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The Line Of Beauty
“It wasn’t scary but it was challenging. That was the moment when I got a first real connection to the business.” Wandering around Trivero’s Casa Zegna, it’s easy to imagine a moment when — between a kickabout on the lawn, or climbing one of the tree
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Michael Schwartz is a Floridian turned New Yorker, and a photographer. He began his career in the fashion industry as an agent for models. While developing and maintaining the careers of some leading models, Michael had a desire to get back to his li
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David Lauren: Gallantly Streaming
by wei koh This article was first published in Issue 19, December 2011 Amusingly, David Lauren, the third and youngest child of Ralph and Ricky Lauren, learned the extent of his father’s influence on American culture only when he went to college. He
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The Grubby Demon Of Punk
by james medd It’s easy to hate Sid Vicious. He is, after all, to blame for embodying one of the 20th century’s most exciting art movements in the form of a drooling, talentless junkie in a swastika T-shirt. Beyond the ferret-faced, sneery urchin car
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Out Of The Blue
by jessica beresford Tequila has been given a bad rap, claimed by patrons of dive bars who consume it en masse late into the night. Francisco Alcaraz speaks with a deep, raspy voice, carefully considering every word before uttering it. His hair, stil
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From The Heart
by ben st. george In 600 B.C., when Greek settlers on the south-western coast of what we today call Italy founded a settlement in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius, they called it Neapolis — the new city. It was to be new not just in location but in philo
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Miami: The Real-life Movie Set
Asterisked items available at by matt hranek Miami Beach has been one of America’s pre-eminent resorts for almost a century. Before that it was a strip of mangroves on a small barrier island that was cleared in the 1800s to make way f
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Home Fires Burning
by sarah ann macklin I grew up in Hampshire, where meal times were always a family matter. I am the youngest of three children. My parents made supper time an essential and social evening routine, when every member of the family would come together t
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Fabric Of The Universe
by nick scott photography luke carby Those among us whose first visit to a reputable atelier was made relatively recently will recall the frisson of enchantment on being handed the swatch books. Beholding the plethora of options peeping out from bene
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The Ringmaster Luca Rubinacci
by ben st. george The beauty of Neapolitan tailoring is that it represents elegance that yearns to be worn; to be lived in. And there is not a more prominent example of the form than the name that has been inextricably tied to its creation: Rubinacci
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Rhine Dining
by andrew hildreth As I head towards my dotage, there is something very reassuring about walking into Les Trois Rois, one of the Grande Dame hotels of Europe, and being ushered through the lobby to the maître d’hôtel of the Cheval Blanc, who greets u
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Poetic Justice
photography kalle gustafsson fashion direction jo grzeszczuk Special thanks to Mark’s Club It takes a Brit to play America’s most wholesome, handsome and superhuman superhero. Superman is to the comic world what Winston Churchill is to politics: not
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Letter From The Founder
When people ask me how I got into dressing up, I tell them it was New York and the siren call of her nightlife. It was her bars and nightclubs like a Promethean arc sling-shotting me around the sun and down into the equally incandescent fluorescent n
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Asexual Healing
by warren de montague illustration lee sullivan Encantado, amigos,” as goes the traditional Argentine greeting. De Montague is ensconced on the terrace of the estancia belonging to his dear friend Ernesto Gutiérrez, the singular sudamericano tycoon a
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The Art Of Excess
by stuart husband In 1976, the presiding deity of the art world boarded a plane in New York and headed east, having accepted a commission from another presiding deity. Andy Warhol was on his way to Tehran, to create a portrait of the Shah of Iran’s w
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Dan The Renaissance Man
The first thing I notice as I’m going up Lexington Avenue towards Dapper Dan’s new atelier in Harlem is a billboard saying, ‘Gucci Dapper Dan. Made in Harlem.’ It is a sight that would have been hard to imagine even a couple of years ago. But many th
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Letter From The Founder
I grow old. To quote from one of my favourite Rake contributors, Warren de Montague, “like the semi-desiccated grape Corvina, just one of the multiple varietals blended together in the palimpsest elixir that is Amarone, I grow more wrinkled but inten
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Luxe, Calme Et Volupté
by wei koh photography jamie ferguson All clothes property of Alexander Kraft It’s always a risk sharing a vintage car with another individual for three days. Choose correctly and the experience is bucolic charm. Choose incorrectly and you are plunge
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Running With Heughligans
by jessica beresford photography nick kelly fashion direction jo grzeszczuk The collective noun for Sam Heughan’s fans are Heughligans, who number in the tens of thousands and act as a testament to his success: as an actor, philanthropist and, as you
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Weights Off Your Mind
by tom chamberlin They don’t make them like they used to, they say. This maxim chimes with the radical obsession with modernising everything, which even a casual glance at older cars, clothes and magazines shows is a vain pursuit. Supposedly technolo
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Strange Magic
photography steve schofield styling joe woolfe “I’d seen Benedict on British television before and really sought him out.” This is not an excerpt from a conversation that The Rake’s founder and I had about putting Benedict Cumberbatch on the cover. W
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Art Or Seduction?
by nick scott He was known as the quintessential Svengali — a word derived from George du Maurier’s 1895 novel, Trilby — in which the title character, a singer, is entranced via hypnosis by the roguish antagonist, making her unable to perform without
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One-pot Rosemary Chicken
A lighter replacement for a traditional roast dinner. Sweet potatoes are full of vitamin C, vitamin A and fibre. They also have a low glycemic index especially when boiled, which helps to control spikes in blood sugar. 350g of sweet potato, skin on
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National Treasure
photography simon emmett fashion direction jo grzeszczuk Produced by Flower Avenue *O.K., only once, but we’re talking really, really drinking here. “I didn’t know he had the eight-ball of cocaine strapped to his leg! That was news to me! And if I ha
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The Philosophers Valentino and Nicola Ricci
by ben st. george Valentino and Nicola Ricci were not born into a tailoring dynasty. Instead, these two lifelong bespoke aficionados decided to pursue a future in the business alongside their other careers — it was spending time with their own tailor
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New World Marauder
by nick scott Gangsters aside, pirates are perhaps the most romanticised outlaws of them all. And yet the annals of fiction are packed with larcenous sea dogs whose rakish flair is not so much heavily compromised as non-existent. Robert Louis Stevens
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Merchants Of Doom
There’s a key scene in Taboo, the BBC’s recent Dickensmeets- Goodfellas period drama starring Tom Hardy as the adventurer and would-be shipping magnate James Delaney, in which he’s summoned to a meeting with a bunch of sombrely frock-coated men in a
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Writer, comedian and social commentator David Smiedt was born in South Africa, lives in Australia, but insists he is yet to grow up anywhere. He is the author of six books (including the wonderfully titled From Russia with Lunch: A Lithuanian Odyssey
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