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Jacket £229.99, Trousers £159.99 | Are you in the market for a new set of textiles? Well, RST’s pared back Pro Series Raid textile kit could be just what you’re looking for. Sitting under RST’s flagship Adventure III textile suit
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Charging And Range
The 3kW Level 2 charger in the SR/F Standard will recharge the bike’s 100V ZF14.4 lithium-ion battery from 0-95% in four hours (note that the last 5% of charging takes around half-an-hour, in order to balance out all the cells). The bike also comes w
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Test fleet: Kawasaki Versys 1000 SE Grand Tourer
At many bike shows you’ll have seen one of those ‘lean angle experience’ set ups. These normally have a now-redundant race bike which any of us can sit on, lean it over to daft degrees and gurn while we have our picture taken. All a bit of fun, but a
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Scrambler Shootout
Admittedly, modern Scramblers get a lot of stick. To many ‘proper’ bikers, Scramblers are the preserve of bearded hipsters with turn-up jeans and Bike Shed memberships – but is it a case of style over substance, or can these retro-style bikes really
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Sports Touring Helmets
Since it became law to wear a helmet on a motorcycle in 1973, they’ve come a long way. And there’s lots of information available about new lids. But how to cut through all the marketing jargon? Here’s what to look for... The days when paying more fo
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Test fleet: Yamaha Niken
Heading off to Silverstone isn’t new to me. Over the years I’ve done many laps around the famous track on a number of different bikes. However, riding the circuit on a Niken was likely to be in total contrast to anything I’d ever done there before. Y
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With regards to Richard Taylor’s comments on the Triumph Tiger 1200, here are some of my thoughts. I bought a Tiger 1200 because it was comfortable and impressed me on a test ride, and it will go ‘round the twisty bits’ (and I love the cruise control
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Retirement Isn’t In The Script
Last month’s column suggested our attraction to and fascination with bike racing is because it’s the perfect representation of narrative drama – each race is an individual, self-contained episode with a three-act plot arc of set up, confrontation and
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Test fleet: Honda CB650R
An hour in, and my bum was starting to feel numb – and I reckoned I had at least another four hours to do, riding the CB650R from Lincolnshire to Bournemouth. My mind was wandering, as I thought of a friend telling me the tales of riding around Austr
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Leaning Column
In the December issue Maynard Hershon questioned whether all motorcycles lean at the same angle in similar cornering conditions. He welcomed some mail on this. Here is a thought experiment on the subject. A body has mass which is constant. If subject
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Brooklyn To Ushuaia
When Ted Simon's Jupiter's Travels was first published back in 1979, it was rightly acclaimed as a classic of travel literature. Perceptive, well written and full of adventure, it was also out on its own, as very few books about overlanding existed i
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Test fleet: Triumph 1200 Scrambler XC
We are now 2500 miles into my Scrambler 1200XC relationship, and things are going well. Fun rides around my Norfolk are a hoot and the perfect playground for the big Triumph, with the instant oomph of that huge twin – each piston is 600cc, yet the vi
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A Fitting Tribute
A cynic might claim that the XTribute is so closely related to the XSR700 on which it’s based that Yamaha are pushing their luck by calling it a new model. Others might suggest that the links between this latest twin-cylinder retro-bike and the old s
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Island Ride
Back in February my wife Diane and I were on the verge of booking another 10 days’ holiday on Gran Canaria on the ‘island of large dogs’ when we were visited by friends Kate and Charlotte, partners in crime and married for five years. Kate had previo
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Test fleet: Suzuki GSX-S1000F
I've now spent a year living with Suzuki's GSX-S1000F and recently found myself wondering who it's really aimed at. What kind of rider did Suzuki build this bike for? Who is it aimed at pleasing? And I came to the conclusion that it's aimed at someon
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The XT500 – Yamaha’s Legendary Thumper
The XT500 single-cylinder thumper was created for the US market, where tightening emissions legislation was causing problems for two-strokes. The enthusiastic US response persuaded Yamaha to make the XT available in other countries, too. With a maxim
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Rain In Spain
Is this a road trip, what is one of those anyway, and can you do one on a Honda? These thoughts flashed through my head while the Spanish sun was at last warming our bodies. Six days earlier we had faced the challenge of tying our bike down on the Ne
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Test fleet: KTM 1290 Super Adventure S
I seem to have spent most of the month with a paintbrush in hand and as a result I’ve only managed a paltry 300 miles on the Katoom. Most of that was on the ride to and from Silverstone, where the guys at the KTM workshop have installed a set of cras
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Triumph Launches A Brace Of Rocket 3s
Launched in 2004, Triumph’s Rocket III had the muscles, presence and torque that put fear in the hearts of its competitors. Now, the all-new Rocket 3 R and Rocket 3 GT bring back the big bad wolf of motorcycling. With the world’s largest production m
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Le Mans
With some symmetry it was 24 years ago that I first went to the 24-hour race at Le Mans. I returned for at least half-a-dozen years watching both the MotoGP and the 24-hour. All these years later I have been back, for the first time in at least a dec
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Test fleet: Honda VFR800X Crossrunner
During my early days with the VFR800X, I commented on the lack of ‘wow factor’ and that maybe more miles on the clock may surprise me. Well, those extra miles have shown me how this bit of kit can perform in the real world, and now I genuinely look f
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Yamaha Updates Its Flagship Supersports
Featuring all-new M1-inspired bodywork, the 2020 YZF-R1 comes with an engine update, refined suspension, new electronic rider controls and LED lights. The R1’s 998cc 4-cylinder crossplane engine has been overhauled with optimised high rpm performance
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South India By Harley
Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine we would be touring India on a couple of Harleys, the new Street 750 and an 883 Sportster. Nor, after Sheonagh's last trip (Rajdoot 350 in 1987) did she envisage cruising easily and comfortably on excellent
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Two months ago at a yard sale I bought a pristine early 70s Smith-Corona portable typewriter. I’d yearned for a typewriter for several years, thinking that perhaps the solid connection with the machine might change the way I put together my columns.
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The Bikes: Harley 883 Iron & Street 750
So what about the bikes? Of the two, the 883 Iron attracted most attention on Indian streets. People loved the blingy appearance, the bronze metallic colour and shiny chrome pipes. The more discreet and conventional black Street 750, with a less dist
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There’s been a reasonably priced naked ‘CB’ middleweight in the Honda line up since the spirited 97bhp CB600 Hornet was introduced way back in 1998. Proving popular, especially with newcomers and anyone with a slightly lower appetite for speed, the 6
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BMW’s Electric Boxer
BMW's iconic two-cylinder boxer engine is about to go electric. The Bavarian company has released pictures of this Vision DC Radster, which retains the boxer engine's shape, but uses electricity to power the bike. This is still a concept bike at the
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History Boy recommends: ELAN AQUEDUCT
Normally I provide the story behind a location, but today we are looking at an artefact that is 72 miles long. What’s more, much as I want you to jump on your bike and head out for a visit, the vast majority of this artefact is buried underground and
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I Own One
Ted Simmonds thought his biking days were over, but buying a new CB650F in 2017 renewed his keeness. “I’d given bikes a breather for quite a few years. Back in the day I used to be devoted to them and went everywhere by bike. But then life got in the
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