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From The Land Up Over
as told to nick scott From a linguistic perspective, ‘Aussie’ is a markedly Australian way of shortening the word ‘Australian’, and people tend to be astounded when they hear that the breed to which this nickname is applied is about as Australian as
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‘I Think What You’ve Grown Up Without Defines You Rather Than What You’ve Grown Up With’
by tom chamberlin It would be unusual for anyone involved in the making of this magazine not to have their interest piqued by the opportunity to interview the first person to make a purchase at the Anderson & Sheppard Haberdashery. That man, John Dem
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A Constructive Personality
by nick scott “A camel,” goes a dictum that the corporate world militates against, “is a horse designed by a committee.” Whoever coined this bijou of anti-collectivism would get no quarrel from Howard Roark, the architect protagonist in Russian- Amer
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Interior Superior
by nick foulkes photography kim lang If Jeremy Hackett did not exist, the Japanese would have to invent him. In the land of the Chrysanthemum Throne, they have a habit of taking things to serious extremes; after all, they used to revere their emperor
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Strine Be The Glory
by ralph as told to nick scott Is there any more rugged way of life than mustering and droving? That’s rounding up livestock and moving it long distances, for those Pommy readers (not to mention the sooks in Sydney and Melbourne) who haven’t been int
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Honour Among Thieves
by nick scott It is technically a rom-com, but A Little Romance — a 1979 basement-cinema treat, directed by George Roy Hill, of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid fame — couldn’t be more removed from any saccharine, Kleenex-sponsored Anne Hathaway ve
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Paradise Found
An island named after an insect infestation is surely no one’s first idea of paradise. Yet since the 1960s, Mustique has been just that: a privately owned, reassuringly inaccessible castaway retreat for the jet set. This tiny landmass in the Caribbea
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The Prom King Pooch
by georg as told to nick scott Goulash, embroidery, paprika, thermal baths, non- Euclidean geometry: it’s not exactly a collection to have thrill-seeking tourists boarding the next boat to Budapest. So it’s lucky that the Vizsla exists to sex up the
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The Invigorator Jemma Freeman
by tom chamberlin In developing this list you can’t be shy in acknowledging that fine work in one particular field can be so consistently commendable over the years that the same person appears more than once. Which explains the return here of the gr
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The Documenters Karl-Edwin Guerre
by tom chamberlin “Can the shoot highlight the family element of the two of them? Don’t make it too serious, it’s not like them, let them be playful with one another and juxtapose what they are wearing.” This was (more or less) the brief I gave Karl-
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A Dog Of War
by domhnall of shantamon as told to nick scott The role of dogs in warfare — like that of mathematics, tobacco and women — is blithely overlooked. Egyptians, Greeks, Persians, Sarmatians, Slavs and Britons have all enlisted four-legged talent to thei
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Take Back Control
by sarah ann macklin When low carbohydrate diets became popular, they seemed to be a breath of fresh air after the low-fat diet with hidden sugars that preceded them. Suddenly we were told to load up on meat and throw away the bun. Robert Atkins, M.D
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A Riva Runs Through It
by christian barker It was a grey, flinty day when The Rake stepped barefoot aboard the new Riva 100’ Corsaro during its recent Hong Kong global launch. Yet for the Ferretti Group — owners of the storied Italian boatbuilder founded by Pietro Riva on
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As well as The Rake, Nick — a historian and author and surely London’s most prominent luxury commentator — writes for periodicals including How To Spend It, Financial Times, The Independent, Vanity Fair and The Daily Telegraph. Among his many publish
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Black Beauty
by nick scott photography jake walters styling jo grzeszczuk Few of us get to sashay into a Savile Row atelier one day, parietal lobes awash with creative whimsy, and request a garment that will change sartorial history. But that’s what happened in 1
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Far From The Madding Crowd
by ed cripps The actress Julie Christie is a writing desk in an orchard, a moon lit with jonquils, a bonfire of beauty, intellect and otherness so potent it unstrung the bones of the sixties. New Yorker film critic Anthony Lane praised her appeal as
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First Among Equals
by stuart husband RAKE INCARNATE Let’s imagine, for a moment, that Alexandre Dumas’s Three Musketeers can be reduced to Spice Girl-style thumbnail archetypes. Athos, in this line-up, is Moody Musk, the nobleman with dark secrets who’s morose, sarcast
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Northern Soul
photography kim lang 2 Prior to joining Anderson & Sheppard, he needed a suitable briefcase. He can’t recall where he got it from but it has “been through the wars with me”, he says. 3 Karl has a daughter, Florence, aged nine, whom he describes as hi
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Hamptons Courtship
by nick scott Becoming a creative force’s muse is no faint endorsement; it is an apportioning of huge responsibility. Being the muse to Ralph Lauren, the most successful and influential clothing designer of his era — a man who has redefined not just
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Letter From The Founder
I say this with the greatest respect: I’ve always thought the Broccoli family, in particular the producer Barbara Dana Broccoli O.B.E., has missed a trick regarding the potential of the Bond franchise. They could have taken a page from the Marvel Com
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Breaking His Bonds
photography ellen von unwerth fashion direction jo grzeszczuk production flower ave. They say that mighty oaks from little acorns grow. Unfortunately, the world today seems determined to convince us of the opposite, that those in positions of power d
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Pocket The Difference
by charlie thomas photography kim lang Nick Ashley isn’t your average fashion designer — though to label him as such is perhaps inaccurate to begin with. Nick doesn’t do fashion. Rather, he’s spent the past 40-odd years applying his expert eye to fun
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Beauty Comes In All Colours
by jessica beresford The seductive and scantily clad women who have made the Pirelli calendar famous over the past five decades have, in the last three years, been replaced by imagery designed to develop the pin-up beyond the male gaze. The latest ca
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Quadrophilia: The Eternal Appeal Of Check Patterns
by nick scott photography baard lunde fashion stylist jo grzeszczuk Among the many unsung heroes of menswear — and their number includes a range of figures, from needle-wielding artisans on Savile Row to the technical wizards who maintain giant decat
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‘Suits Are So Comfortable — Fuck You, Guys, You’ve Been Wearing Them All This Time And You Didn’t Tell Us’
by tom chamberlin photography nick kelly fashion direction jo grzeszczuk Publicists are an interesting breed. They are the gatekeepers of popular culture, guarding the people we want to get to know. Avaricious periodicals seek access to tell a good,
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The Customizers Charlie Stockwell and George Bamford
by wei koh According to Pope Francis, “the age of authority has ended and the age of persuasion has begun”. And if the father of the Holy Roman Catholic church understands that today you need to reach individuals and win over each and every heart and
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Vale Sir David Tang
by nick foulkes I was once staying in Scotland, at a pretty grand house — the kind in which a grand piano does not look out of place. Walking down the stairs to breakfast, I was greeted by the crystalline notes of what might have been Schumann (I am
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Drama Queen
by david smiedt Jane Seymour has always presented the thinking man with a rosy-cheeked dilemma. You see, there is something eternally virginal, ethereally pure, perpetually prim about the actress. So what the hell is she doing in your filthy little s
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Glamping On Mars
by emily wright In such erratic and unstable geopolitical times, one of Oman’s greatest draws is its status as a safe haven. Nothing accentuates serenity like a bit of surrounding chaos. In fact, one rarely exists without the other. It is much harder
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Söktas: The New Age Of Creative Textiles
by benedict browne photography kim lang To create cotton cloths is no easy feat, as it’s a highly skilled craft that requires years of hands-on experience. For centuries, Turkey, and the formerly imperious and vast Ottoman Empire, was the epicentre o
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