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I have made a terrible mistake. Gallons of gasoline spew wildly, spectacularly, apocalyptically out of the Ford police cruiser. As I dash to stop the potential conflagration—my ears abuzz with furious hornets, my vision narrowing with the dreaded ros
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What’s In It For You?
Hybrid or pure internal combustion? It’s a question we’ve been asking ourselves for two decades now, and as the number of hybrid options grows, consumers won’t find the answer any easier. Although traditional gasoline vehicles have upped their fuel e
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The Interstate Highway System The History Behind The Story
In June 1956, President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed a landmark piece of legislation he’d been championing for years. The Federal Aid Highway Act of 1956, more commonly known as the National Interstate and Defense Highways Act, authorized $25 billion
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What do you call a myth that finally comes true? Well, you can call it the cover story of this special 70th anniversary issue. After decades of our theorizing and Chevrolet’s teasing, the Corvette quits banging on the limiters of a grand touring plat
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So How Did We Do Compared To The Original Fuel Run? 70 Years Makes A Major Difference
In planning our homage to the original “Mobilgas Grand Canyon Economy Run” story, published way back in 1950, we made an early decision to not use the rules our forebears set. Time is money, so our winning driver would be the one who spent the least
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The Mid-engine Corvette Is Here … And We’re In It FIRST RIDE
“We’re none too pleased to have you here.” Soul-crushing words from Corvette chief engineer Tadge Juechter. Chevy’s PR department, relenting to MotorTrend’s barrage of begging for early C8 Corvette access, has twisted Juechter’s arm into letting me r
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Our Favorite Motortrend Covers From The Past 70 Years
November 1949: Untitled There’s a fabulous sense of speed in this shot; the car almost looks like it’s bending around the corner. You can see the rear end starting to slide on a loose surface, the driver leaning into the corner, the front wheels cran
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Three Challenges The Mid-engine Presented
Everything about building a mid-engine car was new to the C8 development engineers. There’s virtually nobody left from the earlier mid-engine Corvette programs (or even the Pontiac Fiero team) to consult with, so the C8 team pretty much had to benchm
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Mt Garage
EPA CITY/HWY/COMB Fuel Econ: 22/24/22 mpg Base price $43,040 As tested $57,110 Never has ordering a new long-termer been more difficult than it was with our new 2019 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon. The process is supposed to be pretty simple, especi
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Confronting Our Past: We Choose The Ultimate Car Of The Year
How could you? Better yet, how dare you? Our Ultimate Car of the Year test (page 32) will likely dredge up memories of some rather, ahem, controversial choices that this magazine has made in annually naming the best sled on four wheels. The letters t
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My Corvette Moment
It’s fitting the C8 Corvette graces the cover of this, the 70th anniversary issue of MotorTrend magazine. We’ve grown up together, you see. “We wanted a magazine that would interest the foreign car exponent, the sports car enthusiast, the custom car
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Four Tech Triumphs: Industry-trumping Firsts And Fun Features
Flagships always get the coolest tech first, and the Corvette C8 is most definitely Chevrolet’s flagship and a standard-bearer for the entire General Motors Corporation. Here are four technologies that piqued the interest of your humble MotorTrend te
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Fast 4-1-1: Mid-engine ’Vette basics
Prepare to be bombarded with facts, trivia, and minutiae covering every aspect of the long-awaited mid-engine Corvette in the weeks leading up to its on-sale date. For now, here’s a concise distillation of the most basic information you need to get t
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Highlight Reel: 37 Years of Technologue
By my count, this is MotorTrend’s 263rd Technologue column, stretching back to May 1982. For the first two years, the page answered readers’ techie car questions. Then Ron Grable, Rick Titus, John Hanson, B.J. Hoffman, and Don Fuller took turns mostl
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Motortrend’s Most Significant Car Of The Year
MotorTrend’s original editors could never have imagined what the Car of the Year award would become. At first, it almost seemed like an afterthought. Buried in our third issue, the award was envisioned as a way to recognize the most advanced automobi
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The First First Test
It’s not every day that a company buys a valuable heirloom, an actual piece of its history. But as MotorTrend lights 70 candles on its birthday cake, it’s this car—this obscure frog-green 1949 Kurtis we recently purchased—that’s being wheeled up as o
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Elon Musk Co-founder and CEO, Tesla Motors
Although anniversary issues tend to dwell on the past, we wanted to also look into the future. Our interview subject is the man history might deem most responsible for changing the course of the traditional internal combustion vehicle. The following
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You’ve Come A Long Way, Caddy
The very first time we attempted to identify “the” car of a particular year was in our November 1949 issue. Instead of rounding up early 1950 model cars and putting them through a rigorous testing regimen, we looked back at the year that had been and
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Motories Publica
In the late 1940s Detroit had just finished winning a war. America was in an ebullient, optimistic mood. The economy was booming, suburbs were sprouting like spring weeds, and everybody was replacing cars and trucks that had largely worn out during t
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Seventy years is a long time. Few vehicles can date their lineage back that far. Fewer still can trace back anything more than a few signature design cues. Then there’s Jeep and the iconic Wrangler, which can draw a direct line in the sand of Omaha B
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Niki Lauda 1949-2019
Niki Lauda, the Formula 1 racing legend who survived a fiery, life-threatening high-speed crash to emerge a champion, died in late May. He was 70 years old. Lauda won the F1 drivers’ championship in 1975 and 1977 with Ferrari and again in 1984 with M
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Street survival
There’s no getting around it: Teenagers are pretty bad drivers when they first hit the road. Most high schools don’t offer drivers-ed courses anymore, and some states don’t even have formal driver education requirements. In other states, new drivers
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Why Good Design Matters The Evolution Of Product From Mere Tool To Aesthetic Object
Following World War II, nearly all the world’s major industrialized powers were in ruin following the global slaughter; only America’s infrastructure had stayed intact, though it had just emerged from nearly two decades of economic depression and war
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Click Bait
It was the car crash that shocked the world. On August 31, 1997, Diana, Princess of Wales, died after the Mercedes-Benz S280 in which she was a passenger collided with a concrete pillar in the Pont de l’Alma tunnel in Paris. Also killed were Diana’s
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Kwid Pro Quo: Can India Teach America To Build A Nice CUV For $7,000?
The developed world has called the automotive shots for a century-plus, but many of its biggest players are stumbling when attempting to serve the developing world. They find that low-income connected buyers don’t want stripped-down first-world cars.
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Service life: 6 mo/11,852 mi • Avg. Fuel Econ: 17.6 mpg Avg CO2 1.10 lb/mi Energy cons 187 kW-hr/100 mi Unresolved problems None Maintenance cost $80.40 (oil change, inspection) Normal-wear cost $0 Base price $36,165 As-tested $38,265 EPA City/Hwy/Co
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August Achleitner“Mr. 911”
Following the successful launch of the third redesign of the Porsche 911 developed during his 18-year stint as product director of the iconic sports car, “Mr. 911,” August Achleitner, is transitioning to retirement. The Austrian-born mechanical engin
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Your Say…
What was, in its day, a comfortable, serviceable family sedan has been transformed into a pathetic monstrosity. What possible virtue is there in reducing a 1995 Chevy Caprice to such a shocking state? Every one of its original attributes and capabili
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Topless Titans
I should be the type of guy who likes convertibles. I live in Los Angeles, I’m under 30, and—to channel my inner narcissist for a second—my hair flows in the wind shampoo-commercial style. Yet I can’t get behind the idea of top-down driving. It’s not
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We Don’t Get It
We sold 27.” Toyota chief engineer Masato Tanabe is curt with his answer. I had asked if Toyota had plans to sell its recently redesigned Century—the chauffeur-driven, ultra-luxury sedan that’s been in production since 1967—in markets outside Japan.
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