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A New Insight Into Media Bias
Since America's colonial days the press has been a target of those who believe journalists have a point of view that shapes their reporting. There have been numerous articles and studies revealing a journalistic predisposition to opinions and subject
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NBA's Deference To China In The Wake Of Controversy Shows How Money Trumps Freedom Of Speech
China's clash with the National Basketball Association over a short tweet reveals an unfortunate truth. Contrary to our best American hopes that China's success with market capitalism would weaken that government's chokehold on free speech, it appear
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Remember When Obama Totally Lost His Marbles? Oh, Wait, I'm Thinking Of Someone Else...
Imagine it's the summer of 2011, in a parallel universe. Barack Obama, who's gearing up for a difficult re-election campaign, gets the dumbest idea of his presidency, possibly the dumbest idea of his life. He decides to call the president of Ukraine
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It Can Happen Here
I was maybe 10 years old when this happened. Mom is driving, I'm in the back seat. It's night. She's trying to cross Vermont, a busy L.A. thoroughfare, from a side street. Southbound traffic is jammed, but a guy in a truck makes a hole and waves us t
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NBA Air-balls Its Response To China Controversy
The NBA says it won't compromise on its values, even as the league makes it clear it has none. As you've no doubt heard, Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey tweeted his support for the protesters in Hong Kong. Almost instantly, the Chinese go
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Trump's Latest Accomplishments: Betraying Our Kurdish Allies, Giving ISIS A New Lease On Life
President Donald Trump has blood on his hands. No, he did not pull out a knife at a campaign rally, or hand one to a MAGA fan and command them to commit mayhem. Nor did he finally make good on his 2016 verbal boast that he could "stand in the middle
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Trump channels George McGovern
The year was 1972 and Americans wanted out of the Vietnam War; the right because it was not being won and the left because of the increasing body count and lies from generals and politicians about "progress" toward defeating the communists. Democrati
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The Rights Of Nature
"When the U.S. Constitution was ratified, women, indigenous peoples, and slaves were treated as property, without rights." This isn't over yet. In the same vein of exploitative ignorance, we're still treating a living, life-sustaining, crucial being
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Don't Play Games: Impeach Trump Now
In their attempts to slow down or derail the impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump now underway in the House of Representatives, Trump and his Republican stooges in Congress have thrown out a blizzard of complaints. All concerning the "process" of
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The Senate GOP's No-win Scenario
In response to news reports over the weekend that at least one additional administration whistleblower has come forward to say what he or she knows about President Trump's Ukrainian schemes, South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham tweeted, "I've seen this
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The Thing About Forgiveness
Here's the thing about forgiveness. It's not just something you extend to someone else. It's also a gift you give yourself, permission to lay down the heavy burden of grudges and rage. And if you're a Christian, it's an obligation -- albeit a hard on
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Democrats' Twilight Zone
A 1961 "Twilight Zone" episode starred Peter Falk as a Central American revolutionary whose paranoia eventually leads to his destruction. The dictator he has deposed tells him about a mirror given to him by "an old woman," a mirror that will show him
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Trump's 'Unmatched Wisdom' Leaves Syria's Kurds -- And Us -- In Danger
Now we know who can drive a wedge between President Donald Trump and his strongest Republican allies: President Donald Trump. The president, who sometimes exhibits the attention span of a fruit fly, acted so impulsively in ordering a pullout of Ameri
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Carl Hiaasen: You Know You're In Big Trouble When Your Lawyer Needs A Lawyer
Imagine you're a seasoned, white-collar defense lawyer with a stellar reputation. Your practice is sailing along, and in South Florida there's no shortage of wealthy Medicare fraudsters, money launderers and corporate embezzlers who'd love to hire yo
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How The Times Have Changed
You may, if you are old enough, recall a TV actor named Foster Brooks. He was a guest star on such classics of boomer kitsch as "The Monkees," "The Munsters" and "The Mod Squad." But if you do remember him, it's likely for one thing only: his imitati
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'Class Traitor' Abigail Disney Calls Out Exorbitant Pay Of Namesake Company's CEO
Headlines label Abigail Disney a "Disney heiress," a characterization that smacks a little of "Disney princess." But I suspect she'd be portrayed as a protector of others if her famous great uncle Walt Disney were alive to animate her. For his great
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Trump's Defenders Have Adopted A Doctrine Of Infallibility
There's a reason people think President Trump has a cult of personality, but it may not be the reason you think. Yes, there are those who think Trump was delivered to us by God and that his decisions and actions are imbued with divine providence and
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Courtroom Hugs After Amber Guyger Was Sentenced In Shooting Of Botham Jean Test The Limits Of Forgiveness
Amber Guyger got off easy. Amber Guyger got what she deserved. It's easy to be in either camp -- or, for the truly ambivalent, be in both camps at once. One thing is certain: Botham Jean is dead. Guyger killed him by accident, she says, but at best t
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Every And All
The debate about political power and authority among those who profess the Christian faith has raged since the 1st century. In modern America, the debate raged throughout Jimmy Carter's presidency and more recently through the presidencies of Bill Cl
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Impeaching The Symptom, Not The Disease
I feel like I'm watching a sitcom called "America." Next episode: Will they impeach the president? Stay tuned! "Impeachment is therefore imperative, not only to protect the integrity of next year's elections but to secure America's continued democrat
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Trump Whistleblower: American Hero
As of this writing, we know almost nothing about the whistleblower who filed a complaint against President Trump over the contents of his July 25 call to President Zelensky of Ukraine. All we know is this. First, he or she continues a tradition as ol
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Trump's Effort To Damage Biden Could Backfire Badly
Is President Trump going to get Joe Biden elected? Opinions vary widely on how to characterize Trump's now-infamous conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy. The president believes it was "perfect" and "beautiful." In the middle are
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Donald Trump's Civil War
"If Democrats are successful in removing the president from office (which they never will be), it will cause a Civil War like fracture in this Nation from which our Country will never heal." -- Donald Trump, roughly quoting Robert Jeffress, a conserv
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Ukraine: A Political Rerun
Back when reruns were a staple of summer programming, television networks aired repeats of their programs, giving viewers another opportunity to see what they had already seen. Democratic politicians are now conducting their own version of reruns. Th
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A Question For Defenders Of President Donald Trump: What If President Barack Obama Had Done This?
I know it has become almost a cliché by now, but can you imagine how Republicans would've reacted if President Barack Obama had behaved like President Donald Trump is behaving now? Yes, it's time to update my WIODT -- What If Obama Did This -- list,
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Florida Gov. DeSantis Picked A Judge Who Has Never Been A Judge. But He Thinks The 'Right' Way (wink, Wink)
"Special Agent" John MacIver is the new chief judge of Florida's Division of Administrative Hearings, one of the most boring yet important agencies in government. Only eight years out of law school, MacIver has never been a real judge. However, it sa
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Trump Makes Captain Queeg Look Like Captain Kirk
Only the ball bearings were missing. The reference, for those who don't know, is to Humphrey Bogart's performance as the emotionally unstable Captain Queeg in the 1954 film "The Caine Mutiny." In a pivotal scene, Bogart vividly etches the captain's m
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Little Doubt He Did It, But Should Trump Be Impeached?
Here's a take no one will like: I'm confident he did it. I'm confident it's impeachable. I'm just not so sure he should be impeached for it. Let's start at the top. It's obvious to me that President Trump pressured the Ukrainian government to launch
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Go Ahead And Impeach, If Only Because Democracy Demands It
It was a week that began with President Donald Trump appearing to face no possibility of being impeached. It ended with impeachment appearing to be assured. Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a drill. This is your democracy, once again facing a consti
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Climate Change And Consciousness Shift
Climate change: It feels like the approaching End Times. But it's the secular version thereof, which means that humanity is responsible for both its cause and -- if possible -- its transcendence. All we need to do is change everything about the way t
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