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Bird Of Sorrow
If you know your Seinfeld, and you should, the name Dolores should raise a smile. It was, after all, the handle of a woman Jerry was dating whose name he couldn’t recall but knew rhymed with a body part. There was little unforgettable about Dolores M
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Hymns Of The Republic
by james medd We get him now, of course, but in September 1984, Bruce Springsteen must have felt like the most misunderstood man in America. Every musician wants a hit, but the success of his album Born in the U.S.A., then on its way to selling 15 mi
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Picasso Frescos For Sale… 18th Century Chateau Included
by alexander kraft In the past two decades, the term ‘luxury real estate’ has been, like almost any phrase with the prefix ‘luxury’, (ab)used beyond the limits of credibility. Just like ‘luxury menswear’ is used to describe not only the timeless clas
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by nick scott It’s deeply etched in the minds of the timepiece cognoscenti, but for those who came into the room late: at the dawn of the 20th century, the Brazilian celebrity pilot Alberto Santos-Dumont mentioned to his friend Louis Cartier that tak
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Label Of Love
by nick scott In 1932, a nine-year-old boy from a devout Muslim family living in London — his father was a diplomat and legal adviser to Kemal Atatürk, founder of the Turkish republic — was taken by his elder brother, Nesuhi, to see the Duke Ellingto
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The Man With No Plan B
by christian barker In his late teens, Mike Horn recalls, “I was in the South African Special Forces, fighting the war in Angola”. As a soldier during the final years of the two-decades-long South African Border War, “I led a very exciting life. Alth
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Easy Company
photography kalle gustafsson fashion direction jo grzeszczuk Special thanks to the Corinthia Hotel Among the more ambiguous archetypes of the celluloid age, that of ‘leading man’ is perhaps the least defined. Far from the specific criteria of commedi
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Elegantly Wasted
by joobin bekhrad “Five notes, two strings, two fingers, and one asshole.” That’s all Keith Richards has ever needed to get by. Well, that, and perhaps an indestructible physical make-up from hell, a few hip cats with a thing for the blues by his sid
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The Charmers George Glasgow Sr. and Jr.
by wei koh It was a year into developing The Rake, and things were not going well. Despite my decision to focus on bespoke tailoring and shoemaking, my initial forays into both had left me bereft of confidence in these most artisanal of arts. In suit
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The Shearers Davide Taub
by benedict browne ‘Humble’ is the first word that pops into my head when thinking of Davide Taub, the Head Cutter at Gieves & Hawkes. When we took his photograph there wasn’t an opportunity to talk openly, as it was busy on the cutting-room floor. A
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Rake Commends
by benedict browne In the mid 19th century, David Livingstone, God-fearing autodidact and missionary, lost his enthusiasm for efforts to convert the African people. He decided to discover the world, in the process leading Britain into a new era of di
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Military Precision
by nick scott In The Fountainhead — the novel The New York Times referred to as her “hymn in praise of the individual” — Ayn Rand used the parsimony of natural selection to illustrate the beauty of stark functionality. “Why wouldn’t you like to see a
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The Kee Of Life
by jessica beresford photography jay gullion 1. “A vintage Patek chrono is one of the most elegant things a man can own,” Benjamin says, but that’s not the only reason this timepiece deserves attention: it’s the only known 1463 to be retailed by Cart
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Letter From The Founder
Developing a penchant for tattoos in middle age has decided advantages over precariously dabbling with this artistic medium in your early twenties. For one thing, it makes you less likely to get the left side of a Chinese menu tattooed on your tuckus
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Grey Pride
photography simon emmett fashion direction jo grzeszczuk The tempest raging outside, as The Rake settles down for a conversation with Ian McKellen, has not been summoned by any ousted-duke sorcerer, and this is no magical Mediterranean island in rena
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'I'm On The Yardarm, Hanging On For Dear Life...'
by nick scott photography rachell smith fashion direction jo grzeszczuk Despite a hideous journey from his native Leicestershire to the east London studio where the photographs on these pages were taken, Tom Hopper — all six-foot-four and Men’s Healt
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The Grape And The Good
by tom chamberlin As an Englishman, I am partial to the cross-channel ‘entente cordiale’ that can sometimes include low-level namecalling and sibling-like competitiveness. However, there is one area in which the British must doff their caps to their
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It’s now more than two decades since Karl-Friedrich Scheufele — a man whose horological prowess is matched only by his passion for wine-making (‘Grand Cru’ is, of course, a French regional wine classification) and a penchant for vintage cars that spu
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‘I Want To Be Seen As Someone Who Makes Good Choices. Not Someone Who Goes For A Safe Bet’
by jessica beresford photography rachell smith fashion direction jo grzeszczuk When she was 19, Hermione Corfield appeared on the cover of Tatler, not necessarily as herself but as the physical manifestation of the ‘New Sloane’, a younger generation
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I’ve Seen The Light
by wei koh As evocative quips go, my favourite among them is, “I don’t know nothing ’bout birthing no babies”, uttered by Scarlett O’Hara’s servant Prissy when commanded to aid in the impending arrival of her progeny. My go-to comeback has always bee
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‘I’m A Solid Actor. But I Want To Be Bolder In Future, And That Involves Learning More’
by charlie thomas photography by pip fashion direction jo grzeszczuk Joe Dempsie is used to intense fanfare surrounding projects in which he’s appearing. He first encountered it when playing Chris in the acclaimed British teen comedy-drama Skins. The
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‘The Corneliani Man Is Open Minded And Curious… He Absorbs The Energy Of The World’
by benedict browne Since September 2016, Stefano Gaudioso Tramonte has played a crucial role at the helm of Corneliani. That said, he hasn’t had his hands on the tiller in the way one might assume. He’s not the creative director or the art director,
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The King Of Bling
“I suppose that the greatest moment in the life of any revolutionary is when he walks through the royal palaces of the freshly deposed monarch and begins to finger his former master’s possessions,” wrote the freshly deposed King Farouk of Egypt in th
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Spiritual Leader
by stuart husband For his autumn/winter 2017 menswear collection for Balenciaga, the designer Demna Gvasalia, who’d elevated the oversized hoodie to haute status at Vetements, vowed to “make tailoring sexy again”. His method? To cut a roomy jacket, d
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The Recuperators Edward & Eddie Sahakian
by tom chamberlin If there is a health benefit of smoking, becoming acquainted with Edward and Eddie Sahakian is it. Nothing bad has come from my getting to know these men. They are the personification of generosity, gentleness and generational bondi
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The Documenters Robert Spangle
by tom chamberlin Street-style photography is a nomadic, sometimes isolated, art form. You travel all over the world following the annual calendar of fashion weeks and get-togethers, where the international fashion cognoscenti descend in their finery
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‘The Pubs Opened At Five In The Morning… There Was A Real Atmosphere’
by charlie thomas The idea of the family business is an evocative notion, and one that holds plenty of kudos in the luxury goods industry. Hefty price tags imply that handiwork and great care has gone into a product’s creation, yet this is not necess
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Lighter Shade Of Male
by nick scott photography jake walters fashion direction jo grzeszczuk The camel is an ungainly beast. ‘A horse designed by a committee,’ as one proverb goes, it compares to its distant equine cousin as one of The Beatles’ satin Sgt. Pepper suits doe
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by nick scott, charlie thomas and benedict browne According to chaos theory pioneer Edward Norton Lorenz’s famous hypothesis, the flap of a butterfly’s wing in Brazil might just cause a tornado in Texas weeks later. The 300 delicate lepidopteric flut
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