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A Timeline Of AP’s 16 Editors
On 10 October 1884, J Harris Stone launched the first issue of a new weekly periodical ‘devoted to the interests of Photography and kindred arts and sciences’ and in his first editorial he set out AP’s stall thus: ‘Photography has, within the last fe
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Past Editors Reflect On Their Tenure
My association with AP goes back to 1984, when I joined as news editor. Five years later I became editor, and over the next 473 issues there was never a dull moment. The 1990s were a decade of great change in photography and publishing. Perhaps the c
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Preparing For Printing
I never bother with in-camera white balance, so the first thing I do in Lightroom is adjust it, either by eye or with the pipette. I don't care too much about getting it ‘right' but try to find a specific mood that I think suits the image or series.
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Famous Contributors
The legendary author and playwright, GBS was also a keen photographer who wrote on occasion for AP. Sutcliffe is one Britain's most revered photographers. Famous for his images of Whitby, his work was widely published in AP during the early 1900s and
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Sony Alpha 7R IV
+ Resolves mind-blowing detail from its new 61MP sensor + Incredibly fast and responsive autofocus system + AF point visibility has been improved + Best EVF on an A7-series camera to date - Touchscreen control lags behind mirrorless rivals - Convolut
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Win! A Sigma 135mm F1.8 DG HSM Art
VERY few magazines survive for 135 years, so we’ve put together a very special competition to mark this milestone. You’re being offered the chance to win a Sigma 135mm F1.8 DG HSM Art telephoto prime lens designed for modern high-megapixel DSLRs. Thi
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Focal Points
Flicker from fluorescent and other artificial lighting is detected by the camera and the shutter action is timed to minimise the flicker effect on still images. This mode helps suppress exposure and colour anomalies at the top and bottom of images sh
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Pixel Shift Multi Shooting
Like the Sony A7R III, the A7R IV features a Pixel Shift Multi Shooting mode. In this mode the camera uses the IS system to precisely shift the sensor in 1 or 0.5-pixel increments between consecutive exposures. Uncompressed Raw and silent mode are au
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Reader Portfolio
1 ‘Many of these buildings are the only thing to be seen for miles,’ Margaret says, ‘and convey a real sense of the isolation these communities must have felt.’ Olympus PEN-F converted for infrared 830nm, 14-42mm, 1/160sec at f/5.6, ISO 200 2 Keepi
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Lab Results
Our cameras and lenses are tested using the industry-standard Image Engineering IQ-Analyser software. Visit for more details The A7R IV's new sensor has got a lot of photographers excited about what we can expect from the ne
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The A7R IV is the new master of resolution in the full-frame market. By developing the world's first 61MP full-frame sensor, Sony has taken image quality to new heights – something that has been achieved without compromising on speed. The wide dynami
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Pioneers & icons
Since AP published its first edition, photographic technology has changed beyond all recognition. In 1884, photographers were using cameras constructed from wood and brass, and taking pictures on glass plates coated with light-sensitive emulsion. Sin
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Martin Parr’s Favourite Photo Books
MARTIN PARR is one of Britain's best-known photographers. He is also one of the country's leading exponents and collectors of the humble photo book. In 2017, he gifted his extensive collection of books to the Tate, but he remains a leading authority
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Jon Bentley (Viewpoint, 17 August) bemoans the lack of a modern, high-quality film scanner. The reason, I suspect, is very simple: lack of demand. And the ‘blame' lies fair and square with the smartphone. I still take photos with a pro-quality Olympu
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Our Favourite Photo Graphy Books Of The Past 135 Years
Apparently it was musician and composer Frank Zappa who once declared, ‘so many books, so little time’, and despite the arrival of eReaders and the internet our passion for the printed page shows no signs of abating. In fact, our love of photography
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135 Greatest Photography Tips
From identifying great light to playing with aspect ratios, we offer some advice for land lovers There is no magic solution for knowing when and exactly where a magnificent sunrise or sunset will happen; however to up your odds there are certain con
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Over To You...
‘Lonely Planet’s Guide to Travel Photography is my favourite book at the moment. It gives me loads of great ideas and tips, regardless of the gear I'm using.' Darren Gibson ‘David Yarrow's Wild Encounters contains some beautiful black & white imager
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Our Favourite Photographs Of The Past 135 Years
While it's not something I'd hang over the mantelpiece, Larry Burrows's ‘Reaching Out' is a documentary image I can never forget. It works on several levels. First, it conveys the horror and squalor of the Vietnam War at a time when the US public wer
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Final Analysis
I love, and am passionate about photography. It has been my life (44 years and counting) and I am honoured to have been asked to contribute to this magazine on its 135th anniversary, albeit in a very small way. I say I love photography, which is true
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Readers’ Favourite Photographs
This year marks 80 years since the outbreak of World War II, so I thought this would be a fitting image to include. It is an incredible picture which captures the epic struggle in the final battle for Berlin and the heroism of the Red Army, as well a
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News Round-up
Epson has announced the SureColor SC-P7500 and SC-P9500, its first 12-colour large-format printers offering a wide colour gamut. Both use Epson’s new UltraChrome Pro12 inkset with K3 technology, which outputs both black inks simultaneously and includ
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AP’s Most Loyal Readers
A foggy evening in November 1953 and the bright lights of a camera shop window in Birmingham drew my attention. There, next to a display of Kodak box cameras, was a copy of AP and a book, Boys Book of Photography by AP contributor at the time, J Alla
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Viewpoint Nigel Atherton
When J Harris Stone launched the first issue of Amateur Photographer in 1884, he could not have dared to imagine that his little journal, which didn't even carry any pictures, would go on to become the pillar of the British photography media througho
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Behind The Print
Maarten is a fine-art photographer based in Belgium. He’s worked with a wide range of clients including magazines and music festivals; he also organises workshops. See and A big chunk of my assignments
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