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USB–C Multiport Adapter
WANT MORE PORTS on your late–model MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, or Mac mini with Thunderbolt 3 or USB–C, or even your iPad Pro with USB–C? There’s an updated $69 USB–C Digital AV Multiport Adapter available now from Apple (model A2119, replacing m
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Get Ready For IOS 13
YOUR IPHONE OR iPod touch will let you know when iOS 13 becomes available via Settings > General > Software Update. It’s the same for iPads, which switch to iPadOS, basically iOS 13 with some extra features. Having accepted the upgrade, make sure you
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Worse Than Death
$3.99 From Benjamin Rivers Inc., Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Needs iOS 8.0 or later Worse Than Death tells the story of Holly and Flynn, two friends who attend a high school reunion that goes horribly wrong, set years aft
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Create Your Own QR Codes
REQUIRES iOS 12, the Shortcuts app YOU WILL LEARN To make Shortcuts that create QR codes containing useful info IT WILL TAKE 10 minutes SHORTCUTS IS A new app in iOS 12, and its handy uses are nearly infinite. Every shortcut is built around actions —
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What The Heck?
IN JULY, AN employee of an Apple contractor working on the Siri voice assistant service passed details to The Guardian newspaper on the kind of recordings they and their colleagues were analyzing. Examples included discussions between doctors and pat
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43 Mojave power Tips
DO YOU EVER think “There must be a better way to do this simple thing”, but you’re at a loss over how or where to do it? Welcome to the club! Even people who’ve used Macs for years miss out on invaluable shortcuts that can, over months and years, hel
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Auxy 6
Free (IAPs) From Auxy, Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Needs iOS 10.3 or later In musical terms, Auxy’s a veteran: it’s been around since 2014. Now in version 6, it’s one of the simplest ways to compose on the go — but simple doesn’t mean l
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Table Of Contents In Pages
REQUIRES iOS 12, Pages YOU WILL LEARN How to generate and insert a table of contents in a Pages document IT WILL TAKE 20 minutes A TABLE OF contents (TOC) itemizes the parts of a document so the reader can jump to the page they want. It could just be
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The Shift
WE’RE PAST THE days of new versions of iOS or macOS bringing huge new features on a yearly basis. There’s still a lot of scope for refinement (in iOS especially), but we’re a long way from the thrill of downloading immediately on update day to play w
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MacBook Pro (13–inch, mid 2019)
From $1,299 From Apple, Features 1.4GHz quad–core Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB 2,133MHz memory (16GB tested), 128GB storage (1TB tested), Intel Iris Plus Graphics 645, 2x Thunderbolt 3 ports, Touch Bar and Touch ID3.5mm headphone jack, 802.
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GIFwrapped 2
Free (IAPs) From Daniel Farrelly, Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Needs iOS 11.0 or later There are two kinds of people in this world: people who know exactly which GIF to use on social media, and people who think GIF is pronounced “j
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6 Times Steve Jobs Didn’t Mince Words With People
When iCloud’s predecessor ran into difficulties, Jobs called in its developers and asked if anyone could tell him what it was meant to do. Someone obliged. “So,” Jobs asked, “why the f*** doesn’t it do that?” During Steve Jobs’ first WWDC back at App
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MacBook Pro (15–inch, mid 2019)
From $2,799 From Apple, Features 2.3GHz eight–core Intel Core i9 processor (2.4GHz tested), 16GB 2,400MHz memory (32GB tested), 512GB storage (4TB tested), AMD Radeon Pro 560X (Vega 20 tested) + 8–core super power + Huge graphics power - Ke
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Wild Journey
Free (IAPs) From Wild Ventures, Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Needs iOS 12.0 or later The App Store is packed with mindfulness and meditation apps, most of which offer a mix of guided meditations and timed sessions of soothing
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Letter Of The Month
In the main feature of a previous issue (#157) you refer to the synchronization and backup of iOS devices becoming redundant in iTunes when macOS Catalina launches; it assumes that everyone now performs a sync via the cloud or using iCloud. I don’t a
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Soulver 3
$29.95 From Acqualia, Needs macOS 10.14 or later Most Mac calculators live in the 1970s, with traditional readouts; spreadsheets are more powerful, but complex. Soulver exists in–between the two. You write calculations in plain English, a
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6 Apps To Save The World
It’s easy to shrug our shoulders and leave climate change and the environment to powerful leaders like David Attenborough and Donald Trump — and those two guys kind of cancel each other out anyway — but individuals can still make a difference if we a
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Crave $1,200 >>> Still think you have to get a huge camera if you want high–quality shots? This camera packs a big one–inch sensor into a compact body, along with a long zoom, plus advanced stacked pixel tech and image processing borrowed straight
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Agenda 6
Free (IAPs) From Momenta BV, Needs macOS 10.12 or later + Extremely flexible + Easy to customize + Superb free version - Lacks collaboration GREAT Agenda is what you’d get if Apple’s Notes, Calendar and Reminders had a special hug. It’s a
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Smart Lighting
Nothing makes a home feel smart like lighting. Automated and customizable illumination makes a massive difference to the comfort of your entire living space and can, to coin a TV cliché, really bring a room together. Lest you think this is just idle
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This year’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) was one of the most feature–packed for years, and much of the good news was for Mac users, with lots of improvements and additions — both visible and under the hood — coming to macOS Catalina. There
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Free (IAPs) From, Needs macOS 10.10 The marketing blurb for is a bit intimidating, as it seems to be aimed at budding business tycoons and “results–driven teams”. But it turns out that the basic, free version is simply a rather n
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Apple TV accessories
The way you use an Apple TV has stayed more or less the same ever since it first launched. With the box itself and Siri Remote, that’s pretty much all you really need to get going. But that’s not to say you can’t get a better Apple TV setup with a fe
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Clean Up, Back Up
KEEPING OLD FILES won’t slow down your Mac; it just ignores them. But you’ll have problems if your drive gets close to full. Auto defragmentation will start to struggle, macOS may not have room to swap data while multitasking, and apps that use “scra
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UNO Cable
$39 From Chargeasap, Features Three interchangeable heads (USB–C, Lightning, Micro–USB), USB–C connector, braided cable, tip removal tool UNO is a cable with three interchangeable heads: Lightning, USB–C and Micro–USB. You clip the det
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Easily Open “Quarantined” Documents Such As PDFs
No: it’s an obscure and long–standing security feature of macOS. For this to occur, there has to be a collision of three circumstances: the document must be in quarantine; in the Finder’s Get Info dialog, you must have chosen to open that document us
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THE DEATH OF iTunes has been somewhat exaggerated. There’ll no longer be an app of that name, but the new Music app will manage and play your music in a similar way. Your TV shows and films will appear in the new TV app, podcasts in Podcasts, and aud
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Plume SuperPods
$199 From Plume, Features 3x SuperPods units, tri–band Wi–Fi, Gigabit Ethernet; membership plan includes Wi–Fi management, parental controls, performance tracking, threat protection + Great coverage + Advanced (paid–for) features - Costly m
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Quick–fire Questions & Answers
CAN I SWITCH APP STORES TO BUY SOME REGIN-SPECIFIC APPS? There are two ways of doing this. Apple’s official route detailed at involves changing the country for your Apple ID, which is only suitable if you’re moving. But you can create a
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