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Bennetts Offer A 916!
Bennetts are offering the chance to win a Ducati 916 for any rider who receives a quote for insuring a classic bike. From now until December 31, 2019, potential customers will be entered into a free prize draw to win a stunning example of the iconic
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Q : The bike has 17,000 miles on it and was just purchased after 20 years in a barn, fully serviced and it’s been ticking over lovely. It has a Motad 4-into-1, CV carbs ultrasonically cleaned and now has new diaphragms to try to solve the problem of
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MOREBIKES… Rumours are that Suzuki is working directly with Yoshimura to create a trick production Katana, which is why Suzuki France has decided to beat them to it. A few minor changes help the Yoshi Katana from France stand out. It gets a Yoshimura
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Beat-up Boxer!
I was approached by a very tall Scotsman with an R1100S on which he had clocked up just short of 160,000 miles, asking if I would restore it to be as close to new as was possible. The chap may have been very fond of his bike, but he has been a cruel
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** Prize winner******
Just wanted to say that I’ve gotten back into biking for the first time in a few decades: who can I thank for this? The ex-wife. Best thing she ever did for me, apart from the kids, of course. What I wanted to congratulate you at CMM for is two thing
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Seals Of Approval!
Leaky fork seals: everyone has suffered these at some point, right? It’s something that can seriously alter the handling (and safety) of a bike, and this is especially true if the bike belongs to a newbie… The newbie in question is Justin Blackamore,
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I enjoyed the feature on the CB900F, a model I remember quite well as it came out just after I started in the trade, although the only Euro-style Honda I owned myself was the smallest, the CB100N, at least until I bought myself a CB250N earlier this
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Trials And Tribulations
I was really looking forward to riding my Velocette V-twin to the Isle of Man for the VMCC Jurby festival at the Classic TT. In preparation I had been checking the bike over for several weeks and have ridden around 1200 miles virtually trouble-free,
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Is CMM Overly Anal?
I really enjoy the mag, mostly, with my main interest being in 70s and 80s bikes, and you do an excellent job. However, could you please have a word with Ralph. I get it that he is very good at his job and takes pride in what he does, but I really do
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Big Kat diary!
Kawasaki made one with 1300cc, Honda made one with 1000cc. Yamaha and Suzuki took the sensible path and never built a six cylinder superbike. Benelli even did one with 750cc… Sensible? Pah! There are lots of ‘sensible’ bikes out there and I, for one,
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Show us Yours
We want to see YOUR pride and joy in our pages, so you can share what you ride and restore with fellow readers. Email your hi-res shots to or mail in some photos to the address at the front of the mag. Let us know what you’ve
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JIS Screwdrivers
Welcome to my new column where I will be exploring and discussing tools to be used on the motorcycles we all love and ride. I think that it is fair to say that the lion’s share of bikes consuming column inches in this fine publication are from The La
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The Way We Were…
Darren Groucutt says: “I’ve just found these while having a rummage: a couple of pics of me with my bikes of the time. First one is my 1988 Yamaha FZR1000 Genesis, which I’d painted in the colour scheme of the then new EXUP; this would have been arou
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True Blue!
Age and experience has taught me that it’s usually one of the same three things that drive me to buy a new motorcycle: 1) Being flush 2) Being depressed or 3) Being shown something which is ‘really good value’. Recent separation from my wife had two
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Shawn’s Show!
Meet the number 19 TBR (Trevor Birrell Racing) Katana ridden by Shawn Giles. Don’t try and tickle her belly though: this Kat’s got sharp claws! That’s because this is the bike Gilesey does battle with against Jeremy McWilliams, John McGuiness, Camero
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Suzuki GSX-R1000K1
A couple of years ago I bought, rode, tinkered and enjoyed my time with an old Suzuki GSX-R1000K1. To recap, it cost me £1500 to purchase, next to nothing to run over the course of my ownership and pumped out 145bhp when I stuck it on a dyno. Even
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Mission Improbable!
It seemed like a good idea when I was sat in the pub with five or so pints sloshing round my belly: to throw bits at assorted rust buckets to race at the Classic TT. What I didn’t realise was just how wretched the bike I had bought – a 1992 Kawasaki
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Honda CG125
Numbers count when it comes to motor vehicles and the more a particular model sells, the better its reliability and longevity are likely to be… think Model T Ford or air-cooled VW Beetle. So if you’re after a tiddler for easy access riding or in need
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The Game Changers…
What bikes for you, changed things entirely? I’m talking about bikes where – sometimes just the look – made your jaw drop. For many, the Suzuki Katana did just that. Here was a machine which was (after all) pretty much an existing model, but one whic
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Rough Rider!
“Is that a Fizzy?” asks the woman out walking her dog as we take some riding shots of Chris Brealey’s Yamaha L5T. It’s a reasonable question to be honest; it says Yamaha on the tank, it’s candy golden in colour and features an inclined single cylinde
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Clock-watching Woes!
This latest episode in the revival process of the Yamaha CS3C has taken longer than normal to come to fruition for a variety of reasons, but I suspect it’s not the only restoration to suffer thus. Other two-wheeled projects have eaten into the time a
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Kat’s Pounce!
The name ‘Katana’ brings to mind a sharp, curved blade, used by the samurai of feudal Japan. Fitting then, that the name would be used on the winner of a cutting-edge design exercise that German motorcycle magazine Motorrad started back in 1979. They
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Early Trail Bikes And Why They Came To Be...
Before the ground-breaking Yamaha DT1 of 1968 trail bikes were generally based upon existing road bikes with just enough changes to ensure the ‘new’ bikes didn’t immediately get stuck in the mire. Yamaha had the likes of the Trailmaster as seen her
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Colour Me Bad!
I have the paint kit for the CS3C now fully sorted and safely stored out of harm’s way and wrapped in soft blankets at the back of a cupboard in the house. Over the years I’ve learnt the hard way that paint kits stored in workshops or garages seem
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Sword And Sorcery!
If you’re not careful on that well known auction site, input ‘Katana’ and understandably, you’ll be faced with a number of sharp swords to buy… Change your search to ‘Motorcycles and Cars’ and you’ll see a wealth of different machines that carry the
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See You There!
Yes, it’s that time of the year once more. Motorcycle LIVE is almost upon us and takes place between November 16-24 at Birmingham NEC. Obviously the accent is on the latest and greatest machines that the motorcycle industry has produced over the last
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Spa-ring Partners!
It is 5am Thursday morning, the sun is rising, and we have just arrived at the Eurotunnel, Folkestone. Spa 2019 is finally here. There’s nothing more we can do and the van is packed to bursting. We will meet Team Allspeed’s Geoff and Willy there, w
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Rizoma Katana Parts
We have to agree that the new Katana (see page 48) has a few visual issues with it, and as a result Rizoma has launched a range of stylish products for it. The biggest issue is that awful side-attached rear-hugger and Rizoma has sorted this with an u
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Kat Fight!
When Suzuki GB wanted an original Katana to show alongside its new version at Motorcycle LIVE last year, it turned to John Martin. A 50-year-old engineer from Peterborough, Martin restored and owns one of the most pristine GSX1100S Katanas in the cou
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Welded Bliss!
Last month we looked at the different welding processes within reach of the amateur and talked about my experience when I joined the evening welding course at my local place of learning, Peterborough Regional College. I chose to learn the TIG (Tungst
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