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That’s Amore Cheese
Serves: 4 1 capsicum, diced2 stalks celery, diced2 carrots, diced1 onion, diced1 zucchini, diced1 cauliflower, diced50g salt50mL extra-virgin olive oil1 clove garlic, cut in half2 bay leaves500mL white-wine vinegar200mL water 1 bunch kaleExtra-v
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Nourished Life
Serves: 2 ½ stick cinnamon, broken5 cardamom pods, bruised1 star anise4 black peppercorns, cracked1 whole clove½ cup water2cm-slice peeled ginger ¼ tsp ground nutmeg2 cups drinking coconut milk2 tsp The Beauty Chef SLEEP Inner Beauty Support1 tsp
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13 Seeds
Makes: 16 bites 2 cups frozen berries1 banana (fresh or frozen)1 serving 13 Seeds HempProtein Powder2 tbsp açaí powder1 cup almond milkGoji berries, to serveGranola, to serve13 Seeds Hemp Hearts, to serve Blend berries, banana, 13 Seeds Hemp Pro
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Corn Thins®
Recipe / Corn Thins® Serves: 2–3 1 small sweet potato, sliced into5-10mm slicesOlive oil6 CORN THINS® or Whole Grain Thins™ Ancient Grains slices 100g fetaPepita seedsSeeds 1 pomegranate Mint leaves Preheat oven to 180°C. Place roasted sweet po
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Cooking With Hemp
This is an interesting way to use hemp. It has a clean and creamy texture and flavour. Serves: 4 1 onion, finely diced2 cloves garlic8 medium mushrooms, sliced2 sticks celery, finely diced2 cups hemp seeds6 cups liquid veganMassel ChickenStyle s
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Hemp Foods
Serves: 2 1 tbsp Hemp Foods hemp protein1 cup milk of your choicePinch ground cinnamon3 tbsp chia seeds1 tsp vanilla essence2 tbsp maple syrup½ lemon1 cup blueberries (plus handful to serve)2 tbsp yoghurt of choicePinch Hemp Foods hemp seedsHandf
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Versatile Vinegar
The adage, "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” may well ring true for vinegar, which in French (vin aigre) translates to “sour wine”. You’ve no doubt got a bottle or two of the sour-tasting liquid in your kitchen, where it has widesprea
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The Bare Bird
Serves: 4 1 cup besan (chickpea flour)1 cup all-purpose gluten-free flour50g butter2 tsp sea salt½ cup cold water 3 tbsp olive oil1 bunch rainbow chard, leaves & stems chopped1 clove garlic, finely mincedSalt & pepper, to taste2 large red onions
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Bass Strait Beef
Serves: 4 1 rack Bass Strait Beef short ribs100g butterSplash beer 350ml bourbon1 bottle porter300g barbecue sauce ¼ cup paprika1 tbsp ground cumin1 tbsp packed dark-brown sugar1 tbsp kosher salt2 tsp cayenne pepper1 tsp garlic powder1 tsp fres
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Grow The Good Life
We felt so inspired flicking through Slow Down and Grow Something that we strolled down the road to the local fruit market to pick up ingredients for the featured Fig & Rosemary Tart recipe. If a cookbook can get us into the kitchen that fast, it’s s
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Iron-boosting Meals
These lettuce cups are my take on san choy bau and combine lean beef mince with fresh herbs and ginger. Just top with your favourite fresh herbs (I used mint and coriander) and extra chilli for some added spice. They are perfect for an appetiser or a
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What’s On
Looking for a reason to visit Mudgee? Let it be the Flavours of Mudgee event happening in late September. The Mudgee region, known for its magnificent national parks and renowned wineries and vineyards, is an ideal destination for tourists, especiall
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5 Herbal Teas You Have To Try
The explosion of herbal teas on the market is evidence that the humble “cuppa” is no longer limited to the common Camellia sinensis. The following varieties are teas that not only taste good, but also deliver a host of health benefits, taking you fro
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Delicious Oranges
According to Citrus Australia, the production of citrus began in this country in 1787 with the First Fleet introducing plantations of lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruit and mandarins to Sydney. The climate, with dry and hot summers and rainy winters,
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From the Editor
Friends give you so much. A good friend offers support, shared enjoyment, wise words and silent empathy. Perhaps more important than all of these vital things in life is that friends can also offer fresh perspective. It’s easy to become locked in the
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Gold Nugget Mandarins
This simple snack banishes cravings and using only half a cup of tea sets you up to enjoy the rest of the pot. Serves: 4 2 cups Gold Nugget mandarin segmentsGreek yoghurt½ cup hot English Breakfast2 tbsp honey2 tsp ground cardamom2 tbsp peeled p
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Healthy Crumbles
A delicious combination of caramel and banana with a hit of salty, umami miso — what’s not to love? Serves: 4–6 4–5 ripe bananas, peeled & roughly chopped 1 cup rolled oats¼ cup chopped walnuts or pecans¼ cup butter, cold from fridge & cubedPin
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Serves: 4 1 medium chicken, about 1.75kg 1 tbsp honey1 tbsp lemon-flavoured oil½ tsp smoked paprikaJuice & zest 1 lemon1 tsp chilli purée1 clove garlic, crushed 4 asparagus tips1 tbsp coconut oilLarge handful fresh spinach leaves1 pack Tilda Co
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What's In Season?
Artichoke, Asian greens — bok choy, choy sum, gai laan, wonga bok — asparagus, avocados, beans — broad and green — broccoli, cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, choko, cucumber, leek, lettuce, mushrooms — Morel — onions — salad and spring — peas — green, s
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Our Chefs
Keira Rumble is a self-confessed foodie, recipe developer, wellness whizz and the owner of a health-food business, Krumbled Foods. Keira’s passion for health and wellbeing has shaped not only her career, but also her day-to-day life. Keira is an advo
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Cypriot Style
Tomatoes are rich in the carotenoid lycopene, vitamin C and beta-carotene, which are all wonderful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrients. Consuming tomatoes with olive oil will help increase the absorption of lycopene. Serves: 3 1 tbsp co
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Rediscovering Your Roots
The first carrots were not the proud orange conical beauties we mostly see today. Dating back to 10th-century Persia, around the Himalayas in what is now Afghanistan, the humble carrot began its journey. Back then, carrots grew longer and thinner, an
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Serves: 4 600mL water1 tsp sea salt¼ tsp white pepper175g coarse cornmeal, plus extra to dust30g butterHigh smoke-point oil, to fry 2 × 200g tubs Yumi’s Avocado with Sea Salt Dip10–12 mixed-colour cherry tomatoes, halved125g tin black beans, dra
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Why Fresh Is Best
Nothing beats the taste of truly fresh produce, especially when it comes straight from your own garden or local farmer’s market, but there are times when “fresh” produce isn’t always best, especially when it isn’t really fresh, is out of season, has
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Pearl River Bridge
Serves: 2 300g salad mix of choice2 slices bread, crusts removed & dicedOlive oilEdible flowers (optional) 100mL Pearl River Bridge Premium Sweet Vinegar100mL olive oil33mL Pearl River Bridge Rice VinegarSalt & black pepper Wash salad mix and d
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