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Around the CAMPFIRE
A group of us recently spent a holiday in the Kruger National Park. After a few days at Letaba we moved to Skukuza where, although the park was almost full to bursting, we managed to find a site to fit all nine of us – and we formed a laager. Our set
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Plugged IN
The discussion around the impact of the changes in the Road Traffic Act, that require you to have a special code EB licence for towing, has been ongoing for years. Many people and manufacturers feel this has negatively affected caravan sales and the
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Industry NEWS
After about two years of research, planning and development, BorderX is ready to bring their off-road caravan to the market. Caravan & Outdoor Life spoke to Werner and Desna Pretorius, the brains behind this exciting new product, to find out more ab
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Camping GEAR
Many overlanders are tinkers by nature, and it’s important to have the correct tools on hand to ensure your vehicle is running at 100%. This 6-piece Automotive Tester Kit from Mac-Afric includes an electronic stethoscope, infrared thermometer, tyre p
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I discovered that it was named after Paul Wlotzka, quite a character it would appear. According to he was a Prussian coachman to German Senator Pridas’ survey party, which capitulated to the invading South African Forces in 1915. P
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Clever Cooking
Making food goes hand in hand with the caravan and camping lifestyle, and we’re not just talking about having a braai every night. Whether it’s on the fire or on gas, you outdoor cooking set is never complete without a good pot and frying pan. And th
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Where I Stayed
Betta Camp and Self Catering Chalets The Betta campsite is a great stopover if you are travelling from Luderitz or Aus on the way to Sesriem and Sossusvlei. The small settlement is at the meeting point of the D27 and the small subsidiary D826, that
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Sneak Preview: Maxmo’s Arizona X Touring Camper
Leon Ras gave us a sneak preview of his new Arizona X. The compact touring camper for two persons has been designed for long distance travel in Africa and Australia or places like Patagonia or even, you guessed it, destinations like Arizona and North
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Calm Down In The Khwai
Car launches are, more often than not, carefully manicured events that serve to show off a vehicle’s best qualities. While they do usually take place in spectacular locations, the emphasis is nearly always on the car, with little thought given to the
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Stealth Hybrid Ready To Hit The (gravel) Road
After thousands of kilometres of testing, Profibre Products have launched the hybrid gravelroader versions of their Stealth Caravans. Known as the Evolution XHR594 and XHR533, these caravans are a cross-over version of the Evo XR range of Stealth pro
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Caravan CLINIC
We love our winter country camping! Crisp country air, pink cheeks and noses, warm gloves, beanies and woollen hiking socks – and to make it even more enjoyable we now want to include electric blankets on the beds, so that we can enjoy all the pleasu
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Sherpa Wanderer Is Here
We’ve been waiting for the latest addition to the Sherpa family since the prototype was designed and manufactured at the end of 2018. The 4-berth Wanderer Gravel-roader has gone through weeks of intensive testing, and Sherpa found it to be totally su
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Win With Carvan And Outdoor Life AND TENTCO
Want to show off your caravan and camping adventures? Are you a lensman who captures the beauty of nature? Do you have a terrific towing combination? Then show us! Caravan & Outdoor Life want to see your awesome outdoor images and share them with our
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They’ve been in the caravan industry for less than a year, but Motor King & Marine (MKM) are quickly expanding their offering. The Pretoria-based dealership – a family business that has been trading in boats and outboard motors for over 44 years – in
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Long term pensioners: R3 500 per month. No need to move in December! Low Season Weekend Special: 2-sleeper chalets: R540 per night. Campsites: 4 people – R605 per night. Plett Rental: R5 000 per month, except December. T: 039 976 1215 E: caravancove
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Join winemakers from all around the country down at Ilanga Estate, and sample more than 200 of South Africa’s finest wines. If you find something you like, you can even purchase wine at the show itself, and have it delivered to your door. A carefully
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China Loves Camping!
On the other side of the globe there is a nation of people quite different from South Africans… and there are a lot of them. But there seems to be one thing we have in common: Camping! Believe it or not, in China – the worlds most populated country,
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Anywhere Is Awesome
We are an adventurous family of four, constantly looking for a new adventure far away from the mad rush of city life. My wife Desna and I have been married for 15 years and are blessed with two young, lively boys. For years our family had joyful tour
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Take A Break From The City
A visit to the iconic Ou Skip Holiday Resort is always a welcome break from the bustle of city life. Set along the Cape West Coast just outside Cape Town, the resort offers camping and caravan stands, tented camping and chalets, event and function fa
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After just over three years at the wheel of Caravan & Outdoor Life, I am sad to say that I am heading in another direction. This edition will be the last with me as editor. Over the past 39 magazines (maybe I should have camped one more month to make
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Heart Of The Namib
Our Namibian trip started in earnest at our first camp at Norotshama on the Orange River. In the July issue I had taken you along on the first part of the adventure, ending at Aus, with side adventures including the wild horses of the Namib and the l
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Mitsubishi Triton
I certainly cannot claim I didn’t have time to experience driving and towing with the newly-released Mitsubishi Triton – I enjoyed the double cab for three weeks over 5 825 km. What a bakkie! With interior comfort to rival luxury sedans, the Triton s
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