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Scenics In The City
Based in London, Ron is a Sony Europe Imaging Ambassador and shoots for a range of clients including Asahi (pictured, above), Nike, Red Bull and Mercedes-Benz. Music and photography have overlapped for decades – Bill Wyman, Stewart Cop
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Shoot Into The Night
While we might all gaze longingly and with wonder at the night sky from time to time, fewer of us have the patience and technical know-how to take striking pictures of it. Photographing phenomena such as the northern lights is a specialist pursuit, a
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In Focus
Sony starts a sensor size arms race Introducing the first-ever full-frame mirrorless camera with a 61-megapixel sensor… Sony has been relatively quiet recently, but is back to its disruptive best. The announcement of the A7R IV comes on the back of t
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Mini Test Circular polarisers
£110-300/$86-249 (30.5-86mm) B+W’s premium XS-Pro circular polarisers come in a huge range of thread diameters to suit lenses from tiny Micro Four Thirds optics through to beefy large aperture super-teles. A cheaper ‘F-Pro’ ra
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Night Sky Essentials
Having a camera with Manual exposure mode is a must when you want to capture the northern lights – and night sky shots in general. While DSLRs have traditionally been de rigeur for this genre, full-frame mirrorless cameras can also be used to great e
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Introducing The New Carmarthen Cameras Store!
CARMARTHENCAMERAS was started in 1998 by the current owner Mathew Whittal-Williams. who'd spent many years working in Francis Photographic, a small but dedicated camera shop dealing in new and used photographic gear. When the shop was first opened. M
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Help Me Buy A… Monitor
he latest digital cameras can deliver excellent image quality, but your photos will still look rubbish if you view them on a poor-quality screen. Worse still, you can spend ages at the editing stage, trying to make photos look good on an inaccurate s
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Where To Find An Aurora
Now you’re primed with camera settings and kit, you’re probably wondering where and when in the world you might be able to spot the lights. Technically speaking, they never stop; however, seeing them requires darkness, which is why the viewing season
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Discover Your Free Copy Of ON1 EFFECTS 2019
If you’ve ever looked at a photo and wondered what you can do to bring it to life, ON1 Effects 2019 has the answer – in fact it has hundreds of them in its library of preset photo effects, with inspirational looks for landscapes, people, urban shots,
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This month, Fuji has broken new ground in the world of medium-format photography with its brand-new Fujifilm GFX 100. On page 112, we break down every aspect of this mirrorless marvel and put it through its paces in the lab. In the first of an occasi
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Interview David Yarrow
“Success is 99 per cent failure,” says British photographer and conservationist David Yarrow. That might be true, but the one per cent of Yarrow’s work that isn’t a failure has succeeded quite spectacularly, earning him an international following and
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Master Cityscape Shots With Ron Timehin
1 “Normally I try to keep the ISO as low as possible. If I don’t have a tripod, the maximum I’d normally go to is ISO 1600. I like to shoot at f/8 and above, just so that everything is fairly sharp.” 2 “I like to keep shutter speeds as fast as possib
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Capturing A Stunning Aurora
When your location is right and you’ve seen a strong indication for an aurora display, priming your camera is the next step. First, when shooting at night take the brightness of the LCD screen on your camera down to its lowest brightness setting, so
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Breathe New Life Into Raws
After you’ve taken a shot in raw format, loading it up into Photoshop will launch Adobe Camera Raw, and give you a rather flat-looking file that’s similar to the way the shot appeared on the camera’s LCD screen. This is the default file, taken straig
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Fujifilm GFX 100
£9,999/$9,999 (body only) When Fujifilm announced the development of its new 100-megapixel medium-format camera at Photokina 2018, it listed specifications and features that sounded like a fantasy wish-list for a medium-format came
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Blue Botanicals
10 things to shoot, edit or create this month, from stormy seascapes to fun feline face-swaps The historic cyanotype process was used well into the 20th century as a simple and cheap way to produce copies of drawings and photos, known as blueprints.
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Get The Glow With Accurate Exposure And White Balance
The aurora borealis is a colourful affair, and some photographers adjust their white balance (measured in Kelvin, or K) to make the spectacle look more intense. On the right, you’ll see a comparison of how a scene looked to the naked eye, along with
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Unleash The Power Of Profiles
Profiles have been available in Camera Raw and Lightroom for years, but until recently they were tucked away in the Camera Calibration panel. Now Profiles have been expanded, and they take pride of place at the top of the Basic panel. It’s a natural
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Canon EOS 5D Mk III
Launch price: £2,999/$3,499 (body only) Canon’s EOS 5D Mk III was released in 2012, succeeding a model that marked a real step change in the evolution of digital cameras. No pressure for the Mk III, then, but it was a hit from the sta
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Back Issues
Your digital magazines can travel with you – even if you delete them, they’re free to re-download at any time. Subscribe today by visiting Prefer print? Keep your mags together with our binder, which neatly holds
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Bird’s Eye View
Sean Goodhart (keen amateur photographer and an associate of the RP S) is somewhat of an expert when it comes to photographing the ground from above. In his series ‘Scratching the Surface’, Sean explores the human imprint and our effect on the surfac
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The Elements To Look Out For
The flickering curtains of colour that make up the northern lights are one of nature’s most breathtaking spectacles. The lights are guided by the shape of the Earth’s magnetic field and the actual colours you see are determined by the molecules in Ea
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Sharpen Your Images
One of the earliest things we learn in our journey as photographers is to get our images sharp. Some of that is because we automatically go to the sharper areas in photos and initially ignore blurry areas. While digital photography has massively decr
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Bag A Bargain EOS 5D Mark III Today
RELEASED: 2012 PRICE NEW: £2,999/$3,499 (body only) BUY AT MPB.COM TODAY: ‘Excellent’ £1,059/$1,449 ‘Good’ £964/$1,279 “As soon as it was released, the Canon EOS 5D Mk III became an instant classic. With improved autofocus over the 5D Mk II, plus inc
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In his series Curves, Zahornacky was looking for a way to go beyond the classical beauty of a model. By shooting a set of original film portraits through water, he distorted their perfect symmetry and created a final result that looked, at first glan
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