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Suspected white phosphorus attacks in Syria, sanctions take their toll on Chinese firms, and Britain debates Boris Johnson’s new Brexit deal.
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Here’s What Boris Johnson’s New Brexit Deal Would Mean for Britain and Ireland
After weeks of painstaking negotiations between representatives of the European Union and the British government, U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has struck a deal detailing the nature of his country’s relationship with the EU after its scheduled d
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Xinjiang Backlash Is Hitting Chinese Firms Hard
The United States has slapped sanctions on companies tied to Chinese repression. That may be just the start.
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Lithuania Is Forming a New Relationship With Its Past—and With Israel
As political ties flourish, the country is taking tenuous steps to confront its Holocaust history. But it hasn’t gone far enough.
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America’s Syria Debacle Is Not Trump’s Alone
By going along with the myth that the president is pulling out of the Middle East, his critics are helping make U.S. wars there worse.
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Trump Can Forget Burden Sharing Now
By abandoning the Kurds in Syria, Trump has undermined one of his central foreign policies.
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Senior State Official Accused of Mismanagement to Step Down
Kevin Moley, the top U.S. diplomat overseeing international organizations affairs, will retire next month.
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Why the United States Is So Bad at Peace Talks
Even when the country wants a deal, at least four largely psychological impediments get in the way.
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Why is Turkey Fighting Syria’s Kurds?
Turkey’s president says Syrian Kurdish fighters are terrorists—but he’s a very unreliable narrator.
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Trump’s Next Envoy to Russia Has a Mountain to Climb
First John Sullivan must get through Congress, which wants to question him about Ukraine. Then he must deal with a hostile Moscow.
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Will Brexit Stumble Over Northern Ireland Again?
On Thursday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker announced that the United Kingdom and the European Union had finally reached a Brexit deal, which will see Britain pay the EU as much as $50 billi
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Parliament Is Skeptical About Boris’s Brexit Deal
Still, if the new agreement fails to gain approval, the public may not blame Johnson at the polls.
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China’s Record on Intellectual Property Rights Is Getting Better and Better
The country is making the transition from net importer of ideas to net innovator, and as it does, it is finding that good patent laws matter.
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Fighting Continues in Syria Despite Cease-Fire Agreement
The tentative agreement negotiated by the United States was seen as a major victory for Ankara.
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Assad Is Now Syria’s Best-Case Scenario
The ruthless Syrian dictator is guilty of countless war crimes—and regrettably represents his country’s least bad remaining option.
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Turkish Proxies Appear to Be Using White Phosphorus in Syria
Turkish-backed forces appear to be using munitions loaded with white phosphorus—a chemical that can maim and kill when it comes in contact with human flesh—in their violent campaign against Kurdish fighters in northern Syria, Foreign Policy has learn
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Trump Is Sending More Troops to Saudi Arabia
The Carter Doctrine, which calls for a U.S. military response to any outside effort to threaten or seize oil fields in the Persian Gulf, is dead, and the Defense Department’s announced deployment last week of 1,800 more U.S. troops to Saudi Arabia wi
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The Fire in Syria Is Shedding Light on the United States
There’s only one positive aspect to the disaster in Syria: It’s forcing an overdue conversation about U.S. grand strategy.
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Is Boris Johnson About to Get a Brexit Deal?
Britain is close to reaching a last-minute agreement with the European Union, but doubts remain.
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Will Abiy Ahmed’s Nobel Prize Tilt Ethiopia’s Election?
Western leaders long saw the authoritarian Meles Zenawi as an indispensable ally. Now, they’ve found a new hero in Abiy Ahmed. But is the Nobel Prize an effort to make amends or influence Ethiopia’s political future?
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Halkbank Indictment Turbocharges U.S.-Turkey Tensions
After a long, mysterious delay, the Trump administration finally targets the Turkish bank for helping Iran to evade U.S. sanctions. Don’t expect Ankara to cooperate.
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Kobani Today, Krakow Tomorrow
Washington has abandoned the Kurds. If Europe doesn’t bolster its defenses, the Poles, Lithuanians, and Latvians could be next. 
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Indonesia’s Activists Are Ready to Fight Together
Since the fall of the Indonesian dictator Suharto in 1998, civil society has flourished under the country’s burgeoning democracy. Observers even began calling Indonesia the most democratic nation in Southeast Asia. Yet at the same time, movements hav
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Turkey Advances on Kobani in Latest Broken Promise
Erdogan told Trump he would not attack the symbolically important Kurdish-held town in northern Syria.
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Iran’s Proxies Are More Powerful Than Ever
The Trump administration’s maximum pressure strategy is working—just not in the way that matters most.
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The United States Still Needs a Syria Strategy
Leaving the refugee crisis unresolved while legitimizing the brutal Assad regime will only do further harm to U.S. interests in the Middle East.
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How To End The War In Yemen
Since the September attack on Saudi oil facilities, Riyadh and the Houthis have taken a step back from all-out war. All parties, including the United States, should seize this rare opportunity to resolve the conflict.
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The End of Latin American Solidarity
The region once acted as a bloc in world affairs. But as Costa Rica’s bid to join the U.N. Human Rights Council shows, Venezuela’s ongoing disintegration is ripping it apart.
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Trump Is Beijing’s Best Asset
Among the many themes of Donald Trump’s presidency, his contentious policies toward China stick out. U.S. foreign-policy experts have noted that Trump’s almost three years in office have witnessed the long-held bipartisan consensus on China shift fur
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The Presidential Candidates Are Ignoring One of the World’s Biggest Looming Threats
Whoever sits in the White House come 2021 will likely have to confront a pandemic of some kind. He or she should start preparing now.
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