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Crave $1,750 Soundbars need to be somewhere open, and they usually sit next to the thing you look at most in the room: the TV. So make sure your soundbar’s worthy of being in your eyeline: B&O’s Stage is the Danish design daddy’s first sou
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Day One 4
Free (IAPs) From Bloom Built, Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Needs iOS 11 or later Day One 4 is an update to the popular journaling app for iOS. It differs from other note–taking and calendar apps in that it focuses on capturing thou
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Fix Color And Tone
REQUIRES iMovie YOU WILL LEARN How to remove color casts and even out the exposure IT WILL TAKE 15 minutes YOUR IPHONE OR camcorder has to work hard to capture accurate colors. Different lighting sources can add color casts to a clip, causing some sc
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AUTUMN IS HERE, which for iPhone users means only one thing: a new version of iOS to get excited about. And for the first time we can say “iPhone” without adding “and iPad” as the iPad now has its own operating system, iPadOS. So iOS 13 is now only f
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Guardian Firewall + VPN
$9.99/month; $99.99/year (one month promo code supplied for review) From Sudo Security Group, Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Needs iOS 11 or later Privacy and security is always a hot topic, but these days it seems everyone wants a
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Remotely Access A Mac
REQUIRES Your Mac, another Mac or iOS device, TeamViewer YOU WILL LEARN How to access a Mac from another Mac or mobile device IT WILL TAKE 10 minutes AS MENTIONED IN last month’s VNC tutorial, although macOS does have built–in screen sharing and Remo
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Apple has been trying to turn the iPad into a computer for serious work ever since the first iPad Pro. But it’s been hindered by decisions it took early on with iOS, like the lack of a “proper” file system and the inability to connect external storag
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Moleskine Timepage 3
Free (Sub $1.99/month, $11.99/year) From Moleskine, Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Needs iOS 11.2 or later Moleskine’s Timepage calendar app stands out from most of its contemporaries thanks to its stylish good looks. But aestheti
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Use Soulver 3’s New Features
REQUIRES macOS 10.14 or later, Soulver 3 YOU WILL LEARN How to get to grips with Soulver 3’s best new features IT WILL TAKE 15 minutes TRADITIONAL CALCULATORS lack context. Spreadsheets add context – but also complexity. Soulver has always been halfw
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Living Life In The Fast Lane
You have heard about 5G. You can’t have missed it. But beyond the marketing hype, and outside of its broad position as a next–generation mobile phone technology, it’s not entirely clear what 5G actually is from the outside. Realistically, it’s not en
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Notability 9
$11.99 From Ginger Labs Inc, Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Needs iOS 11.0 or later Notability is one of the most fully featured note–taking apps you can buy on iOS. It enables you to create and edit notes that combine text, images,
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Meet Pixelmator Photo’s tools
REQUIRES Pixelmator Photo, iOS 11 or later YOU WILL LEARN How to get familiar with Pixelmator Photo’s suite of tools IT WILL TAKE 10 minutes AS PHOTOGRAPHERS, WE have a range of problems to overcome in the quest for the perfect shot. Pixelmator Photo
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5G IPhone?
If you’re hankering after a 5G iPhone, you’re not alone, but it looks like you’ll have to wait a while longer – as long as September 2020 if the rumors circulating on the internet are true. That’s perhaps not surprising. It’s still very early days fo
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6 Apps To Help You Enjoy Finer Drinks
If you’re going to drink, do it properly. Life’s too short for Coors Light and boring old vodka and tonic. These apps will help you find something a cut above, whether that’s finer beers, a new liquor that’s just to your taste, or a cocktail that mak
MacLife2 min read
Fix Pictures The Easy Way
REQUIRES Pixelmator Photo YOU WILL LEARN How to use a range of smart tools to help fix photos fast IT WILL TAKE 15 minutes TO HELP US win the battle for picture perfection, Pixelmator Photo boasts a collection of intelligent machine learning (ML) pho
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The Huawei problem
Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei is statistically the biggest player in the 5G market, offering some of the most affordable hardware available for the large–scale infrastructure deployment that’s required in its rollout. It is also among the m
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Flighty – Live Flight Tracker
Free (Pro $8.99/month or $49.99/year) From Global Airport Flight & Airplane Status Tracker LLC, Made for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch Needs iOS 12 or later Travel is one of the areas where mobile technology has revolutionized the way we
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MacFamilyTree 9.0
$59.99 From Synium Software, Needs macOS 10.13 or later, 64–bit processor Let’s cut to the chase. MacFamilyTree is by far the best family history app currently available for your Mac. It’s packed with all the features you’d expect,
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$4.99 From Annapurna Interactive, Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Needs iOS 12.2 or later Journey is a puzzle game with a firm focus on exploration. It strands you in a vast desert speckled with ancient ruins, all of them entici
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Formatting in Numbers
REQUIRES iOS 12 and Numbers YOU WILL LEARN How to use Numbers’ formatting controls to get sheets looking just the way you want IT WILL TAKE 30 minutes THE WAY NUMBERS thinks about a spreadsheet is a bit different from the likes of Excel, and makes st
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Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700
$399.95 From Bose, Features 10 noise–cancelling settings, up to 20 hours battery life Bose’s previous over–ear noise cancelling cans defined a new premium market for Bluetooth wireless headphones with advanced active noise cancelling. These
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Ulysses 17
Free (IAPs) From Ulysses, Made for iPhone, iPad Needs iOS 10 or later Ulysses has long been one of the most popular writing apps on both iOS and macOS thanks to its tools for organizing documents, Markdown support, and ability to publish
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Find Local Info With Maps
REQUIRES iOS 11 or later YOU WILL LEARN How to find and share cool things in Maps IT WILL TAKE 5 minutes WHEN YOU’RE LOOKING for a place to go, there’s no substitute for local knowledge. And that’s something Apple’s Maps app is absolutely packed with
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Ravpower 6–Port USB Charger Filehub
$45.99 From Ravpower, Made for iPad or iPhone Ravpower’s 6–Port USB Charger Filehub connects to the wall socket and has two main functions, the first of which is to charge up to four devices at once, splitting its 24w total output across
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Sky: Children Of The Light
Free (IAPs) From thatgamecompany, Needs iOS 9 or later Back in 2017, Apple showed off Sky: Children Of The Light at its iPhone X keynote. Now it’s finally arrived on iOS. On the surface, Sky is a game about saving your ancestors’
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Have Fun With FaceTime
REQUIRES iOS 11 or later, an iPhone, iPad with FaceTime. A recent iPhone or iPad with FaceID for Animoji and Memoji YOU WILL LEARN How to do more with FaceTime IT WILL TA KE 30 minutes FACETIME, APPLE’S VIDEO messaging tool for macOS and iOS, has bee
MacLife2 min read
The new iPhone 11 has arrived, and though it may not be the most scintillating version yet (more on that on p8, along with the new Apple Watch, and entry–level iPad), it does have one thing going for it: it’s now “only” $699, making the entry point i
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$3.99 From Scott Ostler and Khoi Vinh, Needs OS X 10.0 or later Apple doesn’t make it easy to open mail or web links in the application of your choice without copying and pasting those links manually. On a Mac you have to have a default
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ALONG WITH PHOTOGRAPHY, photo editing has become something we do every day. Doing it properly, though, still takes specialist software that‘s quite demanding of computing power and can be complicated to use. Fortunately, the A–series processors in to
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