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Exhausting Design
Photography by JEFF ALLEN Few elements have as large an impact on a motorcycle’s design as the exhaust system. From header to exit, the gently curving shapes help define some of our favorite bikes, but the shapes are far from purely aesthetic. Exhaus
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Let It Lean
Photography by DREW RUIZ, YAMAHA, AND SPENSER ROBERT Yamaha has been wrestling with ways to improve frontend grip for more than 11 years. The Niken three-wheeler is the result. A look inside one of the front wheels. The Niken does a lot of things, bu
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Indian Makes It Real
The Scout FTR750 flat-track racebike triggered a lot of dreams when it was unveiled in 2016. I am sure more than a few pro flat-track racers immediately envisioned podium finishes, but for the rest of us, this light and lithe racebike triggered a spe
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Since 2013, the MotoGP World Championship has settled at the Circuit of the Americas in Texas each spring to do battle on the 3.4-mile strip of asphalt just outside Austin. The undisputed king has been Marc Marquez, who has won each of the five Grand
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Miguel Galluzzi
Photography by JULIA LAPALME Legendary motorcycle designer Miguel Galluzzi is as refreshingly direct as his most famous creation, the Ducati M900 Monster. When it was released in 1993, the bare-bones Monster was considered revolutionary, which speaks
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To Be Analog Is To Be Human
Photography by DANIEL PETER A forgotten Moto3 prototype chassis and 1968 Ducati narrow-case single are a strange yet perfect match. It’s easy to focus on the hard parts when they come together so effortlessly like on this sweet and tidy Ducati. But i
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Rocket Launch
Photography by BOSCH Being handed a pair of earplugs by Bosch PR people at a demonstration of what’s new in electronic rider aids was unexpected. But not nearly as unexpected as the rocket blast that came from the side of a motorcycle using the compa
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Roger Decoster
Photography by DREW RUIZ Roger DeCoster doesn’t think he’s very smart. The Belgian expatriate marvels at how his youngest son—who is studying to be a doctor—absorbs knowledge quickly, or the way an engineer at KTM can create a part. “I just have a lo
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For Spacious Skies
Photography by SPENSER ROBERT Bikes such as the Harley-Davidson Street Glide Special and Indian Chieftain Dark Horse account for most of the motorcycles purchased in this country every year. Yet, to me, they hardly make sense. They’re heavy, low, and
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It’s an aggressive claim we’ve made at the Petersen Museum—that what’s happened in the motorcycle scene in the past 10 years amounts to a revolution—but there’s no denying that the custom world has been turned upside down, taking the motorcycle indus
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Strange Partners
The artist, scientist, and engineer influence one another because they share the same world. Physicists of 1900 were nervous because theory and experiment could not in important respects be reconciled without making upsetting assumptions. Albert Eins
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The Workhorse
Photography by JEFF ALLEN Aluminum is everywhere that either lightweight structure or high thermal and electrical conductivity are required. The typical sportbike has an aluminum cylinder block, head, and crankcases, plus a welded aluminum chassis an
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Suspension Of Disbelief
Photography by DAVID DEWHURST You can be ahead of your time, you can build a better mousetrap, you can have a VPN connection straight into the distant future—but if you fall short on execution, your chances of success are identical to those of Icarus
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Dear Dan
Dear Dan, Over the years, you were kind enough to write a few letters. As a letter writer myself, I’d always intended to write back to you, but somehow I didn’t feel as though I should, or maybe that I wasn’t important enough. Getting to know you a l
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Goodwood Revival
The feeling that you’ve walked back in time hits you the moment you pass through the gates. High heels walking past vintage cars, riders stretching out in their leathers before races, and tweed as far as the eye can see. The people and the machines o
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Grasping The Obvious
By KEVIN CAMERON When Honda first went GP racing in the early 1960s, its four-cylinder 250 was built just as Honda’s production twins were—with a horizontally split crankcase having main bearing saddles bored half in one case, half in the other. When
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More Than Carbon
Photography by DREW RUIZ and JEFF ALLEN The finished parts that we casually call “carbon fiber” are more than that. They are composites made of super-strong crystalline carbon fibers, held together by an epoxy resin. The proper name is Carbon Fiber R
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The Affordable Ferrari
Photography by CW Archives If the 1980s was the age of Disco, then you might say the 1990s was the age of Ducati—at least for those of us who like the music of big-bore Desmo V-twins from Italy. For me and many of my riding friends, the bikes from Bo
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The Mixer
Photography by JEFF ALLEN The name “Concentric” refers to the position of the float, which encircles the main jet. When Triumph and BSA raced their Triples in 1970, they naturally gave them Amal’s respected, classic GP carburetors with remote float b
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Matt Levatich
Photography by SAVERIO TRUGLIA Leader of the free motorcycling world? Hard to argue against Matt Levatich, a 52-year-old engineer-turned-executive at Harley-Davidson Motor Company. After climbing through the ranks starting in 1994, Levatich was made
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Don Sakakura
Photography by DREW RUIZ Motorcycle road racing in America has changed drastically from the romantic bygone days of a rider and mechanic crammed into a van full of bikes and spare parts, scurrying across the nation trying to eke out a living. Motorcy
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Left Makes Right
Photography by JEFF ALLEN Dirt track done right, with a front brake and a headlight! Indian Scout FTR1200 wears the Scout 60-degree V-twin engine well. ROI is the killer of dreams, the murderer of glory. “Return on Investment,” management’s typical t
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The King Slayer
Photography by DREW RUIZ Dirt-track racing—on mile and half-mile ovals plus TT—is uniquely American. It comes to us from the earliest days of motoring, when the horse tracks of county fairgrounds were the natural place to race motorcycles from Harley
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Full Works
Photography by DAVID DEWHURST David Bailey at the 1985 Daytona Supercross event, wearing the No. 1 plate (a style that was only his, and the last year of factory MX bikes). Note the raw metal exhaust, blued from welding. In January 1982, David Bailey
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The White Arrow
Photography by JEFF ALLEN To the casual observer, Husqvarna is an off-road brand, and always has been. The Swedish marque was in the vanguard of motocross in the 1960s and will forever be associated with legends like Bud Edkins and Malcolm Smith, but
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Dan Gurney
Photography from THE DAN GURNEY COLLECTION During the 1968 South African Grand Prix, Gurney takes a seat on Mike Hailwood’s Honda 250cc Six. Dan Gurney—champion racecar driver, vehicle engineer, motorcyclist, and racing-car builder—died this year at
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Photography by DREW RUIZ Here’s what tends to happen after you’ve worn a great modular helmet for a while: Your standard non-flip-up full-face helmet begins to look like a house without doors. An open-face seems like a house with holes for doors but
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The Ducati Apollo V- 4 Saga
Photography by DUCATI ARCHIVE Long before the Panigale V-4 came, the Ducati Apollo V-4 already was. The legendary Ducati engineer Fabio Taglioni devised this advanced project, in 1963, as only he could—primarily the engine, which was an absolutely ov
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Photography by JEFF ALLEN We had to be here. Had to load up the van and shuck south across the border because this is the 50th anniversary of the Baja 1000. No matter how many times you’ve looped “Dust to Glory” or “On Any Sunday” in the garage, you
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