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Beijing’s South China Sea Aggression Is a Warning to Taiwan
China’s increasingly assertive actions in the South China Sea have drawn plenty of attention. But its moves are important not just for Beijing’s ambitions there, but for its wider playbook for wielding power and influence in the Indo-Pacific—and what
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The Great Anti-China Tech Alliance
The United States and Europe will regret letting Beijing win the race to govern digital technology.
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Oil Prices Jump After Attack on Saudi Facilities
Plus: A summit in Ankara, Boris Johnson’s trip to Luxembourg, and what to watch in the world this week.
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Last Time a Jewish State Annexed Its Neighbors, It Disappeared for 2,000 Years
Benjamin Netanyahu scores points by promising to annex the West Bank. If he does, Israel faces a long transformative struggle between apartheid and multinational democracy—and democracy  will win.
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How an Aerial Barrage Cut Saudi Oil Production in Half
Over the weekend, Saudi oil facilities were attacked by drones allegedly launched by Houthi rebels in Yemen, knocking off nearly half of Saudi oil production, spooking the Saudi stock market, and raising fears of a spike in both the price of oil and
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Roots Of A Quagmire
On the podcast: America’s first post-9/11 envoy to Afghanistan recounts the early months of the war there.
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Bolton Leaves the National Security Council in Ruins
The former Trump advisor helped trash the institution—but the process began long before he was hired.
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Keeping Refugees Out Makes the United States Less Safe
The United States’ refugee policy is self-defeating. As the number of refugees around the world continues to rise, U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration is drastically cutting how many are allowed into the country, and, citing security concern
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What Bolton’s Departure Means for Israel
TEL AVIV, Israel—The departure of National Security Advisor John Bolton from the U.S. administration on Tuesday has some Israelis worried that President Donald Trump would now pursue a more vigorous policy of detente with Iran, leaving Israel on its
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Afghans Want Peace, but Not Like This
KABUL—Sakhi Murad Sadar, his wife, and their two children were asleep in the family’s living room on Sept. 2 when a car bomb was detonated on the street nearby, ripping the house apart, smashing its windows, and almost killing the family. The explosi
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Security Brief Plus: Trump Eyes Pompeo for Bolton’s Job
What’s on tap: Trump considers a replacement for Bolton, the CIA may have lost a highly placed Russian spy, and Israel was responsible for a high-tech spy operation around the White House. Who Will Replace Bolton? The competition. With National Secur
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Bolton Is Gone, but Tensions With Iran Remain High
The departure of Trump’s hawkish national security advisor raised hopes in Washington, but a sudden thaw with Tehran is unlikely.
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Israeli Voters Don’t Care About the Economy. They Should.
Despite high inequality, lagging productivity, and serious long-term challenges, the current election campaign has barely mentioned economic policy.
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The Revolving Door of Trump’s Apprentices
On Sept. 10, John Bolton worked his last day as national security advisor to U.S. President Donald Trump. Bolton had run afoul of the president on several issues, including stalled negotiations with the Taliban, North Korea, and Iran. Bolton’s 520-da
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No Continent for Old Men
Africa has the world’s youngest population and its oldest leaders. If the next generation wants change, young Africans must abandon dreams of private-sector success and enter the political arena.
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Chinese Propaganda Paints Hong Kong as a Spoiled Brat
Hong Kong protesters know how they see themselves. One crowdfunded statue of the “Goddess of Democracy”—adapted from an image originally adopted during protests at Tiananmen Square in 1989—depicts the archetypal “front line” protester, complete with
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With Bolton Out, Will Trump Meet Rouhani?
Plus: The Bahamas’ missing people, another Democratic debate, and the other stories we’re following today.
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Getting to ‘Yes’ Has Just Gotten a Lot Harder in Afghanistan
An abrupt end to a possible deal with the Taliban sticks the United States deeper in the quagmire.
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It’s Hard to Commemorate 9/11 If You Don’t Understand It.
Today’s university freshmen were born after the Twin Towers fell. In the Trump era, lack of historical perspective makes young people susceptible to alarmism and more likely to misread threats.
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In the Demise of the Taliban Peace Talks, Russia Is the Winner
Even as it paints itself as an ally in Afghanistan, the Kremlin is busy undercutting Washington.
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African Students in Northern Cyprus Aren’t Breaking. They Are Organizing.
Those who arrived to study in an unrecognized territory are finding they are their own best advocates.
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China Lost the United States First
I first traveled to mainland China as a high school student in 2008. Like many observers at the time, I was enthralled by the apparent success of China’s development model, manifested in the urban landscapes of Beijing and Shanghai. I was influenced
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The Weapon Britain’s Parliament Can’t Do Without
The symbol of royal power in Britain’s Parliament is a weapon and not an especially sophisticated one. The mace, also known as a bludgeon, is a long club with a heavy lump on one end. Maces have been used ceremonially to denote power as far back as t
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Who’s On The Shortlist To Replace Bolton
A number of names have emerged as top contenders for the job, but at the end of the day, Trump will remain the decider-in-chief.
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We Lost the War in Afghanistan. Get Over It.
After 18 years of war, thousands of lives lost, and hundreds of billions of dollars squandered, the United States accomplished precisely nothing.
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Trump Can’t Decide What He Wants from China
Some of his policies point to deeper integration, some to decoupling. He’ll need to pick one—or fail at both.
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The Next U.S. President Should Make a New Deal with Iran
If Democrats win in 2020, they should work with America’s regional allies to strike a new nuclear agreement while showing zero tolerance for Tehran’s regional destabilization campaign.
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Trump’s Approach to Afghanistan ‘Confusing His Own Negotiators’
Veteran diplomat Ryan Crocker talks about the “catastrophic” plans for a Taliban summit and scant hopes for any enduring peace deal.
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Trump Axes Bolton via Twitter
Another national security advisor departs the White House after losing a series of policy battles.
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Bolton Only Made It 520 Days as National Security Advisor
This chart shows how that compares to the last 30 years of U.S. presidential security aides.
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