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Girls On The Playground
Content warning: This essay contains descriptions of sexual assault. I was out sick for my elementary school’s single day of sex education, and no one would tell me what I’d missed. Years earlier, my mom said women became pregnant through prayer. Aft
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Things to Answer For
In America, white ladies really can have it all, if “all” is criminal charges plus a vacation.
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The next day I felt all right, so I split a strip between the two of us, but she was still too sick to come with me to the food pantry. I used to go every Wednesday for my community service and after it ended I just kept going.
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Raccoon Trouble
Soon after he became a raccoon trapper, Musa Ramada began having nightmares, waking with the sensation that one of the animals was on his chest. Again and again this happened, upsetting him more and more; eventually he told his boss, an old tough guy
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Harvesting My Father’s Mementoes
Officially, B.A. Ehikhamenor was an uneducated farmer. Privately, he was a devoted scribe, a relentless keeper of records and photographs that preserve intimate memories of Nigeria’s tumultuous post-colonial transition.
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Other Ways of Seeing
Mixing memoir, travelogue, and philosophy, Ben Ehrenreich examines how Western ideas of progress have led to environmental degradation.
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Another Atrocious Man Named Clive
In photographs and paintings, eighteenth-century European soldier of fortune Major-General Robert Clive, the First Baron Clive of Plassey (also known as Clive of India), is often seen turning the impressive swell of his right buttock to the camera or
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Sunhat, An Excerpt From Everything Like Before
Believing she had fallen asleep, he was about to stretch across to switch off the lamp on her nightstand but found she was lying with her eyes open looking at him over the top of the book. Her gaze was quite calm, yet there was something about it he
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Stanford’s White Supremacists
Long before the Varsity Blues scandal of 2019 drew attention to ways economic elites use educational institutions to launder privilege and literal cash, Gilded Age university presidents were shaping their institutions in response to the diversifying
Guernica Magazine8 min readPolitics
How to Wash Your Hands in a War Zone
Colombia was finally beginning to identify the bodies of people who disappeared in atrocities of its 50-year civil war. Then came the pandemic, and now the government can bury everything and everyone who bears witness to too much truth.
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Stitching And Writing On The Margin
Former journalist Sabine Heinlein is charting the history of zoonotic diseases not on magazine covers, but quilts.
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The Requirement of Adequacy
Your son will smile with half his mouth because he is seventeen and unaware of what sorrows lie ahead of him, and also because a girl in his Advanced Topics in Social Justice told him he looked cute doing so.
Guernica Magazine12 min readCrime & Violence
Maurice Chammah: The Rise and Fall of the Death Penalty
The author of Let the Lord Sort Them talks about violence, redemption, and culpability in a broken system.
Guernica Magazine8 min readPsychology
Like Hell
Relating their experiences of postpartum psychosis, two writers tap into broader truths about parenting and fear.
Guernica Magazine8 min read
Lost for Words
It’s impossible to agree to disagree with someone when there is no mutually agreed upon reality.
Guernica Magazine19 min readAmerican Government
In The Land Of Fiction And Fake News
“Storytelling gives us the power to bring order to the chaos of the real under our own sign, and in this it isn’t very far from political power.” – Elena Ferrante The Russian brand of fake news arrived in my life this way: In late June 2014, I was tr
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Back Draft: Lisa Dillman
The translator on selecting her subjects, discovering the work of Andrés Barba, and the dangers of cultural hegemony.
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Jason the Heat Guy
The heat guy considers what to do with us, the frozen lesbians on the little dead-end street. If God cut off our heat, who is he to intervene?
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The Inland Sea
And the phone rang, and it rang, and the woman screamed once more, and I connected to another number, and told her the ambulance service would answer as soon as they could, and it rang twelve times while she screamed and the siren blared above the wi
Guernica Magazine6 min read
Alistair Ian Blyth: Translating Post-Soviet Moldova
Auntie Frosea is a retiree in the capital city of Chișinău, Moldova, during the late 1980s. While lugging grocery bags full of squash and potatoes back to her dowdy apartment and angry husband, she passes a billboard that reads, “Perestroika! Glasnos
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The Grief Artist
I tear the hearts into pieces, dumping them into the blender strip by strip. Sometimes I peel the paper hearts apart around certain words, and other times I watch their shrinking geometry after each incautious rip. Then, I add water. Then, the loud w
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Laila Lalami: “We Have To Think About Citizenship As A Relationship.”
Miscellaneous Files is a series of virtual studio visits that uses images, videos, and other fragments from writers’ digital devices to understand their practice. Conceived by Mary Wang, each interview provides an intimate look into the artistic proc
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Lagos Still Moves
In this visual essay, photographer Dafe Oboro reminisces about the sartorial traditions his generation of Nigerians grew up with.
Guernica Magazine6 min readDesign
Like Clockwork
In the early 20th century, the standardization of international time transformed fashion and commerce.
Guernica Magazine7 min readDesign
How Enslaved People Helped Shape Fashion History
Their unpaid labor created countless garments, but they were also trendsetters on their own terms.
Guernica Magazine16 min readDesign
Over time and across geographies, clothes underscore a writer's changing relationship to her appearance, her family, and her grief.
Guernica Magazine2 min readDesign
Future Fashions: The Imagination
I spent every night lying on the lower bunk of our bunk bed, looking up at the yellowed bottom of my brother’s mattress, crafting a future self in his shadow.
Guernica Magazine3 min readDesign
Future Fashions: The Pår
You could walk around in your comfortable gray flannel everyday, yet others would see an outfit tailored to their imaginings.
Guernica Magazine2 min readBiology
Future Fashions: The Skin
In 2008, I was low-key obsessed by a news story about an art installation gone wrong at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. It was called “Victimless Leather” – a teeny, tiny leather jacket grown from living mice cells in a glass incubation ch
Guernica Magazine2 min readDesign
Future Fashions: The Sari
The length of it stretches back and back, deep into the past where my mothers worked and lived.
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