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US-China Relations May Be Worsening, But Young Americans Still Welcome The Chance To Work In World's No 2 Economy
Kush Davidd, a third-year student at the University of California, knows about the coronavirus lockdowns in Shanghai and China's political friction with the United States. But the 20-year-old American is studying Mandarin, and would still consider a
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China-Australia Relations: Will A Penfolds Wine By Any Chinese Vineyard Taste As Sweet?
One of Australia's oldest wine brands is accelerating production of its made-in-China offerings, with an eye on using domestic production to circumvent import tariffs that have had an outsized impact on wine exports from down under for nearly two yea
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US Official Sees 'Trilateral' Relationship With Japan And South Korea Growing Stronger
A senior State Department official expressed high confidence on Wednesday that Washington's efforts at "trilateral" cooperation with Seoul and Tokyo would succeed in the face of regional threats, despite numerous disputes that have long plagued relat
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Chinese Scientists Build Robot Earthworm To Explore Engine Pipes
Chinese scientists have developed a tiny wormlike robot that can wiggle into tiny pipes to inspect them with an endoscopic camera. The Tsinghua University team said the small robot could navigate pipes in aircraft engines and oil refinery machines, e
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UK Orders Full National Security Review For Chinese Takeover Of Semiconductor Maker Newport Wafer Fab
Britain's business secretary has ordered a full national security assessment of the £63 million (US$79 million) acquisition last year of the country's biggest semiconductor maker by Nexperia, a Dutch subsidiary of China's Wingtech Technology. The inq
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China Has 33 Ways To Get Economy Back On Track, But Critics Say 'Adjusting Zero-Covid Strategy Is Key'
China has unveiled a new round of stimulus measures to stabilise the nation's faltering economy and support businesses, but analysts say the actual impact may be limited if the nation's stringent zero-Covid policy remains unchanged. A 33-point packag
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US Lawmakers Consider Actions To Increase Support For Taiwan
US lawmakers discussed measures on Thursday that Washington should take to help defend Taiwan against any moves by mainland China's military, including expedited weapon sales meant to arm Taipei "to the teeth". Suggestions made at a House Foreign Aff
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China-Australia Relations: Canberra's 'Fear Of Looking Weak' Hints At No Relief For Exporters
More than two years on, Australian producers are still feeling the lingering impact of China's one-sided trade war. But regardless of whom they vote for when they join other Australians at the polls on Saturday, the status quo appears unlikely to cha
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Coronavirus: Flying To China From The US Will No Longer Involve 7-day RT-PCR Or Antibody Tests
Travellers flying to China from the US will no longer be required to provide three negative RT-PCR test results as of Friday. The previous requirement of showing a negative RT-PCR test result from seven days before the flight has been scrapped, accor
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China's Yang Jiechi Warns US Security Adviser Jake Sullivan About Washington's Taiwan Moves
China's top diplomat, Yang Jiechi, warned US national security adviser Jake Sullivan on Wednesday that the United States was "on the wrong path" regarding Taiwan and that its moves could lead to "dangerous situations". "The US has been adopting wrong
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Atomic Clocks Put China's BeiDou Satnav System Ahead Of The Rest, Study Finds
China's BeiDou satellite navigation system has achieved strong performance in atomic clock stability - something that can affect hypersonic weapons, communications and even financial services - according to a new study. Scientists in Xian said their
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Hong Kong Civil Servants Likely To Get Pay Rise Of 2 To 7 Per Cent This Year Under Improved Economic Situation
Hong Kong's 180,000 public sector employees are likely to receive a pay rise of 2 to 7 per cent under the improved economic situation after salaries were frozen over the past two years amid the coronavirus pandemic. An official committee on pay trend
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Australian MP's #WrongAsian Gaffe Deals Fresh Blow To Liberals Days Before Election
Days before Australia's election, the Liberal coalition's latest gaffe involving a misidentified Asian-Australian candidate has further bruised its chances of securing a third term, with activists saying it is yet another incident that has highlighte
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Will Kim Jong-un Look To China To Battle North Korea's 'Explosive' Covid-19 Spread?
Two years after the pandemic swept the world, reclusive North Korea has finally acknowledged it is dealing with an outbreak, with more than half a million people being quarantined due to a rapidly spreading fever. North Korea has reported more than 1
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What Has China Done To Minimise Impact Of Zero-Covid, And Why Are Global-recession Risks Rising?
China's policymakers have heralded fiscal easing to help mitigate the wide-reaching impact of its zero-Covid strategy - but have yet to fully act, while a recession in the global economy is now among the new threats to global growth, according to var
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With China Firmly On A Zero-Covid Trajectory, Concerns Are Turning To 'Growth Recession' Risks
Beijing's steadfast adherence to rigid citywide lockdowns to combat the highly contagious Omicron coronavirus variant is gradually changing the narrative, with questions shifting from how far will the central government go, to how big of an economic
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Renowned Neuroscientist Nancy Ip Set To Become Hong Kong University Of Science And Technology's Next President As Council Chairman Confirms Appointment To Be Discussed On Friday
Renowned neuroscientist Professor Nancy Ip Yuk-yu is set to become the next president of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), with the chairman of its governing council confirming her appointment will be discussed on Friday. If app
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Coronavirus: Hong Kong On Track For 75 Per Cent Of Remaining 1 Million Eligible Residents To Get Third Covid Shot; 329 New Cases Logged
Hong Kong is on track to get most of its eligible residents vaccinated with a third Covid-19 jab by the end of the month, the minister leading the city's inoculation drive has said. Secretary for the Civil Service Patrick Nip Tak-kuen on Wednesday sa
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Hong Kong Fugitives Who Tried To Flee To Taiwan Admit Possessing Petrol, Other Chemicals For Making Bombs For 2019 Protests
Two fugitives caught by the mainland Chinese coastguard in a thwarted attempt to flee to Taiwan have admitted in a Hong Kong court to possessing four litres of petrol and other chemicals for producing Molotov cocktails and thermite bombs ahead of ant
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China Warns Japan Against Joining Forces With US
Beijing has criticised Japan's recent comments on Taiwan and warned it not to join forces with the United States to confront China. Foreign Minister Wang Yi made the comments in a call with his Japanese counterpart Yoshimasa Hayashi on Wednesday - tw
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China's April New Home Price Index Falls For The First Time In Seven Years As Covid-19 Adds To The Slumping Property Market's Cash Woes
China's home prices fell across the board last month, with newly completed abodes marking their first monthly decline in almost seven years, as a resurgent Covid-19 outbreak in several major cities exacerbated the slumping property market. The index
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Hong Kong To Scrap Departure Tax For People Who Use Mega Bridge To Head Directly To Airport
Transit passengers who travel by the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge to an expanded SkyPier integrated with the airport will be exempt from a HK$120 (US$15) departure tax starting next year in a government bid to boost the city's status as an aviation
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Coronavirus: Beijing, Fighting Omicron, Adds Identity Info To Transport Passes To Speed Up Checks Of Covid-19 Status
As it battles an Omicron outbreak, the city of Beijing plans to add identifying information to subway and bus cards by the end of the month, a move designed to speed up mandatory checks of Covid-19 status as the city's 22 million citizens adjust to d
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'Women In China Want A House And A Car' So Man Looks For Foreign Wife And Loses US$21,500 In Scam
A dispute over a failed matchmaking service has put the spotlight on marriage scams in China and rules that prevent businesses from connecting foreigners with single Chinese people. Wu Zhimin, a father from Shijiazhuang, the capital city of Hebei pro
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Almost Half Of New Hong Kong Immigrants In Britain Have Symptoms Of Depression Or Anxiety, Survey Finds
Almost half of newly arrived Hong Kong immigrants in Britain have symptoms of depression or anxiety, with one in four reporting signs of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) related to the 2019 protests and implementation of the national security la
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China Faces Zero-Covid Lockdown Brain Drain With Visa Inquiry Spike
A surge in the number of Chinese professionals looking for emigration opportunities in response to China's strict zero-Covid measures could affect the country's ambitions to become a science and technology superpower. Emigration consultants in China
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Will China's Belt And Road Projects In Cash-strapped Pakistan Lose Momentum As PM Shehbaz Sharif Seeks IMF Financial Support?
Work on China's US$65 billion belt and road programme in Pakistan looks set to progress at only a modest pace in coming years because Islamabad is struggling to stay solvent, officials and analysts said. The recently elected coalition government of P
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Clinics, Car Dealers Snap Up Prime Space As Luxury Brands Bow Out Of Hong Kong's Slumping Retail Market
Private clinics and car dealers are snapping up retail space around Hong Kong that had been vacated by luxury brands, giving commercial landlords some relief amid an industry slump caused by the dearth of tourists and competition from online shopping
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Taiwan Indicates US Won't Dictate Defence Plans After Business Groups Warn Washington Is Restricting Arms Sales
Taiwan has said it makes its own decisions about arms purchases and indicated it will not allow the US to dictate its plans to counter the growing military threat from mainland China. The island's defence ministry made the comments after US business
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China Domestic Violence: Man's Request For Protection Order From Wife's Alleged Abuse Starts Rare Conversation On Male Victims
A court in China has granted a protection order to a 49-year-old man who alleges he has repeatedly been physically abused by his wife. The man, surnamed Li, from Beihai city, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, southern China, last month filed a reques
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