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A Supercar For The Masses
After giving the luxury car industry a high-voltage shot in the arm with both the Model S and Model X, Tesla is now targeting the mainstream with the Model 3. It’s smaller (think BMW 3 Series) than its predecessors, but still packs a supercar punch.
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5g On A Budget
5G has arrived! You can go out and buy a real, 5G-ready smartphone today, and connect it to a real, 5G network – even if those networks are restricted to small pockets of major cities at the moment. As you’ll know if you’ve been keeping tabs on 5G, i
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Light It Up
Not your usual smart lights, these tessellating Nanoleaf Canvas panels can be arranged into specific shapes or more can be added together to blanket a wall. They’re touch-sensitive, and colours and brightness can be adjusted via the app. From £179, n
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Farewell To Summer
Think summer holidays end when the kids return to school? Not so fast! September is actually the perfect time to holiday: the heatwaves are long gone, air fares are returning to normal, and, yes, there are less excitable kids at the various resorts a
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T3’s Contract Picks
One of the reasons that 5G phone contracts remain relatively high in price is that networks throw in a load of extras on top of the data and calls that you actually want – you can see that if you browse the Vodafone and EE plans on offer right now (5
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Make It Safe
Smart security cameras keep an eye on your property while you’re away from home, whether that’s for a few hours or a few weeks, and they’re now more affordable and easier to use than ever. A smart security camera like the Nest Cam IQ Indoor will ping
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Keep On Running
Running is a great way to boost your cardio, melt fat, and feel fitter overall, and doing so during the summer is infinitely easier. But what if you want to continue running through autumn and winter, yet hate pounding the streets or trail in the rai
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The Budget Phones
Like Xiaomi, Oppo is known for pushing out handsets that bring plenty of power and style without a hefty flagship price tag, though it’s only just starting to do this here in the UK. The processor inside this phone is exactly the same as the one insi
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Sleep Tech
Sleeping well consistently is one of the most nourishing things we can do for our physical and mental health, yet many of us experience regular sleep issues such as snoring, insomnia (the inability to sleep) and frequent waking that prevent us from e
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The Sim-free S10 Option
Buying a phone for a large upfront cost and paying less on a monthly payment is a time-honoured way of saving money, especially if you expect to keep your phone for an extended period of time. You can do this trick with 5G too, though at the moment i
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The Italian Job
Comforting pasta, cheese-laden pizza and Italian salads served with hunks of bread and dipping oils look even more appetising when served on the right tableware. Dunelm has this sewn up with its rustic, Italian-inspired dinner set, comprising four bo
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5g Routers
One 5G option we haven’t mentioned yet doesn’t require you to upgrade your current devices, and it covers more than phones: buy a 5G router. It acts like a hotspot for your other devices, so your current laptop, phone and tablet can all enjoy the ben
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Finding The Right Sleep Tech For You
As we’ve said throughout this feature, sleep tech on its own is not a magic bullet for instantly better slumber – your lifestyle choices and sleep hygiene are far more crucial – but some gadgets can give you a helping hand. The key when choosing a sm
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Gadget Guru
ADAM PAGE, NORFOLK Q What’s your long-haul loadout? A Flying is the worst. It just is. So when Guru is forced to travel internationally in a pressurised flatulence tube, provisions must be made to feed his gadget habit. Starting with the container: G
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Light Ebikes
When is an ebike not totally an ebike? When other riders can’t actually tell you’re riding one, but you’re able to sail past them like you’ve got your own personal tail wind. Here we have three of the best undercover ebikes; with integrated batteries
T32 min readNutrition
The Role Of Diet And Sleep Hygiene
When it comes to wellbeing, good sleep is as important as a healthy diet, regular exercise and staying hydrated. It has a positive effect on your hormones and brain function, and helps you maintain a healthy weight and a more positive outlook. If you
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Gadget Guru’s Magic Box
Technology never sleeps – and in the warmer months of the year, neither does Guru. Once he has shed all the bedding, switched on the pedestal fan, and taken as many antihistamines as his body can safely handle, there has generally been little answer
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Product 01: Ampler Curt
Ampler’s electric offering is reminiscent of the T3 test-winning Vanmoof Electrified S we featured a couple of years back - stealth bomber matte black, with a hidden drive system and built-in lights. It’s not quite the tech showcase that epitomised t
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In T3, we feature only the finest gadgets out there, and we believe that you – our loyal reader – deserve only the best tech in your life. We don’t want you to waste time, and money, on inferior products, and that’s exactly why our Tested section exi
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Product 02: Ribble Sl E Endurance
Though it lacks the cachet of exotic bike labels, UK brand Ribble’s electric road bike - the Endurance SL e - delivers on so many levels at a price that’s only a grand and a bit up on the non electric version it’s based on. What’s not to like? At a g
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Sony ZG9 Master Series
Screen 7680x4320 LCD Sizes 85, 98 inches Picture engine Picture Processor X1 Ultimate HDR HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision OS Android TV Oreo Connectivity 4x HDMI, 3x USB, RF, 2x satellite, Ethernet, optical out, Wi-Fi Dimensions 1913x1226x432mm Weight 74kg
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Editor’s Letter
This issue, we’re all about escapism. It only takes about 40 seconds of watching the news currently to make the idea of getting away from it all feel extremely attractive (as can the autumn weather change), so we’re here to help, whatever form you fa
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Duncan Bell Is So Retro
Curiously enough, one of the truest things I’ve ever heard said about tech was uttered by former Blue Peter presenter and one-time tabloid icon, emeritus Professor Richard Bacon. For some reason that now escapes me, he hosted the T3 Awards (twice!) a
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Product 03: Pinarello Nytro
Many a Tour de France victory has been claimed aboard Italian superbrand Pinarello’s flagship race bike, the Dogma F10, and while we’re not claiming its entry into the ebike market with the Nytro will make you a pro at the pedals, Pinarello claims th
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Apple MacBook Air
From £1,099 apple.com/uk If you bought last year’s MacBook Air refresh, you can skip this bit. This is a nearly identical machine, with £100 lopped off the price and some small tweaks made. But anyone else looking for a thin and light machine should
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T3’s Mission
Our mission is to bring you the clearest recommendations we can – and that means a great deal of hard work happens before a product even reaches our pages! Because we only feature products the T3 team would happily use ourselves, we end up discarding
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Escape The Daily Grind
If you harbour dreams of penning a book but prefer the idea of writing notes and chapters by hand, this 10.3-inch digital notepad provides unlimited ‘pages’ for you to do so. And if you need to create something more formal to share with test readers
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