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Quick-fire With The Chefs
Veg or meat? Meat! Italian or Chinese? Chinese, please! What’s always in your fridge? Butter, bruised fruit. Favourite kitchen utensil? I love my NutriBullet! Wine or beer? Both? Dinner at a restaurant or at home with friends? At home for sure :
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Classic Miso Soup
Serves 2 EASY GREAT VALUE Preparation: 5 minutes Cooking: 5 minutes vegetable stock 2 cupsWoolworths miso paste 1 T Heat the stock, whisk in the miso paste, then simmer for 5 minutes. Serve with toppings such as roast mushrooms, green beans, Tende
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Hey Umami!
Serves 4 to 6 EASY GREAT VALUE Preparation: 10 minutes Cooking: 45 minutes–1 hour whole free-range chicken 1shallots 10, halvedgarlic 6 cloves olive oil 3 Tbutter 3 T, meltedWoolworths miso paste 3 Tred wine vinegar ½ cupsoya sauce 1 Thoney
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What Is Miso?
Miso is a fermented mixture of soya beans (other grains and beans are used, too) and koji (a safe, edible type of mould that grows on rice). It is salty, funky (in a good way) and delivers an umami punch. There are many types but the most common are
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The Taste case
The Louw family has been making wine at Diemersdal for six generations and I think most Sauvignon Blanc lovers have a bottle of Diemersdal in their fridge – it’s a staple! There’s a lot to love about this exclusive sparkling addition. Crisp, zesty an
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Traditionally, milk chocolate contains around 30% cocoa solids, but with a handful of bespoke producers offering milk chocolate with 40–50% cocoa solids, “dark milk” is the new breakout hybrid flavour. If you can’t quite take the hit of 80% bars, thi
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Pasta Lover, Lover
There are few things in life you can take away from me and leave me feeling like my soul has been torn out. Pasta is high on that list. It is my happy food. (No hun, I don’t make my own pasta – I’ve been in a committed relationship with Fatti’s and M
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Pasta Pronto!
Made in the Italian Alps region, this pasta is extruded through a bronze die cutter, which provides the perfect rough surface for sauces to cling to. The shell shape also catches chunky sauces such as a rustic tomato with brinjals or mushrooms. R34.
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Ricer Vs Masher
Using a ricer keeps the potato light and airy, whereas a masher will result in a wetter dough for the gnocchi. Baking the sweet potatoes on coarse salt also ensures that no excess moisture is retained for light and fluffy dumplings. It’s also importa
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Retro Regal
Goodbye naked cakes, hello maximalism! Named for Joseph Lambeth, Lambeth cakes feature an ornate style of piping that was popular in the 1930s, which is now making a comeback. Cape Town bakery Sweet Lionheart is producing some of the prettiest ones a
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Slam Dunk
“I love Woolworths’ muesli rusks. Getting a pop of raisin is a treat of sweetness. As a bedtime ritual, I pour a shot of espresso over a rusk in my mug and spoon it out. Don’t judge me!” – Abigail Donnelly “My new favourite are the caramel chip rusk
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On Our Radar
“Our original inspiration for the style came from the work of UK-based Lily Vanilli, as well as from the Korean cakeries we follow on Instagram, such as @3rdiam_cake,” explains Sweet Lionheart founder Nikki Symons. But TV shows like Netflix’s Bridger
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The Prize
Scooping three awards at the 2021 International Spirits Challenge held in London, South Africa’s very own Flowstone gin is now the leading gin range in the country when it comes to accolades. The coveted awards received take Flowstone’s count up to 2
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The Better Butter
Kerrygold, a brand that has been synonymous with top-quality food products since its inception in 1962, is a true Irish beauty if ever there was one. Its undisputed flagship product – Kerrygold butter – is an international bestseller thanks to its ri
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Dinner PLANS
“This was inspired by a dish made by Jess Shepherd of Good to Gather. She served butternut wedges on roast butternut purée.” Serves 4 EASY GREAT VALUE Preparation: 15 minutes Cooking: 35 minutes Woolworths Kara sweet potatoes 4–6, washedp
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The Tiramisu Express
In a cocktail shaker, combine 4 T chilled decaffeinated black filter coffee or espresso with 2 Tvodka, 2 TTia Maria coffee liqueur and ice. Shake vigorously, then pour into a short highball or martini glass. Slowly pour 2 T Baileys Irish cream over a
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The What Reaction?
It may sound technical, but the Maillard reaction can make or break a roast dinner. Simply put, it’s what happens when food hits a hot pan – flavour! It’s the complex chemical reaction that takes place between amino acids, sugar and heat to create a
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Have Your Say
Christmas with my family has always been a festive affair. The whole family would congregate at my grandparents’ place for a week of affection, celebration, good food and crowded sleeping conditions. The Christmas table would be filled with an incred
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Italy’s Finest
Orecchiette pasta is typical of the Apulia or Puglia region of southern Italy says Vito Casiello, Margaret’s husband, and director of Cremalat. The name comes from their shape – a small ear. The shape of the pasta makes it the ideal little “catch-all
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Pair Like The Pros
“NERO D’AVOLA is a great match with red meats. My favourite is whole ‘trussed’ beef sirloin placed on a rotisserie, served with a café de Paris sauce.” – Bosman winegrower Petrus Bosman “PROSECCO is versatile enough to pair with everything from seaf
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Flash This Pan!
Heat it before cooking. Put the pan over a low heat while you’re prepping, rotating it occasionally so it's evenly heated when you’re ready to cook. It will stay hot and transfer heat well. Try cooking in a cold cast-iron pan and your food will stick
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Flavourburst Forever
Fresher for longer Woolies’ strawberries are kept cool from the farm to your basket. Only the best is good enough Expect only the best varieties grown in superb locations. Farmers who care Before Woolies picks the fruit, they pick their farmers. Th
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Head To Taste.co.za in July To Get These Exclusive Recipes
Corned beef: This juicy, tender soutvleis requires just a handful of ingredients. Make it in advance and serve with freshly baked bread and plenty of butter! Grilled lobster tails: The sauce from this recipe is equally delicious with mixed seafood
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Love Your Leftovers
“An almost magical transformation occurs when you slow-cook pork until the tender shreds of meat fall apart, full of flavour and silky smooth to eat, hardly a tooth is required except for the crackling. But it’s the crackling that seals the deal, mak
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Match Points
Joseph Dhafana is head sommelier at La Colombe in Cape Town and behind Mosi (@mosiwineandspirits). He’s also one of four somms who star in Blind Ambition,  a documentary about the first-ever Zimbabwean team to compete in the World Blind Tasting Champ
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Take Me Back
September 2020.I have been working from home in Cape Town for almost six months and the cabin fever is real when those Facebook memories start appearing. It is exactly a year since my Italian holiday. It feels like a lifetime ago. Through my old post
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The New Kids
The Shortmarket Club has been transformed into a restaurant where trainees can earn while they learn. With prices around the R100 mark, it’s been a hit with diners. Try the Japanese pancake and the sushi. (A Nobu chef, stuck in SA due to COVID, had a
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On The Shelf
De Villiers raspberry, vanilla and almond blonde chocolate has a distinctive caramelised flavour. R34.99 for 80 g Woolies’ vegan instant hot chocolate is made using cocoa and vegan-friendly creamer. R59.99 for 10 x 25 g Salted caramel and pecan
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Great Makers
Khanya Mzongwana likes to feed people. A lot. So much, in fact, that she created an alter-ego of sorts on Instagram, @palmoliveza_, to push herself out of her comfort zone and share her love for cooking with others at a series of pop-up events. Palm-
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