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Helen: Oakland, California
HELEN WAS THE ORIGINAL. The photo on the wall shows the day she changed the family story. It was a beautiful, warm spring day in 1938. Her friends Frank and Betty were going skiing in Pinecrest, in Northern California, and they invited her and her hu
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For 50 Years, Bill Sproul Has Found A Way To Feed The Habit
AGE: 66 HOMETOWN: Nelson, British Columbia OCCUPATION: Land Surveyor Born in Regina, Saskatchewan, in 1951, Bill Sproul moved to Nelson when he was 11 years old and never found a reason to leave. Over the last 50 years, Sproul has held nearly every s
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Through a Glass, Darkly Murkly
Ski resorts will turn off chairlifts and grooming so that users can have more of a trendy backcountry experience, while charging the same amount for tickets. A Red Bull shortage will trigger a wave of meth addiction among Xtreme Athletes. Red Bull wi
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Wiggle World
THE WHO: Wiggles, unlike bumps, don’t just appear. They are not the haphazard result of a bunch of gorillas oofing and grunting and throwing their own feces down the mountain. No, wiggles take time. They require focus, dedication, and teamwork, for o
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Function Forward
$119 Made of 71 percent cotton and 29 percent Coolmax—a polyester, stretchy denim—the Performance pant is easy to move in and has a DWR finish for more protection against winter. $220 With a little style as well as Vibram soles and a Gore-Tex lining,
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The Tune
For the world’s most elite ski racers, when a win on the World Cup is a matter of hundredths of seconds, the right tune can make or break a competition. Which is why every ski racer has a person whose job it is to make sure the skis are tuned to be a
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When Kim and Dave Klopper couldn’t get their rig to start after a day of skiing, they didn’t bother calling for a tow. Instead, they unfolded two camp chairs, cracked open a couple beers, and watched the sun set over the snowcapped peaks. The ski are
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Belated Resolutions for Skiers
Illustration by Andy Rementer We’re only a month into 2018 and I’ve already blown off all of my New Year’s resolutions. I need some inspiration. What did Sweet Jane resolve to do in the new year? —DAVE, SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH Yes, we saw record snowfal
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Another Beautiful Day in Paradise
Hello, skiers! Sunshine, here, live with your daily dish of awesome. I mean your snow report, HA! LOL, it’s 5 a.m. and I’m wide-awake to get the scoop on another radical day of skiing at the one and the only Mount Amaaaazing—the only place where your
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It’s All Sun and Peaks at Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing
Mike Wiegele aimed to find the perfect combo of a “good mountain, good glacier, and good snow.”
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It’s All or Nothing for Rory Bushfield
Rory Bushfield’s life remains his boyhood dream realized, with no need to plan beyond the next powder day.
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A Rugged Lady in a Fur Coat
SO A COUPLE OF NATURALISTS ARE UP AT THE RABBIT’S NEST, a tiny shack below the Nose, on Mount Mansfield, Vermont’s highest peak. It is summer. They’re studying the Bicknell’s thrush, a rare songbird that prefers to nest above 3,000 feet. Ears peeled
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Of Smoke
PHOTOS BY SCOTT RINCKENBERGER RON MACKIE COULDN’T TAKE IT anymore. From His Home In Omak, Washington, he’d seen temperatures rise into triple digits, felt the hot, dry winds kick up every afternoon, and, despite the armada of U.S. Forest Service airc
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Kudos to Powder for showcasing a true hero (“Claire Smallwood is a Champion for Women,” 46.2). Claire works tirelessly and because of her efforts, more girls, boys, and women are gaining access to the outdoors. I’m confused and dismayed by all the ne
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Ski Dreams
I’ve been skiing pretty much my whole life and I’m only 13. I live in a ski town, so not skiing in the winter is like not eating. It’s a necessity. But in the summer, there’s nothing to do. So when I sit down, waiting for the first snow, I leaf throu
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Dave: San Clemente, California
We floated over the ridgeline and felt a wave of weightlessness as we dropped down the other side. The helicopter pilot swerved hard, putting the machine on its side, and swooped toward a point I couldn’t yet see. He nestled the skids onto the landin
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Full Metal Edges
Name: Matt Schott Age: 44 Hometown: Mammoth Lakes, California Occupation: Drummer Originally from Seattle, Matt Schott, 44, is a long-time Mammoth resident, known locally for pushing heavy lines in the Eastern Sierra backcountry over the last 20 year
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If I Were in Charge:
CHAIRLIFT LOADING ORDER on powder days would be determined not by who shows up first, but by an intricate system of style points that would encourage creativity and levity. Instead of rewarding those tedious people that camp out in line at six in the
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LET ‘ ER Buck
THE WHO: Ever seen real rodeo cowboys ski? With a few exceptions, it ain’t purdy, with more people falling ass-over-teakettle than you see in Tombstone. But that doesn’t stop cowboys from the National Western Stock Show & Rodeo from trading their sti
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Hanky Pranky
Know what skiing’s hourly wage minions—lifties, busboys, instructors, patrollers, janitors, snowmakers—have in common? Age. A young one. Somewhere in the 20s, not unlike the frat boys in Animal House. As such, they live for punking and pranks and sta
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One Woman Is Featured in the Photo Annual
This magazine has a lot of work to do. Every year, the Photo Annual strives to display the very best ski photography in the world, with integrity to composition, light, authenticity, snow, and action. It is the culmination of a year’s worth of effort
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Mad River’s Rhythm Man
Mad River Glen’s Single Chair has taken skiers some 2,000 feet up the face of the mountain since 1948 (refurbished in 2007). At a speed of 550 feet per minute, it is the longest and fastest fixed-grip single chair in North America and said to be one
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A New Age Approach To Definitely Sticking That Landing Next Time
We know the feeling: your legs are heavy, your back sore, your mind a flurry. The last time you sent it, you ended up tomahawking for 200 feet, losing your goggles, and digging in the snow for your ski for two hours. But your path to a more holistic
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Why Do Nordic Skiers Nordic Ski?
My boyfriend won’t shut the fuck up about how ‘Saturdays are for the boys.’ Help! —Jennifer, Leavenworth, WA Asked by women everywhere, Jen. It would seem there is no comeback, deep eye roll, snide remark, nor passive aggressive action that will shut
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The Tastemaker
EVERY YEAR, Freedle Coty starts over. After the credits have rolled on his last ski movie, the filmer and creative mind for Level 1 Productions hits the road to film with skiers across the continent, rewinding the process back to the beginning. “Righ
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The Spires of Kichatna
Though it’s a popular range for alpine and rock climbers, the Kichatna Spires had little information for skiers. The crew pulled the trigger anyway, and the first few days were spent exploring the potential, like this line, also pictured above right.
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THE GLACIERS WERE ROARING. In the never-night of the Alaskan spring, between daytime slides and evening storms, Sheldon Kerr and her ski partner, Jessica Baker, were partway up the 7,000-foot South Face of 14,470-foot University Peak, deep in the Wra
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“Can you imagine being in a really, really hot frying pan and not being able to escape?” asks Jan Farrell, a 34-year-old speed skier from Great Britain and the 2014 world speed skiing champion. The Englishman knows the feeling. In Vars, France, in 20
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Down Home
When we walked into the Blue Moon Bar & Grill in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho, a palpable fog of stale nicotine smog hung in the air. My eyes burned as I strained to see in a room lit by strands of colored Christmas lights and neon bar signs. It was five
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Holiday Gift Guide
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