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Our Top Weekend Reads
India-Pakistan tensions escalate, the United States accuses Iran of being behind attacks on Saudi Arabia, and the results of Israel’s election remain uncertain.
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Everyone Thinks the Economy Is Issue No. 1 for India’s Modi. It’s Not.
Little separates various Indian political parties on the economy. That’s why the prime minister’s new government is making its mark by delivering on its social and cultural agenda.
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In Texas, Trump Hitches His Wagon to Modi’s Star
On Sunday, U.S. President Donald Trump will take part in one of the largest rallies he’s been part of since becoming president. But he won’t be the main event. That would be Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is scheduled to speak in front of n
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Is Trump Trying to Get Ukraine to Take Out Biden for Him?
How a whistleblower case involving what the U.S. president said to a foreign leader could affect the 2020 election.
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Arms Sales Can’t Replace U.S. Engagement in the Gulf
Without better infrastructure for using U.S.-made weapons systems, the Arab countries will keep coming up short.
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Why Indians and Pakistanis Want a War
Most South Asians are too young to have experienced the horrors of the conflicts fought in the region. That’s one reason why they’re quick to clamor for one.
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Refighting The Balkan Wars Won’t Lead To A Seat At The Table In Brussels
Historical feuds between Balkan nations are rarely solved once and for all. In most cases, the concerned countries either come up with temporary solutions, such as reaching out for international arbitration, or choose to ignore these disputes entirel
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The World Knows an Apocalyptic Pandemic Is Coming
A new independent report compiled at the request of the United Nations secretary-general warns that there is a “very real threat” of a pandemic sweeping the planet, killing up to 80 million people. A deadly pathogen, spread airborne around the world,
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In Muted Response to Iran Strikes, U.S. to Send Reinforcements to Saudi Arabia
The United States will send additional defensive forces to Saudi Arabia, including air and missile defense systems and a number of troops, in response to what U.S. officials allege was an attack orchestrated by Iran targeting the Kingdom’s oil infras
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Can O’Brien Succeed as National Security Advisor?
After firing his first three national security advisors, U.S. President Donald Trump has just named a fourth, the most any president has had in his first term. Will Robert O’Brien be any more successful than the previous three? That, of course, depen
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The White House’s Revolving Door
Part 2 in our look at the Trump appointees who got the ax—and who resigned in the nick of time.
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The World Comes to the U.N.—but the U.S. Is Largely Missing
Welcome to Foreign Policy’s second-annual U.N. Brief, in which, for one week only, we will be your guides through the deluge of summitry and high-level diplomacy at the 74th session of the U.N. General Assembly debate. To get our daily updates direct
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Foreign Investors Fueled Violence and Corruption in South Sudan, Report Finds
Numerous banks and multinationals have hands in shady deals with the new nation’s elites and warlords.
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Putin Is Trolling the United States in the Persian Gulf
In the wake of the drone attacks on Saudi Arabia, the Russian president has positioned himself as a peacemaker. But continued conflict is his friend.
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Israel Shouldn’t Worry About Ilhan Omar. It Should Worry About Xi Jinping.
Far be it from me to dismiss the hullaballoo surrounding Israel’s decision last month to bar two U.S. congresswomen from entering the country. After nearly 35 years of working on national-security issues in Washington, I’ve come to put a high premium
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The EU’s Compromise President May Have Just Conceded Too Much to Eastern Europe
Billed as a safe pair of hands, Ursula von der Leyen is about to find out that caution can only take her so far.
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Trudeau Won’t Wash Off His Blackface Scandal
Canada’s election campaign is only a week old, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s governing Liberal Party has been firing off a new bit of opposition research every day. There were leaked videos of the Conservative Party leader, Andrew Scheer, decry
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Idlib Faces a Fearsome Future: Islamist Rule or Mass Murder
Despite this week’s meeting of Putin, Erdogan, and Rouhani, there is no good news in the last redoubt of the Syrian revolt.
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Whistleblower Fight Could Chill Reports of Wrongdoing
Blowing an actual whistle may be loud and attention-grabbing, but whistleblowing within the U.S. intelligence community is intended to be anything but that. It’s supposed to serve as a discreet and legally protected way for people within the intellig
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How Iran’s Supreme Leader Is Outmatching Trump
The United States appears to be backing down in a test of wills that Iran expert Reuel Marc Gerecht calls the most “important moment since the invasion of Kuwait by Saddam Hussein.”
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Pompeo Skirts Protocol to Appoint New Protocol Chief
Democrats say that the U.S. secretary of state is bypassing the Senate’s traditional oversight measures with the appointment.
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South Africans Are Used to Being the Targets of Racist Hatred. Now They’ve Become the Haters.
The ANC government must acknowledge that xenophobic violence is a hate crime and a betrayal of the African allies that aided it during the darkest days of apartheid.
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The Myth of U.S. Energy Independence Has Gone Up in Smoke
Attacks on Saudi Arabia prove that, when it comes to oil, Washington still isn’t close to being master of its own fate.
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Trump Administration Steps Up War on Reproductive Rights
U.S. diplomats team up with a “rogues’ gallery” of conservative states to roll back global reproductive health gains of the past quarter-century.
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Trump Picks Low-Key Operative as National Security Advisor
The choice of Robert O’Brien to replace John Bolton reinforces Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s power in the Trump administration. 
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The Real Reason Trump Won’t Attack Iran
Iran is widely assumed to be responsible for last weekend’s bombardment in Saudi Arabia, in which drone and missile attacks struck two critical Saudi oil facilities, cutting the country’s oil production by 5.7 million barrels per day and reducing glo
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Jeremy Corbyn Is a National Security Threat
Britain’s politics are in chaos—and an election may not fix things. Not only is the U.K. government’s entire bandwidth being consumed by Brexit, but polls show the U.K. electorate is split between four different parties, with the Brexit Party joining
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An Unlikely Winner in Israel’s Election
For the first time, the country’s Arab minority could wield some leverage in the political process.
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Europe Is at War Over Arms Exports
The EU must start enforcing its export controls, or else risk making conflicts around the world even worse.
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Trump Sanctions Iran Again, Inching Toward Economic Blockade
Just days after declaring the United States was “locked and loaded” in response to a suspected Iranian attack on key Saudi Arabian oil facilities, U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday said that he directed the Treasury Department to “substantiall
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