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We Spoke To…
Darren Bygrave and his 10-year-old son, Ethan, and cousins Steve Nuttall and Chris Dockherty. “Ethan and I did 1,700 miles on my series 2 last year. Ethan’s favourite scooter is the Lambretta GP, which is something I’m organising for him,” explained
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Scootering Words & Sounds
Part of the Carpet Bombing Culture ‘Two finger salute’, aimed at casting a spotlight on British youth sub-culture which, over time, have become truly worldwide entities. Scooterboys – The Lost Tribe, joins Mods: A Way of Life, and Skins: A Way of Lif
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What do you get if you cross a hard-edged punk band, all distorted guitar and powerhouse drums, with rapid-fire lyrics from an ex-Grime rapper? Welcome to Riskee &The Ridicule, one of the biggest names kicking down doors on the punk underground. Thei
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Welcome To The August Edition Of Scootering
I’ve always been a keen boxing fan, and this quote is attributed to the greatest, Muhammad Ali… “Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they've been given than to explore the power they have t
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The Big 7 National Scooter Rally: A South East Summer Sizzler!
This year saw the introduction of glamping tents, which easily accommodated up to eight people. The positioning of the tents at the venue was in the usual location of the dealers’ and traders’ market, and this meant that the dealers and traders were
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Engineers, Films & Scooters
There’s no denying it, funding for the film has been a struggle. Though eased in a big way by Neil Primett of 80s Casual Classics (providing wardrobe), as well as Kaye and Frank Sanderson of Scomadi Worldwide, who have also helped enormously. They’ve
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Bulldog Run 10th Anniversary
Ten years ago Tina Hall of the Midhurst Detours SC decided she wanted to find a way to help the local Bulldog Rescue in Midhurst, run by Dizzy and Tania Holmes. The brilliant work they do with sick and unwanted Bulldogs is amazing, and so the annual
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Scootering Was Brought To You With The Help Of...
Vespa & Lambretta owner, scooter obsessive, amateur home mechanic, rally goer, Mod sympathiser, music lover and general all-round good egg. He writes your rally reports, be nice to him. From Italy to Australia, this man get the miles in and has ridd
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Camp Site Custom
Owner: Simon Tipper Club: Undecideables S.C. Portsmouth Hometown: Portsmouth First interest in scooters: “When I was 16 years old and I first watched Quadrophenia; it all started then!” Scooter: Type: Lambretta GP200 Engine Spec: Kit: RB225 Cra
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Quadrophenia was arguably the largest influence to rekindle scooter interest. On August 25 Gary Shail (Spider) is holding a celebration on Brighton pier to honour Quad 40 and Toyah, Leslie Ash, Trevor Laird, Gary Cooper and Gary Shail will unveil Bri
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Sip Performance Lambretta Ignition By Vape
SIP have managed to gain the assistance of a major European producer, VAPE, to manufacture these high-end ignition systems. The materials, production and construction of the SIP Performance ignition systems are of the highest quality. Due to the eigh
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We Spoke To...
1. Geoffrey Bottoni (a.k.a. ‘Jo Kerr’ – Joker) and Olivier Courtois (a.k.a. ‘Babos’ – which loosely translated means ‘Hippy’). Geoffrey and Olivier had ridden in from the French town of Montbeliard near the German/Swiss border. The fellas set off on
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Planet Lam Bretta Two-Stoked
Follow the palm trees swaying in the breeze to this industrial part of Los Angeles county where you’ll find a museum filled with the tapestry and kitch of vintage scooters. Owner Harmik Nazarian has spent the last four years of retirement building hi
Scootering2 min readPolitics
This information is provided by Stephen Hattersley of WildWood Legal, a firm of solicitors specialising in claims for injured scooterists. Stephen, a qualified solicitor for 25 years, has been riding scooters for over 30 years, and has acted for inju
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Here’s a couple of pics of son Alfie aged nine – who’s been coming on the back of my scooter since he was four years old – with Shane Richie at the IoW Lambretta Day. This year we dropped off his own Italian Lambretta S3 to be painted. It was a speci
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Lambretta Gear Selector Overhaul
When Innocenti designed the Lambretta, its styling was compact and enclosed. Part of the process was to position the gear change system on the handlebars. Though, in theory, this made changing gear easier than the traditional foot control method, it
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Simon Cuerdon - A Unique Soul
The world is a much poorer place after the sudden passing of Simon Cuerdon on June 30. The leading light of the Armed Forces Scooter Club for several decades, Simon was a massive presence in both scootering and Northern Soul communities. His impish s
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★ Star Letter ★
Deep in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, myself and my best buddie ‘Pygy’ set off from the club on a solo run around the hills. Great idea we thought, we were all camping in Burnsall. So off we go, taking in some splendid views of the area. Now I ca
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Project Street Sleeper: Part 8
I always used to be the guy chasing more bhp, it was my quest… I loved the challenge. Within tuning, the expansion chamber is king. It can tame a motor with peaky port timings and deliver a tonne of low-down torque, or it can allow the engine to sing
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Always Break Down When You’re On Your Own...
The problem with owning a Lambretta was no matter how competent a mechanic you were, anything could go wrong and at any given time. Even if everything seemed okay once out on the open road, if a part wanted to fail it would. Usually it was going to d
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Bsso Round 4 Lydden Hill
This weekend the race was bathed in great weather so everything was set for a great weekend of scooter racing.The standards classes grid saw a around 20 riders taking part, which is still quite a spectacle around the Lydden Hill Circuit. Group 4 is s
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Under Pressure
With 130 years of experience Michelin know a thing or two about tyres, so the fact that they’ve launched a motorcycle Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) suggests there’s aneed. Whats the problem? Anyone who’s had a blowout will confirm that it’s
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Dealer Profile: Sip
No visitor to SIP’s headquarters in the beautiful Bavarian town of Landsberg am Lech can fail to be impressed. Few scooter shops have such an inviting retail space and even fewer are able to welcome riders with a café bar and pizzeria. Behind the sce
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Diary Of A Rookie Racer
There comes a time in anyone's race career where they face the inevitability of going out on awet track. Though Justin has done a few laps in damp conditions, nothing was going to prepare him for race three of the season. Held at East Fortune in Scot
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Oxford Heritage Tech Jacket
This is a durable waterproof jacket for the modern-day classic scooterist, traditionally styled with four pockets and belted waist adjustment, which is removable. The Heritage Tech is made practical with the use of a breathable waterproof liner syste
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Scomadi: All Change
Only a scooterist living in a cave without Wi-Fi can fail to have noticed the drama that’s recently afflicted Scomadi, but with the legal battle now finalised, Scomadi is free to pursue its own product lines. A significant development in the brand’s
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Free The Joy!
So let’s rewind a little bit and explore how this chocolate-loving lady formed the idea to blend her passion for chocolate (in particular Dairy Milk) into the smooth flowing lines of her Lambretta. “Like any kid I always loved chocolate and I have to
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Gpt Electronic Products From Ve
GPT are well known in Italian motorsport circles for producing hardwearing and highly accurate digital measuring instruments. They produce a wide range of products that are suitable for the two-wheel market, which includes scooters. The small, lightw
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Saigon Skelly
The skeleton, or ‘skelly’, is an often overlooked part of our rich scootering heritage. If the 1960s can be characterised as the decade of accessorised scooters, how did we reach the stage of taking angle grinders to otherwise healthy scooters in the
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