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China-Australia Relations: On First Anniversary Of Trade Conflict, Hay-import Licences Bedevil Australian Exporters
Two months after their expiration, Chinese import permits for hay from 25 Australian businesses have not been renewed, as the political and trade conflict between the two major trading partners crosses the one-year milestone. China's General Administ
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US Secretary Of State Antony Blinken Condemns Sentencing Of Hong Kong Activists
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken denounced Hong Kong's "politically-motivated" decision to sentence publishing tycoon Jimmy Lai Chee-ying and multiple opposition lawmakers to prison for their roles in the 2019 mass protests that rocked the city f
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Xinjiang Cotton Ban, Forced Labour Claims Push China To Step Up Plans For Domestic Better Cotton Initiative
China has stepped up plans to launch its own version of the under-fire Better Cotton Initiative after the network cut off all ties with Xinjiang due to concerns about the alleged forced labour issue in the region, according to three people familiar w
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Hong Kong Schools Report 50 Per Cent Jump In Bullying Despite In-person Classes Being Suspended Because Of Covid-19
Bullying at Hong Kong's primary and secondary schools has hit a 10-year high with reported cases jumping by more than 50 per cent year on year, despite in-person classes having been suspended for an extended period amid the coronavirus pandemic. A y
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China Hesitant Over J-10C Barter Deal With Cash-strapped Iran: Experts
Reports of Tehran's interest in the jet have been circulating on Chinese social media platforms for months, with the expiry in October last year of the UN's 13-year arms embargo which prohibited Iran from buying foreign weapons like tanks and fighter
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Criminalising Encouraging Hong Kong Voters To Boycott Elections Or Spoil Ballots Will Create 'Real Constitutional Problems', Legal Experts Warn
Legal scholars have warned of "real constitutional problems" in new legislation proposed by Hong Kong authorities that would make it a criminal offence for people to encourage voters to boycott elections or spoil ballots as a form of protest against
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China Is Growing Threat But Internal Issues May Undercut Its Rise, Top US Intelligence Officials Say
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US-China Tech War: Beijing Gives Muted Response To Newest US Initiative To Redefine The Country's Approach To Global Competition
China has given new US Senate legislation designed to contain its tech rise a relatively muted response, despite a warning from some analysts that the move represents a paradigm shift in relations. The US Strategic Competition Act of 2021, presented
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Taiwan Says PLA Flies 25 Warplanes Into Its Airspace, The Largest Incursion Yet
China's People Liberation Army flew 25 warplanes into Taiwan's air defence identification zone (ADIZ) on Monday, its largest incursion yet as tension in the Taiwan Strait continues to escalate. According to Taiwan's defence ministry, the PLA warplan
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Coronavirus: Rodrigo Duterte Reappears Amid Anger Over Surging Cases, Lack Of Hospital Beds In Philippines
Duterte appeared in a pre-recorded "Talk to the People" address televised late on Monday evening following speculation about his health or possible death. He had not been seen since his former aide-turned senator Christopher "Bong" Go released a vide
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EU Says It Won't Pay Off Montenegro's Billion-dollar Highway Debt To China
The European Union says it will not pay off Montenegro's near-US$1 billion debts to China, rejecting the tiny Balkan nation's repeated pleas for help. A spokesman for the EU told the South China Morning Post that it "does not repay loans of partners
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Fugitive Hong Kong Activist Nathan Law Granted Political Asylum In Britain
In a post on his Facebook page on Wednesday night, he said the Home Office had deemed him a refugee under the Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees and he would be offered asylum. Law said the application required several interviews over four
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Uygur Ex-head Of Xinjiang Education Department Gets Suspended Death Sentence
The charges were built around Sawut's role in writing and publishing of Uygur-language textbooks that were used in primary and secondary schools in Xinjiang for 13 years but in 2016 were deemed by the regional government to be inciting ethnic hatred
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China-Australia Relations: Trade Minister Dan Tehan Says Businesses Must Help Canberra Repair Ties With Beijing
Australia's trade minister has told Australian businesses to "step up to the plate" in repairing ties with China amid the worst bilateral relations between the two countries in decades, as he put forth recommendations on how Australia can better enga
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China's Bitcoin Mines Could Derail Carbon Neutrality Goals, Study Says
The annual energy consumption of China's bitcoin miners is expected to peak in 2024 at about 297 terawatt-hours, or more than was used by Italy in 2016, the study said. The mines' annual carbon emissions are set to peak at 130 million tonnes in 2024,
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China's Military Tracks US Warship Traversing Taiwan Strait
It came on the same day that Taiwanese authorities said 15 Chinese military aircraft, including a dozen fighter jets, had crossed into their defence zone, and warned Beijing that the island would "defend ourselves to the very last day" if necessary.
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China Turns To US Coal To Fill Void Created By Australia Import Ban, Offers Trade Deal Boost
Coking coal exports from the United States has filled some of the void created in China by its unofficial ban on Australian exports of the commodity over the past five months as trade manipulation creates "winners and losers", economists said. And w
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China Earthquake Survey Doubles Beijing's High-risk Fault Lines
Beijing has 15 major active fault lines, more than double the previous count, according to a new geological survey commissioned by the government. A third were "strongly active", suggesting a high earthquake risk, but when the next big jolt may hit r
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IMF Urges China To Reduce Corporate Debt Risk Made Worse By Heavy Pandemic Lending
The International Monetary Fund on Tuesday urged China to further address its high corporate debt levels that have resulted from the easy monetary policy put in place during the coronavirus pandemic.  The IMF, while applauding the Chinese government'
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Hong Kong Police Seize HK$900 Million Worth Of Cocaine In Biggest Such Bust In Nearly A Decade
Hong Kong police have seized 700kg of cocaine worth about HK$900 million (US$115.7 million) in their largest bust of the narcotic in a decade. Officers arrested two men, aged 19 and 25, after finding bricks of cocaine in Fo Tan and Sha Tin on Friday
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Driver, Police Officer Dead After Vehicle Attack On US Capitol
One Capitol Police officer was killed and another was injured when a vehicle drove into them and a barricade near the US Capitol in Washington, the department's acting chief said on Friday. The suspected driver, who exited the vehicle brandishing a k
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Could US Sanctions And Closer Middle East Ties Fuel The Rise Of China's Petroyuan?
A string of energy-rich economies appear to be moving closer into China's orbit, expanding economic ties and potentially fuelling the rise of the petroyuan, analysts say. Do you have questions about the biggest topics and trends from around the world
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More Than Half Of Canadians Support Beijing Olympics Boycott, Survey Shows
More than half of Canadians oppose participation in the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, according to a recent survey, underscoring the negative public opinion in the country toward China stemming from allegations of human rights abuses. Online
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Coronavirus: US Firm Emergent Admits To Issues With J&J Vaccine Affecting Millions Of Doses
A contractor Johnson & Johnson enlisted to make its coronavirus vaccine acknowledged on Thursday that it had contaminated millions of doses, confirming reports of supply problems related to the firm's Maryland facility. The acknowledgement by Emergen
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Meng Wanzhou's Extradition Judge Should Not Decide On US Jurisdiction, Canadian Government Lawyer Says
The judge in Meng Wanzhou's extradition case has been told by Canadian government lawyers that she has no business ruling whether the United States has jurisdiction to bring its fraud charges against the Huawei Technologies executive, and that the is
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China Slams Washington Over Hong Kong Report, Saying Biden Administration Has Disregarded Basic Facts With Irresponsible Remarks
The remarks by Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying came a day after the publication of the US State Department's Hong Kong Policy Act Report, sent annually to Congress, which includes a determination as to whether the city is sufficient
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Intel Pulls Chinese Ad Featuring Comedian Yang Li After It Angered Men - Then Women Hit Back
After removing a laptop advertisement featuring the popular stand-up comedian Yang Li, semiconductor giant Intel is having a hard time pleasing both men and women who say the US firm is guilty of sexism - but for different reasons. "Intel has a taste
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Reject Meng Wanzhou's 'Exciting Narrative' Of Abuse, Canadian Government Lawyer Tells Extradition Judge
The judge in Meng Wanzhou's extradition hearing should reject the Huawei executive's "exciting narrative" about a conspiracy by Canadian and US authorities to abuse her rights, and throw out an application to release her, a Canadian government lawyer
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China's Ability To Invade Taiwan 'Much Closer Than Most Think', US Indo-Pacific Command Nominee Says
"We have to take this on, put those deterrence capabilities like [the Pacific Deterrence Initiative] in place in the near term and with urgency," Aquilino said, referring to a mandate written into the 2021 National defence Authorisation Act to fulfil
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China Coal: Australia Ban Continues To Weigh On Supply, Imports Down 40 Per Cent Even As Russia Moves To Fill Gap
Mongolia enacted stricter checks at the key border crossing at Ganqimaodu a week ago after a worker at its nearby copper mine tested positive for coronavirus, slowing down coking coal deliveries into China, Mysteel Global analyst Sean Xie said. Get
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