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Make A Budget Studio
You may think you need loads of fancy equipment to set up a studio, but that simply isn’t the case. In this DIY project, you’ll discover some money-saving ideas. The cost of my DIY studio came in around £300, but you can get a good setup for less if
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Useful Camera Features
While all cameras can record video, some have been designed as ‘hybrid’ stills-and video-recording machines This option adds a coloured highlight to edges of objects that are in focus on the Live View display or EVF, making it easier to manually focu
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Photo Answers
Andrew is a highly-experienced writer and photographer – if you have a problem, he is here to help. Q I understand the ‘golden hour’, but what factors actually cause great light? And where does it occur? Donna Judd A Great light can really happen any
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Large-sensor Compact Cameras
£999/$999 The G1 X Mark III packs a 24.2MP APS-C sensor, but unlike the fixed focal length Fuji and Ricoh APS-C cameras, Canon’s top-line compact stands out by sporting a 3x 24-72mm-equivalent zoom lens. The f/2.8 max aperture is also
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Capture Sea Sparkle
Bioluminescence is one of the world’s most intriguing natural phenomena. It describes the release of light from a living organism – and there’s nothing quite as spectacular as seeing it in the ocean. Bioluminescent plankton, also known as sea sparkle
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Number Crunching
There are lots of numbers to get your head around when it comes to movie recording. Two that are closely related and easily confused are frame rate and shutter speed. Both are measured in units of time, but frame rate controls the recording speed (in
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Six Ways To Shoot…
Know those sunset conditions when the sun is so low behind you that you can’t avoid including it? Instead of cursing it, embrace it and shoot your own shadow selfie. It’s a slightly more arty form of the modern selfie phenomenon. Deep shadows are a g
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Sensor Cleaners
£71/$56 Delkin’s kit is equipped to remove loose particles and stubborn contaminants. The SensorBulb blower puffs dust away, albeit in the same uncontrolled manner as any blower, meaning dust can just be blown around and onto th
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Awesome Autumn!
Verity Milligan is an award-winning photographer and educator based in Birmingham. She is happiest when she’s outdoors at dawn, capturing landscapes in the UK and further afield. She’s also a big fan of power naps! Autumn is a great time of year to b
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Stills Got It
You don’t have to use a camera’s video mode to create a movie. Building a time-lapse sequence from a series of stills is an effective way to reveal a world that normally goes unseen, such as the movement of stars in the night sky and the growth of pl
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Roving photographer Quintin is two thirds through his 6,000-mile photo walk around the whole of the UK coast. Crossing the border into Caithness, the wildflowers are in full bloom, forming a purple sea of heather and thistles offs
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Help Me Buy A… Flashgun Modifier Kit
Slot a flashgun into your camera’s hotshoe, aim it at the target and shoot. You’re almost guaranteed to get flat-looking images with a snapshot feel at best, and a nasty dose of red-eye at worst. The main problem is that the flash tube is small and o
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Hit The City!
Cities are the melting pots of society. They contain variations on everything, from types of architecture that might be radically different from neighbourhood to neighbourhood–or from one side of the street to the other–to the people you see sitting
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The Art Of Seeing
Recently I was asked to give a talk on travel photography. This got me thinking – what exactly is travel photography? The Royal Photographic Society’s travel group describes ‘travel photography’ as images that ‘communicate a sense of place’, while Wi
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In Focus
Image quality from this high-end ‘full-frame’ medium-format is sure to impress Two issues ago we reported on Sony’s new A7R IV and its 61MP full-frame sensor. While many photographic industry observers and practitioners doubtless welcome the megapixe
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Back Issues
Your digital magazines can travel with you – even if you delete them, they’re free to re-download at any time. Subscribe today by visiting Prefer print? Keep your mags together with our binder, which neatly holds
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Feeling Right At Home
When it comes to travel and photography, there are so many opportunities to capture new and exciting images. It might be that you want to focus on gorgeous stretching vistas or to zoom in close to native people living and working in the country. You’
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Shot Of The Month
This young male seemed blissfully unconcerned by the lightning and thunder rolling in across the Kalahari Desert, as well as the presence of the photographer Hannes Locher, who was taking night shots in the South African part of the Kgalagadi Transfr
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Behind The Lens
How did you get involved with Project Z? After my ‘Habanaboy’ series [on Cuba] and book dropped, I got it premiered on quite a lot of big platforms. That was around September 2017. It was the first solid block of recognition and got the attention of
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The roots of Stephen Wilkes’ Day to Night project lie in a 1996 assignment for Life magazine to shoot the cast and crew of Baz Luhrmann’s movie Romeo + Juliet. He was asked to produce a gatefold-format image, but when he arrived on set in Mexico, he
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Close Up
There is an entire world at our fingertips that we rarely have the time to notice – but anyone who studies objects and subjects at a closer proximity is often greatly rewarded! Macro or close-up photography is a fantastic genre to explore, whatever s
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Hugging its flippers tight to its body, the Weddell seal closed its eyes and appeared to fall into a deep sleep. Lying on fast ice (ice attached to land) off Larsen Harbour, South Georgia, it was relatively safe from its predators – killer whales and
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They may have taken a while to hit the mainstream camera market, but there’s no doubt that mirrorless cameras will top many a photography gift list this Christmas. But where does that leave DSLRs? They’ll continue to have a stong following for a whil
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2020 Calendar
Shooting frosty landscapes: The heart of winter is the perfect time for atmospheric landscapes. As sunrise is so late this time of year there’s no need to be up early! Camera settings: ½ sec at f/11, ISO 100 Capturing winter: As the new year starts,
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Shoot An HDR Landscape
HDR, or high-dynamic-range, photography is a technique that’s used to hugely increase the dynamic range in images. If you’re not familiar with the term, dynamic range is simply the ratio between the brightest and darkest parts of a scene. When you sh
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Master the Color Range Tool
One of the main reasons to use Photoshop for image-editing over raw editors like Lightroom is its excellent array of selection tools. There is a host on offer, from simple freehand tools to clever features that do almost all the work for you. The Col
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Canon EOS 90D
£1,200/$1,471 (body only) In a world of mirrorless cameras, why do they still make DSLRs? Well, when you pick up the EOS 90D and use it, you’ll know why… Sensor: 32.5MP APS-C CMOS, 22.3 x 14.8mm Image processor: DIGIC 8 AF points: 45 cr
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New Ways To Shoot Landscapes
Ansel Adams, arguably the most famous landscape photographer of all time, once said: “A good photograph is knowing where to stand.” While this remains true today, it’s safe to add that a good photograph is also knowing which technique to use once you
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Spice Up Your Scenics!
If you’re new to image-editing, you may find the learning curve to be steeper than you expected. Some enjoy the climb and relish the challenge of discovering how to adjust and fine-tune the various elements that constitute an image, whereas others pr
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Nikkor Z 85mm f/1.8 S
£799/$799 Impeccable image quality and tack-sharp results Mount: Nikon Z Focal length: 85mm Maximum aperture: f/1.8 Minimum aperture: f/16 Lens construction: 12 elements in 8 groups Angle of view: FX format: 28° 30’, DX format: 18° 50’
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