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Flu Fighter
At the time of writing we were seeing an alarmingly early start to flu season with a number of deaths and many hospitalisations. So it was interesting to receive a press release with the heading “Eating elderberries can help minimise influenza sympto
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Planning For Slopes
In the two previous articles on permaculture’s energy-efficient planning, we looked at the concept of zone planning, which is concerned with managing energies within our system, and sector planning, which is concerned with elements and forces of natu
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Room To Grow
Someone should write a book about the influence of Italians on gardening in Australia. Take Pier and Charlie, who grow vegetables at home in the Geelong suburb of Bell Post Hill as well as on a 1000m2 block they own in nearby Bell Park, now covered w
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The Chicken And The Egg
Sit outdoors with a cuppa and observe your chooks going about their daily activities. They’re great DIY workers. They all have individual quirks and personalities and most lay a distinctly coloured and shaped egg. With the breeding season imminent, h
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No Place Like Home
It’s been a while since I last did a Gardening Folk article on my own family and a lot has happened. Since the previous story some seven years ago, we’ve left our rental property of 16 years and moved into our very own place and are no longer held ba
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Things To Do In September
One of the most delicious crops to harvest in early spring is asparagus. Look for fresh spears daily and harvest them quickly as the spears soon mature into woody and inedible stems. If you haven’t any asparagus growing, don’t despair. Look for pots
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Things To Do In October
In warm parts of the temperate zones, gardeners will be planting second crops but in the cool areas, where frost is still a worry, it’s safer to wait to the end of the month before planting out cold-sensitive seedlings. Keep cucumber, tomato, zucchin
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The Big Scrub
The Big Scrub subtropical rainforest in the NSW Northern Rivers almost wasn’t. Despite a lineage stretching back millions of years to the time Australia was part of the Gondwanan rainforest supercontinent, it came within a hair’s breadth of disappear
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Heaps Good
When the Department of Environment estimates Australians send about 60 percent organic material to the tip — that’s 40 percent food scraps and 20 percent garden waste — it’s hard not to lament the waste of resources, not least the cost of getting it
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Moon Planting
Spring is the season everyone loves, gardeners and non-gardeners alike. It seems like the whole world is coming to life with new growth and profusions of flowers. It’s high spring and everything is growing its socks off. Regular feeding, consistent w
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The Need To Feed
The coming of spring signals the main growing season for many plants and climates. To get your plants going as vigorously as possible, feeding at the right time and in the right balance is the secret to success. (Along with adequate water, suitable l
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It’s All Stalk
Celery is synonymous with diets and healthy eating, though it’s said to be a negative-calorie food because it takes more energy to chew and digest than it contains. Growing celery in your own garden will require time (it’s a relatively slowgrowing pl
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Little Helpers
Peer under a street light at dusk on a balmy night in Australia and chances are you will observe some energetic nocturnal critters flying about in figure-eight patterns. Most likely they will be microbats catching a quick meal of moths, mosquitoes or
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Cucumbers In Numbers
Growing cucumbers at my place has had an unexpected side-effect: my daughter has refused to eat store-bought ones as they don’t taste any good. While it was flattering that she loved home-grown vegies, it was tricky to make salads after the frosts ar
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The Purple People Eat
The eggplant’s closest relatives are tomato, capsicum and potato. Despite differences in appearance between these popular vegies, all are part of the Solanaceae family. This family relationship lies in the flowers, which all share a similar shape eve
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Egg Muffins
This is a great dish to make ahead of time for those busy working weeks, and they freeze well. All you then need to do is quickly reheat in the microwave and serve with a chunk of avocado for a quick, easy, filling breakfast. Also great for an on-the
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This Issue
Spring! The weather is warming up, the days are lengthening and everywhere nature emerges blinking and yawning after a long winter snooze. It’s the time of year when every gardener, every plant, every animal looks forward to the prospect of rebirth a
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The Mini Squash
The zucchini is a very productive — some might say overly prolific — summer veg. Just one or two plants are enough to have you searching your cookbooks for inspiration under Z or Googling zucchini recipes. But that’s exactly why I love them! Fried, b
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Tasty Zucchini Slice
This is a totally versatile dish that can be enjoyed as a main meal or mini meal. It can be made ahead of time and used as an on-the-run meal if need be. For a main meal, add a side salad. Serves 6–8 Prep time 15 mins Cook time 45 mins • 12 eggs• 1 c
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THE Grapevine
Jo is an environmental scientist, photographer and writer. She has worked in the environment movement for decades and is co-ordinator of the National Toxics Network, an organisation dedicated to creating a toxic-free future. She has written many arti
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Wild Apples
Crabapples are very rewarding trees to grow as they are both ornamental and productive. They sport beautiful blossoms in spring and small but attractive fruit that ripens in autumn and can persist on the tree for many months, often well into winter.
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Brain Power Salad
A tasty warm salad for both the meat eater and the vegetarian. Use leftover meat, fish or chicken for this dish, or simply boil up a few eggs. • 1 cauliflower• ½–1 red onion• 1 tbsp olive oil• ¼ tsp ground turmeric• Salt & freshly ground black pepper
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What’s hot RIGHT NOW
A horticulturist, writer and passionate organic gardener, Chloe is co-owner and presenter of the web-based series The Gardenettes and has been a regular presenter on The Garden Gurus. The mother of two little boys, she has a great following of Austra
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Forbidden Fruit
Figs have a double harvest as they produce two crops a year. The main crop forms in summer and ripens in autumn. The second crop, known as the breba, grows in spring and ripens in summer. While two crops are a bonus, it is that delicious flavour that
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Pick Of The Crop
When you first think of stunning outdoor areas, an assortment of plants and pavers may come to mind, but garden edging is rarely at the top of the list. You’d be surprised to know just how much clean borders and raised garden beds can set your landsc
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Space Invader
Gorse is an invasive weed that has spread its prickly green branches and yellow flowers in dense swathes across pasture, through bush and woodland and into mountain areas. Native to Europe, it is now found in all but the hottest and driest parts of s
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How To Aerial Layer A Fig
Aerial layering is a process used to propagate a new plant while it’s still attached to the parent plant by encouraging a branch to form aerial roots. All the equipment needed is probably already in your kitchen drawer. Start by gently cutting the br
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Kiwi Hemp
New Zealand flax (Phormium tenax) is a popular lowmaintenance garden plant grown for its long and often colourful leaves, which range from bright green to dark burgundy red. The strap-like leaves can reach 2m in length and they have many clever appli
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