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The Poor Little Greek Boy Grew Up
“The Child,” Wordsworth wrote, “is father of the Man.” This apparently oxymoronic truth explains much about Taki Theodoracopulos. As a schoolchild in America after the war, and while his fellow pupils were preparing for life at university, Taki was r
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Bear With Us
by mr. polo bear as told to nick scott As an ursine gatecrasher into a traditionally canine zone, I may have united many readers’ eyebrows with my presence here. I’m confident, though, that my testimony will more than justify my having mounted this f
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Ellen von Unwerth, born in 1954 in Germany, gained attention with her sensual Guess campaign in the early 1990s, followed by campaigns for Absolut, Agent Provocateur, Aston Martin, Belvedere, Chanel, Dior, Ferragamo, G-Star, Guerlain, H&M, Jimmy Choo
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A Shot At The Big Time
Winston Churchill had to be provided with a donkey to cart him from drive to drive while shooting at Eaton Hall. When you think of the aristocracy, what sports spring to mind? Hunting? Possibly, except that’s changed in recent years, since the 2004 b
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Personal Statement
by nick scott photography stéphane butticé Few people, on meeting Max Poux, would believe themselves to be in the presence of a ‘typical banker’. Eclectic in taste and impervious to the rigid conventions of his professional milieu, a besuited Poux ma
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Letter From The Founder
“But what about our editorial integrity?” Thus was the chest-rending bleat of protestation from some of the younger journalists when it was announced that, as we move forwards, our website, our social media and, yes, even our magazine would synergist
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Field Duty
by nick scott In his 2008 book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell proposed that 10,000 hours of practice are required to make someone world-class in their field. It seems likely that, when it comes to playing polo, Pablo Mac Donough has clocked up that tally
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Be Prepared
by benedict browne photography kim lang William Gilchrist moves in a very unique and nonchalant manner, with slow, graceful strides that exude confidence. He is the man behind the Rolling Stones’ aesthetic of the last 15 years, and personal stylist t
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The Tastemakers Ben Clymer & Aurel Bacs
by wei koh I remember taking a train with Ben Clymer, the founder of, after a visit to the Patek Philippe dial factory. We discussed the idea of e-retailing watches. After all, what was the point of emotionalising, in championing their a
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The Flux Capacitor: The Caruso For The Rake Houdini Fabric Travel Blazer
by wei koh photography james munro fashion direction ben st. george Umberto Angeloni is a proud citizen of the nation of Flux. If you are unable to find this unique principality on a map, it’s because you need to cast your eyes skywards. Because Flux
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by nick scott “In any industry,” Pier Luigi Loro Piana told The Rake some years ago, “the materials you use are the starting point for how your production philosophy is going to unfold in the future. It’s like being in a kitchen — if you have the ver
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The Top Drop
by jessica beresford photography kim lang There’s a certain type of person who can recall what the weather was like in two specific months of the year more than two decades ago. Someone whose livelihood could be devastated by an uncharacteristically
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‘Why Does Everyone Remember The Psychos?’
photography gavin bond fashion direction jo grzeszczuk “I kept going back to school because I liked drama, even though in the first year all I did was musicals.” Ray Liotta, as far as I’m aware, does not have a cold, as a fractious Frank Sinatra famo
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‘I Used To Be A Dancer... It Helped Build Resilience’
by nick scott photography david titlow fashion direction jo grzeszczuk There are big breaks in life, and then there are thunderbolt-from-the-blue, life-redefining, shower with blossom from Heaven’s most fruitful Tree of Opportunity kind of breaks. An
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Where There’s A Wil
by anna prendergast photography jamie ferguson Wil Whiting’s background is not what you might expect of a man producing some of the world’s finest bespoke shirts. While it is inevitable that craftsmen, no matter their discipline, are often compared w
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A Sharper Edge
It’s apposite that ‘swordsman’ has become a phallic synonym for philanderer, given the dashing elegance of the weapon and the virile elegance that results when one is employed in fiction. Bourne and Bond may exude lethal masculinity when bearing a Wa
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‘I Have Moments — I Was Sitting In My House In L.a. Last Week Just Smiling, Like, This Is It’
photography diego merino fashion direction jo grzeszczuk Since the concept was created in the 1950s, the American dream has always contained some degree of false hope. Though that hasn’t prevented many millions feeling the warmth of its glow. Sixty y
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by nick scott “I have always been inspired by the rugged beauty and romance of the American west,” Ralph Lauren once remarked, and the designer’s emotional affiliation to that part of the world has more than influenced his work over the decades. Now,
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Letter From The Editor
I was paid a rather neat compliment the other day. A style expert who moonlights as a popular left-wing commentator in Britain, whom we will call Bowen Thrones, publicly referred to The Rake as an “obscure clothing magazine for bored aristocrats”. Th
The Rake6 min read
Let�s Face The Music And Dance
By james medd Almost every generation considers itself a jeunesse dorée, but few have a stronger claim than that of London in the early years of the 20th century. Wealthy beyond thought on the riches of empire and the industrial age, brought together
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The Lane Less Travelled
by david smiedt Diane Lane wouldn’t give you the time of day. Although her parents’ families are from Georgia — dad was a drama coach and mom a delightful slashie (centrefold/nightclub singer) — Lane, a New Yorker, has forever radiated a coolly detac
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Letter From The Editor
So often letters like this begin with some sort of anecdote — “I was sitting in a bar one day” or “I bumped into a friend of mine recently” — that inspires a fun little analogy. My life is rarely this exciting, so it is hard to do something quite as
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‘We Believe That Passion Is Passed Down Through The Dna’
by ben st. george photography kim lang A truly noble fibre is luxury made manifest. There is a richness, a suppleness, an opulence to the handle of pure cashmere or vicuña that has a transportive quality, an ability to reassure and empower. When it c
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To Rise Again
by anna prendergast Kim Novak never intended to be an actress, and her success surprised no one more than herself. “I never dreamed of it, never even thought about it,” she said. “It literally just happened, as if by magic.” It wasn’t until a cross-c
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The Arbiters Simon Crompton, Hugo Jacomet, Darius Namdar, Shary Rahman & Alexander Kraft
by wei koh special thanks to mark’s club The term ‘arbiter’ generally refers to an individual who wields a more than significant authority over his or her chosen sphere of influence. And our 2017 arbiters do just that. Two of them work in men’s class
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‘With Louis Xiii, We Think A Century Ahead’
by benedict browne photography james munro Within the confines of the Library Bar at the Devonshire Club, Ludovic du Plessis is relaxed, making jokes and smiling. As the Global Executive Officer for Louis XIII, one of the most prestigious and enchant
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The Modern Tendencies Of Thom Sweeney
by tom chamberlin photography kim lang Limitation is a damnable thing. We Homo sapiens are adventurers by nature and instinctively try to discover the new or adapt the old. This psychological restlessness is evident in the clothes we wear as much as
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Knowing Me, Knowing Me
by nick scott illustration lee sullivan What do the rapid rise in cosmetic surgery procedures, people projecting their own mundanity all over Instagram, and a new nationalism based on personal superiority over solidarity have in common? They’re all s
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Coming To America
It was, as usual, P.G. Wodehouse who summed it up best: “I’m bound to say that New York’s a topping place to be exiled in. Everybody was awfully good to me, and there seemed to be plenty of things going on, and I’m a wealthy bird, so everything was f
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