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In Praise Of The Beach Read
Just because it’s the season of ice cream trucks and SPF doesn’t mean you have to settle for a summer of lazy, sandy-bottomed lit. Here, three smart new additions for your poolside tote that are all pleasure, no guilt.
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Harbour-ing Some Stranger Secrets
Stranger Things star David Harbour previews what to expect from season 3 of his Netflix hit (premiering July 4).
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Spidey Abroad
Peter Parker’s back, and he’s about to get a well-deserved summer vacation. But if you thought his class trip to Europe would go off without a hitch, you don’t know Marvel (or Mysterio).
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Goodbye Suits, Hello Pearson
July 17 kicks off the end of Suits (9 p.m.) and the start of the spin-off Pearson (10 p.m.). Here the casts of the USA dramas talk Patrick J. Adams’ return and Gina Torres’ new series.
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Two TV Critics Talk Shop
EW’s Kristen Baldwin chats with Pulitzer Prize-winning New Yorker TV critic Emily Nussbaum about her new book of essays, I Like to Watch
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Julia Michaels
She co-wrote hits like Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” before starting her own performing career. Here, Michaels talks Inner Monologue Part 2 and using music to address mental health.
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STARRING Himesh Patal, Lily James DIRECTED BY Danny Boyle RATING PG-13 | LENGTH 1 hr., 56 mins. HAVE YOU EVER FELT BAD WATCHING a feel-good movie? Yesterday lets attractive people sing some of history’s best rock songs along postcard English coast
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Soaking Up History
Ahead of SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS’ 20th-anniversary special, EW gets to the bottom of...Bikini Bottom, with memories shared from the voice actors who bring SpongeBob and all his friends to life.
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Perpetual Grace, LTD
DATE Sundays TIME 10 p.m. NETWORK Epix WHY IS LUIS GUZMÁN CARRYING AROUND BEN KINGSLEY’S thumb? And what is the newly nine-fingered Kingsley doing so many bloody miles away, driving across Sonora in an ice cream truck to kidnap hoverboarding te
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STARRING Florence Pugh, Jack Reynor, Will Poulter DIRECTED BY Ari Aster | RATING R LENGTH 2 hrs., 20 mins. YOU CAN’T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK IN Midsommar, because darkness never comes. Everything that happens in writer-director Ari Aster’s cornea-se
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Murder Mystery
STARRING Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston DIRECTED BY Kyle Newacheck RATING PG-13 | LENGTH 1 hr., 37 mins. A CRIME CAPER SO FIZZY-LIGHT its plot probably couldn’t even stay anchored to a Clue game board, Murder Mystery seems to know from the first f
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The Black Keys
Dan Auerbach, 40, and Patrick Carney, 39, reveal how two guitar legends, Danny McBride’s Vice Principals, and a newspaper headline about an electrocuted prisoner inspired the duo’s rollicking new album, Let’s Rock.
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What to Watch
WATCH IT LIVE! Everyone will be talking about it tomorrow MON JULY 1 The Best Thing I Ever Ate 9–9:30PM COOKING CHANNEL The title of this episode says it all... “Yummy in the Middle” is all about indulging. Case in point: ricotta and egg raviol
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The Farewell
STARRING Awkwafina, Tzi Ma DIRECTED BY Lulu Wang RATING PG | LENGTH 1 hr., 38 mins. “BASED ON AN ACTUAL LIE” is writer-director Lulu Wang’s way of introducing her (actually true) story; a sly title card to qualify the bittersweet dramedy of decept
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How to Look Younger
Career and romantic shake-ups abound in the latest season of Younger, but the characters’ hair and makeup are always solid.
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Lil Nas X
TITLE 7 LABEL Columbia GENRE Depends on the song TRUE TO HIS BRAND, THAT’S LIL Nas X riding horseback by his lonesome on the cover of his EP 7. The open secret is that the 20-year-old ain’t that much of a cowboy to begin with. Country is a fractio
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What You Didn’t Know About The Lion King
This summer’s not-live-action remake of Disney’s 1994 blockbuster will challenge what you remember about The Lion King (July 19). By royal decree, so will these wild facts about the majestic title.
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Sommar Girl
In Midsommar, horror director Ari Aster’s highly anticipated follow-up to Hereditary, Florence Pugh proves she can do it all—Swedish cult stories included.
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Shifting Gears
DWAYNE JOHNSON, JASON STATHAM, and IDRIS ELBA head down a new road with FAST & FURIOUS PRESENTS: HOBBS & SHAW, the high-octane franchise's first spin-off
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It’s All Relative
As The Farewell (July 12) shows, there are few things more complicated than familial relations. The film’s director, Lulu Wang, 36, shares her favorite big-screen takes on family.
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BY Nicole Dennis-Benn PAGES 423 | GENRE Fiction “I CAN NEVER UNDERSTAND WHY you Jamaicans go to America for vacation when you live in this paradise,” a pink-cheeked visa agent tells Patsy’s 28-year-old heroine in the novel’s opening pages. For loca
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Halo Again
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Annabelle Vs. Chucky
They are both, obviously, badass. But which of the evil playthings would win in a fight? The director of Annabelle Comes Home (June 26) and the producer of Child’s Play (June 21) weigh in. WITH THE CHILD’S PLAY remake and Annabelle Comes Home hittin
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Kevin Costner
The 64-year-old—who stars in season 2 of Paramount Network’s Yellowstone (airing Wednesdays at 10 p.m.)—steps up to the plate and looks back at his almost 40 years in Hollywood.
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The Loudest Voice
DATE Debuts June 30 TIME 10 p.m. NETWORK Showtime EARLY ON IN THE LOUDEST VOICE, FOX NEWS CHANNEL FOUNDER Roger Ailes (Russell Crowe) summons his employees for an emergency 4 a.m. meeting. The network is just a few months away from launch, and
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Mark Ronson
TITLE Late Night Feelings LABEL Sony | GENRE Pop FOR MOST OF HIS CAREER, MARK Ronson, 43, has lived somewhere in the ether between public and private artistry—content, mostly, to be the man behind the curtain for spotlight-ready collaborators like
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Mostly Dead Things
BY Kristen Arnett PAGES 356 | GENRE Fiction LIFE IS COMPLICATED, BUT IN Mostly Dead Things, it’s got nothing on the dead—mounted for all to see, macabre and refined. Jessa-Lynn Morton, a queer woman drifting through her 30s, has taken over her fath
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Fleishman Is in Trouble
BY Taffy Brodesser-Akner PAGES 374 GENRE Fiction WHATEVER TOBY FLEISHMAN THOUGHT DIVORCE WOULD bring, it certainly wasn’t some kind of midlife sexual rumspringa. And yet, suddenly single at 41, he finds that modern dating apps are apparently di
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Tv’s New British Import
WHO WUNMI MOSAKU WHY YOU KNOW HER The Nigerian-born British actress, 32, has appeared on Netflix’s U.K. imports Black Mirror and The End of the F***ing World. WHY YOU WILL KNOW HER She currently stars opposite Idris Elba on BBC America’s Luther
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Toy Story 4
STARRING Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Annie Potts, Tony Hale, Christina Hendricks DIRECTED BY Josh Cooley RATING G LENGTH 1 hr., 40 mins. CURSE THIS FEARFUL LIFE OF INFINITE SORROW! Plastic cowboy Woody (voiced by Tom Hanks) spent a whole movie tril
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