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Oddballs 5
The 80s scooterboy era is arguably more popular now than it actually was back in the 80s! For those who prefer to get on their scooters and actually ride them (instead of spending countless hours chained to a keyboard, pouring over grainy images, rem
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High Revvin’ Fun
Originally built in 2012 by tuning supremo John Balcomb, this Indian GP was first featured back in edition 308. Although it wasn’t intended, its stunning paint scheme would inadvertently become JB’s ‘house scheme’. Thankfully, the paint remains untou
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Scootering Serena Says…
It’s August, I’m in Abingdon, it must be that ODD time of the year again! Greeted at the gate by Andrew Stacey sporting a fetching pair of rainbow crochet shorts confirmed that I had most definitely arrived at my destination. The Gate Keeper later ch
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Midland, The Scooter Centre
Start a discussion about the great names in scootering and it won’t be long before Midland Scooter Centre is mentioned. Hark back to the 80s and it was the shop of choice for both racers and road-going scooterists alike. Although the legendary Dave W
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ETS Reunited
Simon Rickers purchased an ETS in bits from a local Telford lad who was having a garage clearance. The scooter was complete. However, it came with the engine cases split and in boxes of parts. Having paid £120, Simon had the intention of rebuilding i
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Welcome To The 400th Edition Of Scootering!
This month's a ‘big one’ for Scootering magazine, so we’ve included a few rather poignant articles, images and references throughout the edition, to help draw it all together. Ihope you enjoy reading this edition as much as I've enjoyed putting it to
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★ Star Letter ★
Anyone who's ever owned a post-1995 Vespa PX, unless perhaps they live in California or Montpellier (or have won a lifetime supply of Acf-50), knows about a rusted seam down the back of their front mudguard. It is as inevitable as the soles splitting
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Scootering Was Brought To You With The Help Of...
Vespa & Lambretta owner, scooter obsessive, amateur home mechanic, rally goer, Mod sympathiser, music lover and general all-round good egg. He writes your rally reports, be nice to him. Vespa P-range obsessive, well-travelled rally rider since the 8
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Smoking Two-strokes
Filling up your scooter at the petrol station always required one important task. One that if you didn't adhere to signalled trouble for the engine, filling up with oil. For those that owned a Vespa, certainly one of the new fandangled ones, this did
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Dave Webster, Racing Genius
The reason why Dave Webster was probably the most successful scooter racer ever is a simple question to answer. Not only was he a good engine tuner, but his riding style and track knowledge were impeccable. Having a powerful and fast engine is not en
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Scooters India, Another One Bites The Dust?
As we continue to showcase the final days of LML’s factory in Kanpur, it seems that news from Lucknow isn’t much better. If local news reports are to be believed, it appears that the Government of India’s patience with the loss-making concern is all
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Dear Dan, It was a pleasure to see a picture like my old NSU Prima Scooter in May’s edition, and wanted to write in because I have not seen one anywhere else before and it brought back lots of fond memories for me. I bought my yellow and black scoote
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Lambretta Preservation: Part 1
Finding an old Lambretta or any scooter for that matter in an old garage or shed is a dream we all have. To some it does become a reality, but it raises the question of what should be done with it. Should it have a total restoration from bare metal u
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Scootering Magazine: 400 Editions And Counting!
In the early months of 1985 rumours began circulating within the scootering ranks that a new magazine was on the horizon. At the time there were other alternatives in the shape of Scootermania and The British Scooterist Scene, but they were different
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Faro Basstardo
Graham told us: “I’ve had scooters for years, but somehow the Faro Basso had completely escaped me. A couple of years ago I stumbled across a photograph and instantly fell in love. There was something about its lines, the naked handlebars and, of cou
Scootering1 min readPolitics
This information is provided by Stephen Hattersley of WildWood Legal, a firm of solicitors specialising in claims for injured scooterists. Stephen, a qualified solicitor for 25 years, has been riding scooters for over 30 years, and has acted for inju
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A Quick One With Gareth Brown
Going back to the beginning, tell us how you first discovered the scooter scene and your input into how Scootering magazine began? I'd been heavily into the growing mod revival scene in 78, pre-Quadrophenia, and my first experience of a rally was a L
Scootering1 min read
Malossi Reed Valve Crankcases
The Malossi VR-One MHR crankcase, for the Vespa PX200, provides the ideal foundation for your next performance reed valve engine. Manufactured in Italy, this high-quality crankcase has been designed to withstand increased power with reinforcing webbi
Scootering3 min read
LML, Then and Now
It is two years since LML filed for bankruptcy and since then owners and traders alike have speculated about the factory’s future. Last month we published the first set of images to emerge of the factory’s current condition and they made for a depres
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Bsso Pembrey
As usual there was timed quailing for grid positions followed by three races over the weekend for each class. Many riders took the opportunity of reduced cost second races to campaign two machines, or enter a smaller cc scooter in another class to gi
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Yorkshire Pride
Often imitated but never equalled, Maca’s classic Rosa Bianca schemes have timeless appeal. They also seem to attract a certain type of owner, one who likes to ride their machine hard, and Mick ‘Grebo’ Robinson’s no exception to that rule. Having gro
Scootering1 min read
James Lancaster On His Return To BSSO Racing
It was good to see you back on track. What prompted you to race at Pembrey? After having a few years out of racing and scootering in general. I missed just riding a bike and went to Spain a few times doing trackdays on the bikes with other scooter r
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Oxford Holwell Jacket
This classic styled wet-waxed cotton jacket is produced by British Millerain, a company which harks back to a day when goods were transported by wind-powered ships. Their sails were made from cotton, which was waxed to protect against the ravages of
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Kev's Chronicles: episode 10
In 2009 it was 30 years since Kev had become general secretary of the LCGB. Though he was only part of a group who had revived it in 1977 he finally become its recognised leader just two years later. From the moment he took control there was only one
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