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Exceeding Expectations
Expectations are seldom met, let alone exceeded. That personally rings true of the adventure market where arguably we’ve reached a point of stagnation. Manufacturers are throwing more power and gadgets at the bikes, but they’re not really becoming an
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Iron Butt
I have been doing quite a bit of trucking bikes this year. Hire bikes that were needed for tours starting in Berlin, Prague and other cities meant delivering them out using our truck and trailer. An unusual experience for me, at least. Eight hundred
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Test Fleet: Honda CB500X
As a technophobe who stills marvels about the difference between petrol and diesel, it's great to ride a grass-roots bike without all the gismos, such as the CB500X. A week at a holiday cottage (with hot tub I might add) near Llandrindod Wells, just
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★ Star Letter
In May’s edition of Motorcycle Sport & Leisure, the topic of adventure bikes and the seemingly demise of sport touring motorcycles was brought up in the Letters page and also touched upon by Chris Cope in the complete guide to motorcycle types (proba
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Test Fleet: Triumph 1200 Scrambler XC
The Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC and I are now getting serious in our relationship. The big T never lets me down, I’ve tightened the exhaust shield up, I’m keeping the tyres at the right pressures, and we’re getting on just fine. And then… …Triumph aske
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I read the article in February 2019 MSL about Mikko’s accident and recovery with great interest. I hope it inspires other riders to follow in your footsteps if they are unfortunate enough to find themselves in the same predicament. I felt compelled t
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The Madness Of Millyard
If you know your ABC – Amazing Bike Creations – you’ll be spellbound by Millyard’s magic. After more than two decades he’s produced dozens of Kawasaki fours, fives, little Honda V-twins, V8 and V12 Kawasakis, the Viper V10, the Flying Millyard five-l
Motorcycle Sport & Leisure9 min read
Used test: 2016 KAWASAKI VERSYS 1000GT Surprising capacity
I ts first foray into the big capacity adventure bike class brought mixed views for Kawasaki. As an accomplished all-rounder, its 2012 Versys 1000 won friends. It had a very useful and torquey, retuned 116bhp, 1043cc, Z1000-derived inline four cylind
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Shocking Ineptitude
Irealised over time that my rear shocks were worn out. In shopping for new ones I learned that many shocks are pricey. As unspectacularly as I ride, I do not need an over-achieving pair of shock absorbers, nor do I yearn for MotoGPlevel bling. I foun
Motorcycle Sport & Leisure2 min read
Rumble In The Autojumble At ’Normous Newark
What: ’Normous Newark Autojumble When: October 27, 2019 Where: Newark Showground, Winthorpe, Coddington, Newark NG24 2NY With summer leaving the UK, it’s time to get on your coats and find yourself a hidden treasure to help with that project bike o
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I Own One
You could say David Pickford is keen on Versys models, having had two 650s and two 1000s! He’s enjoyed all of them and isn’t likely to change any time soon. “In 2010 I bought a new Versys 650 to run alongside my Z1000SX. I ended up using the 650 a he
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Forget The Fastest Route
I might have done around 450 miles in all testing KTM’s new 790 Duke, but deciding it was going to be my kind of bike came after about just 450 yards! It’s a real rider’s machine and one of the most enjoyable of the many bikes I’ve had the good fortu
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Brace Yourself For Impact
Protective equipment for motorcycling is tested for abrasion and impact. The former tries to replicate riders sliding on Tarmac after a spill, to see how different materials react to it. The latter is more relevant for pieces of armour, such as back,
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I Look After Them
Jeremy Kinch of Swindon-based Kawasaki dealer Blade, knows plenty about Versys 1000s. “The Grand Tourer version is the most popular model, as it’s seen to offer the best value thanks to being so well equipped. Our customers are typically middle-aged,
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Biketrac Motorcycle Security Worth £1000
We have teamed up with motorcycle tracking experts at BikeTrac to bring MSL readers this fantastic competition. With bike theft unfortunately common these days, we want to help our readers keep their pride and joy safe. So, here's your chance to get
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Steve’s Steeds
I have been the proud owner of at least one motorcycle at any given moment since 1964. At one time I had seven bikes, with all of them licensed and on the road. I now have it down to a more manageable three. All three are BMWs. My first BMW was (and
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Returning Rider
I remember fondly the days when the family was living in married quarters at Hendon Aerodrome. The perimeter track was the perfect proving ground for a novice motorcyclist, with zero traffic, potholes for roundabouts and the occasional rabbit a disco
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Mile Munchers
Adventure bikes are big business. Ever since Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman took a pair of big BMW GSs around the world, taking on roads, rivers, sand, mud and gravel, bikers of all shapes and sizes have been snapping up these seriously capable of
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Winter Motorcycling
Winter’s fast approaching, and for many bikers that means it’s getting to that time of year when they think about stashing their pride and joy away under covers for the next few months and wait for the rain, sleet and snow to pass. That’s not the cas
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Classic Test 1994 DUCATI 916 The Bike That Changed EVERYTHING
Keep the throttle open. My brain said do it, but I couldn’t quite bring myself to obey. Surely the final fast section of Misano’s long, steadily unwinding left-hand bend – back in the days before they reversed its direction – must be possible flat ou
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Honda VFR800X
Braking up front is handled by a pair of 310mm discs gripped by radial-mount two-piston brake calipers. They're kept in check with the help of Honda’s Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS). It's a good set up – progressive and unintrusive. Even in the worst
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Msl’s Recommended Winter Products
RRP: £9.99 / Scottoiler’s FS 365 Complete Bike Protector Spray is an award-winning spray-on solution, which has been specially formulated to stop corrosion and make cleaning your pride and joy a doddle. You can spray it on any p
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Anniversary Special
Carl Fogarty was the star guest in California in July when Ducati unveiled its tribute to the 916: the Panigale V4 25th Anniversario 916 is an uprated, limited edition version of the 1103cc sports bike. Its look is designed to replicate that of the 9
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Honda VFR1200X
The VFR1200X’s V4 isn’t just another old engine. It is similar to the unit that powers the VFR1200, but it features revised cam timing for more low down grunt. It’s lovely – pulling smoothly from low down in the rev range – with peak torque of 93lb-f
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Test fleet: Ducati Diavel 1260 S
It was effectively a decade ago that Ducati captured lightning in a bottle with the original Diavel and turned the world of biking physics on its head. Here was something that looked like a cruiser, made raucous power like a superbike and still had t
Motorcycle Sport & Leisure2 min read
Creators Of The 916
Castiglioni, who died in 2011 and was the father of current MV Agusta President Giovanni, was the Ducati boss who put the pieces in place for the creation of the 916. Claudio bought the Bologna firm in 1985, with his brother Gianfranco, and began reb
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How Much Is Enough?
Isuppose this issue of MSL is a bit heavy on the Royal Enfield Himalayan... We have a big-miles test AND a travel piece featuring the bike. A bit overkill? Well, I'd say no, it isn't. You see, the diminutive Indian adventure thumper has really impres
Motorcycle Sport & Leisure2 min read
Despite coming from the same family, the VFR800X and VFR1200X actually share very little beyond their V4 engines. As far as I'm concerned, there’s absolutely no point comparing the two. They each do different things very well. The ‘little’ VFR800X is
Motorcycle Sport & Leisure3 min read
Test fleet: Kawasaki Versys 1000 SE Grand Tourer
One of the best facets of the Kawasaki Versys is that it’s a bike that can really munch the miles, but it’s also just damn good fun to go out for a ride on. At least half of the miles I’ve done have simply been for fun, but I also use the bike for wh
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