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Streaks Ahead
Raise your hand – who loves light? I surely do. I’ve been searching for the perfect light source my whole life: the perfect shot, with less invasive graphic effects needed – gentle light settings, colourful ideas and a highpowered storytelling abilit
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4 Create Cyanotype Images At Home
Cyanotype printing is a process that was popular in the 19th century. This type of printing can easily be achieved at home, by using a negative or imprinting a sheet of UV-sensitive paper with an object. You can use natural light to expose the negati
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Balance Light And Shade
One problem of shooting landscapes is that you’re often working with a bright sky and a much darker foreground. The scene’s dynamic range (the brightness difference between the lightest and darkest areas) can be greater than the dynamic range that th
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Create A Street Photography Look
FILE & VIDEO My name isn’t Henri, and my surname doesn’t even rhyme with Cartier-Bresson. That doesn’t stop me from engaging in street photography from time to time. Once you’ve got your settings down, street photogra
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Going For Gold
How you choose to finish an image can put a clear stamp on your whole portfolio. Some people prefer colder images, while others like a warm tone to finish. Where skin is a priority, I like a natural or warmer feel for the subject. Here I’m using a gr
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Nikon launches NX Studio
Nikon recently released NX Studio, a piece of new software that enables the seamless viewing, processing and editing of still images and video. Integrating the functions of Nikon’s current image viewing software, ViewNX-i, and its image-processing an
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The Only Monthly Nikon Magazine
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Tech Check Image noise
What is image noise? What we call image noise is nothing more than a degradation in image quality, signified by blotches of colour or ugly variations in tonal brightness. It’s often more obvious in the darker tones of an image. What is it caused by?
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Spring Your Shots Into Life!
With winter on the wane and solid signs of spring colour in the air, we’re seemingly all set to get out there and capture the coming season with gusto! But with the cold, hard reality of lockdowns restricting our ability to get out and shoot in the w
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Epson Expression Photo XP-970 £230/$300 If twice as big is twice as good, this Epson A3/11-inch photo printer beats its smaller XP-8600 A4/8.5-inch sibling. It delivers double the maximum print area but remains reasonably compact and light. Unlike the other large-format pri
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Camera Skills Highlight Alert
When you’re shooting white water against dark rocks or using a strong ND filter, there’s a risk of burning detail out of the highlights. To make it easier to judge overexposure, activate your camera’s highlight alert function, which makes hotspots bl
Digital Camera World2 min readScience & Mathematics
Canon Speedlite EL-1 £1,299/$1,099 The price tag is enough to make you do a double-take. £1,299/$1,099 for a flashgun? That’s more than twice the price of Canon’s very capable Speedlite 600EX II-RT, and almost as much as a Canon EOS RP complete with Canon RF 24-105mm f
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Reader Challenge Creative Landscapes
This month we’re looking for your best landscape shots. The world is your oyster with this one: you can use any creative treatment, whether it’s been achieved in-camera while the picture was being shot, or applied in software. To enter your creative
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Landscape Photography Tips You Won’t Go Wrong If You…
That doesn’t mean you have to restrict your shooting to the ‘golden hours’ at dawn and dusk. Some scenes look better when it’s overcast and damp, while others come to life with a lick of mist and fog. In fact, the worst time to shoot is often on a ni
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Black&white Lockdown Special
“This shot was taken using macro extension tubes, window light and a son who didn’t mind me spraying water in his face! Staying still is not one of his strong points, so it was tricky, but I am pleased with the results. I did a quick edit on my phone
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Fujinon GF 32-64mm f/4 R LM WR £2,149/$2,299 Medium-format cameras are more accessible than they’ve ever been, yet they remain a fairly niche area of the market. Any medium-format optic is going to be large compared with the latest crop of APS-C mirrorless lenses or even full
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Laowa 10mm f/2 Zero-D £399/$399 Part of Venus Optics, Loawa has quickly established a reputation for high-quality manual focus ultra-wide primes and macro lenses. Its 10mm f/2 Zero-D is made for Micro Four Thirds cameras from Olympus and Panasonic. Apart from go
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CorelDraw Graphics Suite
Graphics Suite is the all-in-one flavour of CorelDraw and also includes the Photo-Paint image editor and AfterShot 3 HDR raw photo editor. New features to be rolled out in Photo-Paint 2021 include a Local Adjustment Mode, for finding frequently used
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Take Your First Steps In Landscape Photography
Part travel, part fine art and part documentary, landscape photography is an addictive mix of a few different photographic genres. And with all the hours of waiting around until those heart-pumping moments when the sun breaks and you frenetically bur
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The Judges
British explorer, writer and photographer Wildlife author and photographer Editor of Digital Camera Wildlife photographer and founder of Remembering Wildlife Editor, Remembering African Wild Dogs Photographer, publisher and mentor ■
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Perfect Panoramas In Affinity Photo
From phone apps to simple cropping tricks, panoramas are easier than ever to create. But nothing quite tops a panorama that’s been properly captured with your camera. Not only does the technique of stitching several frames together allow you to captu
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Your Gifts
Our collectable shooting tips cards enable you to carry handy settings and suggestions around in your kit bag, ready for when you need them. This issue, get wallet-sized advice on street colours, waterfalls, perfect fashion poses and using leading li
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3 Create Your Own World Of Miniature Marvels
With just a few miniature models, whether they’re landscaping models, Lego, or old toy soldiers you may have in the back of a cupboard somewhere, we can explore our imagination. Creating model dioramas indoors can lead to some enjoyable photo project
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Your Digital Content Enter the URL above into the destination bar of your internet browser – we’re using Google Chrome, but other browsers work in a similar way. Please do not enter it in any search field or search bar (see the examples a
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Epson SureColor P900 £1,087/$1,195 Epson’s SureColor P700 A3+/13-inch printer (£679/$800) might seem an obvious fit for this group test, competing against the Canon Pro-200 and Pro-300 models. But while the A2/17-inch P900 is more expensive, it gives relatively supersi
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Add Water Effects To The Foreground
15 WATER REFLECTION EFFECTS FILE & VIDEO If you want to give an image a brand-new look, this cool technique may be right up your street! It effectively ‘floods’ the foreground of any scene
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Gitzo Légende
Time could be running out for throwaway culture if the iconic accessories maker has its way. The carbon-fibre Légende travel tripod features four-part leg sections and an Arca Swiss-compatible aluminium ball head, and its parts are “100% replaceable”
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Enhancement Tricks
WATCH THE VIDEO! FILE & VIDEO Some images are incredibly easy to take – just point and shoot – while others can take years of preparation. But regardless of how much time goes into creating an image, the aim is always
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…and releases Tortoise
Benro’s Tortoise tripods, on the other hand, omit centre columns in favour of compactness and saving weight, but a centre column can be added if desired. Five Tortoise tripods have been designed for photography, including one miniature tabletop model
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