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Kit List
Rotolight’s smallest and most portable light, the NEO 2 is more than big enough to meet a close-up photographer’s demands. It can be mounted both on or off camera, and you can easily adjust the output and colour temperature of the light. This handy
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Also Consider
Aperture range f/2-f/22 Filter thread 55mm Diameter 73mm Length 80mm Weight 350g It's easy, when recommending relatively inexpensive portrait lenses, to point towards camera manufacturers' 50mm f/1.8 and 85mm f/1.8 primes, and forget everything
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News Round-up
The shortlist for the RPS’s Science Photographer of the Year competition will be exhibited at London’s Science Museum from 7 October until 5 January 2020. The brief was to take a visually appealing picture that tells a science story either with a cam
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It’s A Bug’s Light
In close-up photography, it is possible to reveal and highlight all kinds of incredible, miniature detail, colour and form that might otherwise get overlooked. However, it is a challenging genre for a number of reasons. Perceived depth of field appea
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Adobe Alternatives
Some of the options are comparable to their Adobe counterparts, and some offer even more in the way of features. Adobe may be the industry standard but many professionals are switching to the likes of Skylum Luminar and Affinity Photo. Editing soluti
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Lighting Close-up Subjects With Continuous Leds
I discovered this roosting butterfly during a late-evening visit to a local meadow. It was a cool, dull evening and the butterfly didn’t fly away when I set up my tripod and macro lens nearby. Owing to the overcast conditions, the image is quite dark
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Top Accessories From Just £7
● £8 ● www. Spudz microfibre lens cloths are available in different sizes. The cloth is attached inside a neoprene pouch complete with its own hook that allows you to easily attach it to a zipper or stow it away inside a pocket in your c
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Big Makers Under Continued Pressure
THE latest results from Japan's big camera makers reveal that trading conditions are tough, to say the least. Nikon, for example, has recorded a sobering 71% plunge in earnings in its financial results for the first quarter of 2020 with revenue down
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Join the Club
When was the Sidmouth Photographic Club founded? The club was founded in 1937 on the initiative of a local doctor, Gerald Gibbens, and called the Sidmouth Camera Club. An early member, Harold Fish, served in the Royal Navy and was an official photog
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Professor Newman on… Perspective
One of the ‘facts' commonly presented in online photography tutorials is that the perspective of a photo is affected only by the distance between camera and subject. I put ‘fact' in quotes because, in my opinion, this is not a fact but an unhelpful p
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Outstanding Gear Isn’t Out Of Reach
When you’re on a tight budget, it can be tough to justify buying more gear. But there are ways to upgrade your set-up without taking a massive hit to your bank balance. With MPB, you might be able to shoot with an out-of-this-world set-up sooner than
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Final Analysis
It is of note that Martha Holmes, not a name as well known as it should be, was born in Kentucky. The American South of 1923 she was born into was a deeply divided and segregated society. A photographer, she began her education in art at the Universi
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Cindy Sherman
This major new retrospective of Cindy Sherman's work includes the first UK public display of her famous series, Untitled Film Stills,1977-80. With around180 pieces of work included, the exhibition spans Sherman's 40-year career, right up until the pr
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Bag A Bargain
One of the great things about photography is that it is such a diverse and personal recreation not everyone shares the same interest in photographing the same subject. If you picked100 photographers at random and asked them what they enjoyed photogra
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Also Out Now
The Photographers’ Gallery, London. Entry £5 or free from 5pm. Recently The Photographers' Gallery (TPG) invited submissions to ‘New Talent', a new exhibition and mentoring scheme for up-and-coming photographers. After
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Viewpoint Hoshang Billimoria
Ever since the introduction of the Nikon F in 1959, the Japanese camera industry has been on a roll. Japanese manufacturers have led the way with new technologies and innovation and pretty much ruled the imaging market worldwide. The rapid spread of
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Also Consider
Sensor 36.4MP full-frame CMOS Sensitivity ISO 50-25,600 Continuous shooting 4fps Video Full HD at 60p Rear display 3in, 921k-dot Viewfinder 0.5in, 2.36-million-dot EVF The A7R hit the market at the same time as Sony released the A7 and it becam
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GREAT FOR Sport & action
IF YOU'RE just starting out in photography, or maybe feel your current camera isn't the best equipped for shooting sports and action, there are so many options on the second-hand market you'll find you're rather spoilt for choice. Over the years we'v
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Dabbling In Film Making
In the mid 1970s I was a student at Bournemouth & Poole College of Art studying Photography, Film and Television Production. I scripted and storyboarded a short film which never quite got made, but is always ‘on the back-burner' so there's still hope
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GREAT FOR Landscapes
LANDSCAPE photography is typically associated with cameras that boast large sensors and offer extremely high resolution to capture the finest detail in a scene. You might be wondering why it is, then, that the Ricoh GR II has made it onto our shortli
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Film was a unique commodity when you opened a reel to put it in a camera. It was somehow exciting – the unique smell, the possibilities it held. The limited number of shots – 12, 24, 36 – made it exciting as you only had so many attempts to capture t
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30 Tips To Shoot On A Budget
If you let it, photography can be an expensive hobby. Once you start investing in the latest camera bodies, lenses, lighting and accessories the £s soon start to add up. We all like to save a few quid here and there, and just because we don't have th
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The Bigger Picture
The tolerant, welcoming, vibrant culture of the city of Brighton and Hove makes it a great place to live. One of its flaws, however, is its lack of decent employment. Vast swathes of the working population board commuter trains to London each morning
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