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Best Of… Computing
An incredibly thin, light and beautiful laptop, with a dense, high-end 4K panel. Despite being 1cm thick, it doesn’t skimp on the power either, thanks to an Intel Core i7 processor. From £1,599, hp.com This is an amazing piece of engineering. Despite
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Dolby Atmos
Photography: Olly Curtis George Lucas famously said that sound was 50 per cent of the movie-watching experience. With Dolby Atmos, we think it could be a good deal more. Basically 3D for your ears, it’s the biggest thing in home cinema audio since th
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Smart Motion Detectors
£44.95, elgato.com Yale works with Yale, Hue with Hue and Hive with Hive (and Hue light), so what about Elgato? Well, the Eve Motion works with HomeKit and can control anything supported by HomeKit, so whether you want to trigger a security cam, ligh
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Summer Hair Care Tips For Men
Most of us know that sun damage wreaks havoc upon the skin, but did you know that it can also spell disaster for your hair and scalp? Regular doses of blazing sun can cause all sorts of issues for hair: frizziness, split ends, dryness and burnt stran
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Best Of… Auto
Well-appointed and exquisitely designed, this mid-size hybrid SUV has all the entertainment options you need, the poise to make those long journeys smooth and enjoyable, and is safe as houses. From £35,655, volvocars.com/uk The i3 is a responsive, hi
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Essential Phone Video Accessories
Designed as a grip for your mobile phone, the OSMO Mobile 2 gimbal features fast precision motors that work to stabilise footage and take out any wobbles that might naturally occur. A small joystick, direct control buttons and an app give you all the
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If you haven’t spotted it yet, rattan is in for summer. This blonde bombshell is 46cm tall, so it’ll make a statement when hanging over your breakfast table or reading chair. Use it to infuse part of your space with direct light or enjoy a subtler, c
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A Sketching Studio
SAYS… Get creative anywhere with a mix of paper and digital art tools! Claire Davies,Senior Content Editor If you’re new to digital art, you’ll need a graphics tablet. There are a number of options, but the most affordable are pen tablets. You plug t
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Best Of… Living
A sleek machine bringing barista-level coffee making to your home, with the hard part handled automatically. You can also go manual and the results are just as tasty. £1,999, sageappliances.co.uk Want the versatility of gas hobs and the reliability o
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Shooting Better Video On Your Phone
Some smartphones are packing high-end video features that are good enough for filmmakers – Sundance festival hit Tangerine and Steven Soderbergh’s Unsane were both shot on iPhone. There was, of course, a talented production team also involved in maki
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Keep Your Cool
Perfect for summer Tado’s smart AC assistant makes your current AC system more affordable and reduces your energy spend Nothing disrupts sleep like hot, sticky nights spent kicking off the duvet. Of course, if your home benefits from air conditioning
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SAYS… The tight spec, folding design and good price make the Parrot Anafi a hefty DJI challengerMatt Bolton, Editor The Anafi’s frame is inspired by insects: the head (camera and three-axis gimbal), the thorax (electronics and mechanics), and the abd
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Best Of… Lifestyle
Samsung’s super-slick smartphone is the most refined Android experience to date. An excellent camera, gorgeous Infinity Display screen and some smart exclusive features make for a truly fantastic phone. From £739, samsung.com The Honor View 10, essen
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Ess Ential Phone Photography Access Ories
The Bolt DUO is a smart device designed for iPhone that enables you to store your media directly to it rather than your phone’s internal memory. The accompanying app is simple enough to use and features a basic camera app. Alternatively, you can reco
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Light Up Your Life
Pull your LIFX Tile set out of the box and wire it together, connecting the power cable to the unit with the green dot. Arrange the set in the same way as you’re intending to have it on your wall and plug it in. The tiles should blink in unison. Now
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Editor’s Letter
I usually tend to find myself shopping for new tech at two times of the year: a month or so before Christmas (not coincidentally around Black Friday), when I’m looking for new entertainment to get through the Dark Times from then until February. And
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Best Of… Audio
Pound for pound, this is a hell of a lot of speaker for your money, easily filling a room, and expandable through the versatile Sonos speaker range. Built-in Alexa support clinches it for Sonos. £199, sonos.com These portable speakers are made for wi
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6 Best Photography Apps
Mobile images can look somewhat clinical, especially when they are converted to black and white. The Darkr app enables you to harness traditional black and white film effects, such as grain and contrast, to add further mood and drama to your photos.
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The Setup
LIFX Tile Attaching a Tile to your wall couldn’t be easier: each of the squares comes with 3M adhesive on four corners, with the necessary channels for neat cable routing around the edges. Take LIFX’s advice, though, and test your Tile setup before y
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Meet The Team
Editor While playing with the Lenovo Mirage Solo (p92) and its VR camera, Matt took VR video of the office, then viewed it on the headset. While in the office. As a test, it maybe lacked imagination. Associate Editor Arranging our summer tech feature
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Best Of… Smart Home
Alexa is everywhere these days, but nowhere is Amazon’s AI more at home than in its Echo. It couples an awesome array microphone with pleasing design for the perfect assistant experience. £90, amazon.co.uk Part motion-detecting security camera, part
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Point break
Photography: Olly Curtis Perfect for summer Surfers around the UK are currently experiencing a summer slump: the sea may be warmer but surf conditions range from flat to unremarkable. Our man is itching to get back on his board and he’s looking to te
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Best Of… Entertainment
Sony’s next-gen 4K HDR TV looks fantastic thanks to its OLED display and advanced image processing. Because of ingenious tech that uses the screen itself as a speaker, it also sounds superb. From £2,499, sony.co.uk Bang & Olufsen’s fantastic TV featu
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Shooting Better Photos On Your Phone
Isaac says: “I went to the Grand Canyon a while ago and shot 1,400 pictures in one week, and liked seven of these. When you’re shooting portraits especially, never take just one – take many to ensure you get just the right expression! (The Google Pho
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Explore The Great Outdoors
1. LARQ BOTTLE Stay hydrated during your outdoor adventures with this selfcleaning bottle that uses built-in digital water purification to rid your water of biocontaminants. You’ll never have to reach for a stinky plastic bottle again. £TBC, livelarq
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One Of Two Ruark R2 Mk3 Music Streaming Systems!
If you want a tech-packed music system that fits neatly on a countertop or sideboard, the Ruark R2 Mk3 is perfect. The compact, minimalist design not only looks great, but manages to squeeze in a pair of custom 3.5-inch high-fidelity speaker drivers
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5 Essential Add-ons
British brand inov-8 has revolutionised trail shoes (off-road running helps to make your legs and core stronger, and less injury-prone) with its new graphene outsoles. Graphene is amazingly grippy but also highly durable, so these will keep you uprig
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Entertain Guests Indoors And Out
Grilling, drinking, jacuzzi-ing… Your party can have it all 1. OILPRESSO OIL PRESS Cold-pressed oils are healthier and better-tasting than most mass-produced oils, which means this press is perfect for salads and antipasti at your BBQ. £299, ukjuicer
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