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Richa Toulon 2 Riding Jacket Worth £296.99
Here’s the next instalment in our Classic Racer Crossword series. If you’re the first person to have their correct and completed entry drawn out of the upturned helmet, you’ll be the proud owner of this Richa Toulon 2 jacket. For this year, Richa has
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John Williams A Private Matter
Back to the racing and the season started in the worst possible fashion at the Daytona 200, when a high speed spill, due to a brake fault, left John with a fractured skull and injured ankle, forcing him to miss the opening round of the Formula 750cc
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Readers Write
Dear CR Yet another great mag (#198 July/August) and the where and when picture did indeed get me thinking, so many cross issues to note. To start, the two Nortons made me think 1973 but then Ago is on a Yamaha so it has to be 1974 (and Sheene with
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Whatever Happened To? MICHAEL O’ROURKE
Michael was born on April 11,1931 in Plumstead London and the family later moved to Camberwell. His father Bill was a butcher by trade, but he was also a grasstrack rider so as a boy, Mike inevitably spent most of his weekends at grass meetings. He e
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Webster Stars At Stafford
Steve Webster, the most successful sidecar racer of all time, will be guest of honour at the Carole Nash Classic Motorcycle Mechanics Show this October. He always attracted a large audience during his racing days, and now fans have the chance to meet
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Pre-tt Classic Jamie’s Day
A luckless Alan Oversby pushed Coward hard in both the 350cc and 500cc races before being forced to retire, while Coward could also argue that he was on for even more possible successes in two other races when he was beset by mechanical issues. Enjoy
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Specialist spotlight LOUIGI MOTO
CR: HOW DIDYOU GET INTO BIKES? RL: As a boy I had a fascination for motorcycles and aeroplanes and I was the most excited kid in the street when I got my first bike – an FS1E – in the spring of 1976 when I was 16. Man, that summer was the best. I had
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Farewell Itoh-san
It is with great sadness that I write this tribute to a long-time Japanese Suzuki Team icon who was one of Suzuki’s flagship riders and my friend of 59 years. When we first met each other at the 1960 TT, whilst sharing the same hotel, I was riding as
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The Bob Mac
The Bob Mac meeting gives fans and riders alike a true sense of what classic racing is meant to be, with plenty to hear, smell and vibrate through the feet over the course of two days. This year proved to be a very special occasion as Bob’s daughter
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Welcome Thank you
Making the world’s favourite motorcycle racing publication isn’t always a smooth task.  Malc and I spend ages looking at possible features and iconic motorcycles before deciding on the direction of a certain issue. Then it’s into negotiation with wr
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Record Breaking Weekend Of Classic Action
British Historic Racing’s third racing weekend of the year was held at the lovely one-mile-long Kent circuit of Lydden, just a few miles outside of Dover. It’s always good to see when circuit owners invest in their facility, and that’s certainly true
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The Madness Of Millyard On Show At Stafford
Genius engineer Allen Millyard, will be showcasing many of his wild and wacky creations at The Carole Nash Classic Motorcycle Mechanics Show in October when he is a guest of honour. Allen is renowned for creating mind-boggling bikes, having built mor
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Creating A Great Event
The couple of months since I penned my last column have, to say the least, been pretty packed. I don’t think the Wheeler camper wheels have stopped turning for long since we returned from our extended, and a little dampTT. Obviously, as soon as the
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The Early Years of FAUSTO GRESINI
Watching the racing in his native Imola, Gresini was drawn to the sport, especially the famous F750 races held there, featuring his hero, Marco Lucchinelli. Fausto: “Day by day it improved – the passion. My first motorcycle, in 1979, was a Minarelli,
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Boxing Clever
To win at Goodwood, BMW are entering one of their most recent acquisitions, the legendary RS500 OL Special built in the US in the 1960s by German ex-pat Oscar Liebmann and raced to copious success in the US and Canada by his son Kurt. It was an honou
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Good bye, Gene
Gene Romero had an unlikely start for a motorcycle racing legend, having spent four years racing quarter midgets and two additional years racing karts. His direction in motorsport was redirected by his neighbour and motorcycle racer Johnny LaManto. H
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Mick Doohan’s Last Ride
The distinctive Repsol Honda had been fastest in the morning’s free practice. The afternoon counted for grid positions, but lunchtime rain had dampened proceedings. Now the first 500 qualifying session was almost half done, with the puddles drying an
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Tom Loughridge
Starting in 47 TT races, Tom Loughridge was the epitome of a motorcycle road racer who, in his own words ‘Lived to race at the TT’. Although having a particular affinity with Suzuki, it was on Aermacchi machines that he made his Isle of Man debut in
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A Legend Lost
Like so many more of my generation I soaked up any motorcycling fix I could get, but the release of the movie On Any Sunday was the real game changer. For the first time we got a gripping take on motorcycle sport in the USA, in all its forms... but t
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Move Quickly For Oliver’s Mount Entries
Entries for the forthcoming Barry Sheene Classic on July 27 and 28 July at Scarborough’s Oliver’s Mount are now open. Organiser the Two Four Three Road Racing Association says its first meeting heralds a new era of racing at Oliver’s Mount, which wil
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New Way In
CRMC is currently testing the new automated on-line entry system that will be appearing on the CRMC website shortly. At the CRMC Pembrey meeting in May the Carmarthenshire circuit was able to retain the marquee pit lane garages from an earlier meeti
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Classic Racer Iconic Metal
It may have been spied in the opening year of the 1960s, the reality was that the 250 Benelli four did not actually race competitively until April 1962, with the machine debuting at Imola in the hands of Silvio Grassetti. The race may have been under
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Against All Odds: The 1982 Coleman Suzuki Gs1000r
Monocoque-framed bikes – in which the fuel is carried within the chassis, not in a separate tank – have been the next big thing for more than half a century, ever since the 250cc Eduardo Giró-designed Ossa made its GP debut in 1968 in the hands of Sa
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Space Age On A Shoestring
I think it might have been me who called it ‘the cardboard box’, and the name stuck. Because that is what the chassis most resembled – a sharp-cornered structure of folded planes, in a sandwich material. The sheets enclosed aluminium honeycomb rather
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