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Kombucha (Medusomyces gisevii) is a tea mushroom or tea fungus (or Manchurian mushroom) and is fermented into a tea, commonly using either green or black tea and then sweetened. Kombucha tea is made by fermenting sugared tea with a culture of bacteri
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Recent Medical Findings For A Healthier Body
We know that exercise is good for your mental wellbeing, but in a new study researchers wanted to see whether ordinary daily activities like climbing the stairs or walking to the train station instead of driving would have a similar effect. Their stu
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The Hemp Revolution
Hemp seed oil is being touted as a revolutionary new natural beauty and healthcare product. But is the hype about hemp for real? Hemp seed oil is derived from the hemp plant, which is the same plant genus as marijuana (Cannabis sativa). They are clos
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Interesting Slices Of Life
For this study, researchers recruited subjects who agreed to having their smartphone use monitored for seven to 10 days. Usage was monitored down to how much time they spent on each app. The subjects also completed several tasks and questionnaires th
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Ps: We Love You
We wake up everyday with a passion to make a positive difference for the wellbeing of people and planet. Our happy thoughts, words and actions are priceless medicine – so too what we eat and drink. Many drinks are loaded with artificial ingredients t
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When do you feel in “fl ow”? How often do you drop in to the place where time disappears, along with your limitations and parameters of anything else but the moment? Perhaps it’s when you’re playing music, writing an article, reading a novel or doing
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Palm Oil And The Environment
Palm oil is grown in the tropics, and is extracted from the fruit of the oil palm tree, Elaeis guineensis, that is native to west and central Africa. Red in colour, the palm fruit is high in carotenoid antioxidants, and also saturated fat. The finish
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Let Go Of Parental Guilt
Mummy guilt. You drop your child at school, only to realise he has a tear on his school shirt, and you forgot to bake cupcakes for the school fete. Being a parent and feeling guilty seem to go hand in hand. You feel guilty for working too much, then
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Mocha And Banana Smoothie Bowl To Try This Autumn
runs Supercharged Food and recently released her book Supercharge Your Life. Visit her blog at superchargedfood.com for cooking inspiration, recipes and tips. With the blessed season of summer just gone, it’s time to continue your simple meal reperto
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Supporting Chronic Kidney Disease
is a holistic veterinarian at All Natural Vet Care, Russell Lea, Sydney. T: 02 9712 5844 W: www.naturalvet.com.au. Chronic kidney disease (CKD) affects 0.5–1 per cent of dogs and 1–3 per cent of cats. However it may be up to 80 per cent in older cats
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Yoga For Imagination
The power of imagination has been acknowledged for centuries by yogis, artists and philosophers. In recent times, however, the world of psychology, corporate, and science and modern physics have all jumped on board. They agree — the mind is the most
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From The Editor
There have only been a few moments in my life when I’ve borne witness to raw, unfiltered, uncontainable emotion. The most recent was on New Year’s Eve in the arms of my Dad. He was crying tears of joy, wide-eyed in shock and dabbing a tattered handke
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Macadamia Magic
There are many reasons to love the humble macadamia nut. This product is indigenous to Australia, with the macadamia tree found in northeastern New South Wales and central and southern Queensland. The macadamia has a slightly sweet, almost butter-lik
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Counter Culture
RAYMOND HUBER AND SANDRA SEVERGNINI, EK BOOKS As humans, we depend on trees for our survival — as do many other living things. Yet few of us understand just how fascinating trees really are. Raymond Huber and Sandra Severgnini’s new book, Tree Beings
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Harnessing The Five Love Languages For A Strong Friendship
It’s been almost 30 years since Dr Gary Chapman, a Christian pastor and relationships counsellor, released his popular manual, The 5 Love Languages: the Secret to Love that Lasts. According to Dr Chapman’s taxonomy, there are five ways most of us exp
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It's In The Doing
@vanillabel Dancing! Nothing like it to get the endorphins flowing. Brings me so much joy. @josephinezappia Diffuse essential oils around your space. Brilliant mood enhancer. @ashleygish_np Feeding my family. Food is my love language and there are so
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Coya: French and Middle Eastern Cuisine
There is something joyful about Ashraf Saleh’s food. Exquisitely constructed plates of rainbow produce burst with flavours from the Middle East, France and Australia. It’s an intuitive way of cooking, one that necessitates a sense of adventure and on
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10 Foods To Make You Feel Good
Feeling a little blue or down in the dumps? You might be feeling this way because of the foods you’re eating. Your diet plays a fundamental role in your emotional health and eating the wrong types of foods can impact your mood and emotional wellbeing
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Health Source
Did you know that many skin and hair problems are associated with artificial substances and toxic chemicals that go into skin and haircare products? You’ll feel better using Saba Organics; they’re 100 per cent certified organic, meaning no exposure t
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The Power Of Apology
In a society that is increasingly apology-averse, the idea of the unreserved apology is now a thing of the past. To say sorry after causing hurt or offence to another used to be a given, something we were taught as children to do as a rule. Now, it i
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Discovering Ayurveda
Every time I visit the Byron Yoga Centre, I discover something new. This time, during my five-day stay in Byron’s stunning hinterland, it was Ayurveda. Ayurveda isn’t “new” by any means; in fact, it’s said to be one of the oldest healing systems in t
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When you think of sunlight, what qualities come to mind? Is it warmth, kindness, empathy, lightness? Think about the people in your life that embody those same sunlight qualities. Who are they? Are they in your inner circle? Put them there. What abou
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Life. There are so many paths to take, things to do and places to go, yet so many of us feel the weight of hefty expectations that society places on us: save our money, buy a house, have a family and settle down. This doesn’t mean we have to “settle”
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The Power Of Açaí
It was back in 2001 while on a business trip when I realised the distinct lack of açaí and açaí products in the Australian market. I saw the passion that Australians had for healthy living and found the land down under to be a perfect fit for the aça
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There was a time when sustainable fashion conjured images of hemp overalls and hareem pants. Today, sustainability has become something of a fashion blood sport as brands hanker after eco-bragging rights and fill our inboxes with “green” clothing cam
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Some Truth
The Saba Organics and Priceline team are motivated by the love of people, principles and planet. Priceline is one of the very few national pharmacy brands to still offer world class service and a wealth of knowledge, with a smile. You can feel and se
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Take Your Pressure Down
More than 33 per cent of adult Australians have high blood pressure, and that’s a problem because it is a serious condition with lots of consequences. High blood pressure increases your risk of heart attack, stroke and diabetes. It is also bad news f
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Old Fashioned Herbs
is the author of The Chook Book (Aird Books). Her oldest chook, Gertie, is now 17. Although Gertie’s sisters have all long since fallen off the perch, Gertie still lays extremely large brown eggs most days of the year. Get in touch with Jackie via fa
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“Reboot And Revive” With Six Alignment Exercises
The personal training focus for this issue is increasing blood flow to weakened or lacklustre skeletal muscles. In short, you want to increase cell development in your drowsy muscles by releasing your natural growth hormones from the pituitary gland.
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The Reality Of Relationship Ghosting
Dating has its challenges anywhere in the world, but New York City is known to be a tough landscape for finding your match. Hannah*, 36, an Australian living — and dating — in New York was recently ghosted by a man she clicked with. “I met him on a d
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