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October Tips
■ As squashes and cucumbers finish, it’s a good idea to clear them out straightaway and add the long growth to the compost heap. This not only helps with the autumn clear-up, it helps prevent fungal diseases developing and gets rid of any aphids and
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Reader Offers Save Over £9.90
Regarded by discerning cooks as the ‘true shallot’ and also known as the French grey shallot, this long bulb species (Allium oschaninii) originally grew wild in Central Asia. A purplish pink flesh (and a grey skin) is a feature along with a fine stro
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What's New?
Sweet peas have been grown at Easton Walled Gardens, near Grantham, for more than 100 years and now a collection of seeds containing the best heritage, scented and modern varieties can be purchased online or direct from the Easton Walled Gardens shop
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An Eye For A Pie ?
As the nights draw in for winter and we move towards the delicious variety of winter fruits, it is a perfect time to think of comfort foods and pies, especially with all the lovely varieties of apples and pears we have in the UK. I generally steer cl
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Give Aways Worth Over £1454.65
The Draper 2400W Garden Shredder (stock number 35900; RRP £176.94) is the perfect partner for your autumn clear-up. Suitable for shredding foliage with a maximum twig thickness of 40mm (1 5/8 in) diameter, it has a twin-blade cutting device, a revers
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Win! Halls Qube Greenhouse And Accessories Up For Grabs!
We’ve teamed up with Halls Greenhouses to offer Kitchen Garden readers chance to win a fantastic prize to perk up their plot and make them the envy of their neighbours. One lucky KG reader will win a 3.9m2 greenhouse plus accessories, worth more than
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Garden Store Plus Subscriber Savers
Nutpecker, from Grumpy Gardener, is an innovative new way of feeding garden birds. Packed with protein, oils, calcium and seeds, Nutpecker peanut butter bird food won’t fall to the ground, so no seeds will germinate and no rodents are attracted. The
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Meet The Real World Wide Web
Many experts believe that through the overuse of chemical fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides and heavy tillage we have unwittingly devastated those soil organisms essential to plant health. These soil microorganisms, particularly bacteria and fungi,
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Knockout Nosh This Autumn!
This dish looks really impressive and tastes divine. Serve with a crisp salad and perhaps some garlic bread. Preparation time: 40 minutes Cooking time: 40 minutes ■ 250g/8oz large shells (can sub with pasta tubes if you can't find shells)■ 2 sausage
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Have Your Say
Like many of your readers I recycle many of the plastic containers I accumulate, but I find plastic drinks bottles hard to cut up. I’ve found the answer with milk bottles, which are very easy to cut with a sturdy pair of scissors. Here they are prote
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New Catalogues
We at Ken Muir pride ourselves on providing the highest quality fruit trees. Our catalogue contains an extensive range of apple, pear, plum and cherry trees, together with more unusual fruits such as mulberries, medlars, figs, strawberries, raspberri
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Happiness Is A Productive Plot
We bought a massive polytunnel and put that up in February. I don’t know how we lived without it. It’s making life so much easier and I’m growing lots of things from seed for transplanting that would usually have been at home in the greenhouses. Beca
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On The Plot With The 3 Mudketeers
This year Steve has been experimenting with various cucumbers and a new courgette and brought the first fruit along to the KG plot. Two were heritage Italian melon cucumbers from Seeds of Italy that Steve was inspired to grow after regular KG writer
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Make A Winter Home For Wildlife
October: most of the summer harvests have been gathered in, overwintering vegetables are growing in the allotment and polytunnel and there’s still plenty to pick for meals every day. There’s an exciting crispness to the air. I don’t feel sad watching
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Kg Problem Solver
Yet again my potato crop has been ruined. I have grown the crop in different parts of the allotment but they are still full of holes. What is eating my potatoes? Christine Joyce, Newcastle upon Tyne Steve Ott, editor, Kitchen Garden magazine STE
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Making A Wildlife Hotel
One of my favourite wildlife havens also helps to solve the problem of what to do with all of those really twiggy bits of prunings if you don’t have a shredder. I make a slow compost heap, designed to break down over several years, which doubles as a
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Roots fork, are twisted or stunted. HOW TO CONTROL: Avoid freshly manuring soil just before sowing, or sowing in soil that is very stony or compacted. Manure in autumn for spring sowing; dig over soil and remove stones if necessary. The roots devel
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Here are some simple ideas for managing your greenhouse this winter. A greenhouse or polytunnel can be used to keep more tender plants protected through the winter. Some fruit will benefit from protection and these include young potted fig trees, ne
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Growing Online
Emma is at Clumber Park in Nottingham, offering some top tips on netting brassicas and keeping those pesky pests at bay! Apply the netting after planting. Avoid rolls of excess netting at the base as this can trap and kill wildlife. Peg it down or p
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Green Houses And Kit
This one from The Greenhouse People (above) is made from red cedar, creating a very attractive greenhouse. It comes with toughened glass, roof vent and louvre vent, guttering and downpipes. There are many sizes available, from £1500. www.greenhousepe
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Time To Enter Kg Plotter Competition 2019
We invite you to send in a few pictures of your plot and yourself and we will judge this on many different aspects, including how you have overcome all the usual plot challenges to grow great veg and fruit. This tiller (model MR48Li) comes with batte
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Let The Sowing Continue
You might think that having gathered the summer harvest, I would just be having a quick tidy up of the plot and slowing down in autumn. Actually it’s quite the opposite – this is the most exciting time. The summer heat has disappeared and we can actu
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Entry Form
KG Plotter of the Year 2019 If sending by post, please use a separate sheet of paper for your answers. Alternatively you can email your answers and pictures, or enter the competition online. 1. Do you tend your plot on your own? If not, who helps yo
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Growing On The Web
Have you always grown your own produce? Did you have any family influences or were you the first in your family to take the plunge? I have always been interested in gardening and growing my own vegetables and flowers. This came from an early age, wit
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Thinking Outside The Salad Box
There are loads of veg you can grow for leaves and greens that can be added to salads or cooked when they become a little bigger. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing better than seeing a lovely row of identical lettuce plants on an allotment, but th
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Weedkiller Woes
This year an increasing number of gardeners have reported that their plants and seedlings produced severely distorted growth or were even wiped out. Photographs shared on social media showed the twisted leaves and growing shoots typical of contaminat
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This can be a lovely month in the garden. The weather can often be mild and sunny and there are lots of harvests to gather and to turn into all manner of delicious pickles, pies and frozen goodies for the quieter months ahead. To inspire you we have
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