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Introducing A New Os
Over the years, we’ve all got used to the usual cycle of operating system updates, with each iteration bringing about welcome improvements. But at this year’s WWDC, though we got the expected assortment of OS upgrades — macOS Catalina and iOS 13 bein
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Lumafusion 2.0
$14.99 From LumaTouch, Made for iPad, iPhone Needs iOS 11 or later Video editing apps on the iOS platform have taken longer to mature into fully fledged desktop replacements than others, such as audio production tools or games. This is
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A New Wave Of Smart Tvs
Not so long ago — some time after the explosion in HD TVs and somewhere before the industry’s fling with 3D–capable TVs — the smart TV was marketed as the thing to have. It was an exciting time. Combining interactive applications and streaming servic
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All US Best Buy Stores Offer Apple Repairs
Every Best Buy store across the US has become an Apple Authorized Service Center. This means the nearly 1,000 Best Buy locations can offer Apple–certified repairs with an Apple–certified technician. Best Buy’s Geek Squad now has nearly 7,600 techs ne
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Apple Pencil Is Even Mightier
WITH ALL IPAD models now supporting one of the two versions of the Pencil, it’s no surprise that iPadOS reinforces the pairing. What is surprising is how much software tweaks have improved the immediacy of the Pencil. Among the factors that conspire
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Marvis Pro
$3.99 From Aditya Rajveer, Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Needs iOS 11.0 or later Marvis promises to make you fall in love with your music library all over again. It’s a replacement for Apple’s own Music app that works w
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What The Heck?
ANNOUNCED AS PART of watchOS 6, the Noise app will measure ambient sound level. It’s a small thing, but if Apple Watch users take it up, it has the potential — like heart monitoring — to deliver notable public health benefits. There are increasing co
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What's New With Apple Watch
WHILE PUBLIC BETAS of macOS 10.15, iOS 13, iPadOS 13, and tvOS 13 are expected in July, watchOS 6 will be limited to registered developers until its release alongside the mobile OSes in the autumn. Like the other upgrades, it’s free of charge, and li
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$1.99 From Roboheadz Ltd, Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Needs iOS 12.0 or later Wooo-eeee-oooo-eee! From The Beach Boys to B-movies, the sound of the Theremin is a big part of pop culture. AirSynth aims to bring it to your iPhone. R
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Apple Maps Gets "Street View"
THERE’S A VERY obvious difference between Apple Maps and Google Maps. While Google offers top–down satellite maps plus ground–level Street View, Apple uses a combination of aerial photos and depth mapping to render 3D maps that you can zoom into from
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Beats Powerbeats Pro
$249.95 From Apple, Features Wireless, Bluetooth, Siri, Fast Fuel charge, sweat– and water–resistant, four ear–tip sizes They may look a bit like previous Powerbeats, but the latest incarnation of these truly wireless buds are unique in for
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Free (IAPs) From Noted, Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Needs iOS 10.0 or later While many note–taking apps enable you to mix and match written and audio notes, Noted puts the audio bit first: you add notes or tags to the audio recordin
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4K–capable Smart TV Streamers
$49.99 From Specs Alexa voice remote, HDR, HDR10+ Our first reaction to the Fire TV 4K was surprise: it’s super slick, with a quick setup pulled off entirely on the TV (as long as you have an existing Amazon account) and lots of streaming
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The Shift
WHEN APPLE KILLED its AirPort routers line–up, I wasn’t massively surprised. Mesh routers were arriving on the scene, leaving the latest AirPort models as last–gen tech at new–gen prices, and most companies are now finally putting the same effort int
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Adobe Lightroom CC
$9.99/month From Adobe, Needs macOS 10.12 or higher In 2017, Adobe rewrote its professional photo editing and cataloguing software, Lightroom, to bring feature parity to its desktop and mobile versions. In doing so they dropped a lot of fea
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Moment Pro Camera 3
$5.99 From Moment inc, Made for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch Needs iOS 11 or later Amongst the iOS pro camera apps, there’s been a shift towards simplification of operation. There’s a core of controls that these kinds of apps give you: con
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6 Divisive Apple Designs
1Mac Pro (2019) More parmesan, madam? All right, it’ll probably grow on us. At least they’re not charging $1,000 extra for the holes. 2Mac Pro (2013) If you wanted a shiny top–end desktop Mac that fitted in a rucksack, the “tin can” design was brilli
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Brydge Pro iPad Keyboard
$149.99 — $169.99 From Brydge, Made for iPad Pro 2018 11–inch and 12.9–inch There’s no shortage of iPad keyboard cases out there, though relatively few that fit the 2018 11–inch and 12.9–inch Pro models. The Brydge Pro, which comes in both
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The Stillness Of The Wind
$4.99 From Fellow Traveller, Made for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch Needs iOS 9.0 or later Somewhere deep within The Stillness Of The Wind is a powerful story about solitude, sanctuary, and silence. A whole load of silence.
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