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Vital Statistics
What is wheelbase, and how does it affect your rig off-road? We take a look at the pros and cons of different vehicle lengths, and how to alter your driving approach to match. People with shorties are always adamant that their vehicles are the best o
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Off-road Series Wheels
The Road Rage Off-Road Series Wheels range was first introduced to South Africa 11 years ago by passionate 4x4 enthusiast Willie Randles. These stylish aftermarket wheels for the off-road enthusiast are distributed by WR Off-Road Industries. Beyond j
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PART 1: Safety first
Having bought your dream 4x4, it is time to head out into the deep blue yonder. No doubt you have bought everything that looks ‘cool’, from the rooftop tent and awning, to the roof rack on which you have bolted the obligatory axe and high-lift jack.
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Bush Lapa Mammoth
Using their expertise in building a large variety of off-road trailers and bakkie-based camper conversions, Bush Lapa has taken the next step with an epic off-road motorhome. Based on an Iveco 4x4 double-or single-cab chassis, the Mammoth offers up t
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Home Sweet Home…
In much the same way that we have different styles of houses, birds too have different types of nests. Similarly, features unique to the climate – air-conditioners in hot climates, double glazing and underfloor heating in colder climes – are replicat
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Smart Upgrade
After a recent assignment on the Wild Coast, I made a pit stop at the RSI SMARTCANOPY headquarters in Pietermaritzburg. I arrived canopy-less, after enduring two weeks of gruelling load bin packing and unpacking, but left far better equipped for all
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Audi Q3 35 Tfsi S Tronic
Audi’s second-generation Q3 has finally reached our shores, and it’s all grown up. After a couple of quiet years from the German auto marque, we’ve been able to see Audi’s expanded range of vehicles embrace a new, fresh and aggressive design language
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Good To Go!
One of the big worries, when on an extended overlanding trip through Africa, is the condition of the fuel that one might fill up with along the way. However, this shouldn’t be something that gives you sleepless nights. Travellers will know that in re
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We Have Lift-off!
Take a deep breath. Pause. Close your eyes, and quiet your mind. The wait is finally over. The Defender is here, reimagined and forged anew for the 21st century. Land Rover has spent a good few years teasing the 4x4 world with snippets and scraps fro
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Experience a family’s 100-day overland adventure through the eyes of adventurer Michael Parfitt, as they explore southern Africa in a Land Rover Defender – proving that normal people can do incredible things. This photographic, journal-style book tak
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Basecamp Basics
I have often been asked to help people with the Garmin program BaseCamp. It has been around since 2011, if I am not mistaken, but there is still some resistance. It is the upgrade of the old Garmin program called Mapsource. In my opinion, BaseCamp is
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ME & MY 4x4
2009 Toyota Fortuner 3.0 D-4D 4x4 Occupation: Sales Rep for a fuel additive company. Modifications: Where to start? Let’s take it from the bottom up, as that’s how you should modify your vehicle: Cooper ST MAXX rubber, FJ Cruiser mags powder-coated
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This Michelin Tyre Pressure Monitoring System easily mounts to your windscreen, harnessing the power of the sun to stay charged. The unit wirelessly communicates with either four or six sensors in your tyres, giving you real-time readings and alerts
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Just in time to take on BMW’s latest X5, the GLE (previously ML) features brand new engines, a high tech interior and svelte styling. The GLE is available as a 300D with a two litre 180kW/500Nm four pot, a smooth 243kW/700Nm straight-six oil burner o
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Bokkeveld Back Roads
The Bokkeveld is a must-see on anyone’s travel itinerary if long stretches of open country get your imagination going. I had an additional incentive: the chance to test a brand-new circular gravel-road route that neighbouring farms in the Nieuwoudtvi
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Poachers Beware
When the full moon is out in that triangle at the northern tip of Limpopo, just where the borders of South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe meet, it seems a signal is sent to all the skelm cigarette smugglers and rhino poachers in the region. Taking adv
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Mapesu Private Game Reserve
This 7 221ha reserve forms part of the Limpopo Valley Conservancy that borders the Mapungubwe National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is also inside the Greater Mapungubwe Transfrontier Conservation Area (GMTFCA), a 5 909 square kilometre tra
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Let’s Get The Show On The Road!
I read all about last year’s Desert Stormer Xtreme Adventure (DSX) in the July issue of SA4x4. Journalist Andrew Middleton perfectly captured the extreme nature of the event and I just knew I had to enter for the next annual trip. I sent the article
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Ed’s Letter
In the 4x4 world, when a car as potentially game-changing as the Defender is re-launched, there is a lot of hype and excitement. To be offered an early chance to showcase the talents of the latest from Land Rover is an honour, and here it is! Testing
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Know Your Knots
We use knots everyday for a multitude of purposes, and just about everyone knows the granny knot; it must be the most widely used knot throughout the world. If you are sitting around the campfire feeling a bit bored, or you’re fed up with your friend
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No matter the country, rural areas are a great challenge to work in and even in a well-equipped country like Botswana, certain regions do not receive the government attention and resources they need. Which means that when you go overlanding you need
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# Saferthansafe
Setting out on their most recent ‘Beyond the Aukoerebis’ expedition, professional adventurer Peter van Kets and world-renowned photographer Jacques Marais knew that fitting their Isuzu support vehicles with Dunlop Grandtrek tyres from Sumitomo Rubber
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Overlander’s Code
In response to a growing number of complaints about how we conduct ourselves in the wilderness, we decided to draw up and promote a code of conduct for overlanders. We’d like to include your input, comments and debate, so please send your suggestions
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The Crag Master
The Ranger Raptor is Ford’s smallest offering in their Raptor line and the only Raptor available in SA, built in SA. Largely based on the Everest SUV chassis, this highly modified and reinforced reiteration of the Ranger is designed for off-road hoon
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From Our Website
hans1: Can my wife and I drive safely alone from Puros to Kunene? By ‘safely’ I mean vehicle-wise, with a Fortuner and Cooper Discoverer tyres. What would the best route be, and how long would the drive be? SA4x4: In the absence of comment from othe
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Tricky Foxes
The Fox Racing 2.5-inch internal bypass shock absorbers on the Raptor are very high-tech for a production vehicle, let alone a bakkie, and so they should be. As an aftermarket fitment the matched coils and dampers would cost some R25 000 per corner.
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Calm In The Khwai
Car launches are carefully managed events that show off a vehicle’s best qualities. While they do usually take place in spectacular locations, the emphasis is nearly always on the car, with little thought given to the actual travel experience. But fo
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Metalian Metalian Maxi
Equipment list standard: Metalian Maxi 4x4 Trailer base unit includes 2 100mm x 1 500mm main body, 1 600kg braked axle, 2-ton 950mm leaf springs, Gabriel shock absorbers, Knott surge coupling, 2 internal cupboards and adjustable shelves, carpeting in
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