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THE Grapevine
Jo is an environmental scientist, photographer and writer. She has worked in the environment movement for decades and is co-ordinator of the National Toxics Network, an organisation dedicated to creating a toxic-free future. She has written many arti
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Alligator Pear
Avocados are rewarding trees for a backyard orchard, particularly in warm climates. The trees are shady and their bountiful fruit is not only delicious but packed with good nutrition and easy to eat. Palatable to most people, they are often used as a
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This wonderful dessert is easy to assemble and incredibly delicious. It’s the perfect thing to cook as the flames die back and you are left with a nice bed of chunky embers. You can do the same thing with apples or plums; they will be equally good. S
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What’s hot RIGHT NOW
A horticulturist, writer and passionate organic gardener, Chloe is co-owner and presenter of the web-based series The Gardenettes and has been a regular presenter on The Garden Gurus. The mother of two little boys, she has a great following of Austra
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Freshly Minted
Mint is a versatile herb to grow and it comes in myriad flavours, colours, sizes, shapes and textures. Many mints are edible but also have medicinal or health benefits and some yield essential oils. The best known is spearmint, used to make mint sauc
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Cover To Cover
By Dick & James Strawbridge, Penguin Random House, $39.99 In simpler times, newly minted hippie friends would pore over copies of The Whole Earth Catalog, the thinking person’s guide to ecology, alternative living and self-sufficiency. These days, th
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Kiwi Kowhai
In late spring the old kowhai tree outside my kitchen window (pictured)is heavy with flowers and filled with buzzing bees and squabbling wattlebirds that relish the nectar in the flowers. Kowhai isn’t a common tree in Australia but where it is grown
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Sometimes, growing climbing fruits isn’t all about saving space. Climbing plants on pergolas or trellises add colour, shade and privacy to any garden as well as providing insulation from noise and wind. In our second instalment we look at three natur
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Pick Of The Crop
Stop breaking your back trying to dig your clay soil, stop wasting water trying to keep plants from dying in the hot summer months and start using Earthlife Garden Mate. This easy-to-use, simple soil conditioner combines several products in one. Eart
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Rainforest Berry
Lilly pilly is a native fruiting plant that makes a clever edible hedge or even a living Christmas tree. There are many different plants known as lilly pilly and lots of named varieties, many selected for their compact growth and size. The species gr
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Desert Flowers
Although succulents are often grouped together, they come from many different plant families — including the daisy family (Asteraceae) and the stonecrop family (Crassulaceae) — as well as from many parts of the world, not least the arid and coastal a
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Great Balls Of Sweetness
I remember an intensely hot summer’s day in my childhood, the sort of bitumen-melting weather that had all us kids clamouring for ice-cream. Accordingly, Dad set out for the corner shop with vague promises of fetching “something better than ice-cream
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A Circle Of Succulents
A living wreath planted with succulents makes a great feature for your home. Their pale-green and blue tones mixed with the unique biology of the plants draw your eyes towards the flame. Succulents, particularly the shallow-rooted kind used here, can
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Sweet Crunch
The name of this South American native, yacón, means “water root” in the Inca language. Although not widely known or eaten here, yacon is now getting some attention for its potential health benefits. For starters, the plant’s crunchy brown tubers are
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Waste No Water
The success of any gardening endeavour begins and ends with the quality of the soil. Most plants require a soil that drains well but retains sufficient moisture and nutrients for plants to grow. Sandy soils tend to dry out more easily but all soil ty
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The Writer’s Plot
Good Organic Gardening contributor Jana Holmer, husband Pieter and daughter Holly live on a 622m2 block in Newtown, an old suburb of Geelong on the outskirts of the CBD. Formerly with international professional services firm Ernst & Young, Jana now d
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Hothouse Hens
Summer is coming and it’s time to think about heat-proofing the henhouse. Last January, high temperatures were especially challenging and, if future summers are as hot, we will need to make changes. Once temperatures exceed 40°C, losses from heat pro
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Ravishing Radishes
Explore the world of heirloom radishes and you’ll be surprised just how diverse and beautiful this humble little vegetable can be. Wild radishes originate from Asia and their first written mention dates back as far as the 3rd century BCE, so they hav
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Things To Do In November
Gardens are growing strongly with the advent of warmer weather and longer days. Already there’s plenty to harvest but there’s still lots to plant, including corn. This vegie is wind pollinated so to aid pollination and ensure lots of juicy kernels it
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Swiss Precision
Tell us about the heritage of your brand. FELCO will turn 75 next year and Felco Australia as a subsidiary of FELCO is turning 20 this year. Created by Felix Flisch in 1945, FELCO has remained a private family company, now run by his grandchildren. N
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Things To Do In December
These first weeks of summer accentuate how vast Australia is — and how varied its climate. In warm northern and coastal gardens, homegrown salads are already on the menu as are fresh fruit salads. In the colder south, salad crops are just beginning t
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Live Well And Prosper
Livewell Farm is situated in Haigslea, just west of Ipswich and about an hour’s drive from Brisbane. Owners Brian and Lisa both enjoy working the 40-acre property but Lisa gives her partner full credit. “If it weren’t for Brian the garden would not b
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Food From Water
Installing an aquaponics system can be a rewarding project. However, the selection of fish and plant species calls for careful planning. Also, consider using plants suited to your particular climate — or use a greenhouse. Let’s assume you understand
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The Family Trees
A few kays outside the town of Beaufort in western Victoria is Glenview Park Farm, a 145-acre property owned by husband and wife Rob Pelletier and Kate Blood. The farm comprises many acres of bushland, some pastured areas, an orchard and a fruit tree
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Break The Mould
Like most environmentally aware humans, you probably veto plastic shopping bags, minimise plastic food packaging and opt for recyclable drink containers. Despite a global shift in eco-consciousness, the planet is choking on excess plastic and it’s ki
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Time To Plant
Amaranth, artichokes, Asian greens, asparagus, beans, beetroot, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, capsicum, carrot, cauliflower, celeriac, celery, chicory, chilli, cucumber, eggplant, endive, fennel, horseradish, Jerusalem artichokes, kale, kohlra
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Backyard Reptile Park
In just about any garden big or small, if you share a bushland margin you’ll find lizards, from tiny garden skinks to water dragons or even goannas. Blue-tongues are common visitors and often permanent inhabitants in many gardens. In northern Austral
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The Bitter Truth
Without hops, the flowers of the hop plant, our beloved cold beer would be remarkably sweet due to the use of malts in the brewing process. Hops are added to impart bitterness, flavour and aroma and they act as a natural preservative. Each hop variet
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Moon Planting
Technically it’s still spring but in most parts of Australia it’s definitely very warm, which means it’s time for staggered planting to extend the summer harvest. Summer has officially arrived and there’s still time for more staggered plantings of al
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