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A Bumper Crop
My earliest memories of my paternal grandmother feature ditloo, a.k.a. bambara groundnuts. Koko Makosha was the product of an era when women were taught from an early age how to take care of their family’s needs through a food garden. Moving from rur
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Rhône Versus Bordeaux
Grapes: Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre, Carignan, Cinsault. Flavours: Raspberry, blackberry, baking spice. Pairings: Mediterranean and Provençal-style dishes. Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot. Flavours: Dark plum, blackcurrant, tobacco.
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Sabrina's Food
IF YOU HAVEN'T HEARD OF SABRINA GHAYOUR, YOU CAN'T CALL YOUSELF A FOOD NERD. SORRY. Sure, she might not have a UK restaurant chain or a cooking show or a range of signed kitchen utensils. She also didn’t start out like other food luminaries – with a
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My People's Act Of Love
ASKING A PERSON WHO LOVES COOKING how they learned to cook is like asking where they came from. You are asking them to tell their story. Food is inseparable from how we grew up, the stories of our families, our earliest memories. And if that is what
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Africa's Ultimate Chakalaka
Serves 4 to 6 EASY GREAT VALUE Preparation: 15 minutes Cooking: 1 hour sunflower oil ½ cup large onion 1, finely chopped green peppers 2, diced green chillies 2, chopped hot curry powder 4 T carrots 4, grated baked beans 1 × 400 g can hot peri-peri s
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The Big Five Of Lebanese Food
“This is as important to us as milk! I enjoy namoura (a semolina-based baked dessert) soaked in rose syrup.” “This adds the necessary ‘kick’ to kibbeh nayee (raw kibbeh).” “Djaj a riz, a dish of spiced lamb and rice topped with shredded grilled chick
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HAPPY HOUR Mad About Martinis
Hemingway famously said that the cool, clean taste of a martini made him "feel civilised". We tend to agree. There are so many opinions these days on how to make a "proper" martini. There's the vodka camp and the gin camp, and they don't get on. Ther
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The Somm Says…
You left The Test Kitchen to pursue other interests, including producing your own wine under your Kumusha label. What brought you back? I missed working on the restaurant floor. When Luke called me to say he was opening up in Joburg and needed a hand
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Joseph Dhafana (@wine_poet, @mosiwineandspirits) is a wine judge, sommelier and wine consultant, and stars in the award-winning wine documentary Blind Ambition. Rustenberg RM Nicholson (R94.99) is a Shiraz, Merlot and Cabernet blend that showcases bl
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Shana Tovah
Duck legs provide a lighter variation on the traditional brisket. The chicken wings used to make this golden broth can be used later - brush with honey and sriracha and grill over a high heat. “A small nod to the traditional overnight cholent (slow-c
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Fordsburg Flips Its Lid
1 SYRIAN ROSE One glimpse of the piping-hot laffa bread being spun at the streetside counter and walking past will become a genuine struggle. This family-run store offers a cross-section of Levantine flavours, but it’s the schwarmas that fly out the
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Rosh Hashanah Stand-bys
Woolies’ fresh (never frozen) free-range chicken livers are perfect for the traditional chopped liver recipe opposite. R41.99 for 250 g The free-range chicken wings are hand-trimmed of excess fat and bone, the ideal choice for the broth on page 107.
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Get Fired Up This Heritage Day!
On taste.co.za in Sept/Oct @WWTaste This Zimbabwean-born chef is no stranger to cooking over fire, as the co-owner and executive chef of Edge Restaurant in Franchhoek, where at least 60% of the food is prepared over flames. Vusi draws on the ancestra
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Khanya's Seafood Braai Picks
If you’re pressed for time, replace the red sauce (page 82) with this smoky, hot marinade. It adds spicy-sweet flavour and is lifted with squeezes of juicy lime and heaps of fresh coriander. R47.99 This will be your quintessential sprinkle this summe
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Woolworths is deeply committed to responsibly sourcing seafood to ensure better food choices, thriving communities and sustainable oceans. The retailer implemented a dedicated seafood sustainability programme, Fishing for the Future, in 2008 and sour
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87 Words On…
Sure, you could stick to beer and lemonade, but why wouldn’t you raise the bar? Combine equal parts lager and quality lemon soda, as cold as the Arctic. Try Jack Black Brewers Lager and San Pellegrino lemon soda (grapefruit also works). Enjoy the sig
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Cook Your Perfect Steak
Cooking times will depend on the thickness of your cut of meat. Top advice: always cook from room temperature, make sure the coals are hot, and always rest the meat after cooking. The times below are for a 2.5 cm-thick steak. RARE: ± 1½–2 minutes per
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Turn Over A New Loaf
If you’re going for a wood fire instead of charcoal, make sure you use a neutral wood so that it doesn’t impart any extra flavour to your bread. Kameeldoring should do the trick and will give you sufficient heat (around 200°C). The braai can be much
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Singing HER praises
THE GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT OF MY CAREER SO FAR is this collection. It's not every day you get to do what you love. I love seeing wine come to life in the bottle. It's like bringing up a child and getting it ready for the world. THE CONCEPT FOR THE HER
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Woolworths Taste
“Is it even a braai without the infamous curried noodle salad? Such humble ingredients (tomato sauce, curry powder, onion, green and red peppers, vinegar, oil, sugar and pasta) - so many ravenous morning-after memories. The best part-it multiplies in
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5 Tips For A Successful Fish Braai
If you use your grill often, make sure that it's clean and lightly oiled before you start braaiing. Skipping this step could cause your fish to stick to it, and it'll be impossible to remove without breaking it. If you're a rookie, indirect looking i
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FOOD NERD TO FOLLOW Tamarind & Thyme
Thyme, because I add it to everything from biryanis and roasts to salads and bakes; biryani masala (give me biryani any day of the week and I'm happy); and cardamom, to use in Indian sweet treats like gulab jamun, breads and masala chai. Chana magaj,
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Table Talk
Who could have predicted the frenzy that would follow when food blogger Sarah Thomas-Drawbaugh of Healthyish uploaded a TikTok video of herself grating hard-boiled egg over avo toast? Why? It turns out that the soft, fluffy wisps of egg pair perfectl
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What Makes Sa's Best Shisa Nyama?
A typical South African meal can range from a beef potjie to a Cape Malay fish curry, or a steaming pot of offal. We know this. But the one meal that brings people of all cultures together is the good ol’ braai, or, a shisa nyama, as it is known acro
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Our Best Bring 'N Braai Shortcuts
These free-range spicy yoghurt chicken espetadas are marinated in a butter brine-based blend for guaranteed tenderness. R209.99/kg Wow them all with these impossibly moist and flavourful pork belly espetadas. The warming flavours of paprika and musta
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Serve with braaied lamb chops. You could even use the chapattis as a vessel for tandoori-style chicken. Quickly making cheesy roosterkoek for hungry guests? Grab some pre-grated cheese for easy assembling. “There’s something about the silky-soft, bub
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WINE Drink pink
Provence is the home of rosé – it’s been made there since 600 BC, originally from vines and with winemaking techniques taken to France by the Greeks. Dry Provençal-style, pale pink rosés (also made in SA) are what you’ll want in your glass this sprin
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The Taste case
Formerly head sommelier at Restaurant Mosaic in Pretoria, Moses is now at Prosopa restaurant, and a 2022 Eat Out Woolworths Restaurant Awards judge. Expect enticing succulent red fruit on the nose, spicy notes of clove and star anise, and a clean pal
Woolworths TASTE2 min readDiet & Nutrition
Egg yolks left over from Sunday's pavlova? There's a cure for that (see what we did there?). Combine 50 g sugar and 100 g salt, nestle 4 egg yolks in ¾ of the mixture in a flat glass dish, cover with the rest of the cure, then cover with cling wrap a
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I have a fond recollection of hand-rolling cotton wool into fat wicks with my mother at our dining-room table in our family home in Pietermaritzburg. We’d then dip them into vegetable oil and carefully lay them in the centre of about three dozen clay
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