always nice to see my fellow writers. Second, I
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Pandemic Pen Pals
Nupur Chaudhury, a public health strategist living in New York City, grew up in the nineties sending letters through the mail. She received weekly aerograms from relatives in India; she corresponded with a pen pal in Texas; her father even took her t
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Submission Calendar
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ANTHOLOGY: Woodhall Press seeks true narratives of 300 words or less from BIPOC writers who self-identify as women for Nonwhite and Woman: 153 Micro Essays on Being in the World to be published Spring 2022. Editor: Darien Hsu Gee. Emerging and establ
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Recent Winners
LUCIEN STRYK ASIAN TRANSLATION PRIZE Hedgie Choi and Soeun Seo, both of Austin, Texas, and Jake Levine of Seoul won the 2020 Lucien Stryk Asian Translation Prize for their translation from the Korean of Kim Yideum’s poetry collection Hysteria (Action
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Feedback from readers I want to tell you how moved I was by Elizabeth Wetmore’s observations in “5 Over 50” (November/December 2020) that she felt a terrible grief when she thought that her characters’ stories might not get told and that their book w
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Leila Chatti
Copper Canyon Press … All night I listenfor you listening. If thereis something you needto tell me, God, you musttell it to meyourself. —from “Annunciation” HOW IT BEGAN: I first became sick—or realized I was sick—in 2012, the year I applied to MFA p
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